8” x 33 RPM LANG-WORTH ETs (in original sleeves) (Min. $3.00)

1086 CLIFF EDWARDS “Ukulele Ike”  Good Little Bad Little You/Ain’t

  Misbehavin’/Together/Over the Rainbow/There’s a Gold Mine

  in the Sky       L-W CI27   E

1087 Singin’ in the Rain/Anything but Love/I Used to Love You/

  Ole Faithful                                                    L-W CI29   E+

1088 For Me & My Gal/St. Louis Blues/A Pretty Girl…/I’ll Buy

  The Ring & Change your Name to Mine         L-W CI30   E

1089 Sweetheart of Sigma Chi/Remember/Melancholy Baby/

  Louise                                                             L-W CI31   E+

1090     Paper Doll/Minnie my Mountain Moocher/What a Night for

  Spoonin’/Yes Sir that’s my Baby/Paddlin’ Madeline  L-W CI32   E

1091 THE 4 KNIGHTS (Negro Quartette) Melancholy Baby, Brother

  Bill, 3 more.                                        L-W VGS22    E(plain sleeve)


16” x 33 RPM TRANSCRIPTIONS (Min. bid $5.00)

1092 TREASURY DEPT. “GUEST STAR” #83 Gloria Swanson in “You

  Can’t Tell About Love”/#84 Frances Langford   E

1093 TREASURY DEPT. “GUEST STAR” #521 Dick Haymes/#522

  The Ink Spots   E


  (6 tunes)/#1575 Eddie Skrivanek Orch. w/Dale Evans   E

1095 WORLD 152 (Vert.) Cass County Boys (Western Swing)/Zeb

  Carver & his Country Cut-ups   E

1096 WORLD 319 (Vert.) Hank Thompson & his Orch. (Western)/

  Alvin Kaleolani & his Royal Hawaiians       E

1097 WORLD 329 (Vert.) Hank Thompson (Western except for last 2

  tunes: Don’t Be That Way & Take the “A” Train)/

               The Three Suns & Xavier Cugat.                                             E/E-

1098 WORLD 370 (Vert.) Hank Thompson + Cass County Boys/

  The Daydreamers (instrumentals w/strings)   E

1099 WORLD 407 (Vert.)  Leon McAuliffe & his Cimarron Boys/

  Bernie Richards & his Band of the Stars   E

1100 WORLD 424 (Vert.) Cindy Lou Walker (“The Queen of Western

  Swing”)/Chapel  Quartet (hymns)     E