Over the years selling by auction has been proven to be the most effective means of disposing of record collections, since top dollar is attained for each individual item in the collection. Our mailing list is the largest in the jazz record field and is comprised of the hobby’s leading collectors worldwide. Our proven results have consistently netted for our clients amounts far in excess of their best wholesale offers.
Our services consist of:

Pick-up of up to 3,000 records in our own vehicle for collections within reasonable driving distance. This is construed to mean a round trip which can be accomplished in a 12 hour period including loading. Movement of larger lots, or those that are lodged at a greater distance can be accomplished by means of truck rental. Collections should preferably be already in cartons ready for loading. In cases where distance makes trucking impractical, we can provide packing material for shipment to us via UPS or Parcel Post.

Sorting and grading of records. 78 rpm records should have sleeves, be clean and free from mildew, and be in good playing condition. LPs should have sleeve liners and be free of dirt and scratches. The size and frequency of our auction lists does not allow us the time for large scale cleaning of records. We reserve the right to reject any items which we feel do not warrant inclusion in an auction due to condition or content.

Preparation of the auction listings, including printing and mailing costs.

Processing of auction bids including handling of correspondence and invoices.

Packing and shipping of records to customers.

Responsibility for defaulted payments, and all customer claims and adjustments.
You will be provided with a copy of the auction catalog containing your records, accompanied by a listing of the item numbers which are yours.

Shortly after the closing date of the auction you will receive an itemized listing of the top bids received for each of your items, as well as a listing of the items which were unsold. As a rule, unsold items will be returned to you as it is usually not profitable to run them a second time. Return of unsold and rejected items is at the client’s expense.

Our fee for these services is 50% of the total of the high bids received. Your share will be paid to you as soon as practical after the auction is over, but in no case will it be later than 10 weeks after the closing date.

We will be happy to discuss any aspect of the above in more detail either by mail, fax, phone or E-mail. Be sure and consult with us pior to sending any materials for consignment.