SHEET SHEET MUSIC (Min. bid $2.00)  (*) indicates former owner’s name written on cover. (ss) = seam split.

SHEET MUSIC (Min. bid $2.00) (* indicates former owner’s name written on cover)

141 AFRAID TO DREAM (Gordon-Revel), 1937.  “You Can’t Have Everything” film cover.

142 THE ALCOHOLIC BLUES (Laska-Von Tilzer), 1919 (small edge tear)

143 ALL MY LIFE (Mitchell-Stept), 1936.  “Laughing Irish Eyes” film cover with Phil Regan photo.

144 ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL (Lawrence-Altman), 1940.  Harry James, Frank Sinatra photos.  Sinatra bio on rear cover.

145 ALONE (Freed-Brown), 1935.  “A Night at the Opera” film cover with Allan Jones, Kitty Carlisle photo.

146 ALWAYS AND ALWAYS (Wright-Forrest-Ward), 1937.  “Mannequin” film cover with Joan Crawford photo.

147 AMOR (Skylar-Ruiz), 1943.  “Broadway Rhythm” film cover with Tommy Dorsey, Ginny Simms, George Murphy photos.

148 AND THE ANGELS SING (Mercer-Elman), 1939.  Benny Goodman, Johnny Mercer, Ziggy Elman cover photos.

149 APPLE BLOSSOMS IN THE RAIN (Greene-Pollack), 1944.  “Seven Days Ashore” film cover with Marcy McGuire, Freddie Slack photos

150 AREN’T YOU GLAD YOU’RE YOU (Burke-Van Heusen), 1945.  “The Bells of St. Mary’s” film cover with Bing Crosby photo.

151 BE A GOOD SCOUT (McHugh-Adamson), 1938.  “That Certain Age” film cover with Deanna Durbin photo.

152 THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE (DeSylva-Brown-Henderson), 1947 ed. with “Good News” film cover.

153 CALIFORN-I-AY (Kern-Harburg), 1944.  “Can’t Help Singing” film cover with Deanna Durbin photo.

154 CHEEK TO CHEEK (Berlin), 1935.  “Top Hat” film cover with Astaire & Rogers photos.

155 DEARLY BELOVED (Kern-Mercer), 1942.  “You Were Never Lovelier” film cover with Astaire, Rita Hayworth photos.

156 DID I REMEMBER (Adamson-Donaldson), 1936.  “Suzy” film cover with Jean Harlow, Cary Grant, Franchot Tone photos.

157 DON’T GIVE UP THE SHIP (Warren-Dubin), 1935.  “Shipmates Forever” film cover with DickPowell, Ruby Keeler photo).

158 DON’T YOU KNOW I CARE (Mack David-Duke Ellington), 1944.  Indicated as “for professional use only”, has generic Paramount Music Corp. cover.

159 EASY TO LOVE (Porter), 1936.  “Born to Dance” film cover with Eleanor Powell photo.

160 HONG KONG BLUES (Carmichael), 1944 ed.

161 HEART AND SOUL (Loesser-Carmichael), 1938.  “A Song Is Born” film cover with Larry Clinton & his Orch. photo.

162 I FOUND A DREAM (Hartman-Gorney), 1935.  “Redheads on Parade” film cover.

163 I LIVE THE LIFE I LOVE (Clay Boland), 1937.  “Fifty Fifty” show cover (Univ. of Pennsylvania. Mask & Wig Club production)

164 I LOVE TO WHISTLE (McHugh-Adamson), 1938.  “Mad About Music” film cover with Deanna Durbin photo.

165 I STILL LOVE TO KISS YOU GOODNIGHT (Bullock-Spina), 1937.  “52nd Street” film cover with Kenny Baker, Ella Logan et al photos.

166 I WISHED ON THE MOON (Parker-Rainger), 1935.  Bing Crosby cover photo.

167 I’LL SEE YOU IN C-U-B-A (Berlin), 1920.  Ted Lewis cover photo.

168 I’LL SING YOU A THOUSAND LOVE SONGS (Warren-Dubin), 1936.  “Cain & Mabel” film cover with Marion Davies, Clark Gable photo.

169 I’LL STRING ALONG WITH YOU (Dubin-Warren), 1934.  “20 Million Sweethearts” film cover with Dick Powell, Ginger Rogers photo.

170 I’VE GOT MY HEART SET ON YOU (Gordon-Revel), 1937.  “Ali Baba Goes to Town” film cover with Eddie Cantor photo.

171 IF IT’S THE LAST THING I DO (Cahn-Chaplin), 1937.  Tommy Dorsey cover photo.

172 IT’S NEVER TOO LATE (Lombardo-Loeb), 1939.  Cover photo four Lombardo brothers.

173 THE LAST TIME I SAW PARIS (Kern-Hammerstein II), 1940.  Kate Smith cover photo.

174 LET’S CALL THE WHOLE THING OFF (Gershwin-Gershwin), 1937.  “Shall We Dance” film cover with Astaire & Rogers photo.

175 LET’S FAVE THE MUSIC & DANCE (Berlin), 1936.  “Follow the Fleet” film cover with Astaire & Rogers photo.

176 LET’S GET LOST (Loesser-McHugh), 1943.  “Happy Go Lucky” fiom cover with Dick Powell, Mary Marti, Rudy Vallee et al photo.

177 LET’S GIVE LOVE ANOTHER CHANCE (McHugh-Adamson), 1937.  “Hitting a New High” film cover with Lily Pons, Jack Oakie et al photos.

178 LOVELY LADY (Koehler-McHugh), 1935.  “King of Burlesque” film cover with Alice Faye, Jack Oakie, Arline Judge, Dixie Dunbar et al photos.

179 LOVELY ONE (Loesser-Sherwin), 1937.  “Vogues of 1938” film cover with Joan Bennett, Warner Baxter photo.

180 THE MOON OF MANAKOORA (Loeser-Newman), 1937.  “The Hurricane” film cover with Dorothy Lamour, Jon Hall photo.

181 MORE AND MORE (Kern-Harburg), 1944.  “Can’t Help Singing” film cover with Deanna Durbin photo.

182 MY KINGDOM FOR A KISS (Warren-Dubin), 1936.  “Hearts Divided” film cover with Marion Davies photo.

183 MY HEART TELLS ME (Gordon-Warren), 1943.  “Sweet Rosie O’Grady” film cover with Betty Grable, Robert Young photos.

184 NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS (Gordon-Revel), 1937.  “Wake Up & Live” film cover with Walter Winchell, Ben Bernie photos.

185 THE NIGHT IS YOUNG (Hammerstein II-Romberg), 1935.  “The Night Is Young” film cover with Ramon Novarro, Evelyn Laye photo.

186 NOW IT CAN BE TOLD (Berlin), 1938.  “Alexander’s Ragtime Band” film cover with Alice Faye, Tyrone Power, Don Ameche photos.

187 OH THE RIO GRANCE (Paul Green-Kurt Weill), 1936.  “Johnny Johnson” show cover.

188 OUR PENTHOUSE ON THIRD AVENUE (Brown-Fain), 1937.  “New Faces of 1937” show cover with Harriet Hilliard photo.

189 THE PICCOLINO (Berlin), 1935.  “Top Hat” film cover with Astaire & Rogers photos.

190 POP GOES YOUR HEART (Dixon-Wrubel), 1934.  “Happiness Ahead” film cover with Dick Powell, Josephine Hutchinson photo.

191 REMEMBER ME? (Dubin-Warren), 1937.  “Mr. Dodds Takes the Air” film cover with Kenny Baker photo.

192 ROSES IN DECEMBER (Magidson-Oakland-Jessel), 1937.  “The Life of the Party” film cover with Harriett Hilliard, Gene Raymond photo.

193 SEAL IT WITH A KISS (Schwartz-Heyman), 1936.  “That Girl from Paris” film cover.

194 SEVEN OR ELEVEN (MY DIXIE PAIR O’ DICE) (Brown-Donaldson), 1923. 

195 SHE’LL ALWAYS REMEMBER (Pola-Marks), 1942.  Cover photo Kate Smith.

196 SUDDENLY IT’S SPRING (Burke-Van Heusen), 1943.  “Lady in the Dark” film cover with Ginger Rogers photo.

197 SUMMER NIGHT (Warren-Dubin), 1936.  “Sing Me a Love Song” film cover with James Melton, Patricia Ellis photo.

198 SWEETHEART LET’S GROW OLD TOGETHER (Bratton-Edwards), 1936.  Abe Lyman photo cover.

199 THANKS FOR THE MEMORY (Robin-Rainger), 1937.  “The Big Broadast of 1938” film cover with Shirley Ross photo, caricatures of others.

200 THIS LOVE OF MINE (Sinatra-Parker-Sanicola), 1941.  Frank Sinatra cover photo, rear cover has Tommy Dorsey photo/bio.

201 TOO MARVELOUS FOR WORDS (Mercer-Whiting), 1937.  “Ready, Willing & Able” film cover with Ruby Keeler et al photos.

202 TRUST IN ME (Wever-Schwarts-Ager), 1936. Cover photo Guy Lombardo.

203 THE UMBRELLA MAN (Cavanaugh-Stock-Rose), 1938.  Cover photo Kay Kyser.

204 WAS IT RAIN? (Hirsch-Handman), 1937.  “The Hit Parade” film cover with Frances Langford, Phil Regan photos.

205 WE SAW THE SEA (Berlin), 1936.  “Follow the Fleet” film cover with Astaire & Rogers photo.

206 WHERE ARE YOU? (Adamson-McHugh), 1936.  “Top of the Town” film cover.

207 WHISPERS IN THE DARK (Robin-Hollander), 1937.  “Artists and Models” film cover with Jack Benny photo.

208 WHO DO YOU THINK I SAW LAST NIGHT? (Friend-Franklin), 1938.  Cover photo Mildred Bailey.

209 THE WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER (Burton-Kent), 1941.  Cover photo Glenn Miller.

210 WINE SONG (Heymann-Kahn), 1934.  “Caravan” film cover with Loretta Young, Charles Boyer photo.

211 WITH ALL MY HEART (Kahn-McHugh), 1935.  “Her Master’s Voice” film cover with Peggy Conklin, Edward Everett Horton photo.

212 WITH PLENTY OF MONEY AND YOU (Dubin-Warren), 1936.  “Gold Diggers of 1937” film cover with Dick Powell & Joan Blondell photo.

213 YESTERTHOUGHTS (Adams-Herbert), 1940.  Cover photo Will Bradley.

214 YOU’LL NEVER KNOW (Gordon-Warren), 1943.  “Hello, Frisco, Hello” film cover with Alice Faye, John Payne et al photos. The following two sheet music items are oversized (11x14) that will require separate packing:

215 THE MEMPHIS SQUEEZE (“A Ragtime Song”) (Burlyne-Teddie), 1911. Cartoon cover depicts 6-piece band playing. Has some edge tears and fraying.

216 THAT RAILROAD RAG (Vincent-Bimberg), 1911.  Has some edge fraying and bleeding of the red ink print color. MUSIC FOLIO (Min. bid $2.00)

217 LOUIS ARMSTRONG’S OWN ORIGINAL TUNES: SWING SONG FOLIO  Words and music to 8 tunes with insert containing trumpet solos.  24 p, Clarence Williams Pub.,1938.  Armstrong cover photo has fold crease and is partially separated.