SHEET SHEET MUSIC (Min. bid $2.00)  (*) indicates former owner’s name written on cover. (ss) = seam split.

645 ALABAMA BARBECUE (Davis-Coots), 1936.  “Cotton Club Parade” show cover.

646 BLUE (AND BROKEN HEARTED) (Clarke-Leslie-Handman).  1950 ed. with Mildred Bailey cover photo.

647 BLUES MY NAUGHTY SWEETIE GIVES TO ME (Swanstone-McCarron-Morgan), 1919.

648 BOOGIE WOOGIE ON ST. LOUIS BLUES (Handy)  1945 ed. Earl Hines piano solo, no lyric.

649 DAY BY DAY (Cahn-Stordahl-Weston), 1945.  Frank Sinatra cover photo.

650 DUSTING THE KEYS (Killalea-Claypool), 1923.

651 HALLELUJAH, I’M A BUM (Joe Mac), 1928.

652 HOME AGAIN BLUES (Berlin-Akst), 1921.

653 I AIN’T GIVIN’ NOTHIN ‘ AWAY (Zoeller), 1921.  Sophie Tucker cover photo.

654 I GOT PLENTY O’ NUTTIN’ (Gershwin-Haywoard-Gershwin), 1935. “Porgy & Bess” show cover.

655 I’LL SEE YOU IN C-U-B-A (Berlin), 1920.  Cover photo Ted Lewis.

656 IN A DREAM (Lombardo-Higman), 1931.  Cover photo Dick Powell.

657 LONDONDERRY AIR (Hinkson), 1935.  Cover photo.Tommy Dorsey.

658 MOOD INDIGO (Ellington-Mills-Bigard), 1931.  Cover photo Duke Ellington.

659 MY IDEAL (Robin-Chase-Whiting), late 40s ed. with Frank Sinatra cover photo.

660 MY MOTHER’S EYES (Gilbert-Baer), 1928.  Cover photo George Jessel.

661 THE ORIGINAL BOOGIE WOOGIE (Pinetop Smith), 1937 ed.  Piano solo, no lyric.

662 RAGGING THE SCALE (Claypoole), c. 1930s edition.

663 SEVEN OR ELEVEN (MY DIXIE PAIR O’ DICE) (Brown-Donaldson), 1923.  Moderately frayed with fold crease.

664 SUNRISE SERENADE (Carle-Lawrence),1938.  Cover photo Glen Gray & Casa Loma Orch.

665 SWING, MISTER CHARLIE (Robinson-Taylor-Brooks), 1936.

666 TAKE ME TO THAT LAND OF JAZZ (Kalmar-Leslie-Wendling), 1919.

667 THERE’S A HARBOR OF DREAM BOATS (Burton-Sherman-Altman), 1943.  Cover photo Jimmy Dorsey.

The following are oversized (11x14) sheet music items that will require special packing:

668 BLACK AND WHITE RAG (George Botsford), 1918.  Piano solo, no lyric.

669 THE BLACK CAT RAG (Wooster-Smith), 1906.  Piano solo, no lyric.

670 LIVE WIRES RAG (Adeline Shepherd), 1919.  Piano solo, no lyric.

671 MOPSY MASSY OF TALLAHASSEE (“Plantation song & ragtime dance”) (Clanahan-Gunn-Comfort), 1898.

672 MUTILATION RAG (Zema Randale), 1915.  Piano solo, no lyric.

673 MR. JAZZ HIMSELF (Irving Berlin), 1917.  Small cover photo Watson Sisters. Small edge tear, partial seam split.

674 PICKLES AND PEPPERS (A Rag Oddity) (Adaline Shepherd), 1906.  Piano solo, no lyric.

675 THAT CHINATOWN RAG (Drislane-Meyer), 1910.*

676 THAT MESMERIZING MENDELSSOHN TUNE (Irving Berlin), 1909 (ss). Small cover photo Keely & Parks.

677 THAT MYSTERIOUS RAG (Irving Berlin-Ted Snyder), 1911.  Small cover photo Morris Curley.  Small edge tears.

678 THAT SPOONY DANCE (A Rag) (Jean Schwartz), 1919.  Piano solo, no lyric.

679 THE WITMARK MINSTREL OVERTURE (Isidore Witmark), 1898.  18 pages of lyrics and piano accomp. Cover and pages

are heavily frayed and separated but contents are intact.  Has some pencil annotations.