SHEET MUSIC (Min. bid $2.00) (* indicates former owner’s name written on cover)

124 AFTER I SAY I’M SORRY (Donaldson-Lyman), 1926. Bee Palmer cover photo (*).

125 AFTER YOU’VE GONE (Creamer-Layton), 1918.

126 ALABAMA STOMP (Henry Creamer-James P. [as “Jimmy”] Johnson), 1926. “Earl Carroll’s Vanities” show cover. Small water stain at top.

127 THE ALCOHOLIC BLUES (Laska-von Tilzer), 1919.  Small edge tear (*).

128 ALL ALONE (Waltz) (Berlin), 1924.  Cover photo the Rouns Sisters.

129 ALL THE CATS JOIN IN (Wilder-Gilbert-Sauter), 1945.  Benny Goodman caricature cover (*).

130 ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE (Kern-Hammerstein), 1939.  “Very Warm for May” show cover (*).

131 AND THE ANGELS SING (Mercer-Elman), 1939.  Benny Goodman, Ziggy Elman cover photos.  Light wrinkling on cover.

132 ANGRY (Mecum-Brunies-Cassard), 1925.  Cover photo Henry B. Murtagh (organist, Lafayette Theatre, Buffalo NY).

133 AT SUNDOWN (Donaldson), 1927.

134 BROADWAY ROSE (West-Fried-Spencer), 1930.

135 BABY’S BIRTHDAY PARTY (Ann Ronell), 1930 (ss).

136 BEWITCHED (Rodgers-Hart), 1941 (*).

137 BLUE AGAIN (Fields-McHugh), 1930.  Guy Lombardo cover photo (*).

138 BLUES MY NAUGHTY SWEETIE GIVES TO ME (Swanstone-McCarron-Morgan), 1940 ed.  Roy Eldridge trumpet solo w/piano accomp. No lyric.

139 BOB WHITE (Mercer-Hanighen), 1937.  Benny Goodman cover photo (*).

140 BOO-HOO (Heyman-Lombardo-Loeb), 1937.  Guy Lombardo cover photo.

141 BREEZE (BLOW MY BABY BACK TO ME) (MacDonald-Goodwin-Hanley), 1919. Small cover photo Kentucky Serenaders (5 pcs w/instruments) (*).

142 BUT NOT FOR ME (Gershwin-Gershwin), 1930.  “Girl Crazy” show cover (*).

143 BUY, BUY FOR BABY (Caesar-Meyer), 1928.  Alice White cover photo.

144 CEMENT MIXER (PUT-TI, PUT-TI) (Gaillard-Ricks), 1946.

145 A CHANGE OF HEART (Adamson-Styne), 1943. “Hit Parade of 1943” film cover with John Carroll & Susan Hayward photo, plus small photos of Freddy

Martin, Count Basie and Ray McKinley Orchestras (*).

146 CHARMAINE (Waltz) (Rapee-Pollack), 1927.

147 CHEATIN’ ON ME (Yellen-Pollack), 1925.  Cover photo Van & Schenck.

148 CHEER UP (GOOD TIMES ARE COMIN’) (Klages-Greer), 1930. Small photos Ben Pollack, Whiteman, Lanin, Lopez, Vallee, F.Rich, Spitalny, Lombardo.

149 CHINNIN’ AND CHATTIN’ WITH MAY (Fields-Simons), 1930 (*).

150 CLAP HANDS, HERE COMES CHARLIE! (Rose-MacDonald-Meyer), 1925.  Cover photo Healy & Cross (small edge tear).

151 COLLEGIATE (Jaffe-Bonx), 1925.  Cover photo Bernie Schultz & his Crescent Orch. (10 pieces with instruments) (*).

152 COME RAIN OR COME SHINE (Arlen-Mercer), 1946.  “St. Louis Woman” show cover.

154 CRAZY WORDS, CRAZY TUNE (Yellen-Ager), 1927.

155 CROSS WORDS BETWEEN SWEETIE & ME (Schafer-Steele-Heagney-Reed), 1925 (*).

156 DARKNESS ON THE DELTA (Symes-Neiburg-Levinson), 1932.  Mildred Bailey cover photo.

157 ‘DEED I DO (Hirsch-Rose), 1926.  Ben Pollack cover photo (*).

158 ‘DEED I DO (Hirsch-Rose), 1926.  Eddie Peabody cover photo (*).

159 DEEP IN A DREAM (DeLange-Van Heusen), 1939.  Cover photo Gary Nottingham (orch. leader).

160 DOIN’ THE RACCOON (Klages-Coots), 1928 (ss).

161 DON’T BRING LULU (Rose-Brown-Henderson), 1925 (*).

162 DON’T GET AROUND MUCH ANYMORE (Russell-Ellington), 1942.  Cover photo Harry James.

163 DOODLE-DOO-DOO (Kassel-Stitzel), 1924.  Cover photo Miss Patricola.

164 EVERYBODY LOVES MY BABY (Willliams-Palmer), 1924.  Cover photo Sophie Tucker (*).

165 EVERYTHING IS HOTSY TOTSY NOW (Mills-McHugh), 1925.  Cover photo Cliff Edwards. Edges frayed (ss).

166 FAREWELL BLUES (Schoebel-Ehrlich-Robbolo [sic]), 1923. Cover photo Mal Hallett & his Roseland Orch. (11 pieces with instruments) (*).

167 THE FLAPPER WALK (Keyes-Westphal), 1922.  Cover photo Frank Westphal.

168 THE FLAT FOOT FLOOGEE (Gaillard-Stewart-Green), 1938.

169 FLYING DOWN TO RIO (Kahn-Eliscu-Youmans), 1933.  “Flying Down to Rio” film cover with Fred Astaire & Dolores Del Rio photo.

170 GET HAPPY (Arlen-Koehler), 1930.  Cover photo Ruth Etting.

171 GLAD RAG DOLL (Yellen-Ager-Dougherty), 1929. Cover photo Dolores Del Rio.

172 GUILTY (Kahn-Akst-Whiting), 1931.  Cover photo Ruth Etting (*).

173 HANGIN’ ON THE GARDEN GATE (Kah-Fiorito), 1924.

174 HARD HEARTED HANNAH (Yellen-Ager-Bigelow-Bates), 1924. Cover photo Frances Williams. Torn-off rear cover corner not into music.

175 A HOT TIME IN THE TOWN OF BERLIN (Bushkin-deVries), 1943.  Cover photo Frank Sinatra.

176 I CAN’T GET STARTED (Gershwin-Duke), 1935.  Cover photo Ginny Simms.

177 I DOUBLE DARE YOU (Shand-Eaton), 1937.  Cover photo Guy Lombardo.

178 I WANT A LITTLE GIRL (Moll-Mencher), 1930.  Cover photo Lester Allen.

179 I WOULDN’T CHANGE YOU FOR THE WORLD (Newman-Jones), 1931.  Cover photo Kate Smith (*).

180 I’LL BE SEEING YOU (Kahal-Fain), 1938.  Cover photo Freddy Martin (*).

181 I’LL NEVER SAY “NEVER AGAIN” AGAIN (Woods), 1935.  Cover photo Les Hite (*).

182 I’M BEGINNING TO SEE THE LIGHT (James-Ellington-Hodges-George), 1944.  Cover photo Harry James.

183 I’M LOOKING OVER A FOUR LEAF CLOVER (Dixon-Woods), 1927.  Cover photo Jack Crawford (holding saxophone).

184 I’M SITTIN’ HIGH ON A HILL TOP (Kahn-Johnston) 1935.  “Thanks a Million” film cover with Dick Powell, Paul Whiteman, Fred Allen et al photos.

185 I’M YOURS FOR TONIGHT (Leslie-Monaco), 1932.  Cover photo Red Nichols (*).

186 IDA, SWEET AS APPLE CIDER (Leonard), 1940 ed.  Roy Eldridge trumpet solo w/piano accomp. (no lyric).

187 IF I COULD BE WITH YOU (Creamer-Johnson), 1926.  Cover photo Florence Richardson holding violin (ss).

188 IF I EVER GET A JOB AGAIN (Lewis-Baer), 1932.  Cover photo Isham Jones.

189 IF I HAD A TALKING PICTURE OF YOU (DeSylva-Brown-Henderson), 1930.  “Sunny Side Up” film cover with Janet Gaynor photo.

190 INDIAN SUMMER (Dubin-Herbert), 1939.  Cover photo Reggie Childs.

191 IS SHE MY GIRL FRIEND? (Yellen-Ager), 1927.  Cover photo Al Mitchell.  Small edge tears.

192 ISN’T IT HEAVENLY (Harburg-Meyer), 1933.

193 JOHNNY PEDDLER (Brown-Almeida-Nesdan), 1940.  Cover photo Tommy Tucker.

194 JUST A GIGOLO (Casucci-Caesar), 1930.

195 JUST FRIENDS (Lewis-Klenner), 1931.  Cover photo Red McKenzie (*).

196 KANSAS CITY KITTY (Donaldson-Leslie), 1929 (ss).

197 KITTEN ON THE KEYS (Coslow-Confrey), 1922.  Small cover photo Zez Confrey. Has lyric.

198 LET’S SING AGAIN (Kahn-McHugh), 1936.  Cover photo Bobby Breen (*).

199 THE LITTLE NEGRO (LE PETIT NEGRE) (Claude Debussy), 1934 ed. (Paris).  Piano solo (no lyric).

200 LONESOME MAMA (Brown-Brown-Nickel), 1922.  Cover photo Eddie Jackson & Dot Taylor (*).

201 LOST (Ohman-Mercer-Teetor), 1936.  Cover photo Phil Ohman’s Music (12 pieces, some holding instruments).

202 LOVER COME BACK TO ME (Romberg-Mandel-Hammerstein), 1928. “The New Moon” show cover.

203 LOW DOWN UPON THE HARLEM RIVER (Gordon-Revel), 1933.  Cover photo Ruth Etting.

204 LULLABY OF BIRDLAND (Forster-Shearing), 1954 ed. with George Shearing cover photo.

205 MACK THE KNIFE (Blitzstein-Brecht-Weill), 1955 ed. with Louis Armstrong cover photo.

206 MARIE (Berlin), 1928.  Cover photo Vilma Banky (*).

207 ME AND MY SHADOW (Jolson-Rose-Dreyer), 1927.

208 ME TOO (Woods-Tobias-Sherman), 1926.  Cover drawing Trado Twins (Frank & Pete) (*).

209 MEAN MEAN MAMA (Parish-Young-Squires), 1923 (*).

210 MEAN TO ME (Turk-Ahlert), 1929.

211 MELODY ROSE (Waltz) (Stevens-Olson), 1924.  Cover photos Ben Bernie, Abe Lyman, George Osborn Orchs., all with instruments.  Small edge tears (*).

212 MEMORIES OF YOU (Razaf-Blake), 1930.  “Lew Leslie’s Blackbirds of 1930” show cover (*)(ss).

213 MESSIN’ AROUND (Charles L. Cooke-John A. St. Cyr) (Doc Cook & Johnny St. Cyr), 1926. Cover photo Vincent Lopez.

214 MISS ANNABELLE LEE (Clare-Pollack-Richman), 1927.  Cover photo Charlie Melson.

215 MISS YOUR (Tobias-Tobias-Tobias), 1929.  Cover photo Helen Nugent (*).

216 MOANIN’ LOW (Dietz-Schwarts), 1929.  “The Little Show” show cover.

217 MOOD INDIGO (Ellington-Mills-Bigard), 1931.  Cover photo Victor Young.  Spine clear tape repaired.

218 MOOD INDIGO (Ellington-Mills-Bigard), c. 1945 ed. with Duke Ellington photo. 

219 MOONLIGHT SAVING TIME (Kahal-Richman), 1931.  Cover photo Harry Richman (*).

220 MUDDY WATER (Trent-DeRose-Richman), 1926.  Cover photo Nora Bayes  Edge tears clear tape repaired.

221 MY SUNNY TENNESSEE (Kalmar-Ruby-Ruby), 1922.  Cover photo Eddie Cantor (*).

222 A NEW KIND OF MAN (Clare-Flatow), 1924.  Cover photo Mitchell Bros. holding tambourines.

223 A NEW KIND OF MAN (Clare-Flatow), 1924.  Cover photo Maurice Sherman holding violin (*).

224 NO FOOLIN’ (Buck-Hanley), 1926 (*).

225 OH HOW I MISS YOU TONIGHT (Davis-Fisher-Burke), 1918.  Small cover photo The Loomis Orch. (10 pieces with instruments) (*).

226 OH! HOW I HATE TO GET UP IN THE MORNING (Berlin), 1918.  Cover photo Eddie Cantor.

227 ON THE ALAMO (Kahn-Jones), c. 1929 ed. with Red Nichols cover photo.

228 ON THE SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET (Fields-McHugh), 1930.  “Lew Leslie’s International Revue” show cover (*).

229 THE ONE I LOVE BELONGS TO SOMEBODY ELSE (Kahn-Jones), 1924.  Cover photo Sophie Tucker (*).

230 PAGAN LOVE SONG (Freed-Brown), 1929.  Ramon Novarro cover photo (*)(ss).

231 PARDON ME PRETTY BABY (Klages-Meskill-Rose), 1931.


233 PLEASE DON’T TALK ABOUT ME WHEN I’M GONE (Clare-Stept-Palmer), 1930.  Cover photo Bee Palmer.

234 REMINISCING (Leslie-Warren), 1930.  Cover photo Harry Kogen (*)(ss)

235 THE ROSE OF NO MAN’S LAND (Cadigan-Brennan), 1918.  Small WWI format.

236 ROSE ROOM (Williams-Hickman), 1918 (*).

237 RUSSIAN LULLABY (Berlin), 1927.

238 ST. LOUIS BLUES (Handy), 1942 ed. with small photo W. C. Handy playing trumpet. Score has pencil annotations.

239 ST. LOUIS BLUES (Handy), 1928 ed. Rube Bloom piano transcription, no lyric.

240 SERENADE FOR A WEALTHY WIDOW (Reginald Foresythe), 1934.  Piano solo, no lyric.

241 THE SHEIK OF ARABY (Smith-Wheeler-Snyder), 1921.

242 SHIM-ME-SHA-WABBLE (Spencer Williams), 1940 ed.  Roy Eldridge trumpet solo with piano accomp. No lyric.

243 SHINE (Mack-Brown-Dabney), 1924.  Cover photo Herb Wiedoeft & his Orch. (10 pieces with instruments).

244 SHOE SHINE BOY (Cahn-Chaplin), 1936. “Connie’s Hot Chocolates of 1936” show cover is a bit soiled.

245 SMILES (Callahan-Roberts), 1918.

246 SNUGGLED ON YOUR SHOULDER (Young-Lombardo), 1932.  Cover photo Art Kreuger (orch. leader).

247 SO BLUE (DeSykva-Brown-Henderson), 1927.  Cover photo The Sunshine Boys (*).

248 SOLITUDE (Ellington-DeLange-Mills), 1934. Cover photo Benny Goodman  Cover tear is clear tape repaired (*).

249 SOME DAY YOU’LL KNOW (Coslow-Hunter-Spitalny), 1927. Cover photo Pinkie Hunter, vocalist with Emerson Gill Orch.

250 SOME SWEET DAY (Shilkret-Pollack), 1929.  Cover photo Dorothy Mackaill.

251 SOMEBODY LOVES ME (DeSylva-McDonald-Gershwin), 1924.  “George White’s Scandals” show cover.

252 SOUTH RAMPART STREET PARADE (Bauduc-Haggart), 1939.  Bob Zurke piano arrangement, no lyric (ss).

253 SOUTH RAMPART STREET PARADE (Allen-Bauduc-Haggart), 1952 edition with Steve Allen lyric.

254 S’POSIN’ (Razaf-Denniker), 1929.  Cover photo Rudy Vallee (*).

255 STOMPIN’ AT THE SAVOY (Goodman-Webb-Sampson-Razaf), 1950s ed. has words & music plus piano solo.

256 STORMY WEATHER (Koehler-Arlen), 1943 ed. has “Stormy Weather” film cover with drawings of Lena, Fats, Cab, Bojangles.

257 STRIKE UP THE BAND (Gershwin-Gershwin), 1927.  “Strike Up the Band” show cover.

258 SUNRISE SERENADE (Carle-Lawrence), 1939.  Cover photo Glen Gray Casa Loma Orch. with instruments.

259 SUNSHINE (Berlin), 1928 (*).

260 SUPPOSE NOBODY CARED (Hirsch-Davis), 1928.  Cover photo Charlie Davis.

261 SWEETHEARTS ON PARADE (Newman-Lombardo), 1928. 

262 TELL-TALES (O’Flynn-Robinson-Vardi), 1931.  Cover photo Doc Dougherty (*).

263 THANKS A MILLION (Kahn-Johnston), 1935.  “Thanks a Million” film cover with Dick Powell, Fred Allen, Paul Whiteman et al photos (*).

264 THAT SAXOPHONE WALTZ (Sisk-Mingo), 1926  Large cover photo Boyd Senter holding alto sax.

265 THAT’S A PLENTY (Lew Pollack), 1924. Cover photo Ted Lewis. Piano solo, no lyric.

266 THEN I’LL BE TIRED OF YOU (Harburg-Schwartz), 1934 (*).

267 THERE’LL BE SOME CHANGES MADE (Overstreet), 1940 ed.  Roy Eldridge trumpet solo with piano accomp. No lyric.

268 THERE’S YES YES IN YOUR EYES (Friend-Santly), 1924.  Cover photo Jean Goldkette’s Orch. (13 pieces with instruments including Bix).

269 THINGS ARE LOOKING UP (Gershwin-Gershwin), 1937.  “A Damsel in Distress” film cover with Astaire, Burns & Allen, Joan Fontaine photos.

270 TIME ON MY HANDS (Adamson-Gordon-Youmans), 1930.

271 TISHOMINGO BLUES (Spencer Williams), 1940 ed.  Roy Eldridge trumpet solo with piano accomp. No lyric.

272 TONY’S WIFE (Adamson-Lane), 1933.  Cover photo Ramona.

273 THE UMBRELLA MAN (Caanaugh-Stock-Rose), 1938.  Cover photo Kay Kyser.

274 UNTIL THE REAL THING COMES ALONG (Holiner-Nichols-Cahn-Chaplin-Freeman), 1936.

275 THE VERY THOUGHT OF YOU (Ray Noble), 1944 ed.  “The Very Thought of You” film cover with Dennis Morgan, Eleanor Parker photos (*).

276 THE VILLAGE BLACKSMITH (Moore-Tucker), 1926.  Cover photo Elmer Schoebel.

277 WAITIN’ FOR KATY (Kahn-Shapiro), 1928.  Cover photo Lou Forbes. Small clear tape repairs.

278 WHEN DAY IS DONE (DeSylva-Katscher), 1926 (*).

279 WHEN IT’S SLEEPY TIME DOWN SOUTH (Rene-Rene-Muse), 1931.  Cover photo Mildred Bailey.  Fold crease.

280 WHERE’D YOU GET THOSE EYES? (Donaldson), 1926.  Cover photo A. B. Salinger.

281 WHISPERING (Schonberger-Schonberger), 1920.  Small edge tears.

282 WHY DID YOU CALL ME WONDERFUL ONE? (Vincent-Herbert), 1925.  Small cover photo Meyer Davis’ Le Paradis Band (9 pieces with instruments).

283 WILLOW WEEP FOR ME (Ann Ronell), 1932.  Cover photo Irene Taylor.

284 THE WORDS ARE I MY HEART (Dubin-Warren), 1935.  “Gold Diggers of 1935” film cover (*).

285 YESTERDAYS (Harbach-Kern), 1933. “Roberta” film cover with Astaire & Rogers, Irene Dunne photos.

286 YOU BROUGHT A NEW KIND OF LOVE TO ME (Kahal-Fain-Norman), 1930. “The Big Pond” film cover with Chevalier & Claudette Colbert photo.

287 YOU STARTED ME DREAMING (Davis-Coots), 1936. 

288 YOU’RE DRIVING ME CRAZY (Donaldson), 1930. The following are oversized (11x14) sheet music items that will require special packing:

289 ANY RAGS (Thos. S. Allen), 1902.  Cover has photo of Jos. A. Callanan and caricature drawing of black peddler.

290 CHICKEN REEL (Mittenthal-Daly), 1911.  Cover has photo of Ed Morton and caricature drawing of black dancers.  Has lyric.

291 CREOLE BELLES (J. Bodewalt Lampe), 1900.  Piano solo, no lyric.

292 HINDUSTAN (Wallace-Weeks), 1914.  Moderate edge fray and clear tape repairs.

293 I DON’T WANT TO GET WELL (Pease-Johnson-Jentes), 1917

294 IN ZANZIBAR (Cobb-Edwards), 1904.  Cover photo Emma Carus.

295 INDIANA (MacDonald-Hanley), 1917.  Clear tape repairs (*).

296 THE MONKEY JUBILEE (James White), 1915.  (ss).

297 THE PICKANINNY CARNIVAL (“Characteristic Dance”) (H. G. Blankenhagen), 1895.  No lyric.  Small edge tears (ss).

298 PRETTY BABY (Kahn-Jackson-Van Alstyne), 1916.

299 UNCLE SAMMY (Abe Holzmann), 1914. March, two-step, no lyric. Moderately frayed with small edge tears.

300 YO’S HONEY TO YO’ MAMMY JES’ THE SAME (Kendis-Brockman-Kershaw), 1917.  Cover has close up drawing of black toddler. Lightly frayed.

301 YOU’RE GWINE TO GET SOMETHIN’ WHAT YOU DON’T EXPECT (Bert Williams), 1910.  Cover photo Bert Williams. Somewhat frayed, corner tear.



302 BUNNY BERIGAN MODERN TRUMPET STUDIES.  48 p, Robbins, 1940.  Exercises plus 12 solos with piano accomp.

303 ROY ELDRIDGE’S NEW-STYLE TRUMPET FOLIO.  20 single-side pages, Shapiro, Bernestein, 1943.  10 solos, no piano accomp.

304 GERSHWIN AT THE KEYBOARD.  48 p, New World,  no date.  18 Gershwin songs arranged by the composer. No lyrics. 

305 THE DIZZY GILLESPIE TRUMPET STYLE.  36 p, Leeds, 1946.  5 solos, no piano accomp.

306 HARRY JAMES STUDIES & IMPROVISATIONS FOR TRUMPET.  48 p, Robbins, 1939.  Moderate fraying on spine.

307  JELLY ROLL MORTON’S FAMOUS SERIES OF BLUES & STOMPS FOR PIANO.  28 p, Melrose, folio undated.  12 solos, no lyrics.  Cover is moderately

soiled with clear tape repairs.

308 CHARLIE PARKER.  26 p, Leeds, 1961.  9 solos with piano accomp.  Cover somewhat soiled.

309 REX STEWART’S TRUMPET SOLO STYLINGS.  12 p, Mills Music, 1944.  8 solos, no piano accomp.

310 REX STEWART’S TRUMPET SOLO CONCEPTIONS.  12 p, Mills, 1943.  8 solos, no piano accomp.

311 ART TATUM IMPROVISATIONS NO. 2.  28 p, Robbins, 1946.  13 piano solos.

312 INSTRUCTION BOOK FOR RAGTIME PIANO PLAYING by Alfred S. Syms.  29 p, Syms, 1912.