SHEET SHEET MUSIC (Min. bid $2.00)  (*) indicates a former owner’s name written on cover. (ss) = seam-split.

16. CONGRATULATE ME (Rothberg-Handman), 1934. Cover photo Guy Lombardo.

17. HEY! BA-BA-RE-BOP (Hampton-Hamner), 1946. Cover photo Lionel Hampton.

18. I CAN DREAM, CAN’T I? (Kahal-Fain), 1949 ed. with cover photo Andrews Sisters.

19. IF I COULD BE WITH YOU (Creamer-Johnson), 1926. Cover photo Ruth Etting (cover split).

20. IT’S BEEN A LONG, LONG TIME (Cahn-Styne), 1945. Cover photo Stan Kenton.

21. IT’S OH! IT’S AH! (Robin-Rainger) 1933. “The Way of Love” film cover with Maurice Chevalier, Ann Dvorak photo.

22. JUST A LITTLE FLOWER SHOP AROUND THE CORNER (Harry Woods), 1933. Cover photo Dick Mansfield.

23. JUST A LITTLE FOND AFFECTION (Box-Cox-Ilda), 1944. Cover photo Sammy Kaye. SHEET MUSIC (Cont’d)

24. JUST A-SITTIN’ AND A-ROCKIN’ (Gaines-Strayhorn-Ellington), 1945. Cover photo Elliot Lawrence.

25. MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY (Dubin-Burke), 1931. Cover photo Ruth Etting (cover split).

26. ME TOO (Woods-Tobias-Sherman), 1926. Cover photo Ben Selvin.

27. MY SUNNY TENNESSEE (Kalmar-Ruby), 1924. Cover photo Eddie Cantor (cover split).

28. THE NIGHT WAS MADE FOR LOVE (Kern-Harbach), 1931. “The Cat & the Fiddle” film cover with Ramon Novarro & Jeanette MacDonald photo).

29. OH ME! OH MY! (Lannin-Youmans-Francis), 1921. “Two Little Girls in Blue” show cover.

30. OOGIE OOGIE WA WA (Clarke-Leslie-Gottler), 1922. Cover photo Margaret Young.

31. RAIN (Hill-deRose), 1934. Cover photo Paul Whiteman.

32. SAN ANTONIO ROSE (Bob Wills), 1940. Cover photo Bob Wills.

33. SHE’S FUNNY THAT WAY (Whiting-Moret), 1928. Cover photo Gene Austin.

34. SLEEPY HEAD (Kahn-Donaldson), 1934. “Operator 13” film cover with Marion Davies, Gary Cooper photo.

35. A STORY OF TWO CIGARETTES (Stoner-Jay-Marker), 1945. Cover photo Johnnie Johnston.

36. SWEET JENNIE LEE (Donaldson), 1930. Cover photo Guy Lombardo.

37. THERE’LL BE SOME CHANGES MADE (Higgins-Overstreet), 1939 ed. with cover photo Benny Goodman.

38. TRADE WINDS (Friend-Tobias), 1940. Cover photo Will Bradley.

39. TRUCKIN’ (Koehler-Bloom), 1935. “Cotton Club Parade” show cover.

40. WHEN IT’S SLEEPY TIME DOWN SOUTH (Rene-Rene-Muse), 1931. Cover photo Mildred Bailey.


SHEET MUSIC FOLIO (Min. bid $2.00)

41. BING CROSBY’S MINSTREL SONG FOLIO. 50 p, Mayfair, 1945. 18 tunes.