SECTION V – 10” x 33 RPM LPs (Min. bid $5.00) (see under 12” LP heading for explanation of symbols)

756 STEVE ALLEN  At the Piano                             CO CL6197        N-

757 MILDRED BAILEY  Sings            ALLEGRO/ELITE 4040    N-wfc

758      The Rockin’ Chair Lady                                   DE DL5387       E

759 COUNT BASIE  Big Band                          (DSM)CLEF MGC148  E+

760 LOUIS BELLSON  Just Jazz All Stars                 CAP H348  Ect/wrc

761      The Amazing Artistry of…                      NORGRAN MGN-7     E+

762 TONY BENNETT  Because of You                   CO CL2550     N-ct

763 EDDIE CANTOR  Songs from “The Cantor Story”  DE DL5504   N-

764 JOE “FINGERS” CARR  Rough-house Piano      CAP H345      E+cs

765 NAT KING COLE  King Cole Trio                     CAP H59           E

766      King Cole Trio                                               CAP H220         E

767      Penthouse Serenade                                        CAP H332         E

10” LPs (Cont’d)

768 PETE DAILY  Dixie by Daily                             CAP H385         E

769      Dixieland Jazz Battle-Vol. 1 (1 side P. Napoleon)  DE DL5261 E/E+

770 JIMMY DORSEY  Dixie by Dorsey                     CO CL6095        Ect

771 DUKE ELLINGTON  Plays Ellington                ROYALE 18152   E+

772 IRVING FAZOLA  Dixielanders                       MER MG25016    E+ct

773 RUSS FREEMAN  Trio                          PACIFIC JAZZ PJLP-8    Ect

774 ERROLL GARNER  Gems                               CO CL6173        E+

775      Plays for Dancing                                           CO CL6259        E

776 BENNY GOODMAN  The Benny Goodman Band   CAP H409     E+

777 BOBBY HACKETT  Jazz Session                       CO CL6156       Ecs

778 WOODY HERMAN  Woody!                            CO CL2563        N-

779 HARRY JAMES (& Doris Day) Young Man with a Horn

                                                                               CO CL6106     E+ct

780      Soft Lights, Sweet Trumpet                           PHILIPS B07603R    E

781 AL JOLSON  Jolson Sings Again                          DE DLP5006  E+cs

782 SAMMY KAYE  Harbor Lights                            CO CL2556        N-

783 TOMMY LADNIER  Vol. 1: Blues & Stomps       RIV RLP1026    Ect

784      Plays Blues for Ma Rainey & Edmonia Henderson  RIV RLP1044  E

785 GEORGE LEWIS  Band 1950    RHYTHM LP-5 (Art cover, but with blank white labels. Rec. from WDSU “Dixieland Jambake” broadcasts, New Orleans)

786 GLENN MILLER  Sunrise Serenade                   VI LPT3067       E

787 BENNIE MOTEN  Kansas City Jazz-Vol. 1         “X” LX3004    Ecs

788 GERRY MULLIGAN  Quartet            PACIFIC JAZZ PJLP-5       E+

789 JOE NEWMAN  & The Boys in the “Band”  STORYVILLE 318     E

790 KING OLIVER  Plays Blues acc. Ida Cox & Sara Martin RIV RLP1007   E+src

791 PREACHER ROLLO  At the Jazz Band Ball        MGM E217    E+ct

792 IKE RODGERS  Fabulous Trombone of …  LONDON AL3512  N-ct

793 FRANK ROSOLINO  Kenton Presents…           CAP H6507        E

794 AARON SACHS  Quintette                                 BETH BCP1008    E+

795 BROTHER JOHN SELLERS  Jack of Diamonds VANGUARD VRS7022   Ect

796 GEORGE SHEARING  Souvenirs             LONDON LPB295   E+cs

797 FRANK SINATRA  Get Happy!                          CO CL2521        E

798      Frankly Sentimentl                                          CO CL6059        E

799      Songs by Sinatra-Vol. 1                                    CO CL6087    E+ct

800 EARLE SPENCER  Jazz Technology                   TOPS L929          E

801 BILLY TAYLOR  Trio-Vol. 2-Jazz at Storyville     ROOST RLP406 E+

802      Taylor Made Piano                                          ROOST RLP409  E+ct


804 LEE WILEY  Night in Manhattan                        CO CL6169         E+

805 JIMMY YANCEY  Blues & Boogie                      “X” LX3000        E+

806 DIXIELAND JUBILEE  Kid Ory, Castle Jazz Band, Charlie LaVere, Pete Daily, Firehouse 5 

DE DL7022  E+ct/sfc/wrc


SECTION VI – 12” x 33 RPM LPs (Min. bid $5.00)

Minimum bids for multi-record sets is $4.00 x no. of records in set.

The following symbols are used in this section:

  (dg)=deep groove label

  (DJ) = Disc-jockey copy. The indication may be on label or cover.

  (DSM) = Cover art by David Stone Martin.

  (S) =  Stereo (including re-channeled mono) but usually used only when Significant, latter-day recordings being presumed to be stereo 

  (*) preceding CAP indicates aqua label

  (*) preceding CO indicates red & black “6-Eye” label

  (*) preceding EMARCY label indicates drummer label

  (*) preceding IMPULSE label indicates orange label

  (*) preceding PRESTIGE label indicates yellow Bergenfield label

  (*) preceding ROUETTE label indicates pinwheel label

  (*) preceding VERVE label indicates trumpet label

  (*) preceding VI indicates black label with dog logo


In lower case following condition code, the following symbols are used to describe cover conditions:

  cc = corner of cover clipped or notched

  cs = cover split (not repaired)

  ct = cover tape repaired

  hc = hole punched in cove r

  rw = ring wear on cover

  sfc = sticker on front cover

  sol = sticker on label

  src = sticker on rear cover

  wfc = writing on front cover

  wol = writing on label

  wrc = writing on rear cover


807 JOE ALBANY  The Right Combination         RIV OJC-1749             N-

808 HENRY “RED” ALLEN  Meets Kid Ory    VERVE MGV1018     N-

809 LAURINDO ALMEIDA  The Look of Love   CAP ST2866             N-

810      Brazilliance feat. Bud Shank                      CAP WPS21412          N-

811 MILDRED ANDERSON  Person to Person  dgBLUESVLLE 1004 N-

812 RAY ANTHONY  Hits of Ray Anthony        AERO SPACE 999  N-rw

813      Around the World!                                   AERO SPACE 1007    N-

814      Swing                                                     AERO SPACE 1010    N-

815      Glenn Miller/Then & Now                       AERO SPACE 1011    N-

816      Hooked on Big Bands                         AERO SPACE 1012   N-ct/rw

817      Arthur Murray Favorites-Fox Trots            *CAP T258            N-wrc

818      House Party Hop                                     *CAP T292               N-ct

819      The Young Man with the Horn                 *CAP T373                 N-

820      I Remember Glenn Miller                         *CAP T476                N-


821      Dream Dancing in Stereo                                 CAP ST723        N-

822      Dancers in Love                                             CAP T786       N-rw

823      Star Dancing                                                       *CAP T831        N-

824      Young Ideas                                                   *CAP T866     N-ct

825      Moments Together                                         *CAP T917     N-ct

826      The Dream Girl                                              *CAP T969        N-

827      Dancing Over the Waves                                 CAP ST1028       N-

828      Plays Steve Allen                                             CAP T1086      N-ct

829      Anthony Italiano                                             CAP ST1149    N-ct

830      Sound Spectacular                                           CAP ST1200    N-ct

831      More Dream Dancing                                      CAP T1252        N-

832      Like Wild!                                                      CAP ST1304    N-ct

833      Arthur Murray Favorites-Fox Trots                   CAP T1371         N-

834      Dancing Alone Together                                  CAP ST1420       N-

835      The New Ray Anthony Show                           CAP T1421        N-

836      The Hits of Ray Anthony                                 CAP T1477        N-

837      That’s Show Biz!                                             CAP T1496      N-ct

838      The Unsinkable Molly Brown                           CAP T1576      N-ct

839      Dream Dancing Medley                                   CAP T1608        N-

840      Worried Mind                                                 CAP T1752        N-

841      I Almost Lost my Mind                                   CAP ST1783       E+

842      Smash Hits of ’63!                                           CAP T1917        E+

843      Charade and Other Top Themes                      CAP ST2043       N-

844      Swim, Swim, C’mon Let’s Swim                        CAP T2188   N-wrc

845      Dream Dancing Today                                    CAP ST2457   N-hc

846      Hit Songs to Remember                                  CAP STT2530    N-

847      Today’s Trumpet        CAP ST2750  N-hc/wfc(sm surface tear ft cvr)

848      A Little Bit Country                                        CAP SM11411    N-

849      & his Bookend Revue   CAP CUSTOM JB2218/19   N-(rear cover inscribed to previous owner by Ray Anthony)

850      “This Could Be the Night” soundtrack (Julie Wilson on 5 tracks)  MGM E3530ST  N-

851      His Golden Trumpet & Voices            (S)PICKWICK SPC3050    N-

852      Ray Anthony Now                    (DJ)(S)RANWOOD R8033   N-wrc

853      I Get the Blues When It Rains         (S)RANWOOD R8082          N-

854 LOUIS ARMSTRONG  The ABC Collection (NY & Las Vegas,

              1967-68)                                                (S)ABC AC30012     N-cc

855      Mr. Music (All-Stars, 1964-66)                    ACCORD SN7161     N-

856      Louie & Dukes of Dixieland                     AUD FID AFLP1924    N-

857      Satchmo Plays King Oliver                       AUD FID AFLP1930     N-

858      …None of my Jelly Roll                  AUD FID AFLP2128   N-ct/wrc                                                                           

859      The Best of…                                     (S)AUD FID AFSD6132      N-

860      The Definitive Album by…                (S)AUD FID AFSD6241   N-cs

861      The Great Soloists (1925-32)                             BIOG BLP-C5     N-

862      Plays the Blues (accomps. 1925-27)                    BIOG BLP-C6     N-

863      Young Louis Armstrong 1932-33              BB AXM2-5519   N-(2-set)

864      Pops (1946-56)                                          BB 5920-1-RB      N-(2-set)

865      Laughin’ Louie (1932-33)                                    BB 9759-1-RB       N-

866      I Will Wait for You                                   (DJ)(S)BR BL754136       N-

867      Greatest Hits Recorded Live                            (S)BR BL754169       N-

868      Archive of Jazz-Vol. 1 (w/King Oliver 1923)       BYG 529.051       N-

869      In New York (Blues accomps. 1924-25)               BYG 529076        N-

870      With Fletcher Henderson 1924-25                     BYG 529086         N-

871      Plays W. C. Handy                                          *CO CL591     E+ct

872      Story-Vol. 1-Hot Five                                      CO CL851           N-

873      Story-Vol. 2-Hot Seven                                   CO CL852           N-

874      Story-Vol. 3-Louis and Earl Hines                 (DJ)CO CL853          N-

875      Greatest Hits                                                  CO CL2638         N

876      Genius of…Vol. 1: 1923-33                            CO G30416    N-(2-set)

877      Chicago Concert (1956)                                  CO C2-36428  N-(2-set)

878      Sleepytime: A Remembrance (Placidyl promo)   (S)CSP C10580     N-

879      At Newport (1 side Duke Ellington)                    CSP P13295      N-

880      At Carnegie Hall 2/8/47                    JAZZ-LINE(Ger) 101.531    N-

881      Louis                                                    (S)(dgRed)MER SR61081    N-

882      1923 with King Oliver’s Band          ()Blue BGP)RIV RLP12-122   N-

883 GEORGIE AULD  & his All Star Orch.          dgALLEGRO 1697     N-

884      Jazz Concert                                  ALLEGRO/ELITE 3102      N-cs

885      Sax Gone Latin                                               CAP T1045      E+ct

886      I’ve Got You under my Skin                                dgCRL 57009   E+ct

887      Lullaby of Broadway                                            dgCRL 57029       N-

888      Misty                                                                    CRL 57032       N-ct

889      Jump, Georgie, Jump                                       HEP 27              N-

890      & his Orchestra                                              MUS MVS501     N-

891      & his Orch. with Sarah Vaughan (2 tracks)         MUS MVS509    N-

892      Quintet Plays the Winners       (DJ)dgPHILIPS PHM200-096   N-wrc

893      Here’s to the Losers                       dgPHILIPS PHM200-116        N-

894      The Melody Lingers On                    (S)dgTOP RANK RS606    N-ct

895      Good Enough to Keep              (S)dgTOP RANK RS633   E+ct/wrc

896      Manhattan with Strings          dgUNITED ARTISTS UAL3068   N-ct

897      Homage                                                            XANADU 190   N-rw

898 SIL AUSTIN  Everything’s Shakin’   (S)(dg Blue)WING SRW16227   N-

899      (& Red Prysock) Battle Royal         (dg Black)MER MG20434   E+src

900      Plays Pretty Melodies of the World        (dgRed)MER MG20925     E+

901      Plays Folk Songs                              (dgBlack)(S)MER SR60755      E+

902 CHET BAKER  Once Upon a Summertime  ARTIST HSE 9411   N-cc

903      Albert’s House                                           BAINBRIDGE 1040     N-

904      Witch Doctor                                  CONTEMPORARY C7649     N-

905      Chet Baker Quintette                                  CROWN 5317    N-ct/rw

906      She Was too Good to Me                            CTI 6050S1                N

907      (& Jim Hall, Hubert Laws) Studio Trieste    CTI 9007                   N-

908      You Can’t Go Home Again                         HORIZON SP726     N-

909          Broken Wing                                               INNER CITY 1120  N-cc



910      Swinging Soundtrack                                    dgKIMBERLY 2016   N-

911      Baker’s Holiday                              (DJ)dgLIMELIGHT LS86019   N-

912      Let’s Get Lost                                              NOVUS 3054-1-N      N-

913      In New York                                     RIVERSIDE OJC-207    N-wrc

914      It Could Happen to You             (Blue BGP)dgRIV RLP12-278      N-

915      Chet                                                 (Black BGP)RIV RLP1135      N-

916      (& Mike Melillo) Symphonically                  SOUL NOTE 1134     N-

917      This Is Always                                     STEEPLECHASE 1168     N-

918      (& Paul Bley) Diane                             STEEPLECHASE 1207      N-

919      Swings Pretty                                               SUNSET SUS5180  N-ct

920      Sings & Plays Billie Holiday                         TRIP TLP5569          N-ct

921      Chet Baker in Europe       (DJ)(dgBlack)WORLD-PAC PJ1218     N-

922      Chet Baker Sings                     (dgBlack)WORLD-PAC WP1826     N-

923      Into my Life                                           WORLD-PAC WP1858    N-

924      Plays and Sings                                       WORLD-PAC ST20138    N-

925 BURT BALES  Jazz from S. F. Waterfront           ABC-PARA 181     N-

926 SHIRLEY BASSEY  All by Myself                 APPLAUSE 1005     N-cc

927      The Bewitching Miss Bassey                        EPIC LN3834           N-ct

928      The Spectacular…                                  PHILIPS PHS600-168      N-

929      Live at Carnegie Hall              UNITED ARTISTS GSW1-2  N-(2-set)

930      Good, Bad but Beautiful                            U-A LA542G            N-cc

931      You Take my Heart Away                          U-A LA751H                N-

932      Yesterdays                                                  U-A LA847H               N-

933      SB Belts the Best!                                       U-A UAL3419              E+

934      Shirley Means Bassey                                  U-A UAL3545              N-

935      Capricorn                                                   U-A UAS5565   N-rw/wfc

936      And I Love You So                                    U-A UAS5643          N-rw

937      Sings Hits from “Oliver!”                           U-A UAS6237              N-

938      In Person                                                    U-A UAS6463             N-

939      And We Were Lovers                                 U-A UAS6565              N-

940      Something Else                                           U-A UAS6797             N-

941      The Spectacular…                         dg(Black)WING WC16330        N-

942 SIDNEY BECHET  Grand Master of Soprano Sax  *CO CL836   N-cs

943      At Brussels Fair, 1958                                   *CO CL1410           N-ct

944 BROOK BENTON  Endlessly             dg(Blk)MER MG20464         E+

945      Songs I Love to Sing                          dg(Blk)MER MG20602         N-

946      Golden Hits-Vol. 2                            dg(Blk)MER MG20774         N-

947      Best Ballads of Broadway                   dg(Blk)MER MG20830         E+

948      Born to Sing the Blues                 (DJ)dg(Blk)MER MG20886        N-

949      On the Countryside                            dg(Blk)MER MG20918         N-

950      I Love You in So Many Ways             dg(Blk)MER SR60225          E+

951      Golden Hits                                                   MER SR60607     N-wrc

952      This Bitter Earth                                  (DJ)dgMER SR60934          N-

953      Something for Everyone                                 MGM SE4874          N-

954      Makin’ Love Is Good for You               OLD WORLD 7700         N-

955      The Boll Weevil Song                            WING SRW16314W         N-

956 BUNNY BERIGAN  The Legendary…(“Demonstration of Swing”

              Broadcast. 3/12/36)                     “BAMBOO” DSM1980    N-wfc

957      The Great Soloists                           BIOGRAPH BLP-C10           N-

958      The Complete…-Vol. 1 (1937)          BB AXM2-5584  N-ct/rw(2-set)

959      Complete…Vol. 2                              BB 5657-1-RB          N-cc(2-set)

960      Complete…Vol. 3                              BB 9953-1-RB          N-cc(2-set)

961      Bunny                                                    CAM  CAL550                 N-

962      1936-1938 (off NBC Thesaurus)          COLL CLASSICS CC15      N-

963      Essential Young Bunny 1931          “PARADE OF HITS 1931”     N-

964      Take It, Bunny!                                     dgEPIC LG3109          N-wrc

965      Bunny Berigan & his Boys                    dgEPIC LA16006           E+ct

966      Bunny Berigan 1909-1942  (off Thesaurus) EPITAPH 4003            N-

967      Bunny in Detroit (off Thesaurus)                 “FORSGATE” 7500   N-

968      Thesaurus Vol. 1                                         LEGACY LE-102        N-

969      Decca/Champion Sessions                         MCA 1362                N-

970      Unknown Band 1939/Sideman 1931            MERITT 501        N-wrc

971      I Can’t Get Started                      QUINTESSENCE QJ25081    N-rw

972      The Indispensible 1937-39                    RCA(Fr) PM43689    N-(2-set)

973      Greatest White Trumpeter of All Time   SANDY HOOK 2065      N-

974      Bunny Berigan (1937 radio show)(1 side Armstrong radio show 1937)

                                                                             SHOESTRING SS103    N-

975      Bunny 1936                                              SHOESTRING SS106    N-

976      Bunny Berigan 1931                                 SHOESTRING SS115     N-

977      Great Dance Bands of ‘30s & ‘40s                *VI LPM2078             N-

978 GUS BIVONA  Dig that Crazy Band     dg(Black)MER MG20157   N-ct

979      (& Steve Allen) Swingin’ & Dancin’

                                              dg(Black)MER MG20304  N-wrc/hc(thru label)

980      Ballads, Bounce & Bivona           dgWARNER BROS WS1264   N-ct

981      Deals in Millions                             WARNER BROS WS1361       N-

982 VIVIAN BLAINE  Songs from Ziegfeld Follies

                                                                        dg(Blk)MER MG20233        N-

983      Sel. From Pal Joey & Annie Get your Gun  MER MG20321 E+ct/sol

984 PAUL BLEY  Open, to Love           ECM 1023ST  N-(sm sfc tear ft cvr)

985      Live at Hillcrest Club          INNER CITY 1007  N-ct(rear cover stain)

986 EDDIE BONNEMERE  Jazz Orient-ed

                 (Blue)PRESTIGE 7354     E+ct(hvy)/wrc/surface tear front cover

987      Piano Bon Bons                                         dgROOST SLP2236   N-ct

988      The Sound of Memory                               (DJ)ROOST LP2241     N-

989 LE ROY BOSTIC  Music for Squares                 LEB LB555             N-

990      On the Square                                                  LEB LB777              N-

991      The Last Round of the Old Square              (S)LEB LBS888           N-

992      New Old Square Music By…                        LEB LB999              N-

993 AL BOWLLY  With Lew Stone                 ACE OF CLUBS 1178       N-

994 HADDA BROOKS  Sings & Swings                    CROWN CST374  E+

995      Femme Fatale                                         dgCROWN CLP5010    N-ct


996 DAVE BRUBECK  Jazz Goes to College      *CO CL566             N-src

997      Brubeck Plays Brubeck                             *CO CL878     E+cs/wrc

998      Jazz Impressions of the USA                     *CO CL984              E+cs

999      Quartet in Europe                                       *CO CL1168             N-cs

1000    Time Out                                                    *CO CL1397           E+cs

1001    Time Out                                                      CO CS8192           N-wrc

1002    Plays Music from “West Side Story”             CO CS8257             N-ct

1003    Angel Eyes                                                    CO CS9148               N-

1004    Time In                                                         CO CS9312              N-

1005    Anything Goes!                                             CO CS9402              N

1006    Brubeck a la Mode                       dg(Red vinyl)FANTASY 3301    N-  

1007 CHARLIE BYRD  Byrdland                        CO CL2592             N-

1008    Solo Flight                                                    RIVERSIDE 9498    E+

1009 ACE CANNON  Cool ‘n Saxy                    (S)HI SHL32060        N-

1010 EDDIE CANO (& Nino Tempo)  On Bdway    (DJ)ATCO 33-184 N-

1011 BARBARA CARROLL Have You Met Miss Caroll? *VI LPM1137 E+

1012 OSCAR CELESTIN  New Orleans  Jazz Band  IMPERIAL 9199   N-

1013 JOHN COATES JR.  Jazz Piano of…    OMNISOUND N1004  N-cc

1014    Alone & Alive at the Deer Head            OMNISOUND N1015    N-

1015    After the Before                                     OMNISOUND N1021    N-

1016    In the Open Space                        OMNISOUND N1022   N-(2-set)

1017    Tokyo Concert                                       OMNISOUND N1032    N-

1018    Pocono Friends                             OMNISOUND N1038  N-(2-set)

1019 COZY COLE  Drum Beat for Dancing Feet     CRL 57423             N-

1020 NAT “KING” COLE  The Piano Style of…

                                     (Gray)CAP W689   N-cc/sol/moderate cover scuff

1021    After Midnight                                        (Gray)CAP W782      E+sol

1022    Just One of those Things                        (Gray)CAP W903  N-cs/sol

1023    Welcome to the Club                                        CAP W1120      E+cs

1024 JOHN COLTRANE  My Favorite Things   (Grn/or)ATL 1361       N-

1025 EDDIE CONDON  Bixieland                           *CO CL719    E+ct

1026    Eddie Condon’s Treasury of Jazz                        *CO CL881        N-

1027    Ivy League Jazz                                     (Blk/sil)DAE DL8282   N-cs

1028 J. LAWRENCE COOK  St. Louis Blues      HARMONY HL7107  N-

1029 DAVE “BABY” CORTEZ  The Whistling Organ CORONET 201 N-

1030    Playing his Great Hit “Rinky Dink”                 CORONET 223      E+

1031    The Happy Organ                                     DESIGN DLP163     E+cs

1032 BOB CORWIN Quartet feat. Don Elliott (Blue BGP)RIV 12-220 E+ct

1033 THE CRUSADERS  Scratch             BLUE THUMB BTS6010   N-hc

1034 MILES DAVIS  Miles Ahead                      *CO CL1041              E+

1035    Greatest Hits                                            CO CS9808          N-rw

1036 WILD BILL DAVISON  With Ted Easton  RIFF(Neth) 659.005   N-

1037 WILBUR DE PARIS  Plays Cole Porter    (DJ)(dgBlk)ATL 1288    E+

1038    Something Old, New, Gay, Blue              dg(Green)(S)ATL 1300   E+

1039    The Wild Jazz Age                               dg(Or/purp)ATL 1336    N-hc

1040    On the Riviera                                         (Or/purp)ATL 1363             E+


                                                                                      JAZZ NUT 707    E+

1042 WALT DICKERSON  Peace                       INNER CITY 2042     N-

1043    Impressions of “A Patch of Blue”              MGM SE4358  N-rw/wrc

1044    Relativity                                  dg(Purple)NEW JAZZ 8275     N-wrc

1045 BILL DOGGETT  Everybody Dance the Honky Tonk

                                                                               dgKING 395-531    E+ct

1046    The Band with the Beat!                       WRNER BROS W1421     E+

1047 SAM DONAHUE  Hollywood Hop                      HEP 25            N-

1048 KENNY DREW  Duo w/Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen

                                                                           INNER CITY 2002     N-cc

1049    (& Pedersen) Duo 2                                INNER CITY 2010        N-

1050    Dark Beauty                                  INNER CITY 2016   N-cc/ct/rw

1051    (& Pedersen) Duo Live in Concert     INNER CITY 2031   N-cc/rw

1052    Kenny Drew Trio                                    RIVERSIDE OJC-065    N-

1053 DUTCH SWING COLLEGE BAND  Dixieland Goes Dutch

                                                                                dgEPIC LN3211   E+ct

1054    & Teddy Wilson       DSC(Neth) PA008  N-(sm surface tear ft cover)

1055    Party Favourites                                             PHILIPS P08060L    N-

1056    Dutch Swing College Goes Latin                PHILIPS 840 331PY   E+

1057 DUKE ELLINGTON  Royal Concert           AAMO ALP-301   E+ct

1058    Rockin’ in Rhythm         AFFFINITY AFS1034  N-(sm sfc tear ft cvr)

1059    He’s Mr. E. K. “Duke” Ellington                  ALTO AL710          N-ct

1060    Great Paris Concert                             (S)ATL SD2-304    N-hc(2-set)

1061    New Orleans Suite                                          (S)ATL SD1580      N-

1062    Reflections of Big Band Era                    (DJ)(S)ATL SD1665   E+sfc

1063    Jazz Violin Session                                         (S)ATL SD1688       N-

1064    Suddenly It Jumped                   BIG BAND ARCHIVES 1217     N-

1065    Serenade to Sweden                          BLACK LION BLM52001  N-ct

1066    The Unheard & Seldom Heard…             BLU-DISC T1001          N-

1067    Unheard & Seldom Heard-Vol. 2              BLU-DISC T1003         N-

1068    Money Jungle                                            (S)BN BT85129             N-

1069    Stereo Sound of… (no Duke, big band dir. Maxwell Davis incl.

              Tizol, Ben Webster, Jimmy Rowles)  BRIGHT ORANGE 709   N-

1070    Early Ellington                              dg(Black)BR BL54007    N-ct/wrc

1071    Archive of Jazz-Vol. 3 (1928-30)                       BYG 529053       E+

1072    Archive of Jazz-Vol. 21 (1924-29)                        BYG 529071       N-

1073    Archive of Jazz-Vol. 31 (1950)                             BYG 529081       N-

1074    Hail to the Duke                                              CAMAY 3043      N-

1075    The Duke Plays Ellington                                   *CAP T477       N-ct

1076    Ellington ’55                                                       *CAP T521         E

1077    Dance to the Duke!                                         *CAP T637         N-

1078    Ellington Showcase                                           CAP T679       N-ct

1079    The Best of…                                                      CAP SM1602      N-

1080    Piano Reflections                                              C AP SM11058  N-

1081    & his Orch. 1928-33   JAZZ-LINE(Ger) 101.571 N-(sfc tear rear cvr)

1082    The Jazz Makers (1927-29)                             SWAGGIE S1234    N-

1083 DON ELLIOTT  At the Modern Jazz Room    ABC-PARA 142   N-hc

1084    Music of the Sensational Sixties                      DESIGN DLP69      N-

1085 RAY ELLIS  Big Hits for Swingers                     ATCO 33-187      N-ct

1086    I’m in the Mood for Strings                            (S)MGM E3779      N-ct

1087 HERB ELLIS (& Joe Pass) Two for the Road   PABLO 2310714    N-

1088 SKINNAY ENNIS  Got a Date with an Angel   dgMGM E3531   N-cs

1089 BILL EVANS  Festival de Montreux   (S)APOLO(Spain) 6.019   N-wrc

1090    (& Jim Hall) Undercurrent                               BN B1-90583         N-

1091    Montreux II                                                        CTI 6004              N-

1092    The Tokyo Concert                                  FANTASY F9457         N-

1093    Since We Met                                               FANTASY F9501    N-cc

1094    Montreux III                                         (DJ)FANTASY F9510        N-

1095    Quintessence                                                FANTASY F9529        N-

1096    Alone (Again)                                               FANTASY F9542       N-

1097    Crosscurrents                                               FANTASY F9568        N-

1098    I Will Say Goodbye                               (DJ)FANTASY F9593  N-wfc

1099    Re: Person I Knew      FANTASY F9608  N-(sm surface tear ft cover)

1100    Eloquence                                               FANTASY F9618         N-

1101    From the 70’s                                          FANTASY F9630         N-

1102    The V.I.Ps Theme Plus Others                  MGM E4184            N-hc

1103    Symbiosis                                               MPS MG22094        N-rw

1104    The Paris Concert: Edition Two         (DJ)MUSICIAN 60311-1       N-

1105    More from the Vanguard                          MILESTONE M9125      N-

1106    The Solo Sessions-Vol. 1                    (DJ) MILESTONE M9170    N-

1107    Peace Piece & Other Pieces             MILESTONE M47024  N-(2-set)

1108    Spring Leaves                                  MILESTONE M47034  N-(2-set)

1109    The Second Trio                          MILESTONE M47048   N-cc(2-set)

1110    The Bill Evans Quintets                   MILESTONE M47066  N-(2-set)

1111    Explorations                     dg(Blk BGP)RIVERSIDE RLP9351   E+ct

1112    Sunday at Village Vanguard    dg(Blk BGP)RIV RLP376    N-wfc(hvy)

1113    Live at the Village Vanguard                      RIV RS3006                 N-

1114    Live at Shelly’s Manne Hole      RIV RS3013  N-wrc(sm sfc tear ft cvr)

1115    Interplay                                                      RIV RS9445                 N-

1116    Everybody Digs Bill Evans                          RIV OJC-068            N-cc

1117    (& Jim Hall) Undercurrent               UNITED ARTISTS 14003   N-ct

1118    Conversations with Myself                       VERVE V6-8526   N-cc/rw

1119    Trio 64                                                     VERVE V6-8578            N-

1120    (& Jim Hall) Intermodulation                    VERVE V8655             N-

1121    A Simple Matter of Conviction                 VERVE V8675              N-

1122    At Town Hall-Vol. 1                                 VERVE V6-8683            N-

1123    (& Jeremy Steig)What’s New                     VERVE V6-8777   N-cs/rw

1124    Bill Evans Alone                                        VERVE V6-8702          N-

1125    New Conversations                        WARNER BROS BSK3177   N-cc

1126    (& Toots Thielemans) Affinity        WARNER BROS BSK3292     N-

1127    We Will Meet Again                        WARNER BROS HS3411       N-

1128    You Must Believe in Spring             WARNER BROS HS3504       N-

1129 BILL EVANS (Tenor & soprano sax player with rhythm)  Living in

              the Crest of a Wave                            MUSICIAN 60349-1-E      N-

1130 ART FARMER-BENNY GOLSON  The Jazztet: Big City

               Sounds                                           CADET 672 (Argo cover)      N-

1131    Jazztet feat. Curtis Fuller               CONTEMPORARY C14020      N-

1132    Jazztet: Here and Now                             MER SR60698             N-

1133    Another Git Together                         dg(Blk)MER SR60736          E+

1134    The Jazztet: Moment to Moment             SOUL NOTE 1066      N-ct

1135 MAYNARD FERGUSON  Maynard ’61  *ROULETTE R52064     N-

1136    Maynard ’62                                           *ROULETTE R52083   E+cs

1137    Birdland Dream Band                               (DJ)VIK LX1070         N-

1138    Birdland Dream Band-Vol. 2                              VIK LX1077        N-

1139 CLARE FISCHER  Big Band: Thesaurus         ATL SD1520   N-ct/hc

1140    Songs for Rainy Day Lovers                             CO CL2691           N-

1141    ‘Twas Only Yesterday                             DISCOVERY DS798        N-

1142    Whose Woods Are These?                      DISCOVERY DS880   N-hc

1143    (& Gary Foster) Starbright                      DISCOVERY DS885   N-hc

1144    Extension                                               DISCOVERY DS902      N-

1145    & his Latin Jazz Sextet: 2+2 Plus            DISCOVERY DS921      N-

1146    Surging Ahead                                    (S)PACIFIC JAZZ ST67     N-

1147    Manteca!                                         (S)PACIFIC JAZZ ST20096    N-  

1148    The Reclamation Act of 1972                     REVELATION 15  N-rw

1149    The State of his Art                                    REVELATION 26      N-

1150    So Danco Samba                              WORLD-PACIFIC ST1830   N-

1151 BOB FLORENCE  Soaring                       BOSCO 3                 N-

1152    Name Band: 1959                           dgCARLTON STLP12/115     E+

1153    Big Band: Westlake                                 DISCOVERY DS832      N-

1154    Here and Now!                                 (DJ)LIBERTY LRP3380   N-rw

1155    Live at Concerts by the Sea                      TREND TR523             N-

1156    State of the Art                            USA MUSIC GROUP 589     N-cc

1157    Pet Project                                  WORLD PACIFIC WP1860   N-ct

1158 HERMAN FOSTER Trio  Ready & Willing   dgARGO 727          N-

1159 RUSS FREEMAN (& Chet Baker)  Quartet

                                                        dg(Blk)PACIFIC JAZZ PJ1232     E+ct

1160 PAPA FRENCH N.O. Jazz Band  A Night at Heritage Hall

                                                                            NOBILITY 702            N-

1161 DON FRIEDMAN  Circle Waltz        (Blue BGP)RIV RLP431      N-

1162    Dreams and Explorations                 (Orpheum)RIV RM485    N-wrc                                                                                                                                                                         

1163 FULL SWING (Voc trio incl. Lorraine Feather)

              In Full Swing                                          CYPRESS 661124-1      N-

1164 ERROLL GARNER  Dreamstreet        ABC-PARA ABCS-365   N-cs

1165    Erroll Garner Plays                                    dgGALAXY 4815      N-cs

1166    Best of Garner                                     dg(Red)MER SR60803    E+cs

1167    Serenade to “Laura”                      dg(Red)SAVOY MG12003       Ecs

1168 HERB GELLER  Rhyme and Reason   (Grn/or)ATL SD1681      N-cc

1169 STAN GETZ  Quintet/Quartet              dgJAZZTONE J1230        N-

1170    The Melodic…                                         METRO MS-501           N-

STAN GETZ (Cont’d)

1171    Cool Velvet                                             VERVE MGV8379    E

1172    Getz au Go Go                                            VERVE V6-8600       E+

1173 ASTRID GILBERTO  With Turrentine      CTI 6008                   N-

1174    The Astrid Gilberto Album                         VERVE V8608       N-hc

1175    Look to the Rainbow                                VERVE V8643       N-sfc

1176    (& Walter Wanderley) A Certain Smile-A Certain Sadness

                                                                        VERVE V8673          N-

1177 DIZZY GILLESPIE  & his Orig. Orch. dgRONDO-LETTE A-11 N-

1178    The Ebullient Me. Gillespie                       dgVERVE MGV8328  N-

1179 JACKIE GLEASON  Lonesome Echo          (Gray)CAP W627       N-

1180    The Love Hours (Hackett)                         (Gray)CAP W816  E+wrc

1181 BOBBY HACKETT  Most Beautiful Horn in the World

                                                                        *CO CL1729              N-

1182    Live from the Voyager Room              SHOESTRING SS-108      N-

1183 AL HAIG (& Jimmy Raney)  Strings Attached     CHOICE 1010   N-cc

1184    Plays Music of Jerome Kern                      INNER CITY 1073   N-cc

1185    Piano Interpretation                                  SEABREEZE 1001      N-

1186    Interplay                                                    SEABREEZE 1005      N-

1187    Manhattan Memories                                 SEABREEZE 1008   N-rw

1188    Live in Hollywood                                     XANADU 206            N-

1189 BOBBY HAMMACK  Quintet                  dgABC-PARA 130        N-

1190    Powerhouse                                              dgLIBERTY LRP3016  E+

1191    Solid! South Pacific                               dgLIBERTY LRP3037  E+ct

1192 ROLAND HANNA  Perugia                     ARISTA AL1010          N-

1193    Plays “Destry Rides Again”                       dgATCO 33-108        N-hc

1194    Easy to Love                                             dgATCO 33-121          N-

1195    (& George Mraz) Romanesque          BLACK HAWK BKH527   N-

1196    Sir Elf                                                        CHOICE CRS1003   N-cs

1197    (& George Mraz) Sir Elf Plus 1                  CHOICE CRS1018   N-cc

1198    Gershwin Carmichael Cats                                CTI 9008              N-

1199    Plays Music of Alec Wilder                         INNER CITY 1072     N-

1200    Time for the Dancers                             PROGRESSIVE 7012     N-

1201    Swing Me No Waltzes                            STORYVILLE 4018     N-rw

1202    A Gift from the Magi                             WEST-54 WLW8003       N-

1203 COLEMAN HAWKINS  & his Orch.  dgCROWN CLP5181  N-ct/rw

1204    Timeless Jazz                                          dgJAZZTONE J1201      N-

1205 WOODY HERMAN  Disco Order-Vol. 12 (1941)

                                                                        AJAX 173       N-sfc/wrc

1206    The V-Disc Years 1944-45 Vol. 1               HEP 34                     N-

1207    2nd Herd Live 1948-Vol. 2                      RARETONE 5002FC     N-

1208 BILLIE HOLIDAY  Lady Day                   CO CL637                 N-

1209 WILLIE HUMPHREY  New Orleans Clarinet

                                                                  SMOKY MARY SM1974W      N-

1210 PEE WEE HUNT  Blues a la Dixie            CAP T1144          N-src

1211 BUDD JOHNSON   Off the Wall  (S)CADET 748 (Argo cover)  N-cc

1212    Let’s Swing                                       SWINGVILLE OJC-1720      N-

1213 BUNK JOHNSON  Last Testament..          *CO CL829             N-cs

1214    New Orleans Classics (one side George Lewis Band)

                                                                            dgJAZZTONE J1212     N-

1215 PHILLY JOE JONES  Philly Joe’s Beat    (or/purp)ATL 1340        E+

1216 JONAH JONES  Jumpin’ with Jonah          CAP T1039           N-wrc

1217    I Dig Chicks!   CAP T1193              E+cs(sm surface tear front cover)

1218    Jumpin’ with a Shuffle                              CAP ST1404            N-cs

1219    Great Instrumental Hits                               CAP T1557               N-

1220 MARY KAYE Trio  Music on a Silver Platter (Blk/sil)DE DL8454  N-

1221    Too Much!                                           dgWARNER BROS 1222   N-

1222 “PETE KELLY” Big Seven (Cathcart, Matlock et al)

              Pete Kelly at Home                                    *VI LPM1413           E+

1223 HAL KEMP  & his Orch. 1927-1931               TOM 24                 N-

1224 B. B. KING  Blues in my Heart                    CROWN CST309    E+ct

1225 MORGANA KING  With a Taste of Honey  MNSTREAM 56015  E+

1226    It’s a Quiet Thing                                       REPRISE R6192         N-

1227 TEDDI KING  Marian (McPartland) Remembers Teddi (all Teddi

              King vocs acc. McPartland Trio)       HALCYON 118   N-rw(2-set)

1228 GENE KRUPA  What’s This? (1946-47)              HEP 26             N-

1229    Quartet feat. Charlie Ventura                       VERVE V6-8564       N-

1230 PEGGY LEE  Then was Then & Now Is Now    CAP T2388   N-wrc

1231 GEORGE LEWIS  & his N.O. Jazz Band    ALAMAC QSR2409   N-

1232    George Lewis in Hi-Fi                                 CAVALIER 6004    N-cs

1233 MEADE LUX LEWIS  Blues Piano Artistry of…

                                                      (Orpheum)(S)RIVERSIDE RLP9402   N-

1234 RAMSEY LEWIS  Sound of Spring       dg(Gray)ARGO 693   E+wrc

1235    Country Meets the Blues                                     ARGO 701       N-cs

1236    Bach to the Blues                                            ARGO 732         E+

1237    Them Changes                                        CADET LPS844        N-

1238 MUNDELL LOWE  Blues for a Stripper (DJ)PARKER PLP822   N-

1239 SHELLY MANNE  “The Three” & “The Two”

                                                          dgCONTEMPORARY M3584    N-ct

1240 MARILYN MAYE  The Second of Maye   (DJ)*VI LPM3546  E+wrc

1241 JIMMY McPARTLAND  Shades of Bix (3 sides Jimmy, 1 side

              Bobby Hackett                                       MCA 2-4110    N-cc(2-set)

1242 JOHNNY MERCER  Accentuate the Positive!   *CAP T907         E+

1243    Mercer Sings Mercer                                            CAP M11637      N-

1244    Jeepers Creepers                                   GLENDALE GLS9005     N-

1245 MABEL MERCER  & Bobby Short at Town Hall

                                                     (S)(Grn/or)ATLANTIC 2-604    N-(2-set)

1246  RUBIN MITCHELL  Remarkable Rubin  CAP ST2735     N-hc/rw

1247 MODERN JAZZ QUARTET  Blues at Carnegie Hall

                                                            (Grn/blue)ATLANTIC SD1468    N-

1248 MAX MORATH  Best of Scott Joplin   VANG VSD39/40    N-(2-set)

1249 JELLY ROLL MORTON  Mr. Jelly Lord         RCA LPV546         N-

1250    Complete-Vol. 7/8 (1930-40)               RCA(Fr) PM45372   N-(2-set)


1251    Vol. 7 (1929-30)                                       RCA(Fr) 741081          N-

1252    Vol. 8 (1930-40)                                           RCA(Fr) 741087          N-

1253    The JRM Rarities (1923-26)            RHAPSODY(Eng) RHA6021   N-

1254    Stomps & Joys                                        ViCan LPV508            N-

1255    Mr. Jelly Lord                                          ViCan LPV546            N-

1256    I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say          ViCan LPV559           N-

1257    The King of New Orleans Jazz                  *VI LPM1649             E+

1258 ABE MOST  Mr. Clarinet                        LIBERTY LJH6004     N-wrc

1259 GERRY MULLIGAN  Meets Ben Webster  dgVRVE MGV8343 N-cs

1260    Quartet feat. Chet Baker       dgWORLD PACIFIC PJ1207        E+cs

1261 TURK MURPHY  Barrelhouse Jazz            *CO CL595              E+cs

1262 JOE NEWMAN  Jazz Basie Style (1 side Sir Charles

               Thompson group)                           VANGUARD VRS8527     N-

1263 LARRY “BIG TWIST” NOLAN  Big Twist & The

               Mellow Fellows                               ALLIGATOR AL4755        N-

1264 JIMMIE NOONE  At the Apex Club-Vol. 1      DE DL79235

               N-(front cover inscribed to prev. owner by Earl Hines)

1265 KING OLIVER  Complete 1923 Okehs     PARL(Eng) PMC7032   N-

1266    King Oliver in New York                             (Purple)VI LPV529    E+

1267 SY OLIVER  Above All                                ABOVE ALL 10001    N-

1268    Jimmie Lunceford in Hi-Fi                         (DJ)DE L8636   N-ct/wrc

1269    Sentimental Sy                                         DOT DLP3132          N-

1270    Take Me Back-Album 1                            FLAC 1-2572             N-

1271    The Sy Oliver Orch.                     JAZZ VAULT (Eng) V105        N-

1272    Dance Music for People Who Don’t Dance Anymore

               dg(Black BGP)RIVERSIDE RLP97502     N-ct(sfc tear front cvr)

1273    Easy Walker                                                  SESAC N3803/04    N-

1274 FRANKIE ORTEGA  Trio at the Embers       JUBILEE 1112       E+

1275 KID ORY  Creole Jazz Band (1946/1950)        CBS(Fr) 63270         N-

1276    Favorites!                       GOOD TIME JAZZ M12041/2   N-(2-set)

1277    (& Jimmie Noone) New Orleans Jazz (Orson Welles bdcsts,

              1944)                                                       (S)OLYMPIC 7109      N-

1278 ROY PALMER (w/Chi. Rhythm Kings & Memphis Nighthawks

               1932/1936)    Rent Party          COLLECTORS CLASSICS       N-

1279 CHARLIE PARKER  Night & Day          dgVERVE MGV8003    N-

1280    Jazz Perennial                                          *VERVE MGV8009    E+ct

1281 KNOCKY PARKER  Old Rags    (Red vinyl)AUDIOPHILE 49     N-

1282    Golden Treasury of Ragtime                        AUDIOPHILE 89     N-

1283    Golden Treasury of Ragtime       (Red vinyl)AUDIOPHILE 92     N-

1284 JOE PASS  Virtuoso                                  PABLO 2310-708       N-

1285 DAVE PELL  Harry James’ Big Band Sounds    P.R.I. 3002            E+

1286 ESTHER PHILLIPS  Burnin’       (Grn/or)ATLANTIC SD1565  N-

1287    Confessin’ the Blues               (Grn/or)ATLANTIC SD1680     N-hc

1288    And I Love Him                    (Grn/or)ATLANTIC SD8102    N-wrc

1289    Performance           (DJ)KUDU 18   N-(small surface tear rear cover)

1290    What a Diff’rence a Day Makes                     KUDU 23                N-

1291    For All We Know                                          KUDU 28               N-

1292    Capricorn Princess                                         KUDU 31               N-

1293    You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby                MER SRM1-1187    N-cc

1294    All About Esther Phillips                            MER SRM1-3733        N-

1295    Good Black Is Hard to Crack                     MER SRM1-4005    N-cc

1296    A Way to Say Goodbye                               MUSE MR5302       N-hc

1297    Esther Phillips                                        POWER PAK PO-288    N-

1298    Complete Savoy Recordings                  SAVOY SJL2258    N-(2-set)

1299 SANDY POSEY  Why Don’t We Go Somewhere

               and Love                                              CO KC31594    N-ct/rw

1300    Single Girl                                                    MGM ST91110          N-

1301    Feat. “I Take It Back”                                  MGM E4480         E+ct

1302    Looking at You                                            MGM SE4525       N-hc

1303 ANDRE PREVIN Trio  Give my Regards to Bdwy   CSP 8330   N-ct

1304 LOUIS PRIMA  With Orchestra                RONDO-LETTE 854   N-


1306 THE QUINTET (Diz, Bird, Powell, Mingus, Roach) Jazz at

              Massey Hall                                          DEBUT OJC-044    N-cc

1307 THE QUINTET (Hancock, Hubbard, Shorter et al)

              V.S.O.P.                                              CO C2-34976   N-(sol)(2-set)

1308 DON RANDI  California 84                       BEE PEE 8401  N-cc/wfc

1309    Revolver Jazz                                             REPRISE RS6229        N-

1310    Live on the Sunset Strip                             REPRISE RS6252       N-

1311    Last Night                                                  VERVE V8524         N-hc

1312    Feelin’ Like Blues

                       dgWORLD-PACIFIC 1297  E+ct/wrc  E+(sm sfc tear ft cvr)

1313 JOE REICHMAN  Pagliacci of he Piano           ALLEGRO 1724    N-

1314    At the Piano                                            CAMDEN  CAL133    N-

1315 DJANGO REINHARDT  Best of… CAP(Can) TBO10226  N-(2-set)

1316    Parisian Swing (QHCF)                       GNP CRESCENDO 9002   N-

1317    Django 1935 (QHCF)                          GNP CRESCENDO 9023   N-

1318    Django 1934 (QHCF)                          GNP CRESCENDO 9031   N-

1319    Memorial-Vol. 2 (QHCF)                          dgPERIOD SPL1202  N-ct

1320 ANN RICHARDS  Two Much     CREATIVE WORLD ST1067    N-

1321 JOHNNY RICHARDS  Wide Range          *CAP T885                N-

1322 THE RHYTHMAKERS (Henry Allen et al 1932)

                                                                COLLECTORS CLASSICS 14    N-

1323    Rhythmakers-Vol. 1                                 IAJRC 4                     N-

1324 JOSHUA RIFKIN  Rags by Joplin-Vol. 2  NONESUCH 71264      N-

1325 MAVIS RIVERS  Take a Number               CAP T1210             N-ct

1326    Hooray for Love                                      CAP T1294                N-

1327    The Simple Life                                           CAP T1408                N-

1328    It’s a Good Day                                       DELOS DMS4002     N-

1329    Mavis                                                          REPRISE R2002      N-hc

1330    Swing Along with …                                   REPRISE R2009      N-ct

1331    Mavis Meets Shorty Rogers                         REPRISE R6074        N-


1332    (& Norvo) We Remember Mildred Bailey  VEE JAY 1132            N-

1333 LYNN ROBERTS  Harry, You Made Me Love You

                                                                 MOSS MUSIC GROUP 1148   N-

1334 RED RODNEY  Modern Music from Chicago  FANT OJC-048    N-

1335    Bebop (1 side Lennie Tristano)                     MER INTL 21026    N-

1336    Bird Lives!                                              MUSE 5034               N-

1337    Superbop                                                      MUSE 5046           N-cc

1338    The Red Tornado                                         MUSE 5088          E+rw

1339    Red, White & Blues                                      MUSE 5111          N-wrc

1340    Home Free                                                   MUSE 5135              N-

1341    Live at the Village Vanguard                   (DJ)MUSE 5209             N-

1342    Hi Jinx at the Vanguard                           (DJ)MUSE 5267            N-

1343    Night and Day                                               MUSE 5274             N-

1344    The 3 Rs                                                   MUSE 5290           N-cc

1345    Alive in New York                                     MUSE 5307             N-

1346    Bird Lives                                                (DJ)MUSE 5371            N-

1347    Spirit Within                                  MUSICIAN E1-60021           N-cc

1348    Sprint                                             MUSICIAN 60261-1                N-

1349    The Red Arrow                                        ONYX 204                N-

1350    Red Rodney: 1957                                    SIGNAL S1206          N-

1351    Yard’s Pad                                              SONET SNTF698          N-

1352    With the Bebop Preservation Society    SPOTLITE(Jap) 80090      N-

1353    The Danish Jazz Army                            STORYVILLE SLP262   N-

1354 SHORTY ROGERS  Swinging Mr. Rogers   dg(Blk)ATL 1212        E+

1355    Martians Come Back                                    dg(Blk)ATL 1232       N-

1356    West Coast Jazz                                ATLANTIC(Ger) 50247    N-rw

1357    The Sswinging Mr. Rogers                      ATLANTIC 90042-1    N-cc

1358    Short Stops                                              BB 5917-1-RB    N-cc(2-set)

1359    Modern Sounds (1 side Gerry Mulligan)      CAP T691                 N-

1360    Gospel Mission                                              (DJ)CAP T1960   N-src

1361    & Bud Shank with Vic Lewis at Concorde Club, Southampton

                                                                             CHOICE CRS8629    N-rw

1362    Jazz Waltz                                              DISCOVERY DS843   N-rw

1363    Return to Rio                                         DISCOVERY DS899      N-

1364    Meets Tarzan                                           (DJ)MGM E3798        N-ct

1365    Plus Kenton and Christy                          PAUSA  PR9016         N-cc

1366    Bossa Nova                                              REPRISE R6050  N-ct/wrc

1367    Jazz Waltz                                          (DJ)REPRISE R6060        N-ct

1368    & his Giants                                           *VI LPM1195                 N-

1369    The Big Shorty Rogers Express              *VI LPM1350                 N-

1370    Plays Richard Rodgers                            *VI LPM1428                 N-

1371    Portrait of Shorty                                   *VI LPM1561                 N-

1372    “Gigi” in Jazz                                         *VI LPM1696                 N-

1373    Afro-Cuban Influence                             *VI LPM1763                N-

1374    Chances Are It Swings                        (S)*VI LSP1975               N-ct

1375    Wizard of Oz & Other Harold Arlen Songs  *VI LPM1997  N-ct/wrc

1376    The Swingin’ Nutcracker   (DJ)(S)*VI LSP2110  N-(sm sfc tear ft cvr)

1377    (& Art Pepper) Popo                                XANADU 148             N-

1378 ADRIAN ROLLINI  Trio               dg(Black)MER MG20011      Ect

1379    The Goofus Five                                      RETRIEVAL FJ-116    N-

1380    Quintet & Trio feat. Bobby Hackett          TAX m8036                N-

1381 SONNY ROLLINS  Plus 4                      PRESTIGE OJC-243    N-

1382 HOWARD RUMSEY  Sunday  Jazz a la Lighthouse

                                                             CONTEMPORARY OJC-151    N-

1383    Lighthouse at Laguna          dgCONTEMPORARY C3509   N-wrc

1384    In the Spotlight!                 (DJ)dgCONTEMPORARY C3517    N-

1385    Lighthouse All Stars-Vol. 4      dgCONTEMPORARY C3520     N-

1386    Double or Nothin’                             LIBERTY LRP3045           N-

1387 LUIS RUSSELL  Louisiana Swing Orch.   CO KG332338  N-(2-set)

1388 JAN SAVITT  Futuristic Shuffle 1938-41  BANDSTAND 7113   N-

1389    The Top Hatters 1939-41                         (S)DE DL79243         N-

1390    The Swinging Mr. Savitt         SOUNDS OF SWING LP-104      N-

1391 DON SCALETTA Trio  Sunday Afternoon at the

              Trident                                                   VERVE V5027       N-hc

1392 BOB SCOBEY  Vol. 4                                 GTJ L12006             N-

1393    The Great Scobey-Vol. 2 (Lizzie Miles on 5)  JANSCO 6252      N-

1394    Collee Classics                                         *VI LSP1700          E+

1395 BOBBY SCOTT  And 2 Horns                  ABC-PARA 148         N-

1396    Joyful Noises                                   dg(Black)MER SR60701      N-

1397    I Had a Ball                                   dg(Yellow)MER SR60995      N-

1398    Sings Best of Lerner & Loewe              dgVERVE MGV2106    N-

1399    Plays Music of Leonard Bernstein        dgVERVE MGV8326  N-ct

1400 BUD SHANK  Michelle     dg(Black)WORLD-PAC 1840  N-rw/src

1401 ARTIE SHAW  At the Hollywood Palladium     HEP 19       N-wrc

1402    Artie Shaw                                              dgEPIC LN3150    E+

1403    & his Orch. w/Strings feat. Torme.   MUSICRAFT 507   E+hc/rw

1404 GEORGE SHEARING  The Shearing Piano    CAP T909  N-cs/hc

1405    White Satin                                                 CAP T1334          N-

1406    Out of the Woods                                          (S)CAP ST2272      N-

1407    An Evening with Shearing & Torme  CONCORD JAZZ 190      N-

1408 BOBBY SHORT  Mad About Noel Coward ATL SD2-607 N-(2-set)

1409    Is K-ra-zy for Gershwin            ATLANTIC SD2-608    N-cc(2-set)

1410    Celebrates Rodgers & Hart        ATLANTIC SD2-610       N-(2-set)

1411    Songs by Bobby Short                     (Or/purp)ATL 1214    N-ct/hc

1412    Bobby Short                                      dg(Black)ATL 1230           N-

1413    Speaking of Love                               dg(Black)ATL 1262            N-

1414    Sing Me a Swing Song                      (Or/purp)ATL 1285         N-hc

1415    The Mad Twenties                            dg(Green)ATL 1302          N-

1416     On the East Side                               (Grn/or)ATL SD1321   N-wrc

1417    Jump for Joy                                      (Grn/or)ATL SD1535      N-hc

1418    Nobody Else But Me                         (Grn/or)ATL SD1574       N-

1419    The Very Best of…                           (Grn/or)ATL SD1620      N-cc


1420    My Personal Property                            (Grn/or)ATL SD1689      N –

1421    Moments Like This                          (DJ)ELEKTRA E1-60002      N-

1422 ZOOT SIMS  The Art of Jazz                    dgSEECO CELP452  E+ct

1423 FRANK SINATRA  No One Cares             CAP SW1221           N-cs

1424    Songs for Young Lovers                           CAP W1432               N-

1425    Frankie                                                   CoCan CL606            E+

1426    The Voice                                               *CO CL743          E+wrc

1427    That’s Life                                                     REPRISE FS-1020   N-

1428    Frankie & Tommy (Dorsey)                      *VI LPM1569         N-cs

1429 HAL SINGER  Rent Party                  SAVOY JAZZ SJL1147    N-cc

1430 JOHNNY “HAMMOND” SMITH  Opus de Funk

                                                                         (Blue)PRESTIGE 7420     E+

1431 MUGGSY SPANIER  Chicago Jazz (1924-27)

                                             dg(White BGP)RIVERSIDE RLP12-107   E+ct

1432 DAKOTA STATON  Crazy He Calls Me         CAP T1170          E+ct

1433 LEW STONE  & his Band (1932-34, 9 w/Bowlly)

                                                           DECCA(Eng) DDV5005/6    N-(2-set)

1434 BILLY STRAYHORN  Cue for Saxophone   AFFINITY AFF166  N-

1435    Billy Strayhorn Live!                                  ROULETTE R52119     N-

1436    The Peaceful Side                            SOLID STATE SS18031    E+ct

1437 ART TATUM  Solo Piano                          CAP M11028             N-

1438    An Art Tatum Concert                     HARMONY(Can) HL7006    N-

1439    The Greatest Piano of them All                VERVE MGV8323    N-ct

1440 SAM (THE MAN) TAYLOR  Somewhere in the

               Night                                                  DE DL74573            E+

1441    Blue Mist                                                     MGM E3973    E+hc/rw

1442 PETE TERRACE  Going Loco      (Red vinyl)FANTASY 3.203    N-

1443    A Night in Mambo Jazzland                     dgTICO LP1023        E+ct

1444    Mambo Jazz                                             dgTICO LP1028       N-wrc

1445    Cha Cha Cha in New York                      dgTICO LP1036  E+ct/wrc

1446    Pete with a Latin Beat                              dgTICO LP1050   N-ct/wfc

1447    Dance Percussion Around the World      STRAND SLS1032       N-ct

1448 TOOTS THIELEMANS  Captured Alive  CHOICE CRS1007   N-rw

1449    Contrasts                                                 COMMAND RS906SD    N-

1450    Guitar & Strings…and Things                 COMMAND RS918SD    N-

1451    The Salient One                      COMMAND RSSD978-2   N-hc(2-set)

1452    Time Out for Toots                                     dg(Red)DE DL9204    E+                                                                                                                                

1453    The Soul of Toots Thielemans           DOCTOR JAZZ FW40550   N-

1454    Live 2                                                        INNER CITY 1146        N-

1455    Live 3                                                        INNER CITY 1147        N-

1456    Spotlight on Toots Thielemans                 INNER CITY 1148     N-cc

1457    (& Joe Pass) Live in the Netherlands            PABLO 2308-233   N-cc

1458    Too Much! Toots!                              dgPHILIPS PHS600-188       N- 

1459 PAT THOMAS  Desafinado      MGM E4103  N-(sm sfc tear ft cover)

1460    Moody’s Mood                                                     MGM SE4206    N-

1461    Jazz Patterns                                           STRAND SL1015   N-ct/rw

1462 SIR CHARLES THOMPSON  Sextet & Band  VANG VRS8529  N-

1463 TERI THORNTON  Sings Open Highway   (DJ)CO CL2094        N-

1464    Sings Somewhere in the Night               DAUNTLESS DM4306    N-

1465    Devil May Care                              dg(Blue BGP)RIV RLP352   N-ct

1466 LENNIE TRISTANO  Quintet Live at Birdland

                                                                           JAZZ RECORDS JR-1    N-

1467 LESLIE UGGAMS  A Time to Love        dgATLANTIC 8128         N-

1468    What’s an Uggams?                (Grn/blue)ATLANTIC SD8196    N-hc

1469    Just to Satisfy You                     (Grn/or)ATLANTIC SD8241    N-hc

1470    More Leslie Uggams on TV                      CO CL1865                   N-

1471    So in Love!                                                CO CL2071                  N-

1472    Leslie                                                         CO CS9936                N-cc

1473 FATS WALLER  & his Big Band 1938-42  RCA(Ger) LPM10118    N-

1474 DINAH WASHINGTON  Tears & Laughter

                                                     dg(Blk)MERCURY MG20661    E+

1475 CHICK WEBB  Stompin’ at the Savoy 1936   CIRCLE CLP81        N-

1476    The Immortal…                                        CO CL2639          N-rw

1477    A Legend (1929-36)                                       DE DL79222            N-

1478    King of the Savoy (1937-39)                          DE DL79223         N-cc

1479    & his Orch. (1937-39)                           FIRST TIME FTR1508      N-

1480    A Legend (1929-36)                                       MCA 1303             N-ct

1481    (Feat. Ella) Princess of the Savoy (1936-39)   MCA 1348                N-

1482    Webb on the Air (post-Webb bdcst Jan. 1940)  TRIP V                 N-

1483 GEORGE WEIN  Wein, Women & Song    dg(Blk)ATL 1221    E+ct

1484    Newport All-Stars                    (Grn/or)ATLANTIC SD1533   N-hc

1485    Newport All-Stars                               BLACK LION BL303         N-

1486    Alive & Well in Mexico                                  CO CS9631              N-

1487    Midnight Concert in Paris                        dgSMASH SRS67023      N-

1488 RANDY WESTON  Blue Moses                    CTI 6016                N-ct

1489    New Faces at Newport (1 side Lem Winchester)

                                                                       dgMETROJAZZ E1005       E+

1490    Little Niles                                             dgUNITED ARTISTS      N-

1491 ANN WILLIAMS  First Time Out            dgPARKER PLP807       E+

1492 CLAUDE WILLIAMSON  Keys West    AFFINITY AFF62          N-

1493    Holography                                             INTERPLAY 7708          N-

1494    All God’s Chillun Got Rhythm              SEA BREEZE SB1003     N-

1495 PAUL WINTER  A Winter’s Tale             dgOFFBEAT 4010     N-ct

1496 SAM WOODING  Chocolate Kiddies 1925-29

                                                             JAZZ PANORAMA JPLP20         N-

1497 GLEN ZOTTOLA  Live at Eddie Condon’s  DRMSTREET 105    N-


1498 BE OUR GUEST  Ventura, DeFranco, Mulligan, Gillespie, Hampton,

             Roach-Brown, etc groups.                              dgGNP 20  E+ct/wfc

1499 BLUE SKIES  Film soundtrack w/Bing & Astaire  SOUNTRAK 104 N

1500 COMPOSITIONS OF BOBBY TIMMONS  Cannonball, Billy Taylor, Nat Adderley, Jimmy Heath, etc. grps. (Blue BGP) RIV RLP3512  N-

1501 COOL CANARIES  Teddi King (6), Eckstine (2), Ray Charles Singers

           (4) all accomp. George Shearing Quintet           dgMGM E3393    N-


           Santo Pecora, George Girard bands.                    GHB 115          N-

1503 EARLY JAZZ GREATS  Bechet, ODJB, Morton, Dodds, Oliver,

           Bix w/Goldktte, Hines, Venuti-Lang et al.  dgJAZZTONE J1249  N-

1504 JAZZ: THE 50s-VOL. 1  Mulligan, Baker, Clifford Brown, Bud Shank,

           Cy Touff, Almeida, etc. groups.      PACIFIC JAZZ LA892H    N-hc

1505 JAZZ: THE 50s-VOL. 2  Art Pepper, Chico Hamilton, Chet Baker,

           Mulligan, Gil Evans, etc. groups.    PACIFIC JAZZ LA894H    N-hc


           Kid Thomas, Sammy Rimington, Tony Parenti, George Lewis

           Groups                                                                   CTJC 1       N-wrc

1507 JAZZ DIGEST  Shavers, Tea, Django, Maxine, Mingus-LaPorta,

           Al Haig, Osie Johnson, etc. groups.            PERIOD SPL302      E+cs

1508 THE JAZZ ROUND  Ella, Louis, Peterson, Webster,  Mulligan,

           Prez, Basie, Teddy Wilson.                                 VSP VSPS-24    N-hc


           Dinah Shore, Lena, Henry Levine, Paul Laval     CAM CAL321    N-

1510 RADIO BAND REMOTES  BG, TD, Krupa, Louis, Henderson,

           Miller, Glen Gray et al.                     RADIOLA 13/14    N-ct(2-set)

1511 SWING CLASSICS  Berigan , Bud Freeman, Stacy, Joe Sullivan grps.

                                                                                PRESTIGE 7646      N-

1512 THESAURUS OF CLASSIC JAZZ  Bix, Dorseys, Mole, Charleston

           Chasers, Red Heads, Arkansas Travelers    

                                                   *CO C4L18  E to E+ct (Box 4-set + bklt)

1513 UNDER ONE ROOF  2 tracks ea. Sarah, Dinah Washington, Georgie

           Auld, Mulligan, Rugulo, Patti Page    dgMERCURY M G36088   E+

1514 WHITE HOT JAZZ (1927-30)-VOL. 2  Jackie Sounder, Venuti, Boyd

           Senter, Irene Beasley, Napoelon, Carson Robison groups.