SECTION IV – 10” x 33 RPM LPs (Min. bid $5.00) (See under 12” LP

heading for explanation of symbols)

1260 LOUIS ARMSTRONG  New Orleans Days     DE DL5279            E+

1261    & The Mills Brothers                                       DE DL5509            E

1262 MILDRED BAILEY  Sings               ALLEGRO/ELITE 4007    E+

1263 SIDNEY BECHET  Jazz Classics-Vol. 1         BN BLP7002          E+

1264    & his New Orleans Feetwarmers                      “X” LVA3024         N-

1265 LES BROWN  Musical Weather Vane              CRL 56077           Ect

1266    Dance Date with…                                          CO CL6123        E+ct

1267 DAVE BRUBECK  Jazz at Oberlin  (Red vinyl)FANTASY 3-11  E+cs

1268 EDDIE CONDON  Vol. 2 (1932 Rhythmakers) JOL ROG 5025     E

1269 CHRIS CONNOR  Lullabys of Birdland        BETH BCP1001   E+ct

1270 BING CROSBY  & The Dixieland Bands         DE DL5323            E

1271 MILES DAVIS Quintet  “Ascenseur pour l’ echafaud” (1957 film

              soundtrack)   FONTANA(Fr) 660.213MR    E+(cover is edge

              frayed, has cover crease, tiny surface tear on front cover, and

              corner tear-off on rear)

1272 VIC DICKENSON  Septet-Vol. 3         VANGUARD VRS8012   Ecs

1273 TOMMY DORSEY  This Is…                         VI LPT3005          Ect

1274 BILLY ECKSTINE  Love Songs of Mr. B   *EMARCY 26027      Ecs

1275 LARRY ELGART  Until the Real Thing Comes Along

                                                                                       DE DL5526   N-wrc

1276 DUKE ELLINGTON  Plays Ellington              ROYALE 18152    E+

1277 W. C. FIELDS  Temperance Lecture                  JAY 2001              E+

1278 FIREHOUSE FIVE PLUS TWO  Vol. 3         GTJ L-6                E

1279 BUD FREEMAN  Comes Jazz                           CO CL6107          E

1280 ERROLL GARNER  Overture to Dawn-Vol. 2   BN BLP5008  E+cs

1281    At the Piano                                               SAVOY MG15002       E

1282 DIZZY GILLESPIE  Plays                  ALLEGRO/ELITE 4108    E


                Date with the King                                        CO CL2572        Ect

1284 HERBIE HARPER  Herbie Harper               BETH BCP1025   Ewrc

1285 SKITCH HENDERSON  Keyboard Sketches   CAP H110         N-

1286 LENA HORNE  Sings                                     MGM E545    E+wfc

1287 JAZZ AT THE PHILHARMONIC (How High the Moon & Lady

               Be Good)                                                 (DSM)STINSON 23    E

1288 YANK LAWSON  Dixieland Jazz                     BR BL58035          E

1289 LAWSON-HAGGART  Windy City Jazz         DE DL5502           E

1290 GEORGE LEWIS  New Orleans Stompers-Vol. 3   BN 7027         E

1291    New Orleans Stompers-Vol. 4                                BN 7028          E

1292 JOE LOSS & his Orch.  Dancing Time for Dancers #2

                                                                                      HMV DLP1027     N-

1293    Dancing Time for Dancers #9                           HMV DLP1134    E+

1294    Dancing Time for Dancers #11                         HMV DLP1157   E+

1295    Dancing Time for Dancers #12                         HMV DLP1166  E+ct

            (Note that above items are c. 1950s recordings)

1296 NELLIE LUTCHER  Real Gone!                    CAP H232         E+cs

1297 BILLY MAY  Join the Band                                CAP H237            E


1299 TURK MURPHY  Turk 2                                   GTJ LP-5              E+

1300 PHIL NAPOLEON  Two-Beat                         CO CL2505     N-wrc

1301 KID ORY  Creole Dixieland Band                       CO CL6145          E

1302 FLIP PHILLIPS  Tenor Sax Stylings

                                             BR BL58032   Ect(small surface tear front cover)

1303 DJANGO REINHARDT (QHCF)  Le Jazz Hot  ANGEL 60003  Ect

1304    (QHCF) Swing from Paris                             LONDON LB810    Ect

1305    Memorial-Vol. 2                                             PERIOD SPL1101   E+

1306 STAN RUBIN  Tigertown Five  (No label name. Columbia pressing

                  #s TV19525/26))                                                                     Ect

1307    Tigertown Five-Vol. 3                             PRINCETON PLP103     E

1308 ZOOT SIMS  In Hollywood                        NEW JAZZ LP1102    E

1309 PINETOP SMITH  Boogie Woogie Piano (1 side Jelly Roll Morton)

                                                                                    BR BL 58003          Ect

1310 MUGGSY SPANIER  Dixieland Band                 MER MG25095   Ect

1311 LENNIE TRISTANO  Holiday in Piano (one side Arnold Ross)

                                                         (DSM)*EMARCY MG26029  E+cc/wrc

1312 RUDY VALLEE  Songs of a Vagabond Lover     CAP H550          N-

1313 ART VAN DAMME Quintet  Martini Time       CO CL6265          E+cs

1314 GEORGE WETTLING  Jazz Band                    CO CL6189      Ect

1315 JOSH WHITE  Strange Fruit                   MER MG25014    E+ct/wfc

1316 PHIL ZITO  Dixieland Express                           CO CL6110      Ect


              Hug, Sharkey, Lamare, Bauduc, et al groups.    CAP H321         E+


SECTION V – 12” x 33 RPM LPs (Min. bid $5.00)

Minimum bid for multi-record sets is $4.00 x no. of records in set.

The following symbols are used in this section:

  (dg) = deep groove label

  (DJ) = Disc-jockey copy. The indication my be on the label, cover,

              or both.

  (DSM) preceding record catalog number indicates cover art by David

              Stone Martin.


  (S) preceding record catalog number indicates Stereo (including

              re-channeled mono, but usually used only when it has significance,

              latter-day recordings being presumed stereo).

  (*) preceding CAP indicates aqua label.

  (*) preceding CO indicates red & black “6-Eye” label.

  (*) preceding EMARCY label indicates drummer label.

  (*) preceding IMPULSE indicates orange label.

  (*) preceding PRESTIGE indicates yellow Bergenfield label.

  (*) preceding ROULETTE indicates pinwheel label.

  (*) preceding VERVE indicates trumpet label.

  (*) preceding VI indicates black label with dog logo.


In lower case following condition code, the following symbols are used

to describe cover conditions:

  cc = corner of cover clipped or notched

  cs = cover split (not repaired)

  ct = cover tape repaired

  hc = hole punched in cover

  rw = ring wear on cover

  sfc = sticker on front cover

  sol = sticker on label

  src = sticker on rear cover

  wfc = writing on front cover

  wol = writing on label

  wrc = writing on rear cover


1318 CANNONBALL ADDERLEY  Domination    CAP T2203         N-

1319    Why Am I Treated So Bad!                           (S)CAP ST2617     N-hc

1320 JOE ALBANY  Two’s Company               INNER CITY 2019   E+rw

1321 HENRY “RED” ALLEN  Ride, Red, Ride    *VI LPM1509         N-


              PAC JAZZ PJ-70  N-(has partial delamination of clear vinyl front

              cover overlay)

1323 RAY ANTHONY  I Almost Lost my Mind    (S)CAP ST1783          E+

1324 LOUIS ARMSTRONG  I Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None of my

                Jelly Roll                                 AUDIO FIDELITY T90339      N-cs

1325    Ambassador Satch                                            *CO CL840            E+

1326 DAVE BAILEY  Gettin’ into Somethin’   (DJ)dgEPIC LA16001     N-

1327    Reaching Out                                           dgJAZZTIME JT603      N-

1328 CHARLIE BARNET  Great Dance Bands of 30s & 40s

                                                                                    *VI LPM2081      N-cs

1329 COUNT BASIE  String Along wih Basie   *ROULETTE R52051    N-

1330    (& Joe Williams) Memories Ad-lib         (S)ROULETTE SR59037  N-

1331 SIDNEY BECHET  Master Musician (DJ)BB AXM2-5516 N-cs(2-set)

1332    Giant of Jazz-Vol. 1                (Lex lbl & cvr)BLUE NOTE 1203   E+

1333    Memorial Set-Vol. 2                                         JOKER SM3079   N-cs

1334    2 Giants of Jazz (1 side Django Reinhardt)      MODE(Fr) 9103    E+

1335 BIX BEIDERBECKE  The BB Legend                *VI LPM2323    N-

1336 WALTER BENTON Quintet  Out of this World

                                                                              dgJAZZLAND JLP28    N-

1337 ROCKY BOYD Quintet (Kenny Dorham)  Ease It

                                                                               dgJAZZTIME 001       E+

1338 BUDDY BREGMAN  Funny Face              dgVERVE MGV2064   N-

1339 BOB BROOKMEYER  Jazz Is a Kick  dg(Blk)(S)MER SR60600 E+cs

1340 GEORGIA BROWN  Georgia Brown             (S)CORAL 757436    N-

1341 LES BROWN  More from Les                          dgCORAL 57058   N-

1342    Love Letters in the Sand                                  dgCORAL 57165    E+

1343 DAVE BRUBECK  Quartet at Carnegie Hall    CO C2L26      N-(2-set)

1344    Gone With the Wind                                          *CO CL1347    E+src

1345    Tonight Only with Guest Carmen McRae           *CO CL1609           N-cs

1346    Time Further Out                                               *CO CL1690         E+

1347    Countdown                                                         *CO CL1775         N-

1348    Jazz Impressions of Eurasia                              (S)CO CS8058          E+cs

1349    Time Further Out                                            (S)CO CS8490          N-

1350    Jazz at Oberlin                               (Red vinyl)FANTASY 3245   N-ct

1351 JOE BUSHKIN  In Concert Town Hall    (S)REPRISE RS6119   N-hc

1352 BILLY BUTTERFIELD  Orch. 1946-47 

                                                              BIG BAND LANDMARKS VII    N

1353 CHARLIE BYRD  Once More!        dg(Blk BGP)(S)RIV RS9454    E+

1354 CALIFORNIA RAMBLERS  1925                 BYG 529089           N-

1355 CHARLIE CHRISTIAN  Solo Flight with BG  CBS(Fr) 62581     N-

1356 EDDIE CONDON  Treasury of Jazz               *CO CL881          N-cs

1357 CHICK COREA  The Mad Hatter         POLYDOR PD1-6130       N-

1358 BOB CROSBY  & his Orch.  (1936-42)           JOKER SM3243      N-

1359 KING CURTIS  Trouble in Mind                      STATUS 15001       N-

1360 BLIND GARY DAVIS  Harlem Street Singer

                                                                      (DJ)dgBLUESVILLE 1015   E+

1361 EDDIE LOCKJAW DAVIS  Lock, the Fox     (S)*VI LSP3652      N-

1362 MARTHA DAVIS  & Spouse                           dgABC-PARA 160   E+

1363 MILES DAVIS  Birth of the Cool                    CAP T762               N-

1364    Sketches of Spain                                             *CO CL1480          E+

1365    Filles de Kilimanjaro                                        (S)CO PC9750         N-

1366 MILTON DELUGG (Billy Butterfield, Hank Jones, et al)

               Add-a-Part Jazz (includes music booklet)      *CO CL908           E+

1367 WILBUR DE PARIS  Plays Cole Porter    dg(Blk)ATL 1288        E+

1368 BLOSSOM DEARIE  Musical Comedy Hits

                                                                      (DSM)DRG 2-1105    N-(2-set)

1369 JOHNNY DODDS & KID ORY             dgEPIC LN3207          N-


1371 KENNY DREW  Dark Beauty                 INNER CITY 2016      N-rw

1372 BILLY ECKSTINE  Sings with Benny Carter & Helen

               Merrill                                             EMARCY(Jap) 832011-1   N-cc

1373 TOMMY EDWARDS  It’s All in the Game     MGM E3732       N-src

1374 LES ELGART  It’s De-lovely                           (S)*CO CS8459    N-

1375 DUKE ELLINGTON  Paris Concert    (S)ATL SD2-304  N-cs(2-set)

1376    Complete…Vol. 1 (1925-28)                      CBS(Fr) 67264    N-(2-set)

1377    At His Very Best                                              *VI LPM1715         N-

1378 DON ELLIS  Shock Treatment                          (S)CO CD9668   N-cs

1379 BILL EVANS  Theme from “The V.I.P.s”        (DJ)MGM E4148 N-

1380    How My Heart Sings                                        (S)RIV 9473           N-

1381    Conversations with Myself                           (S)VERVE V6-8526    N-

1382 ART FARMER  The Time & The Place            CO CL2649            N-

1383 MAYNARD FERGUSON  Boy with Lots of Brass

                                                                    dg(Blue)MER MG36114      E+ct

1384 ELLA FITZGERALD  Cole Porter Song Book

                                                             dgVERVE MGV4001-2    N-src(2-set)

1385    Rodgers & Hart Song Book      dgVERVE MGV4002-2    N-src(2-set)

1386 BOB FRENCH  Original Storyville Jazz Band

                                                          (S)SECOND LINE SL0111   N-cs/wrc

1387 TOMMY GALLANT (Piano solos)  By Himself   (S)TJ 103           N-1388 JOHN GAMBA (Piano)  Mr. Counterpoint       DEL MORAL 103   N-

1389 FREDDY GARDNER  Sweet Sax (1 side Alvy West)

                                                                                (DJ)(S)DE DL74317             N-

1390 RED GARLAND  The P. C. Blues       (Grn)PRESTIGE 7752   E+rw

1391 ERROLL GARNER  Erroll Garner                 *CO  CL535           E+

1392    Magician                                 (S)LONDON APS640    N-hc/rw/wrc

1393    Moods                                                      dgWING MGW12134    E+

1394    Campus Concert                                           (DJ)MGM E4361      N-

1395    One World Concert                            (DJ)dgREPRISE R6080    N-cs

1396    The Elf                                         (DJ)SAVOY SJL2207    N-hc(2-set)

1397 TERRY GIBBS  Terry Gibbs                            dgMER MG36047   E

1398    The Exciting TG Big Band                        (S)VERVE V6-2151   N-cs

1399 DIZZY GILLESPIE  Giants (Overseas Press Club 1971 with

               Bobby Hackett, Mary Lou Williams)    (S)PERCEPTION 19     N-

1400    The Dizzy Gillespie Story                        SAVOY JAZZ SJC402    N-

1401    Love Songs                                                   UP FRONT 182    N-rw

1402    Big Band Carnegie Hall      (S)VERVE V6-8423 N-(sm sfc tear ft cvr) 

1403 BENNY GOODMAN  Benny & Helen (Forrest)

                                                                            (S)CO PG32822    N-(2-set)

1404 DEXTER GORDON  Manhattan Symphonie  CO JC35608          N-

1405 BOBBY HACKETT  Coast Concert                *CAP T692             N-

1406    Most Beautiful Horn in the World                     (S)CO CS8529        N-

1407    (Quartet) Thanks, Bobby                                (S)DOBRE 1004   N-rw

1408    Strike Up the Band                       (DJ)FLY DUTCH BDL1-0829   N-

1409    Goodnight My Love                                     SEAGULL LG8201    N-

1410    My Foolish Heart                                         SEAGULL LG8215   N-

1411    Creole Cookin’                                              (S)VERVE V6-8608   N-

1412 ROLAND HANNA  Easy to Love               dgATCO 33-121   E+wrc

1413 EDDIE HARRIS  Is It In                       (DJ)ATLANTIC SD1659   N-

1414 JOHNNY HARTMAN  First, Lasting & Always  SAVOY SJL1134 N-

1415 HAMPTON HAWES  Vol. 2: The Trio   dgCONTEMP C3515  N-rw

1416 COLEMAN HAWKINS  (Off SESAC 1953)  (S)EVEREST 252     N-

1417    Hawk Eyes!                                          (S)(Grn)PRESTIGE 7857    N-

1418    The Esssential…                                             VERVE V8568    N-sfc

1419 JIMMY HEATH  Really Big!            dg(Blue BGP)RIV RLP333   E+ct

1420 FLETCHER HENDERSON  Vol. 1-First Impressions 1924-31

                                                                                               MCA 1310   N-

1421 MEL HENKE  La Dolce Henke   WARNER BROS W1472  N-(has

            typewritten mock-up of label affixed to plain white cover. Label is

            blank white Polymax test pressing).

1422 EDDIE HEYWOOD  Eddie Heywood           MGM E3260       N-ct

1423 THE HI-LO’s  Now Hear This                        *CO CL1023          N-

1424 EARL HINES  Solo Walk in Tokyo                BIOGRAPH 12055   N-

1425    & his All-Stars                                  (S)HALL OF FAME JG609    N-

1426 ART HODES  Sittin’ In-Vol. 1              (S)BLUE NOTE B6508   N-cc

1427 BILLIE HOLIDAY  Lady in Satin                    (S)CO CS8408   N-wrc

1428    The Billie Holiday Story                             MCA 2-4006    E+rw(2-set)

1429 BOB HOPE  Hope in Russia                               (S)DE DL74369    N-

1430 KID HOWARD  At San Jacinto Hall                GHB 23                  N-

1431 HELEN HUMES   Helen Humes        (S)AUDIOPHILE AP107    N-

1432 AHMAD JAMAL  Alhambra                   dg(Gray)ARGO 685         E

1433 JAZZ AT THE PHILHARMONIC  At the Opera House

                                                                                 (DJ)VERVE V8489     N-

1434 BUDD JOHNSON  Let’s Swing        (DJ)dgSWINGVILLE 2015    E+

1435 BUNK JOHNSON  Last Testament…            *CO CL829           N-cs

1436 PETE JOLLY  Too Much, Baby!                     CO CL2397            E+

1437 MAX KAMINSKY  Chicago Style               JAZZTONE J1208       E

1438 BEV KELLY  Love Locked Out    dg(Blue BGP)RIV RLP328    E+ct

1439 STAN KENTON  Sketches on Standards        *CAP T426        E+cs

1440    Kenton in Hi-Fi                                               CAP W724       N-cs

1441    The Romantic Approach                              (S)CAP ST1533          E+

1442    West Side Story                                            (S)CAP ST1609         N-wrc

1443    Artistry in Bossa Nova                                     CAP T1931        N-hc

1444    Adventures in Blues                                      (S)CAP ST1985   E+cs

1445    Kenton/Wagner                                              CAP TAO2217       N-

1446 BARNEY KESSEL  Poll Winners Three!  dgCONTEMP M3576    N-

1447 B. B. KING  Guess Who                                   ABC ABCX759       N-

1448 MORGANA KING  With a Taste of Honey

                                   MAINSTREAM 56015  N-(stain at edge of rear cover)

1449 GENE KRUPA  Gene Krupa                      (S)METRO MG518   N-rw

1450 LAMBERT, HENDRICKS & ROSS  Sing a Song of

               Basie                                                             ABC 223                 N-

1451    Sing Ellington                                              (S)CSP JCS8310           N-

1452 ELSA LANCHESTER  Herself              (DJ)VERVE V15024        N-

1453 RAMSEY LEWIS Trio  Bossa Nova        dg(Gray)ARGO 705          N-

1454 JULIE LONDON  Love Letters        (DJ)LIBERTY LRP3231     N-

1455 MUNDELL LOWE  Blues for a Stripper  PARKER PLP822          N-

1456    Porgy and Bess                                                 CAM CAL490          N-

1457 JIMMIE LUNCEFORD  1940-43 (off Lang-Worth & AFRS)

                                                                             FIRST TIME 1506         N-

1458 JOHNNY LYTLE  A Groove            (S)RIVERSIDE RS3003   N-hc

1459 JUNIOR MANCE  Junior’s Blues  (Blue BGP)RIB RM447  N-ct/wrc

1460 HENRY MANCINI  Combo!                          *VI LPM2258         N-

1461 GUS MANCUSO  Music from New Faces (DJ)dgFANTASY 3282   N-

1462 HERBIE MANN  Glory of Love                     (S)A&M SP3003     N-

1463    First Light                                            (S)ATLANTIC SD1658     N-

1464 BILL MANVILLE  Saloon Society (reads from his Village Voice

              columns acc. Hank Jones, p)                  *ROULETTE R501         N-

1465 MATTY MATLOCK  & They Called it Dixieland  (S)WB 1262     N-

1466 JESSIE MATTHEWS  Orig. Recordings 1933-42   MFP 1127        N-

1467 LES McCANN  Sings                   dg(Black)PACIFIC JAZZ PJ31    N-

1468    The Gospel Truth                           (Black)PACIFIC JAZZ PJ69    N-

1469    & Gerald Wilson Orch.            dg(Blue)(S)PACIFIC JAZZ ST91    N-

1470 DAVE McKENNA  My Friend the Piano  CONCORD CJ313         N-


1472 BIG MILLER  Revelations & the Blues            (DJ)CO CL1611  N-cc

1473 MODERN JAZZ QUARTET  MJQ      dg(Black)ATL 1265   E+wrc

1474    MJQ and Orchestra                     (Or/Purp)ATLANTIC 1359   N-hc

1475    European Concert-Vol. 1       (Grn/blue)(S)ATLANTIC 1385      N-

1476 THELONIOUS MONK  Monk’s Dream         (S)CO CS8765   N-rw

1477 MONTGOMERY BROS.  Groove Yard  dg(Blue BGP)RIV 362   N-

1478 DICK MORGAN Trio  Settlin’ In        (Blue BGP)RIV RLP383    N-

1479 JELLY ROLL MORTON  King of N.O. Jazz  *VI LPM1649         N-

1480 GERRY MULLIGAN  Quartet 1952-53 (1 side Paul Desmond

               Quintet 1954)                                                 FANTASY 8082    N-

1481    Quartet feat. Chet Baker           dg(Black)PACIFIC JAZZ PJ1207   N-

1482    Paris Concert                        dg(Black)PACIFIC JAZZ PJ1210   N-cs

1483 MARK MURPHY  Playing the Field                 CAP T1458       N-wrc

1484 OLIVER NELSON  Sound Pieces          *IMPULSE AS9129         E+

1485 JOE NEWMAN-ZOOT SIMS Qtte  Locking Horns (1 disc Ray

               Draper Quartet feat. Coltrane   (S)ROULETTE RE128  N-hc(2-set)

1486 CHARLIE PARKER  Bird Is Free       (S)PARKER PLP401-S      N-

1487    First Recordings!                                              ONYX 221             N-

1488 BENNY PAYNE  Plays Piano & Sings         dgKAPP KL1004         N-1489 DAVE PELL  The Old South Wails   CAP T1512                E+ct

1490 ARTHUR PRYSOCK  Intimately Yours       OLD TOWN 2008     N-

1491    A Double Header with…                             OLD TOWN 2009     N-

1492    With Count Basie                                           VERVE V8646    E+hc

1493 ROGER RAM  Fine and Mellow                (S)*VI LSP3616            N-

1494 KENNETH REXROTH  Poetry Readings in the Cellar (1 side

               Lawrence Ferlinghetti)              dg(Red vinyl)FANTASY 7002   N-

1495 SHORTY ROGERS  Swinging Mr. Rogers      dg(Blk)ATL 1212    N-

1496    Plays Richard Rodgers                                     *VI LPM1429       N-cs

1497 SONNY ROLLINS  Brass/Trio                 (S)VERVE V68430      E+

1498 ARNOLD ROSS  Sounds of Synanon  dg(Black)PAC JAZZ PJ48   N-

1499 STAN RUBIN  Dixieland Bash                         *VI LPM1200         E+

1500 PETE RUGULO  10 Trumpets & 2 Guitars   (DJ)dgMER 2016    N-

1501 GEORGE RUSSELL  The Jazz Workshop     (S)VI LSP2534(e)    N-

1502 PEE WEE RUSSELL (& Coleman Hawkins)  Jazz

               Reunion                                                    dgCANDID 8020       N-

1503    The Individualism of…             SAVOY JAZZ SJL2228   N-cc(2-set)


1505 BOB SCOBEY  Betw. 18th & 19th on Chestnut St.   *VI LPM1567   E+

1506 BUD SHANK  & The Sax Section            dgPAC JAZZ 10110   N-wfc

1507 DON SHIRLEY  Drown in my Own Tears  (S)CADENCE 25057  E+

1508 AL SMITH  Midnight Special              (DJ)dgBLUESVILLE 1013    N-

1509 SAM THE MAN TAYLOR  Blue Mist               dgMGM E3292   N-

1510    Prelude to the Blues                                            dgMGM E3573    N-

1511 JACK TEAGARDEN  Meet Me Where They Play the

               Blues                                        (DJ)BETHLEHEM BCP6040     N-

1512 CLARK TERRY  Mumbles              (DJ)MAINSTREAM 56066     E+

1513 STANLEY TURRENTINE  Don’t Mess with Mister T.

                                                                            (Quad)CTI SQ6030     E+cc

1514 RICHARD TWARDZIK  The Last Set   dg(Blk)PAC JAZZ PJ37   N-

1515 CHALIE VENTURA  Plays Hi-Fi Jazz           TOPS L1528           N-

1516 KID THOS. VALENTINE  & New Black Eagle JB   GHB 145 N-wrc

1517    & his Algiers Stompers                     dg(Blue BGP)RIV RLP365   N-cs

1518 TROMBONES, INC.  Power-packed Trombones       WB 1272   N-cs

1519 DINAH WASHINGTON  The Queen   dg(Blk)MER MG20439   N-

1520 LU WATTERS  Vol. 1 Dawn Club Favorites   dgGTJ L12001          N-

1521    Vol. 2 Originals & Ragtime                                  GTJ L12002   N-wrc

1522    Vol. 3 Stomps, Etc. & The Blues                      dgGTJ L12003     N-ct

1523 BILL WATROUS  Someplace Else         SOUNDWINGS 2100     N-

1524 KAI WINDING  The Great KW Sound   HARMONY HL7341     E+

1525 LESTER YOUNG (w/Basie) Let’s Go to Prez  dgEPIC LN3168    N-