SECTION II – 10” x 78 RPM SINGLES (Min. bid $2.00)


(*) preceding BB catalog number indicates buff label.

(*) preceding DE catalog number indicates “Sun Dial” label.

All VI records are original label unless otherwise indicated:

        (RG) Round gold label when original is scroll.

        (SIL) Silver label when original is scroll or round gold.

        (RCA) RCA Victor label when original is any of the above.

(v) preceding record label name indicates vinyl prewssing.

(wol) following condition code indicates pressure-sensitive sticker

        On label, which would presumably tear label if removed.

(w) following tune title indicates waltz.

(wol) following condition code indicates writing on label.


“TEXAS” ALEXANDER (inaud. 2” lam first side)

52 Long Lonesome Day Blues/Corn-bread blues      (Lg red)OK 8511       E-


53 It Should Be You/Pleasing Paul                             BB 10235                E

54 I’ll Sing You a Thousand Love Songs/Picture Me Without

        You                                                                      BrFr A81069       E-/E

55 Sometimes I’m Happy-Parts 1 & 2 (mxs, 30271-1 & 30272-1) on two

        discs, both unissued on 78).                                  vCO TESTS            E-

56 Canal St. Blues/Down in Jungle Town                   DeCan 18092          E+

57 K.K. Boogie/Ol’ Man River                                   OK 6281                   E

58 Rosetta/Dinah Lou                                                PaE R2886             E+

59 How Do they Do It that Way/Funny Feathers       VI V38088              E-

60 Make a Country Bird Fly Wild/Pleasing Paul         VI V38107           V/E-

61 I’ll Never Say “Never Again” Again/Get Rhythm in your

        Feet                                                                     VO 2956                 V+

62 Body & Soul/Rosetta                                             VO 2965                 E

63 Truckin’/Dinah Lou                                               VO 2998                 E

64 On Treasure Island/Boots & Saddle                       VO 3098                 V+

65 The Touch of your Lips/Every Min. of the Hour   VO 3215            V/V+

66 On the Beach at Bali-Bali/Take My Heart           VO 3261  E+(tiny ecnap)

67 Until Today/Am I Asking too Much?                     VO 3292         E+/E

68 Out Where Blue Begins/Darling not Without You  VO 3305                E

69 Lost in my Dreams/Sitting on the Moon                VO 3340       E(ecnap)

70 When Dream Boat Comes Home/Here’s Love in your Eyes VO 3389  E-

71 I Adore You/Let’s Put our Heads Together           VO 3422          V+/E-

72 There’s a Kitchen up in Heaven/Good Night my Lucky Day VO 3490 E+

73 Sticks and Stones/Love Song of Long Ago             VO 3564           E-/E

74 Merry-go-round Broke Down/Never Go to Heaven  VO 3594      E+/E

75 Love or Infatuation/Can I Forget You                   VO 3690                 E+

AMBROSE & his Orch.

76 My Prayer/South of the Border                              DE 2732                 E

77 Rhapsody in Blue/Part 2                                        DeE F5454             E+

ALBERT AMMONS & his Rhythm Kings

78 Tuxedo Boogie/Bear Den Boogie                           MER 8087              E+

IVIE ANDERSON & her All-Stars

79 I Got It Bad/On the Sunny Side of the Street        B&W 771                E+

RAY ANTHONY & his Orch.

80 Randle’s Island/Marilyn                                          (DJ)CAP 2207          E


81 Button up your Overcoat/Sleepy Valley(w)            ZONO 5478           E+



82 Just a Little Bit Bad/The Co-ed                              OK 40503       E-/V+

HARRY ARCHER & his Orch.

83 Baby/Lantern of Love                                            BR 2996     E+(ecnaps)


84 Lucky Day/Black Bottom                                       BR 3242          E-/E


85 New Tiger Rag/Love, You Funny Thing!               CO 2631-D     E-/V

86 Somebody Stole my Break/I Come from Musical Family *DE 797        E+

87 If We Never Meet Again/Dipper Mouth                *DE 906               E

88 Once in a While/On the Sunny Side of the Street  *DE 1560       E-/E

89 Sweet As a Song/Trumpet Player’s Lament            DE 1653           E/E+

90 Satchel Mouth Swing/Mexican Swing                    DeE F7428           V+

91 You Run Your Mouth/Cain and Abel                    DeE F7849           E+

92 Weary Blues/Willie the Weeper                              OdFr 277.006  E+/E

93 St. Louis Blues/Basin St. Blues                    (Purple)OK 3008       E/E+

94 Gut Bucket Blues/Yes! I’m in the Barrel      (Lg red)OK 8261            V

95 West End Blues/Fireworks                           (Lg blk)OK 41078    E-/V+

96 Weary Blues/Willie the Weeper                              PaE R2393           E+

97 Knee Drops/Skip the Gutter                                  PaE R2438           E+

98 That’s my Home/Hobo You Can’t Ride this Train  VI 24200             E+

99 Gotta Right to Sing the Blues/Hustlin’ & Bustlin’ VI 24233              E-

100 Do You Know What it Means to Miss N.O./Endie  VI 20-2087       E


101 I’d Love to Call You my Sweetheart/HARMONIANS: A Little Music

        in the Moonlight                                                  V-T 1305V            V+

ATLANTA MERRYMAKERS (Grey Gull studio band)

102 Black Stomp/Wa Da Ja Da Blues(-3)             MADISON 1935     V/V+

103 Sweet Little Sis/NEWPORT DANCE ORCH: And It Won’t

        Be Long                                                        MADISON 50024    E-/E


104 Kiss Me Soon Again(-B)/JOY DISPENSERS: Sweet Little

        Sis                                                                 MADISON 1939         V+

105 Beale St. Blues/Lead Pipe Blues(-B) (this side actually Wilbur

        Sweatman Trio)                                             MADISON 50015   E/E-


106 Struttin’ the Blues Away (Lucky Roberts composition)(-C)/GREEN

        BROS. Novelty Band: Hotsy Totsy Town(-C)     ED 51152                E

FRANK AUBURN & his Orch. (Ipana Troubadours)

107 Blue Is the Night/Kickin’ a Hole in the Sky         V-T 2138V              V+

GEORGIE AULD & his Orch.

108 Angel/I Want my Mama                                      VARSITY 8152         E+


109 Uptown Lullaby/Salt Peanuts                              APOLLO 755         E-


110 Ya Gotta Know How to Love/Bye Bye Blackbird                           VI 20044                    E-

111 My Blue Heaven/Are You Thinking of Me Tonight  VI 20964            E+

112 Wedding Bells/That’s What I Call Heaven                VI 21893            E

113 A Vision of Virginia/Alabama Lullaby                       VI 22539            E+

ALICE BABS with Charles Normans Orkester

114 Froken Pippinette/Adress Rosenhill  METRONOME (Swed) J182    E


115 Rockin’ Chair/Sometimes I’m Happy                   DE 3755                 E

116 More than you Know/I Think of You                  DE 4267                 E

117 Home/Too Late                                                   ViCan 22874           E+


118 Flag that Train/GLANTZ: Don’t Bring Lulu       GENNETT 3011    V+

119 Don’t Wake me Up/PIGGY JONES’ Orch. (Glantz):

        I’m So Disappointed in You                                GENNETT 3156    V+

EUGENIE BAIRD with Mel Torme & his Mel-Tones

120 I Fall in Love too Easily/Am I Blue                     DE 18707               E+


121 Take Everything but You/I’m Walking with Moonbeams  BR 4558   E-

FANNIE BAKER & her Jazz (Lillyn Brown)

122 If That’s What you Want Here It Is (-4)/BOB THOMAS: Cut

        Yourself a Piece of Cake                            ORIOLE 109  E-(tiny ecnap)

SMITH BALLEW & his Orch.

123 You Didn’t Know the Music/JOHNNY DAVIS & his Orch:

        Sugar                                                                    CROWN 3208          E

FRANK BANTA & HOWARD KOPP (Piano and drum duet)

124 It Takes a Long Tall Brown Skin Gal/One Step More  CO A2376 V+/E-


125 Jammin’ on the Steel Guitar/Why Do I Dream…   BB 33-0506    E+/E-

PAUL BARBARIN’s New Orleans Band

126 Clarinet Marmalade/Fidgety Feet                         vCIRCLE J1066     E+


127 Gloomy Sunday/Be-bop Spoken Here                  CAP 57-640            E

COUNT BASIE & his Orch.

128 Blue & Sentimental/Doggin’ Around                   BrE 02644     E(rcnap)

129 Right On/Cherry Point                                        vCLEF 89120   E-/E


130 Good Mornin’/Go ‘Long Lasses                           VI 21266                 E+

131 What Would I Do Without You?/Baby’s Back Today  VI V40092      E+

JOSEPHINE BEATTY (Alberta Hunter acc. Louis, Bechet, et al)

132 Nobody Knows the Way I Feel Dis Mornin’/Early Every

        Morn                                                              SILVERTONE 4030    E


133 Shag/I’ve Found a New Baby                               BB 10022                E+

134 Who/September Song                                          CIRCLE J1057         E+

135 Blue Horizon/Muskrat Ramble                            CLIMAX 43            E

136 When the Sun Sets Down South/Blackstick         DE 2129           E+/E

137 Sweet Patootie/Viper Mad                                   DE 7429           E/E-

138 Preachin’ Blues/Indian Summer                           HMV B9061           E+

139 Shake It & Break It/Wild Man Blues                    HMV B9086           E+

140 Blues for you Johnny/Ain’t Misbehavin’               VI 26746                 E

141 One O’Clock Jump/Blues in Thirds                      VI 27204           E/E-

142 Egyptian Fantasy/Slippin’ & Slidin’                     VI 27337           E+/E

143 Coal Black Shine/Baby Won’t You Please Come Home  VI 27386     E-

144 Blues of Bechet/Sheik of Araby                            VI 27485                 E+

145 Swing Parade/I Know that You Know                 VI 27574                 E+

146 Laughin’ in Rhythm/Rip Up the Joint   VI 27663   E+(somewhat faded

        “Sid Bechet” white ink autograph first side label)                                  E+

147 Oh Lady Be Good/Rose Room                            VI 27707                 E+

148 I’m Coming Virginia/Georgia Cabin                     VI 27904                 E+

149 Jungle Drums/Hold Tight                                     VO 4537                 E

GRAEME BELL & his Australian Jazz band

150 Flat Foot/Winin’ Boy Blues                                 SUMMIT 1009         E+


151 It’s Been So Long/Swing Mr. Charlie                   VO 3179                 E-

BEN BERNIE & All the Lads

152 We Won’t Have to Sell the Farm/Marching Along

        Together                    (Blue wax)CO 2804D   E(inaud ½” lam first side)

JIMMY BERTRAND’s Washboard Wizards

153 (as “Johnny Dodds Trio”)Struggling/Little Bits    HJCA 42                 E+

154 If You Want to Be my Sugar Papa/I’m Goin’ Huntin’  VoE V1032  E/E-


155 I’m So Worried/It’s All Over Now                       VI 20-2505             E-


156 Steps Steps Up/Steps Steps Down                       SIG 28114              E+

FRANK BLACK & his Orch.

157 Under the Moon/It’s a Million to One…             BR 3600         E(ecnap)

158 Highways Are Happy Ways/I’d Walk a Million Miles   BR 3619          E+

JERRY BLAINE & his Stream Line Rhythm (small tear top 2nd side label)

159 I Double Dare You/You’re Out of this World`    BB 7354             E-/E

EUBIE BLAKE & his Shuffle Along Orch.

160 Baltimore Buzz/Bandana Days                             VI 18791                 E

ARCHIE BLEYER & his Orch. (Chick Bullock vocs)

161 Cheek to Cheek/The Piccolino                            CONQ 8549           E

RUBE BLOOM (Piano solos)

162 Soliloquy/Spring Fever                                         HAR 164H             E-

THE BLUE RACKETEERS (Gene Kardos 1st side, Casa Loma 2nd side)

163 In Shade of the Old Apple Tree/Clarinet Marmalade    DeE F3397     E+

THE BLUE RAMBLERS (Orig. Indiana Five)

164 Somebody’s Making a Fuss over Somebody/IMPERIAL Dance Orch

        (Ernie Golden): That’s my Weakness Now  LUCKY STRIKE 24399 E-

JIMMY BLYTHE’s Owls (as “Johnny Dodds Orch.”)

165 Hot Stuff/Have Mercy                                         HJCA 43           E+/E

JOHN BOLES (Voc. with orch.)

166 Romance/After a Million Dreams                        VI 22230                 E

SHARKEY BONANO Kings of Dixieland/Sharks of Rhythm

167 Sweet Georgia Brown/I Like Bananas   CIRCLE SPECIAL No. 1

          (promo disc for Standard Fruit Co.)                                                 E+

168 World Is Waiting for Sunrise/Alice Blue Gown    vCIRCLE R3012 E+

169 Everybody Loves my Baby/Yes She Do, No She Don’t  *DE 1014 E+/E

170 Midhole Blues/Swing In, Swing Out                     VO 3353                 E+


171 I’m Satisfied with my Gal/High Society               VO 3380                 E+

172 Swing Like Rusty Gate/Swingin’ on Swanee Shore VO 3470 E-/E(rcnap)

BROADWAY MELODY MAKERS (Orig. Indiana Five first side)

173 Sweet Lovin’ Mama/Burning Sands    BROADWAY 11200

         (May Co. Dept. Store “May Day Special” label)                         E+/E


174 Trouble Blues/Honey Keep your Mind on Me        ALADDIN 3024    E+

LIZA BROWN (Ozie McPherson) & ANN JOHNSON (voc duet)

175 Get on Out Here/Let’s Get It Straight                 CO 14466D            E-

CHICK BULLOCK & his Levee Loungers

176 You Rascal You(-2)/Can’t Get Miss. Of my Mind(-3)  BAN 32252    E-

177 Keepin’ Out of Mischief/I Know You Are Lying      BAN 32399   E-/E

178 I’m Hummin’-I’m Whistlin’-I’m Singin’/When the New Moon

        Shines on the New Mown Hay                             PER 15972             E-


179 Jig in G/Runnin’ Wild                                          VI 26109                 E


180 The Girl Friend/No Foolin’                                 CO 638D                V+

181 Painting the Clouds with Sunshine/PHIL SPITALNY:

        I Want to Meander in the Meadow                      ED 52622               E+

182 Song of the Blues/Broken Idol                             ED 52638               E+


183 Casey Jones/WASHBOARD SERENADERS: Washboards

           Get Together                                                    HMV B6114           E+

CAB CALLOWAY & his Orch.

184 Harlem Camp Meeting/Zaz Zuh Zaz                   *BB 5677                E+

185 Minnie The Moocher’s Wedding Day/Angeline    BR 6321                  E

JOE CANDULLO & his Everglades Orch.

186 Measly Blues(-B)/Bass Ale Blues(-C)                    ED 51826               E+


187 He Loves It/Sophie                                              CO A3754              V+

188 Ballyhoo                                              DURIUM DE LUXE K-6         E

189 Don’t Put a Tax on the Beautiful Girls/You Don’t Need the Wine

          To Have a Wonderful Time                       EMERSON 1071     V+/E-

190 One-zy Two-zy/JOAN BARTON: Rather Do Without You,

          Baby                                                         PAN-AMERICAN 036    E

191 Makin’ Whoopee!/Hungry Women                      VI 21831                 E

RUSS CARLYLE & his Orch.

192 Sobbin’ Blues/If You Only Knew                         “X”(Can) 0113          E+


193 Business in F/Business in Q                                  MEL 12365            E-

THE CAROLINIANS (Orig. Memphis Five first side)

194 Take Me/When You & I Were 17 (Glantz)         RESONA 75428  E+/E

THE CAROLINIANS (Fletcher Henderson Orch.)

195 Charley my Boy/I Can’t Get the One I Want  SILVERTONE 2399    E-


196 Midnight/My Favorite Blues      BB 11288   V+(tear at top 2nd side label)

197 Patience & Fortitude/Jump Call                          DELUXE 1008      E

198 Swingin’ at Maida Vale/Nightfall                         VoE 4                E/E+


199 When I Take Sugar to Tea/Wanna Be Around my Baby   BR 6085      E+

200 White Jazz/I’m Crazy ‘Bout my Baby                   BR 6092                  E+

201 Old Gray Bonnet/Alexander’s Ragtime Band       BR 6100                  E+

202 Just a Blue-eyed Blonde/I Wanna Sing About You   BR 6124             E

203 Black Jazz/Maniac’s Ball                                       BR 6242                  E+

204 Smoke Rings/In the Still of the Night                  BR 6289                  V+

205 Mighty River/Why Can’t I Find Somebody to Love  BR 6402            V+

206 Blue Prelude/Danced of the Lame Duck    (Silver)BR 6513                E+

207 Wild Goose Chase/Buji                                        BR 6588                  E

208 White Jazz/Blue Jazz                                            BR 6611                  E

209 New Orleans/The Lady from St. Paul                  BR 6485                  E+

CASANI CLUB ORCH. dir. Charlie Kunz (London, 1936)

210 “Rhythm on the Range” film election/”Everything Is Rhythm”

          film selection                                                     REX 8945               E

BOB CAUSER & his Cornellians (Gene Kardos)

211 You’re Telling Me/All-American Girl                   PER 15681             E


212 Papa’s Got the Jim Jams/Dear Almanzoer    CO 14229D

                                       V/V+(rcnap, dig tics lightly 14 grooves second side)


213 (Eva Taylor vocs)Turn on the Heat/What Wouldn’t I Do

          For that Man                                                     CO 1989D      V+/E-

214 Here Comes Emily Brown (BG solo)/Wasn’t It Nice?   CO 2219D    V+

215 (Eva Taylor vocs)You’re Lucky to Me(-2)/Loving You the

          Way I Do                                  (Blue wax, black label)CO 2309D    E-


216 Rhythm of the Rain/Singing a Happy Song          HMV B8305           E+

CHICAGO FOOTWARMERS (Johnny Dodds, et al)

217 Sweep ‘Em Clean/My Girl                                   HJCA 19                 E+

218 Ballin’ the Jack/Grandma’s Ball                            HJCA 23                 E+

219 Oriental Man/My Baby                                         HJCA 27                 E

220 Brown Bottom Bess/Lady Love

                                             (Lg blk)OK 8613     V/V-(needle runs on labels)


221 Lulu’s Back in Town/You Can Be Kissed             *BB 5985          E/E+


222 ‘Deed I Do/Song of the Wanderer                       HAR 348H             V+

DON CLARK & his L. A. Biltmore Hotel Orch. (Bing’s first record)

223 I’ve Got the Girl!/Idolizing                                  CO 824D                E-


224 Cross Roads/Watching the Clouds Roll By          CO 1625D              E-


JOLLY COBURN & his Orch.

225 Have You Got Any Castles Baby/Am I Dreaming?   *BB 7081            E

COZY COLE & his Orch .

226 Body & Soul/Talk to Me                                      SAVOY 501            E-

COLLEGIATE JAZZERS (Grey Gull studio band)

227 Singin’ in the Bathtub/BIG TIME TRIO (Sanella):

          Hot Moments                                                 VAN DYKE 71811    V+

COLONIAL CLUB ORCH. (Libby Holman voc first side)

228 Find Me a Primitive Man/You’ve Got that Thing   BrCan 4666         V+


229 Miss Trombone/Lassus Trombone                        CO A2825              E-


230 Home Cooking/The Eel                                       BR 6743                  E+

231 Ja Da/Lovew Is Just Around the Corner              COM 500          E-/E


232 I’ve Got to Have my Daddy Blues/BAILEY’S LUCKY SEVEN:

          Wimmin                                                CONNORIZED 3035   E-/V+

DOC COOK’s Dreamland Orch./14 Doctors of Syncopation

233 High Fever/Brown Sugar                                      CO 813D               V

234 Hum and Strum/I Got Worry                              CO 1430D             V+


235 Please Handle with Care/Say It Isn’t So          CHAMPION 16523    E


236 Mood Indigo/Best Wishes                                    R-Z MR996            E

237 Sweet Leilani/Merry-go-round Broke Down        REX 9078               E+


238 Sister Kate/Got to Cool my Doggies Now           BR 2338                  E

239 Milenberg Joys/If You Hadn’t Gone Away    BrAus 2937 V+(label fade)

240 (Billy Cotton’s Band, 1936) Dere’s Jazz in Dem Dere Horns/

          Woe Is Me                                                         VO 3263                 E   


241 Beautiful/FRANKIE MASTERS: Everywhere You Go  VI 21217     E+

WILTON CRAWLEY (Clt solos acc. Eddie Heywood, Eddie Lang)

242 Geechie River Blues/She’s Forfty with Me         (Lg red)OK 8492   E-/E

243 Old Broke Up Shoes/I’m Forever Changing Sweethearts

                                                                                  (Lg red)OK 8589      E+

244 Wishing/My Perfect Thrill                                  (Lg blk)OK 8718  E+/E

BOB CROSBY & his Orch.

245 I Don’t Mind/L’amour Toujour                          (DJ)CAP 1576   E+(sol)


246 No News/The Three Trees                                   VI 21466                 E+

FRANK DAILEY & his Orch.


          That’s my Hap-ha-happiness                              BELL 484              E-

248 Scattin’ at the Kit Kat/Southland Serenade         VARIETY 573          E-

JACK DALTON & the 7 Blue Babies

249 She’s a Good Girl(-A)/Whoopee Hat Brigade(-B)   ED 52583   E+(wol)


250 Sunny Side Sal/Just Like a Rainbow                     OK 4426                 E


251 You’re Always in my Arms/If You’re in Love You’ll Waltz VI 22132   E

PHYLLIS DARE with Gaiety Theatre Orch. (London, 1926)


          FRENCH: A Tiny Flat Near Soho Square         CoE 4227           E/V+

HAL DAVIS & his Orch.

253 You Fit Into the Picture/I Believe in Miracles     *BB 5795           E/E-

JASPER DAVIS & his Orch. (Lizzie Miles vocs)

254 Georgia Gigolo/It Feels So Good                         DIVA 2944G          E-

DOLLY DAWN & her Dawn Patrol

255 Copper Colored Gal/Sing a Song of Nonsense     *BB 6576              E+

256 What Will I Tell my Heart/Can’t Break Habit of You  BbCan 6796     E+


257 Like an Angel You Flew into Everyone’s Heart (Lindbergh)/VERNON

          DALHART: Lindbergh: The Eagle of the USA     VI 20674             E+


258 I’ve Found a New Baby/Black & Blue                  COM 552         E+/E

259 Change o’ Key Boogie/Sheik of Araby                 COM 567                E-

HAL DENMAN & his Carolina Cotton Pickers

260 The King’s Horses/She Loves Me Just the Same  CHAMP 16221  V+/E-

261 Snuggled on your Shoulder/Wooden Soldier &

          the China Doll                                                    SUPERIOR 2800              E-

JACK DENNY & his Mount Royal Hotel Orch.

262 Snuggled on your Shoulder/How Can You Say You

          Love Me                                                         ViCan 22916    E-(ecnap)

BOB DICKSON (Dick Robertson with Gene Kardos’ Orch.)

263 Sweet Violets/I Forgot to Buy the License           VI 23633                 E

THE DIPLOMATS (Male voc group with piano)

264 Come on and Make Whoopee/Oh! You Sweet Old Whatcha

          May Call It                                                         CO 1641D              E+

DIXIE DANDIES (Trad band on Ohio label)

265 Royal Garen Blues/At the Jazz Band Ball             JAM 2-450              E-

DIXIE JAZZ BAND (Original Indiana Five)

266 The Crawl/SAM GRAY’S Dance Orch (Johnny Johnson Orch.):

          Rosy Cheeks                                                      JEWEL 5002     V-/V

267 Indiana Shuffle(-2)/YANKEE TEN ORCH (Adrian Schubert):

          Coronado Nights                                               ORIOLE 819          E-

268 Sugar/BOB GREEN’s D.O.: Gonna Geet a Girl  ORIOLE 926         E-

269 Moten Stomp(-1)/(Billy James): Blue Ridge Mtn Home   OR 1172 V+/E-

270 Somebody’s Making a Fuss over Somebody(-2)/(7 Little Polar

          Bears): Mississippi Mud                                      ORIOLE 1275          E

THE DIXIE STOMPERS (Fletcher Henderson)

271 Hi-diddle-diddle(-1)/So Is your Old Lady(-3)      HAR 179H             E


THE DIXIE TRIO (Wilbur Sweatman clt solos with rhythm)

272 Poor Papa(-B)/Get It Now(-B)                            SUPREME 1340    E


273 A New Dress for Ida Red/Five Man Blues           BB 8054                  E

JOHNNY DODDS’ Hot Six/Washboard Band

274 Too Tight/Goober Dance (orig. issue for these takes) BB 10240         E+

275 My Little Isabel/Heah Me Talkin’                        BB 10241                E+

276 Weary City/Bucktown Stomp                              VI V38004              V

AL DONAHUE & The Fisher Theater Orc.

277 Deep Night/Honey                                               BR D-298       V+/V


278 Tiger Rag/WAYNE KING: Goofus                     ViCan 024003         E+


279 Ooh that Kiss/By the Sycamore Tree                   CO 2581D              E-

JIMMY DORSEY with Spike Hughes & his Three Blind Mice

280 Tiger Rag(-1)/St. Louis Blues                               DeE F1878       E-/E

281 Tiger Rag(-2)/St. Louis Blues                               DeE F6142             E

JIMMY DORSEY & his Orch.

282 Sack House Stomp (not on U.S. 78)/King Porter Stomp  DeFr 03521 E+


283 You Are too Beautiful/Sweetheart Darlin’   BDCST TWELVE 3332   E+

284 Wabash Moon/Mother’s Apron  Strings               VI 22673                 E+

EDDY DUCHIN & his Orch.

285 Shame on You/There’s No Harm in Hoping        VI 24380                 E+


286 It Must Be an Old Spanish Custom/ROSETTA DUNCAN:

          I Got a Code in my Doze                                   VI 22345                 E+

JOHNNY DUNN & his Band

287 Sgt. Dunn’s Bugle Call Blues/Buffalo Blues

                                         CO 14306D   V/V+(needle runs on first side label)


288 Charley My Boy/I Wonder What’s Become of Sally  PATHE 032079  V+

ELDON’S DANCE ORCH. (Lou Gold 1st side, Max Terr 2nd side))

289 I’m Tired of Everything but You/Moonlight and

          Roses                                         HOMOCHORD (Eng) C-906    E-/E


290 Animal Crackers/Li’l Farina                                  AFCDJ(Fr) A01      E-

291 Keep a Song in your Soul/Diga Diga Do              *BB 6305                E+

292 Jazz Lips/Sloppy Joe                                             *BB 6396          E/E+

293 Double Check Stomp/Old Man Blues                  BB 6450                  E+

294 Arabian Lover/Washington Wobble                     BB 6782                  E+

295 The Duke Steps Out/Haunted Nights

                                                   *BB 6727  E(tear at top of labels both sides)

296 Awful Sad/Louisiana                                            BR 4110                  V+

297 Tiger Rag/Part 2                                                   BR 6510            V/V+

298 Stormy Weather/Sophisticated Lady                    BR 6600                  E-

299 Jive Stomp/I’m Satisfied                                      BR 6638       E-(ecnap)

300 When You’re Smiling/Sweet Mama                      BR 6811                  E+

301 Merry-go-round/Admiration                                BR 7440                  E+

302 Reminiscing in Tempo/Part 2                    (Silver)BR 7546                 E+

303 Echoes of Harlem/Clarinet Lament           (Silver)BR 7650                E+

304 The Gal from Joe’s/I Let a Song…                       BR 8108            E/E+

305 Pyramid/When my Sugar Walks Down the Street BR 8168           V+/E-

306 Prelude to a Kiss/Lambeth Walk                         BR 8204              E/E-

307 Harlem Speaks/Chicago                                       DE 800                   E+

308 Hyde Park/Ain’t Misbehavin’                               DeE M439        E+/E

309 Black & Tan Fantasie/Creole Love Call               GrF K6344             E+

310 Bugle Call Rag/Breakfast Dance                           HMV B4905           E+

311 Stevedore Stomp/Sweet Jazz of Mine                  HMV B6106           E-

312 Ebony Rhapsody/Flaming Youth                         HMV B6528           E+

313 Just A-settin’ & A-rockin’/Moon Over Cuba       HMB B9268            E+

314 Got Everything but You/The Mooche                 HMV(Fr) K8306    E+

315 Black Beauty/LOUIS: Mahogany Hall Stomp      PaE R571          E/E+

316 Clarinet Lament/Merry-go-round          POLYDOR(Fr) 580.012    E+/E

317 Esquire Swank/Midriff                                         SWING 2320    E/E-318 East St. Louis Toddle-oo/Got Everything but You   VI 21703                 E-/E

319 Three Little Words/Ring Dem Bells                     VI 22528                 E+

320 Hittin’ the Bottle/That Lindy Hop                       VI 23016           E+/E

321 Riff Staccato/Everything but You                       VI 20-1697             E+


322 New Piano Roll Blues/SARA FORDE acc. Billy Strayhorn:

          The Man I Love                                                 MERCER 1958      E

FREDDY ELLIS & his Orch.

323 It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie(w)/The Old Oak Tree         MEL 6-04-11          E-


324 (acc. Fred Elizalde, p) Following You Around/I Got Her Off

          My Hands                                                          BrE 116                  V+

325 (& Charlie Farrell) One of Us Is Crazy/She’s Lazy, She’s Lousy

          And She Loves It                                               CoE DB852            E+

326 Singin’ in the Bathtub/Lady Luck                        VI 22245                 E+

JACK (John) ERBY (voc and piano)

327 Awfully Blue/Lonesome Jimmy Blues                   CO 14151D            V

PAUL ESTABROOK (Piano solos)

328 Puttin’ on the Ritz/To My Mammy                      BR 4800                  E+


329 Just One More Chance/Have You Forgotten       PER 12739             E-

  1. JIM EUROPE’s 369th U.S. Infantry Band

330 Ja-Da/Broadway Hit Medley         (10 ½” vertical) PATHE 22082     V+


331 Orig. Dixieland One-Step/Barnyard Blues            DISC 6070              E-

332 Fidgety Feet/Clarinet Marmalade                         DISC 6071  E-(ecnap)

333 At the Jazz Band Ball/Sensation Rag                    DISC 6072              E-

334 That’s A Plenty/That Dada Strain                        DISC 6074              E-

WILLIE FARMER & his Orch. (tear at top of 2nd side label)

335 Sun Showers/Your Broadway & My Broadway     *BB 7024                E+


336 Delirium/Doll Dance                                           BrCan 3519             E

337 (BG solos both) Maybe-Who Knows/What a Day!   BrCan 4421          V+

FRANK FERERA’s Hawaiian Trio (Annette Hanshaw vocs)

338 Pagan Love Song/Ua Like No a Like                   DIVA 2945G          V+

ARTHUR FIELDS & BOB THOMAS (2nd side Bob Thomas only)

339 Mr. Gallagher & Mr. Shean/Atta Baby                 HYTONE K141     E-


340 Darktown Strutters Ball/My Last Affair               DE 1061                 E

341 Smooth Sailing/Love You Madly                         DeCan 27693    E/E+


342 What Makes my Baby Cry/It Takes a Good Woman  VI 20507           E+


343 Somebody’s Making a Fuss Over Somebody(-2)/PAGODA

          DANCE ORCH (Lanin): My Angel         DOMINO(Can) 21462      E


344 Open the Door Richard/Part 2                             NATIONAL 4012   E-

JAY C. FLIPPEN & his Gang

345 Sixty Seconds Every Minute/South Wind            PER 12339             E-

FOUR STAR RHYTHM SECTION (Stan Wrightsman, et al)

346 I Never Knew/These Foolish Things   RHYTHM RECORDS 109  E/E-

THE FOURSOME (Male vocal quartet with orch.)

347 Walkin’ my Baby Back Home/Bidin’ my Time     BR 4996                  E-


348 Life Spears a Jitterbug/What’s the Use?               COM 507                E+

349 China Boy/The Eel                                               HMV B9007      E/E+

JERRY FREEMAN & his Orch .

350 Alabama Barbecue/That’s What you Man to Me  MEL 6-12-05          E-


351 Oriental/Farewell Blues                             GENNETT 4966     V(ecnap)


352 Everybody Step/IRVING WEISS Orch: Gypsy  PURITAN 11091     V+

353 (Orig. Memphis Five) Back o’ Town Blues/St. Louis

          Gal                                                                     TRIANGLE 1320   V+


354 When We’re Alone/Snuggled on your Shoulder   ViCan 22924           E+


355 Daylight’s Breaking Blues/After That                   CO 1267D              E-

EARL FULLER’s Rector Novelty Orch./Famous Jazz Band

356 Russian Rag/Howdy                                             CO A2649         E/E+

357 Beale St. Blues/Old Grey Mare                             VI 18369                 E+


358 Scotchin’ with the Soda/Cement Mixer               CADET 201           E


359 Night & Day/White Rose Bounce                        B&W 15                  E


360 Mean to Me/The Things that Were Made for Love  PER 12525         E+


361 Everybody Loves my Baby(-B)/BROADWAY DANCE ORCH (Lopez):

          I Wonder What’s Become of Sally?                    ED 51419               E

362 Doo Wacka Doo(-B)/BDWY D.O.(Lopez): Eliza(-A)  ED 51420      E

363 My Mammy’s Blues(-C)/WILBUR SWEATMAN’s Brownies:

          Battleship Kate(-A)                                           ED 51438               E+


364 Everybody Loves my Baby/High Society             *DE 7002   E-/V+(sol)

365 I Can’t Dance/Who Broke the Lock…?               *DE 7004               E

366 After You’ve Gone/Alexander’s Ragtime Band    DE 7006                E

367 Chasing Shadows/The Lady in Red                      *DE 7097               V+

TOM GERUN & his Orch.

368 Nine Little Miles…/What Good Am I Without You   BR 4999          E

CARROLL GIBBONS & The Savoy Hotel Orpheans

369 It’s Been So Long/You Can’t Pull the Wool…    CoE FB1463           E+

370 Yours and Mine/Your Broadway & my Broadway   CoE FB1790          E+


371 My Pillow & Me(-4)/HELEN BAXTER acc. Lem Fowler:

          You Got Ev’rything a Sweet Mama Needs But Me   CO A3922         E

EMERSON GILL & his Bamboo Garden Orch.

372 That’s What I Call Keen/Will You Be Sorry?       CO 1396D        E-/E


373 Emanon/Things to Come                                     vMGM 10556         E-

374 Lover Man/Shaw ‘Nuff                                        MUS 354                E

375 Two Bass Hit/Stay on It                                       (DJ)vVI 20-2603     E+


376 Blue Little You…/If You Know What I Know   CO 2016D              E


377 Deep Water Blues/I Couldn’t Help It   BB 34-0709   E-(label scratches)

GEORGE GIRARD & his New Orleans Five

378 Roses of Picardy/Wonder Who’s Kissing her Now  STHLND 9003    V+

GEORGE GIVOT (Vocals by comedic actor acc. Jack Ross’ Band

379 Darktown Strutters Ball/My California      TELE-RECORDS 4803   E-


380  June Night/Tropical Palms                                  ED 51398          E/E-

LOU GOLD & his Orch.

381 Yearning/CASINO DANCE ORCH: What’ll I Do

                                            DISQUE FRANCIS SALABERT (Fr) 79      E


382 Remember/Love Bound                                       DOMINO 3646     V+

GOLDEN GATE DANCE ORCH. (California Ramblers)

383 Sing a Little Song(-A)/ATLANTIC DANCE ORCH: Virginia’s

          Calling Me                                                         ED 51387       E(wol)

384 Sing a Little Song(-B)/(rev. as above)                  ED 51387               E

GOLDEN GATE (DANCE) ORCH. (California Ramlers) (Cont’d)

385 Lucille(-B)/HARRY RADERMAN’s Dance Orch:

          Kiss Me Goodnight(w)(-A)                                ED 51388               E+

386 I’ve A Garden in Sweden(-A)/Southern Rose(-B)

                                               ED 51443    E-/E(second side label is missing)

387 I’ve a Garden in Sweden(-A)/Southern Rose(-C)   ED 51443             E-

388 I’ve a Garden in Sweden(-C)/Southern Rose(-D)                        ED 51443                    E+

389 Oh! Mabel(-B)/Keep Smiling at Trouble(-B)

                                                     ED 51491    V+(second side label missing)

390 On the Oregon Trail(-B)/JACK STILLMAN’s Orch:

          Little Peach(-C)                                                 ED 51538               E+

391 Charleston(-B)/FRANK SILVER’s Dance Orch: Mamie  ED 51542   E+

392 The Flapper Wife(-B)/Everything’s Hotsy Totsy Now(-C) ED 51551              E

393 The Flapper Wife(-C)/Everything’s Hotsy Totsy Now(-C) ED 51551                            E-

394 Cheatin’ on Me(-B)/When the Moon Shines on

           Coral Gables(-A)                                                ED 51562             E+

395 Cheatin’ on Me(-B)/…Coral Gables(-B)  ED 51562  E-/E (lbl edge tear)

396 Cheatin’ on Me(-C)/…Coral Gables(-C)               ED 51562             E+

397 Collegiate(-A)/BILLY WYNNE: Steppin’ in Society(-A)  ED 51580   E

398 Collegiate(-B)/BILLY WYNNE: Steppin’ in Society(-A)  ED 51580   E+

399 Collegiate(-C)/BILLY WYNNE: Steppin’ in Society(-A)  ED 51580   E+

400 Look Who’s Here!(-B)/NAT MARTIN Orch:

          Because of You              ED 51591   E+(clear tape repair 2nd side label)

401 Up and At ‘Em(-B)/Me Too(-A)                          ED 51820               E+


402 In the Evening/Where the Lazy Daisies Grow     VI 19308                 E

403 Slow River/NAT SHIKRET: Zulu Wail              VI 20926           E/E+

404 She’s Funny that Way/SHILKRET: Dream Train  ViCan 21853        E/E-

405 Painting the Clouds…/Tip-toe thru the Tulips    VI 22027                 E-

AL GOODMAN & his Orch.

406 I’m Just a Vagabond Lover/I’m Still Caring         BR 4362            E+/E

407 Lovable & Sweet/My Dream Memory                  BR 4488                  E


408 Dr. Heckle & Mr. Jibe/Texas Tea Party

                                                          (“BG All Star” label)CO 3167-D   E-/E

409 Bugle Call Rag/Nitwit Serenade

                                   (Blue wax)CO 2958D   E(sol, tear at top of both labels)

410 Pick Yourself Up/Down South Camp Meeting    VI 25387                 E-

411 St. Louis Blues/ODJB: Clarinet Marmalade         ViCan 25411    E+/E-

412 Never Should Have Told You/You Can Tell She Comes

           from Dixie                                                        VI 26500                 E

413 This Year’s Kisses/He Ain’t Got Rhythm             VI 25505                 E

414 Stompin’ at the Savoy/Vibraphone Blues             VI 25521           E/E+

415 Runnin’ Wild/Tea for Two                                   VI 25529         E-/V+

GLEN GRAY Casa Loma Orch.

416 That’s How Rhythm was Born/Talk of the Town    BR 6626               E

417 Limehouse Blues/Dallas Blues                              BR 6886                  V+

418 Pardon my Southern Accent/Say It                      BR 6945                  V

419 Avalon/China Girl                  BR 7532   E+/E(label scratch second side)

420 No Name Jive/Part 2                                           DE 3089           E-/E

JANE GRAY (acc. Cliff Jackson, piano)

421 Miss Annabelle Lee/Are You Happy?                   V-T 1464V              E-

LAWRENCE GRAY (Tenor with orch.)

422 I’m Sailing on a Sunbeam/I’m Following You      BR 4631                  E+

GREEN BROS. Novelty Band

423 I Don’t Know Why/Save a Kiss for Rainy Weather   ED 51383         E

JOHNNY GREEN (Piano solos) (dig skips 1 groove first side)

424 Johnny Green Medley/Part 2                                BR 6920                E+


425 Why Don’t You Do Right/Love Me                    BB 8714             E/V

EARL GRESH & his Gangplank Orch,

426 The Pump Song/Ace in the Hole                          CO 672D                E

GREY GULL STUDIO BANDS (Anonymous on labels)

427 A Garden in the Rain/Thinking of You Always    MADISON 1729    V

428 Swingin’ in a Hammock(-A)/Chinese Rose          MADISON 5081    E

429 Two Blue Eyes/Blue Hawaii(w)                            RADIEX 1734          E

430 Just Blues/Am I Blue                                            SUPREME 1739  E/E-

OLIVE GROVES & MAURICE ELWIN (w/piano accomp.)

431 Let’s Put Out the Lights/How Can You Say “No”  DeE F3267          E+


432 My Blue Heaven/New Exercise in Swing             SAVOY 556            E

433 Deuces Wild/Deuces Mild                                    SAVOY 557            E

JOE GUMIN & his Orch.

434 I’ll Think of You/Jingle Bells                                CO 2571D        E/E-


435 Maple Leaf Rag/Let Me Call You Sweetheart      CO 476D                E-

436 Squeeze Me/N.O. Shuffle   CO 541D   V+(moderate label fade 2nd side)

ARTHUR HALL acc. Original Georgia Five

437 Yes We Have No Bananas/Maggie! Yes Ma’am!  OLYMPIC 1519      E


438 The Man I Love/Coquette                                   COM 550                E+

439 Continental Blues/Face                       CONTINENTAL C6018   E(wol)

GEORGE HALL & his Hotel Taft Orch. (½” rim bite, nap)

440 I Never Saw a Better Night/When U R in my Arms  *BB 6016           E+

SLEEPY HALL’s Melody Boys

441 If I Can’t Have You/HARRINGTON & BERSCH w/Sleepy Hall’s

          Banjo: My Ohio Home                                       ViCan 216515    V/V+

  1. C. HANDY’s Orch.

442 Ole Miss Rag/Hooking Cow Blues                       CO A2420              E

HAPPY SIX (ident. on label only as “Jazz Band”)

443 Goodbye Sunshine, Hello Moon/Silver Water    LA BELLE 5093      E-

BOB HARING & his Orch.

444 Louise/Huggable Kissable You                             BR 4359                  E-

BYRON G. HARLAN & FRANK C. STANLEY (voc duet w/orch.)

445 Tramp, Tramp, Tramp/PEERLESS QUASRTET:

          Old Black Joe                                                     VI 16531                 E-


446 You Drink too Much/Baby Don’t You Tear my Clothes  *DE 7310   E+


447 Sing You Sinners                                                   HOW 1045           V+


448 The Call of the Freaks/Mouthful o’ Jam              VARSITY 6012      E-

449 Sing/This Is the Chorus of a Song                        VARSITY 6021      E+

TONI HARPER with Edie Beal Sextet

450 Candy Store Blues/Dolly’s Lullaby                       CO 38229               E+


451 One Morning in May/Oo-oo Ooh! Honey!           De F3954                E+

452 Did You Mean It?/The Man I Love                      VI 21116                 E+

IKE HATCH & his Harlem Stompers (London, 1935)

453 Some Other Time/Love’s Serenade         REGAL-ZONO MR1952    E+


454 Sheik of Araby/My Blue Heaven                          BB 10770                E

455 Drifting on a Reed/Flyin’ Hawk                   JOE DAVIS 8250           E-

456 Bean at the Met/I’m in the Mood for Love       KEYNOTE 610    E/E-


457 I’m Madly in Love with You/Miss Hallelujah Brown

                                             (Staff)BB 7810    E(tear at top of first side label)

458 Let this Be a Warning/Rockin’ Rollers’ Jubilee  (Staff)BB 7826     E/E-

459 Swing Out/Raid the Joint                                     BB 10224           E/E-

BILL HAWLEY & PUSS DONAHOO (Male voc duet with orch.)

460 Dolores/Lila                                                         VI 21383               E

EDGAR HAYES & his Orch./Quartet

461 Satan Takes a Holiday/High, Wide & Handsome   *DE 1382       V+/E

462 I Know Now/When You & I Were Young Maggie *DE 1509             E

463 Blue Skies/Sweetheart                                              DE 1684       E+/E


464 My Lover/I Like to Do Things for You                VI 22388                 E+

JOE HAYMES & his Orch. (2nd side is actually Roanes’ Pennsylvanians)

465 Get Cannibal/Cast your Sins Away                      VI 24353                 V+

MONK HAZEL & his Bienville Roof Orch.

466 Git-wit-it/Ideas                                                    BR 4182                  V

LUCILLE HEGAMIN & The Dixie Daisises

467 Saint Louis Gal/Sam Jones Blues       CAMEO 433     V+/E-(tiny rcnap)


468 St. Louis Shuffle/Variety Stomp (orig. issue these takes) BB 10246    E+

469 Pensacola/Nobody’s Rose                                    CO 532D                V+

470 Chinatown My Chinatown/Somebody Loves Me CO 2329D              V+

471 Keep a Song in your Soul/What Good Am I…     CO 2352D        V+/V

472 Tidal Wave/Down South Camp Meeting             DE 213                   E

473 Big John’s Special/Happy As the Day Is Long      DE 214                   E+

474 Shake your Feet(-A)/STEVENS’ TRIO: Along the Rainbow Trail

             ED 51276   V+/E-(rcnap)(considerable portions of labels torn away)

475 Linger Awhile(-A)/STEVENS’ TRIO: Teach Me How  ED 51277     E

476 Linger Awhile(-C)/STEVENS’ TRIO: Teach Me How

                                    ED 51277   E/E-(label wear at center hole both sides)

477 I’ll See You in my Dreams/Araby                         REGAL 9775 V+/E-

478 Wang Wang Blues/My Gal Sal                              VO 3360         V+/E-

JOE HERLIHY & his Orch.

479 Cornfed(-A)/B.A. ROLFE Orch: Sluefoot          ED 52059               E+

480 State & Madison(-B)/DUKE YELLMAN Orch:

          Light House Blues(-B) ED 52076  V+(2nd side label partially torn away)

481 Bye Bye Pretty Baby/DUKE YELLMAN: All my Life   ED 52098    E

482 Rolling around in Roses/DUKE YELLMAN: Roam On, my Little

          Gypsy Sweetheart                                              ED 52100               E+

MILT HERTH Trio/Quartet (Willie the Lion)

483 Bei Mir Bist du Schon/The Big Dipper                 DE 1612            E/E+

484 Shoot the Likker to Me John Boy/Egyptian Ella   DE 1868                 E+


485 On the Sunny Side of the St./The Man I Love     DeFr MU60512      E+

  1. C. HIGGINBOTHAM Quintet

486 Weary Land Blues/FRANK NEWTON: Daybreak Blues   BN 501     E-


487 If I Can’t Have You/You Can’t Believe my Eyes VI 22190         V+/E-


488 Boogie Woogie/Set ‘Em                                       DE 7604                 E


489 Beau-koo Jack/Everybody Loves my Baby           *BB 7040                E+

490 Good Little Bad Little You/Beau-koo Jack    (Staff)BB 7768             E+

491 A Monday Date/57 Varieties                                CO 2800D              E+

492 Glad Rag Doll (orig. 78 issue)/Rosetta       HMV(Swiss) JK2282         E/E-

ART HODES (Piano solos)

493 Selection from the Gutter/Organ Grinder Blues  COM 545               E-


494 That’s the Blues Old Man/Good Queen Bess       BB 11117                E

495 Things Ain’t What They Used to Be/Squaty Roo    BB 11447             E

496 It Shouldn’t Happen to a Dream/A Little Taste   MERCER 1951      E

497 Prelude to a Kiss/The Jeep Is Jumpin’                  VO 4386            E/E-

498 Dancing on the Stars/I’m in Another World        VO 4622                 E+

499 Skunk Hollow Blues/Tired Socks                         VO 5533                 E


500 Body & Soul/Them There Eyes                            CO 37836               E


501 Tiger Rag/JULIE WINTZ: The Man from the South  HAR 1092H    E

502 You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me(-1)/Livin’ in the

          Sunlight(-2)                                                       V-T 2149V              E-


BOB HOWARD & his Boys

503 Dapper Dan/Southern Casey Jones                      DE 1958           E-/E


504 Happy the Day/Sing Brothers (songs from 1932 London show,

          “Tell Her the Truth”)                                         CoE DB874            E+


505 I’m Feathering a Nest/The Bab-bab-babbling Brook  CO 1880D          E+

RICHARD HUEY’s Sundown Singers (pressing bump tics 7 gr 1st side)

506 Hurry Sundown/Blues Boogie Woogie                  DE 8656             E/E-

SPIKE HUGHES & his Dance Orch./Negro Orch.

507 Buddy’s Wednesday Outing/Long Night Scamper                            DeE F3089                               E-

508 Sweet Sue/How Come You Do Me Like You Do                            DeE F3972                               E+


509 Honey/My Dear                                                   VI 22024                 E+

EDDIE HUNTER-ALEX ROGERS (Black vaudeville team, 1923, acc.

Lucky Roberts, piano)

510 Bootleggers’ Ball/I’m Done                                  VI 19247                 E+


511 Blue Moon/U Name It                                         vMGM 11132         E

JOHN HYMAN’s Bayou Stompers (plays very well despite appearance)

512 Ain’t Love Grand/Alligator Blues                           VI 20593         V+/V

BUD JACKSON’s Swanee Serenaders (Fess Williams’ Orch)

513 Messin’ Around/Heebie Jeebies                            BrE 3351                E

CHUBBY JACKSON’s Septet/Sextet

514 Northwest Passage/Cryin’ Sands                          KEYNOTE 616     E

EARL JACKSON & his Musical Champions (Duke)

515 The Peanut Vendor/Is that Religion?

                                             MEL 12080   E-(small label abrasions first side)

PRESTON JACKSON & his New Orleans Band

516 Yancey’s Blues/That Funny Feeling                      VI 20-2146             E+

517 Snuff Dripping Woman/The Blus Stay with Me   VI 20-2306             E

ILLINOOIS JACQUET & his All-Stars/Orch.

518 Jacquet Mood/Robbins’ Nest                               APOLLO 769 E-/V+

519 Illinois Blows Blues/Uptown Boogie   MONOGRAM(Can) 138   E-/E

520 Riffin’ at 24th St./King Jacquet                            VI 20-2702    E(rcnap)

HARRY JAMES & his Orch.

521 Memphis Blues/Sleepy Time Gal                          CO 36713               E+

HARRY JANS & HAROLD WHALEN (Humorous dialogue)

522  WELL! Well! Well!/Couple Good Guys Gone Wrong  VI 21022         E+

JAZZ-BO’s Carolina Serenaders (Napoleon, Mole, et al)

523 Hot Lips/COUNTRY CLUB ORCH: Boardwalk Blues CAMEO 257  E


524 Snakes Hips(-C)/ERNEST STEVENS Dance Orch: Twilight on

          The Nile(-A)                                                      ED 51157               E

525 Funny Feet(-A)/KAPLAN’S MELODISTS: Down Among the

          Sleepy Hills of Tennessee(-A)                            ED 51161               E+

526 Long Lost Mama(-C)/BROADWAY DANCE ORCH (Lopez):

          Blue Hoosier Blues(-C)                                      ED 51165               E+

527 The Cat’s Whiskers(-A)/ATLANTIC DANCE ORCH:

          Oh! Harold(-C)                                                  ED 51168               V+

528 I Ain’t Never Had Nobody Crazy Over Me(-B)/ATLANTIC

          DANCE ORCH: Stella(-B)   ED 51171   E(label crease second side)

529 Henpecked Blues(-A)/KAPLAN’S MELODISTS:

          Papa Better Watch your Step(-B)                      ED 51172               E+

530 Henpecked Blues(-B)/KAPLAN’S MELODISTS:

          Papa Better Watch your Step(-C)                      ED 51172               E

531 Yes We Have no Bananas Blues(-C)/ATLANTIC DANCE ORCH:

          Ach! Louie!(-B)                                                  ED 51229               E

532 Salt your Sugar(-A)/Darktown Reveille(-B)         ED 51247         E-/E

533 I’m Goin’ South(-B)/BROADWAY DANCE ORCH (Lopez):

          An Orange Grove in California(-C)                   ED 51302               E


534 Because of You/Wait’ll It’s Moonlight                 PER 14465             E+

BUNK JOHNSON & Yerba Buena Jazz Band/Orig. Superior Band

535 2:19 Blues/Ace in the Hole                                  GTJ 34                    E+

536 Nobody’s Fault but Mine/When I Move to the Sky   GTJ 37              E+

537 Ory’s Creole Trombone/The Girls Go Crazy        GTJ 38                    E+

538 Careless Love/Down by the Riverside                  GTJ 63                    E+

539 Yes Lord I’m Crippled/WALLY ROSE: Hot House

          Rag                                                                    JAZZ MAN 17        E+

JAMES P. JOHNSON (Piano solos)

540 Snowy Morning Blues/PECK’S BAD BOYS: I Never

          Knew                                                                 ASCH 350-3           E

541 Blues for Fats/Blueberry Rhyme                           SIG 28105              E


542 You Turned the Table on M e/JACK SHILKRET:

          San Francisco                        REX(Eng) 8918   E(moderate label fade)

543 Thou Swell/My One &Only (Jack Teagarden’s first record session,

          no solos)                                                            VI 21113           E-/E

KEN “SNAKEHIPS” JOHNSON & his West Indian Orch.

544 Tuxedo Junction/Ida                                            HMV BD5576          E+


545 Tomorrow Night/What a Woman                        KING 4201    E+/E-

546 You’re Mine You/My My Baby                            KING 4278      E-/E

547 St. Louis Cyclone Blues/Sweet Woman…   (Lg red)OK 8512             V-

548 Careless Love/When You Fall for Someone … (Sm blk)OK 8635      V

549 (& Spencer Williams) It Feels So Good/Pt. 2    (Lg blk)OK 8664        V+

PETE JOHNSON (Piano solos)

550 Climbin’ & Screamin’/How Long-How Long   CIRCLE J1049   E+(wol)

ROBERT JOHNSON (10” x 78 rpm vinyl microgroove pressing produced

by Sony for 2019 Record Store Day. Reproduces original 1936 label & sleeve)

551 Terraplane Blues/Kind Hearted Woman Blues     VO 03416               E+



552 Yaaka Hula Hickey Doola/ANNA CHANDLER: You Can’t Get

          Along with ‘em or Without ‘em                         CO A1956              E-

JONES and COLLINS Astoria Hot Eight

553 Astoria Strut/Duet Stomp                              (Staff)BB 8168        E/E+

BILLY JONES & ERNEST HARE (The Happiness Boys)

554 What! No Spinach?/Lo-do-de-o                           CO 674D                E


555 Farewell Blues/Saw Mill River Road                    BR 2406                  E

556 Memphis Blues/Frankie & Johnny                        BrCan 2423        E/E-

557 Cotton Pickers’ Ball/My Sweetie’s Sweeter than That  BR 2548         E

558 Never Again/Unfortunate Blues                           BR 2577                  E+

559 It Had to Be You/After the Storm                       BrCan 2614             E+

560 Weepin’ the Blues/Pickin’ ‘Em Up…                  BR 2615                  E

561 Some Other Day, Some Other Girl/Get Lucky    BR 2678                  E

562 Riverboat Shuffle/Swanee Butterfly                     BrCan 2854             E-

563 Original Charleston/Sweet Man                           BrCan 2970             E-

564 Headin’ for Home/REGENT CLUB ORCH:

          I Never Knew                                                    BrCan 2979     V+/E-

565 What’ll You Do/Together We Two                      BrCan 3685             E-

566 Poor Butterfly/Down Among Sheltering Palms    BR 6338                  E-

567 China Boy/Sweet Sue-Just You                            *DE 443                 E+

568 Black Magic/The Blue Room                                *DE 493           E+/E

569 Blue Lament/Dallas Blues                      *DE 569   E(label tear first side)

570 Stompin’ at the Savoy/Melancholy Baby              *DE 754                 E

571 Tormented/I’ve Had the Blues So Long               *DE 770                 E-

572 Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia/One Little Word

          Led to Another                                                  VI 24099            E/E+

573 It Isn’t Fair/Good Luck, Sweetheart                    ViCan 24367   V+/E-

574 You’re my Past, Present & Future/Doin’ the Uptown

          Lowdown                                                           VI 24409         E-/V+

575 That Dallas Man/I Want You-I Need You       ViCan 24421   V+(rcnap)

576 Roll Out of Bed with a Smile/You’re OK            VI 24500           E+/E

577 Junk Man/There Goes my Heart                          VI 24519                 V+

578 Little Man You’ve Had a Busy Day/I’ve Got a Warm Spot in

          My Heart for You                                              ViCan 24633           E-

JULIA JONES acc. Perry Bradford (lightly audible 2” hair crack)

579 Deceitful Blues/Here’s your Opportunity             GENNETT 5233    V+

RICHARD M. JONES’ Three Jazz Wizards

580 Spanish Shawl/29th & Dearborn                (Lg red)OK 8260               V-


581 When you’re Smiling/Sweet Mama                       BR 4760          E-/V+

582 Cotton Club Stomp/Wall St. Wail        BR 4887   V+/V(mod label fade)

ART KAHN’s Orch. (Gene Kardos Orch.)

583 Forty-Second St./Shuffle off to Buffalo               CONQ 8115           E


584 Imagination/Crazy Rhythm                                  VI 21368                 E-

585 Give Me the Sunshine/SHILKRET: What’s the Reason  VI 21428     E+

MAX KAMINSKY & his Jazz Band

586 Eccentric/Guess Who’s in Town                          COM 560                E+

BERT KAPLAN & his Collegians

587 If I’d Only Believed in You/Little Spanish Town(w)   BELL 453          E-/E

GENE KARDOS & his Orch./Gene’s Merrymakers

588 Old Fashioned Love/Milenberg Joys                    BAN 32604             V+

589 San/China Boy                                                     *BB 6334                E+

590 Mean Music/DUKE: Bugle Call Rag                    HMV B6188           E+

591 Business in “F”/Business in “Q”                           OR 2467         E-/V+

592 High Society/Clarinet Marmalade                        PER 15667             E-

593 Saddle your Blues…/Like that Face You’re Wearing PER 6-04-08  E/E+

594 All You Want to Do Is Dance/Thunder in my Dreams PER 7-09-10   V+

595 Now’s Time to Fall I Love/Freddy the Freshman   ViCan 22866     E/E-

596 Alexander’s Ragtime Band/Glory                         VI 22920            E-/E

597 The Sun’s in my Heart/Sailin’ on the Robt. E. Lee   VI 22957            E-

JACK KAUFMAN & the 7 Blue Babies

598 That’s my Weakness Now(-A)/Butternut(-C)      ED 52364          E-/E

599 Nagasaki(-A)/It Goes Like This(-A)                     ED 52405               E+

AL KAVELIN & his Cascading Chords

600 Nola/Grateful                                                      OK 4930                 E-


601 An Ev’ning in Caroline/Why Did It Have to Be

          Me?                                        (“5-min. record”)HAR 6501H            E-

602 My Bluebird Was Caught in the Rain/When the Organ

          Played at Twilight(w)                                         V-T 2207V      E-/V+

WALTER C. KELLY (Humorous monologues)

603 Darky Stories/Irish Stories                                   VI 45255                 E

HAL KEMP & his Orch.

604 I’ve Got an Invitation to a Dance/One Little

          Kiss                                 BR 7323   E+(moderate label crease 2nd side)

605 I Can’t Get Started/That Moment of Moments   BR 7600                  E

606 Melancholy Lullaby/I Must Have One Moe Kiss  VI 26347 E(tiny  ecnap)

HERMAN KENIN’s Ambassador Hotel Orch.

607 Building a Nest for Mary/Kids Again                   ViCan 21991           E


608 The Peanut Vendor/Thermopolae                        CAP 15052             E-

CHARLIE KERR’s Orch. (Eddie Lang’s first record, prominent on banjo)

609 A Silver Canoe(-A)/Good Morning Dearie(-B)

                                    ED 51070    E+(second side label partially torn away)

CHARLES KING (Voc with orch.)

610 Happy Days Here Again /Love Ain’t Nothin’ but Blues  BR4615         E-

HENRY KING & his Orch.

611 Make Believe/Ol’ Man River                                *DE 801                 E-

THE KING’S JESTERS (Voc & instrumental quartet)

612 Yeah Man/After You’ve Gone                             *BB 5149                E

613 Shine/China Boy                                                  *BB 5184                E

JOHN KIRBY & his Orch.

614 Anitra’s Dance/Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes   OK 4890           E+

615 St. Louis Blues/No Blues at All                            VI  27926       E(rcnap)

ANDY KIRK & his Clouds of Joy

616 Blue Clarinet Stomp/Mess-a Stomp                     BR 4694          V+/E-

617 Better Luck Next Time/I Went to a Gypsy          *DE 1422         E+/E

618 Please Don’t Talk About Me…/Why Go on Pretending  DE 3033 E-/E

  1. KLEIN’s Orch. (Clover Dance Orch.)

619 Easy to Please/Yearning                                     MITCHELL 1038    V+


620 Charley My Boy/Pleasure Mad (Bechet tune)       BR 2667            E/E+

GENE KRUPA & his Orch./Chicago Jazz

621 Jam on Toast/Tutti Frutti                                    BR 8211                  E-

622 Dear Old Southland/Lemon Drop                       CoJap M368      E/E-

623 I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles/Walkin with Blues (DJ)vVI 20-3965     E+


624 Weary Blues/Ja-Da                                               BB 10086                E+

625 When You & I Were Young Maggie/Really he Blues   BB 10089         E+


626 Hawaiian War Chant/Always                               CAP 57-60001          E

627 (& Buddy Stewart) Perdido/Gussie G.                 KEYNOTE 657     E-

DONALD LAMBERT (Piano solos)

628 Anitra’s Dance/Elegie                                          BB 11053                E


629 Bugle Call Rag/EARL HINES: 57 Varieties        PaE R510               E+

630 Feelin’ my Way/Pickin’ my Way                          PaE R2565             E+

SAM LANIN Orch./Red Heads/Famous Players

631 Lady Luck/A Little Kiss Each Morning      CHAMPION 15861         E-

632 Gonna Hang Around my Sugar/Five Foot Two   CO 483D                E-

633 Who Cares/Ivy                                                     FEDERAL 5244     E

634 Love Letters in the Sand                                       HOW K3                E

635 Wedding of Painted Doll/Dance of Paper Dolls   IMP(E) 2079          E+

NICK LaROCCA & The Orig. Dixieland Jazz Band

636 Who Loves You?/Did You Mean It?                    VI 25420           E/E-

637 Fidgety Feet/RONNIE MUNRO: Vieni Vieni    VI 25668          E(sol)

BRIAN LAWRANCE & his Quartet (London, 1938)

638 Ain’t She Sweet?/Nobody’s Sweetheart      PANACHORD 25723     E

GERTRUDE LAWRENCE (& Jack Buchanan, 2nd side)

639 Carrie/A Cup of Coffee, a Sandwich & You        CO 512D                E


640 Too Many Times/Stumbling                                 SIG 28107              E

LENZBERG Midnight Frolic Orch .

641 Virginia Blues/Boo Hoo Hoo                            PURITAN 11107  E/E-

HAROLD LEONARD & his Waldorf Astoria Orch. (Lively instrumenals)

642 Kentucky’s Way of Sayin’ Good Morning /Dinah    BR 3000              E+

LESTER (L. P. Bivins) (voc & guitar)

643 Texas Blues/Maybe Next Week Some Time         DE 5591                   E

LOUIS LEVY & The Gaumont British Symphony

644 “Gold Diggers of 1937” Selection/Pt. 2               CoE FB1699           E+

GEORGE LEWIS & his New Orleans Music

645 Mama Don’t Allow/Willie the Weeper                 GTJ 15                    E+

646 Burgundy St. Blues/Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula       GTJ 16              E/E+


647 Boogie Woogie Payer/Part 2                                VO 4606                 E

TED LEWIS & his Band

648 New St. Louis Blues/My Mamma’s in Town         CO 697D                E-

649 I Can’t Get Over a Girl Like You/LEO REISMAN Orch:

          For my Sweetheart                                             CO 754D                E+

650 Hello Montreal!/Laugh! Clown! Laugh!                CO 1346D        E/E+

651 Medicine Man for Blues/Wouldn’t It Be Wonderful  (Sil)CO 1882D   E

652 Sweet Sue/A Shanty in Old Shanty Town  (Blue label)CO 2652D  E-/V+


653 Over 6 min. in length, the aviator provides a narrative of his trans-

       Atlantic flight. Single-sided 8” square cardboard disc produced in 1927

       has legend on reverse and shows flight map and image of the Spirit of St.

       Louis. Disc has some surface fractures within the square border, has a

       rough start and hangs up in two places.

                                                 ELECTROPHONE RECORD CORP.     V

MONIA LITER (Piano solos)

654 Alexander’s Ragtime Band/Dinah                        BrE 01814              E+


655 Black Rat Swing/MEMPHIS MINNIE: Looking the World

          Over                                                                  OK 6707           E-/V+


656 Sweetheart Swing/Sills Stomp                              *BB 6288           E(wol)

GUY LOMBARDO & his Royal Canadians

657 Love Me or Leave Me/I’m Still Caring                 CO 1782D             V+

658 A Cottage for Sale/Without You Emaline           CO 2156D              E-

659 By the River Ste. Marie/Running Between Raindrops  CO 2401D      E+

LONDON DANCE ORCH. (Scarce early 20s Ross Stores label depicting

ocean liner has a nice label appearance)

660 Wild Flower/Bambalina                                     MAJESTIC 1432       V

LOUISVILLE MASTER PLAYERS (Grey Gull studio both sides)

661 Just You Honey/SAVOY DANCE ORCH: You’re Always in my

          Arms                                                        VAN DYKE 71798    E-/E

ED LOWRY (Voc with orch.)

662 That’s How I Feel About You/I Want a “Yes” Girl   CO 1710D          E+

NICK LUCAS (Guitar solos with piano)

663 Pickin’ the Guitar/Teasing the Frets                    BR 2536                  E-

LULU BELLE & SCOTTY (Picture disc)

664 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You/I Get a Kick

          Out of Corn                                                       VOGUE R719          V+


665 White Heat/Jazznocracy                                       BB 5713            E-/E

ABE LYMAN & his Ambassador Hotel/California Orch.

666 Before You Go/Weary Weazel                             BR 2504          V+/E-

667 Rise ‘n’ Shine/Turn Out the Light                        BR 6444            E-/E


668 Jazz Baby/IRVING & JACK KAUFMAN: I Ain’t’en Got’ten No

          Time to Have the Blues                                     CO A2745              E

AL LYNN’s Music Masters (Nichols solos both sides)

669 At Sundown(-A)/Me & My Shadow(-B)              ED 52086          E/E+

MANHATTAN MUSICIANS (Original Indiana Five)

670 Can You Picture That/JOS. ELLIOTT & SAM’L SPENCER:

          Where Do You Work-a John     NATL MUSIC LOVERS 1187     E+


671 Painting the Clouds with Sunshine(-A)/ARTHUR FIELDS & his

          Windjammers: Bluer than You                         SUPREME 1781    E-


672 Let’s Break the Good News/Mannone Blues  (Staff)BB 7633      E-/V+

673 Cat’s Head/Sadness Will Be Gladness                  CO 14282D          E-

674 Isle of Crapri (mx. 17005-2, non-vocal version unissued on 78)

                                                                                  (11”)vCO TEST      E+

675 I Believe in Miracles (mx. 17006-2, non-vocal version unissued

          on 78)                                                              (11”)vCO TEST       E

676 My Honey’s Lovin’ Arms/When My Sugar…       HMV B9313  E+(sol)

677 I Believe in Miracles/Isle of Capri                        VO 2913                E

678 I’m in Love All Over Again/You’re an Angel       VO 2933                 E-

679 Black Coffee/Every Little Moment                      VO 2963                 E+

680 Love & Kisses/A Little Door, a Little Lock…     VO 2989                 E-

681 From the Top of your Head/Takes Two to Make a Bargain VO 3023  E-

682 You Are my Lucky Star/Got a Fellin’ You’re Foolin’   VO 3070          E+

683 I’ve Got a Note(-3)/Every Now & Then             VO 3071                 E

684 Rhythm in my Nursery Rhymes/The Broken Record   VO 3158          E

685 Is It True What they Say about Dixie?/Goody Goody  VO 3191        E+

686 Shoe Shine Boy/West Wind                                 VO 3192                 E


687 Sweet Emalina, My Gal/EARL FULLER’s Orch:

          While the Incense is Burning                              VI 18450                 E-


688 Brand New Picture in Picture Frame/So Help Me   BB(Can) 7700     E+


689 From Midnight Till Dawn/CRECENT TRIO (Male trio):

          Bungalow of Dreams                                          ViCan 21230           E+

690 Think of Me Thinking of You/Golden Gate        VI 21427                 E+

JERRY MASON & his Californians (Ted Wallace)

691 Sweet Jennie Lee!/Roamin’ thru the Roses           V-T 2228V  E-(ecnap)

CLYDE McCOY & his Orch.

692 Some of these Days/In Cool of the Night(w) (Blue wax)CO 2801D E-/E

693 Tear It Down/Sugar Blues                                    *DE 381         E-/V+

HELEN McDONALD acc. Lem Fowler

694 Squawkin’ the Blues/You Got Ev’rything a Sweet Mama Needs

          But Me                                                               GENNETT 5193   V+


695 I Can’t Believe that You’re in Love with Me/JOE VENUTI:

          Little Girl                                                          PaE R1003        E/E-


696 I’d Love It/Peggy                                                 BB 10706                E+

697 Milenberg Joys/I Want a Little Girl                      BB 10954                E+

698 If I Could Be with You/Zonky                             VI V38118              E


699 I Can’t Realize You Love Me/I’m So in Love with You HAR 1377H  V+

MEMPHIS STOMPERS (center hole chip 2nd side, nap)

700 Washington & Lee Swing/Yea Alabama               VI 21709                 V+


701 Early Spring/Local 802 Blues                               CAP 1550         E+/E


702 Comin’ on with the Come On/Part 2                   BB 10085                E+

703 (& Bechet) Out of the Galleon/Ole Miss        KING JAZZ 142   V+/E-

704 (& Bechet) House Party/Blood on the Moon  KING JAZZ 143         E

705 Mutiny in the Parlor/The Panic Is On            MONT-WARD 4999    E

706 (& Ladnier) Royal Garden Blues/If You See Me Comin’  SWING 57   E

707 Revolutionary Blues/(& Ladnier)Gettin’ Together   SWING 78      E+/E

708 Blues in Disguise/That’s How I Feel Today          VI 25636            E-/E

LIZZIE MILES acc. Jelly Roll Morton

709 I Hate a Man Like You/Don’t Tell Me Nothin About

          My Man                                                             VI V38571              V

JACK MILLER acc. The New Englanders

710 Deep Night/From Sunrise to Sunset                    HAR 898H             V+

JOHNNIE MILLER’s New Orleans Frolickers

711 Dipper Mouth Blues/Panama                               CO 1546D              V+


712 The Stuff Is Here/The Growl    *BB 5688   E/E+(edge chip 2 gr first

          side, not in music)

713 Dancing Dogs/Brown Sugar Mine                  (Blue wax)CO 3044D     E-

714 Jes’ Natch’ully Lazy/Everything Is Still OK            CO 3134D           E+

715 St. Louis Wiggle Rhythm/Red Rhythm                   CO 3135D           E-

716 Minnie the Moocher/Heebie Jeebies                       VI 22763               E-


717 Double Check Stomp(-2)/Sweet Mama(-1)         V-T 7088V              E-

MISSOURI JAZZ BAND (Adrian Schubert)

718 Horses(-2)/I’ve Got those Charleston Blues(-3)  DOMINO 3696         E-

MIFF MOLE’s Molers

719 Birmingham Bertha/Moanin’ Low             (Lg blk)OK 41273             V+

720 Feelin’ No Pain/The New Twister                        VO 3074                 E

721 Love and Learn/I Can’t Break the Habit of You  VO 3468                 E+



722 I Cover the Waterfront/Moody’s Mode               ROOST 534      E-/E


723 Laughin’ Cryin’ Blues/Starvin’ for Love     BLACK SWAN 14140    V+

724 That Chicago Wiggle/He’ll Do You Wrong

                                   CO 14121D   V+(1” rim bite well away from grooves)


725 You’re my Baby/GLANTZ: I Miss my Swiss  EVERYBODYS 1067  E


726 Oiental Nocturne/Ku-li-a                                    BR 8142                  E


727 Mean to Me/Who Cars What You Have Been?    VI 21930                 E+

THOMAS MORRIS & his Seven Hot Babies

728 P.D.Q. Blues/Blues from the Everglades              VI 20330                 E-

LEE MORSE & her Blue Grass Boys

729 I’m Lonely/In the Sing Song Sycamore Tree         CO 1381D              E


730 Beale St. Blues/The Pearls                                   BILTMORE 1077    E-

731 Shreveport/Shoe Shiner’s Drag                            *BB 5707                E+

732 Red Hot Pepper/Mournful Serenade                    *BB 6601                E+

733 Kansas City Stomps/New Orleans Bump     (Staff)BB 7757                E+

734 The Chant/Black Bottom Stomp                          BB 10253               E+

735 Grandpa’s Spells/Kansas City Stomp             GENNETT 5218  V(rcnap)

736 High Society/I Yhought I Heard Buddy Bolden   HMV B9216           E

737 Winin’ Boy Blues/Oh Didn’t He Ramble             HMV B9217           E+

738 Ballin’ the Jack/Don’t You Leave Me Here          HMV B9218          E+

739 West End Blues/Climax Rag                                HMV B9219           E+

740 Mournful Serenade/Georgia Swing                       HMV B9221           E+

741 London Blues/Someday Sweetheart                     HJCA 4                   E+

742 Gambling Jack/Crazy Chords                               HJCA 68                 E

743 London Blues/EZRA HOWLETT SHELTON (Piano solo):

          Dearest Darling                                                 REISSUE 3             E

744 Black Bottom Stomp/The Chant                          VI 20221                 E

745 Doctor Jazz/DIXIELAND JUG BLOWERS: Memphis

          Shake                                                                 VI 20415                 E+

746 Seattle Hunch/Freakish                                        ViCan 27565           E

TOMMY MORTON’S Orch./Grangers (*feat. Original Indiana Five)

747 Broadway Baby Dolls*/GOLDEN GATE ORCH: Wishing &

          Waiting for Love                                               HAR 937H             E

748 How Could Red Riding Hood/MAYFLOWER D. O. (Bar Harbor):

          Yours                                                                 PER 14725             E-

749 Anything to Hold your Baby*/Birmingham Bertha*   V-T 1930V          E

BOB MOSELY & All-Stars (Lucky Thompson, Mingus, et al)

750 Voot Rhythm/Baggin’ the Boogie                      BEL-TONE J751      E

MIKE MOSIELLO & his Hot Peppers

751 In Wishing Land with You/HARMONY TRIO (Sanella):

          A Shady Tree                                                GREY GULL 1475     V

BENNIE MOTEN & his Kansas City Orch.

752 New Vine St. Blues/Band Box Shuffle                 *BB 6710                E+

753 The Count/FRANK TANNER: Death in B Flat   *BB 6719        E+/E

754 12th Street Rag/Baby Dear     VI 20946    E-(repaired edge chip sounds

          faintly for first few grooves first side)

755 Get Low-down Blkues/Kansas City Breakdown   VI 21693                 V


756 San/Red Hot                                                        BR 2602                  E+

757 What Do I Care What Somebody Said/Nervous Puppies  BR 3484      E-

758 I’m Shooting High/I’ve Got my Fingers Crossed   CHAMP 40076     E+


759 Pickin’ Cotton/I’m on the Crest of a Wave         DIVA 2686G          E-


760 The Cat(-A)/DON VOORHEES’ Earl Carroll Vanities Orch:

          Pardon the Glove(-C)                                        ED 51962               E+

761 La Lo La(-B)/DON VOORHEES Orch: I’ll Always Remember

          You(-C)                                                             ED 51997          E/E+

JOEY NASH (Rare item by the ex-Richard Himber vocalist on obscure

postwar label that’s noted as being a product of Louis Prima Enterprises)

762 It Isn’t Fair/If I Forget You                             HAPPINESS  H105    E

OZZIE NELSON & his Orch.

763 Streamline Strut/True What they Say About Dixie? (Sil)BR 7651       E+

ROMEO NELSON (Piano solo)

764 Head Rag Hop/MONTANA TAYLOR (Piano solo): Indiana

          Avenue Stomp                                                   VoE V1011             E-NEW ORLEANS BOOTBLACKS (Johnny Dodds, et al)

765 Mixed Salad/I Can’t Say                                       HJCA 31                 E+

NEW ORLEANS FIVE (Orig. Indiana Five)

766 Memphis Blues/Some of these Days                     ROMEO 371          E


767 She’s Crying for Me/Everybody Loves Somebody     BB 10956 E+(wol)

768 Maple Leaf Rag/Clarinet Marmalade                    BrE 02209              E

769 Weary Blues/Wolverine Blues                    GENNETT 5102    V(rcnaps)


770 Aggravatin’ Papa/HOLLYWOOD DANCE ORCH (Glantz):

          You’ve Got to See Mamma Ev’ry Night            PATHE 020902      V+


771 Crazy People/Who, Beside Me?                            VI 24009           V+/E

RED NICHOLS & his Orch.

772 Tears from my Inkwell/Never Knew Heaven Could Speak  BB 10200 V+

773 Wail of the Winds/Davenport Blues                    BB 10408                E-



774 You’re Mine You/Tony’s Wife                             CoE DB1135          E+

  1. M. L. SYNCOPATORS (Emerson Dance Orch.)

775 Broadway Charleston/MANHATTAN MUSICIANS (Emerson studio):

          Charleston Love                                                NML 1142  E+(ecnap)

RAY NOBLE & HIS Orch. (*Al Bowlly)

776 Might as Well Be Spring/Full Moon & Empty Arms   CO 36893          E+

777 Paris in Spring*/Bon Jour Mem’selle*                   ViCan 25040     E-/E

JIMMIE NOONE Trio/Apex Club Orch.

778 They’ve Got my Number Now/Moody Melody    BB 8609            E/E+

779 Every Evening/Four or Five Times                      VO 1185           E/E-

780 Chicago Rhythm/I’ve Got a Misery                      VO 1267                 V+

781 So Sweet/Virginia Lee                                          VO 1518           V+/V

782 Little White Lies/Moonlight on the Colorado      VO 1531                 V

FLOYD O’BRIEN’s State St. Seven

783 Royal Reserve Blues/Carolina in the Morning      JUMP 4                   E

  1. K. RHYTHM KINGS (Casa Loma Orch.)

784 Royal Garden Blues/JAMES P. JOHNSON: Riffs    PaE R1072          E+

WALTER O’KEEFE (needle drop tics 2 grooves second side)

785 The Man on the Flying Trapeze/Part 2                 VI 24172                 E

OLD SOUTHERN JUG BAND (Clifford Hayes, et al)

786 Hatchet Head Blues/Blues, Just Blues               VO 14958  E(tiny ecnap)


787 Jazzin’ Babies Blues/ORIG. TUXEDO ORCH:

          Tuxedo Rag                                                       BILTMORE 1051   E+

788 Buddy’s Habits/Tears                                           BILTMORE 1056   E+

789 What You Want Me to Do/Too Late             (Staff)BB 7242       E/V+

790 The Trumpet’s Prayer/Call of the Freaks        (Staff)BB 7705             E+

791 Farewell Blues/Sobbin’ Blues                               BR 3741                  V

792 Alligator Hop/Krooked Blues                             CENTURY 3008     E

793 Dipper Mouth Blues/Canal St. Blues             DeE BM02200   E+(ecnap)

794 Mandy Lee Blues/I’m Going Away…                   DeE BM02201          E+

795 Weather Bird Rag/Just Gone                                DeE 02202             E+

796 Riverside Blues/Mabel’s Dream                     DeE BM03575  E+(ecnap)

797 Someday Sweetheart/Dead Man Blues                 VO 1059                 V

798 West End Blues/Tin Roof Blues                 VO 1189  E-(light label fade)

GEORGE OLSEN & his Music

799 Bye Bye Blackbird/What’s the Use of Talking      VI 20089                 E

800 Blue Baby/NAT SHILKRET: Where Is my Meyer?   VI 21025           E+

801 Ten Little Miles from Town/Driftwood               VI 21589                 E+

802 Shy Little Violets/SHILKRET: A Night of Memories   VI 21819         E+

803 When the World Is at Rest/In a Little Town Called Home VI 21846   E+

OLYMPIC DANCE ORCH. (Original Indiana Five)

804 Someone Waits for Me/BIG CITY SIX (Grey Gull studio):

          Everything’s Going to Be All Right           GREY GULL 1334    E-/E

ORIGINAL DIXIE RAG PICKERS (Emerson studio band)

805 Strut your Jones(-A)/METROPOLITAN DANCE ORCH (Glantz):

          Cecelia                                                                    GLOBE 1296    V+


806 Drop a Nickel in the Slot/Jezebel                         (Staff)BB 7454        E/E+

807 oooOO-OH Boom!/Please Be Kind                     (Staff)BB 7442   E-/E

808 Good Night, Sweet Dreams/In my Little Red Book (Staff)BB 7444     E

809 Skeleton Jangle/Tiger Rag                                    HMV B8642           E

810 O. D. One-Step/Barnyard Blues                           VI 25502                 E

811 Bluin’ the Blues/Clarinet Marmalade                    VI 25525                 E


812 Some of these Days(-2)/HOLLYWOOD DANCE ORCH (Schubert):

          In a Shady Nook by a Babbling Brook               APEX 8640      E-/E

813 Indiana Shuffle/Coffee Pot Blues                         BAN 1931       V+/E-

814 Some of these Days(-3)/SAM LANIN: Who-oo? You-oo,

          That’s Who!                                                       BAN 6066             V+

815 Rarin’ to Go/MISSOURI JAZZ BAND (Willard Robison):

          12th Street Rag                                                   BAN 6031       V+/V-

816 My Baby Knows How/Heebie Jeebies                  BELL 456               E

817 St. Louis Blues(-2)/Thrown Down Blues(-1)        BELL 490         E-/E

818 Memphis Blues/Hot Stuff                                    BELL 500         E-/E

819 Hard to Get Gertie/Pensacola                              CAMEO 934          E+

820 Gettin’ the Blues/CALIF. MELODY SYNCOPATORS:

          Don’t Take that Black Bottom Away         EMERSON 3070   E(rcnap)

821 Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now/Seminola           GENNETT 3060    E

822 Two Tired Eyes/BAILEY’S LUCKY SEVEN: If I Had a

          Girl Like You                                                     GENNETT 3093 E-

823 I’m Goin’ Out If Lizzie Comes In/RED SANDERS Orch:

          On the Bam Bam Bamy Shore                            GENNETT 3148    E-

824 Pretty Puppy/ HAPPY COLLEGIANS (Glantz):

          Feelin’ Kind ‘o Blue                                           GENNETT 3153   E-

825 Everybody Stomp/JACK STILLMAN’s Orioles:

          Any Blues                                                      GENNETT 3181    E/E-

826 Everybody Stomp/I’m Gonna Hang Around my Sugar  HAR 47H    E+

827 Deep Henderson/Spanish Mama                          HAR 217H             E-828 Hangin’ Around(-2)/Florida Low Down(-2)            HAR 267H                          E-

829 Stockholm Stomp/The Chant                              HAR 387H             E-

830 Junkman’s Dream/What Can a Poor Fellow Do  HAR 632H             E+

831 Cow Bell Blues/MUSIC LOVER’S DANCE ORCH (Bill Perry):

          High, High, High Up in the Hills                       NML 1191              V

832 Oh Boy What a Girl!/Indiana Stomp  OK 40456  E-(1/2” rim bite, nap)

833 Tin Roof Blues/St. Louis Gal                               PATHE 036019  E/E-

834 I’d Rather Be Alone/PHIL HUGHES’ High Hatters (Bill Wirges):

          Thanks for the Buggy Ride                                 PATHE 36377        E-

835 Mean Mean Mama/Stavin’ Change PER 14173 E/E+sm lbl tear 1st side)

836 Too Bad/Sittin’ Around                                       PER 14601             E-

837 Struttin’ Jerry(-2)/LUCKY TEN ENTERTAINERS (Al Lynch):

          You Don’t Like It-Not Much                            REGAL 8354         E

838 Light House Blues/IMPERIAL DANCE ORCH: (Willard Robison):

          12th Street Rag                                                   REGAL 8358   E-/V+

839 Nobody’s Sweetheart(-A)/Where Will I Be?(-B)  ROMEO 577         V+

840 Oh Boy What a Girl/HAPPY COLLEGIANS (Glantz):

          Oh Lovey Be Mine                                        SILVERTONE 4003    E

841 I’m Coming Virginia/Someday Sweetheart           V-T 1501V              E-

ORIGINAL JAZZ HOUNDS (Perry Bradford, et al)

842 I Ain’t Gonn Play No Second Fiddle/Slow Down     CO 14094D       E-


843 Sister Kate/Pacific Coast Blues      ARTO 9153  E-/E(faint inaud 1” hc)

844 Sister Kate(-1)/ROY COLLINS Orch (Selvin): Chicago  BAN 1104   E-

845 Bee’s Knees(2)/Stop Your Kiddin’(-3)                 BAN 1132               V

846 Your Mama’s Gonna Slow your Down/Steppin’ Out(-1) BELL P262  E

847 Lonesome Mama Blues(-2)/Those Longing for You

           Blues(-2)                                                BROADWAY 11129       V+/E-

848 Pickles/LANIN: Yes We Have No Bananas         CO A3924              E-

849 Walk Jenny Walk/Last Night on the Back Porch (Flag)CO 7D     E+/E

850 St. Louis Gal/Shufflin’ Mose                                (Flag)CO 50D         E

851 Sioux City Sue/The Grass Is Always Greener       (Flag)CO 186D       E

852 Jelly Roll Blues(-A)/A Bunch of Blues(-C)           ED 51246               E+

853 Jelly Roll Blues(-C)/A Bunch of Blues(-A)           ED 51246               E

854 Mindin’ my Business(-1)/Lot’s o’ Mama              EMERSON 10725    V

855 My Papa Doesn’t Two-Time No Time/HIGH SOCIETY SEVEN:

          Hula Lou                                                        GREY GULL 1206   V+

856 Sister Kate/Got to Cool my Doggies Now        PATHE 020825   V+/E-

857 Farewell Blues/NEW SYNCO JAZZ BAND: Liza

                            PATHE 020920  E-/V+(label wear at center hole first side)

858 That Red Head Gal/I Never Miss the Sunshine  PATHE 020939  V+/E-

859 Just Hot!/NEW SYNCO J. B.: Red Hot!        PATHE 036061   V(ecnap)

860 Africa/Superstitious Blues                               PATHE 036117           E-

861 He May Be your Man…/Stop your Kidding         PER 14067             E-

862 Four O’Clock Blues/NEW SYNCO JAZZ BAND:

          Whoa Tillie Take your Time                              PER 14087             V

863 Blue Grass Blues/Sioux City Sue                          PER 14253             V+

864 Oh Baby/I Never Care ‘Bout Tomorrow As Long As I’m Happy

          Today                     PER 14276    E+(needle runs on second side label)

865 How Come you Do Me/Somebody Stole my Gal   PER 14322           E

866 Thais Meditation/PEPPY BOYS: Italian Rose        PER 14389     E+/E

867 Stop Your Kiddin’(-2)/Bee’s Knees(-1)

                                             REGAL 9395    E/E-(moderate label abrasions)

868 Teasin’ Squeezin’ Man o’ Mine(-1)/Sad News Blues(-1) REGAL 9543  E-

869 Steppin’ Out(-2)/Dancing Dan(-2)                         REGAL 9583    E/E-

870 Lovey Came Back/Mama Gonna Slow you Down   REGAL 9588 V+/E-

871 Big Boy(-2)/SAM LANIN: It Had to Be You          REGAL 9656 E-/V+

872 I’m Going Away to Wear You off my Mind/MAJESTIC D. O.:

          Parade of the Wooden Soldiers                         TRIANGLE 11141   E-

873 Who’s Sorry Now?/Snakes Hips                              VI 19052              E-

874 Tin Roof Blues/I’ve Got a Song for Sale                  VI 19170             E+

875 How Come You Do Me Like You Do/Meanest Blues  VI 19480          E+

ORIGINAL ZENITH BRASS BAND (Kid Howard, George Lewis, et al)

876 Bugle Boy March/Tain’t Nobody’s Biz-ness         CIRCLE J1006                      E+

877 Fidgety Feet/Shake It & Break It                          CIRCLE J1007        E+

KID ORY’s Creole Jazz Band

878 Maryland/Oh Didn’t He Ramble                           vJAZZ MAN 23    E-

GLENN OSWALD’s Serenaders


          Show Me the Way to Go Home                         VI 19809                 E-

DON PABLO & his Orch. (Obscure postwar Owosso, MI label with

female voc. First side also has recitation by Edgar A. Guest)

880 My Sin/I Kissed You First                                    VARGO 801     V/V+


881 Main Street/Sunny Jungle                                     vCIRCLE R3004   E+

882 Gee Baby Ain’t I Good to You/The Lady in Bed CONT C6002          E+

883 Big “D”Blues/It Ain’t Like That                           CONT C6003  E+/E

MILT PAGE Trio feat. Oscar Pettiford

884 It’s only a Paper Moon/Soda Pop                         MANOR 1000          E


885 Starlight/(same both sides)          ARC “THEATRE USE” F-135    E/E-


886 Honey Bunch/Lonesome and Sorry                      PARA 20457          E-

TONY PARENTI Liberty Syncopators/Musicians

887 New Crazy Blues/Up Jumped the Devil               CO 836D                V

888 African Echoes/Weary Blues   CO 1264D   V+/V(1/2” rim bite not

          into grooves, 2” inaud lam second side)

TINY PARHAM & his Musicians

889 Dixieland Doin’s/Cathedral Blues                        VI V38111       E-/E


890 A Night in Tunisia/Ornithology                           DIAL 1002             E-

891 Stella by Starlight/Lover                                      vMER 1089            V+

892 Ko Ko/DON BYAS: How High the Moon     REGAL(Can) 5853     E

893 Ko Ko/DON BYAS: How High the Moon          SAVOY 597            E-

894 Buzzy/Donna Lee                                                 SAVOY 652            E-

HARRY PARRY & his Sextet/Ragtimers (London, 1949)

895 I’m a Ding Dong Daddy/Bugle Call Rag               Pa R3209                E+

TONY PASTOR & his Orch.

896 Gonna Get a Girl/Your Red Wagon                    CO 37973         E+/E

MISS PATRICOLA with The Virginians


          You’ve Got to See Mamma Ev’ry Night            VI 19027                 E


898 Betty Co-ed/Give Yourself a Pat on the Back   CHAMP 15041    V+/E-

JACK PAYNE & his B.B.C. Dance Orch./Band (London, 1930-32)

899 Choo Choo/On a Little Balcony in Spain             CoE CB228            E

900 Give Yourself Pat on Back/Old Spanish Custom   CoE 5739             E

901 Hot Coffee/Back Again          (Payne picture label)IMP(Eng) 2677    E-

SID PELTYN Orch. (Tom Berwick Orch.)

902 Hot Dogs & Sarsaparilla/Freckle Face You’re Beautiful

                                                                      *BB 5528    V+(small label ears)


903 That Bran’ New Gal o’ Mine/Lovey Came Back  EMERSON 10688   E-


904 Feelin’ Good(-B)/Rain or Shine(-B)                     ED 52232               E

905 Old Man Sunshine(-B)/If You Don’t Love Me(-B)  ED 52363           E+

906 I’m Sorry Sally(-B)/Think of Me…(-B)                ED 522442     E+(wol)


907 Somebody’s Making a Fuss over Somebody/ERNIE NOBLE Orch

          (Tommy Gott): Button up your Overcoat   CROWN(Can) 81008   E

908 Where Will I Be?/ROSE ROOM CLUB ORCH (Lou Gold):

          My Mother’s Eye                        CROWN(Can) 81017      E+/E(rcnap)


909 Bright Star Blues/Ghost of Blues  (Flag)CO 99D  V+(1/4” rim bite, nap)

910 Mamma’s Gone Goodbye/New Orleans Wiggle   VI 19233                 E-

911 Do Doodle Oom/West Indies Blues                     VI 19255                 E-

912 Do Just as I Say/Red Man Blues                           VI 19646                 V+

PLANTATION JAZZ ORCH. dir. Harry Raderman

913 Make the Trombone Laugh(-3/Dardanella(-2)     EMERSON 10131   E-


914 Parker’s Mood/After I Say I’m Sorry                    PRESTIGE 880     E-


915 Cuddle Up a Little Closer/Alice Blue Gown        *DE 1546               E+

916 He’s the Last Word/GEORGE OLSEN: Sam, the Old

          Accordion Man                                                  VI 20425                 E+

917 Waitin’ for Katy/Memphis Blues                          VI 21184                 E

918 Buy, But for Baby/She’s One Sweet Show Girl   ViCan 21743           E

MURIEL POLLOCK (Piano solos)

919 Japansy/Lip-stick(-K)     ED 52267   E+(clear tape label repair first side)

BOB POPE & his Orch.

920 There’s a Small Hotel/On your Toes  *BB 6453  V+(lbl wear at ctr hole)


921 Bring Back those Rock-a-bye Baby Days/My Best Girl    VI 19465     E+

922 Swanee Butterfly/Isn’t She the Sweetest  Thing     VI 19654               E-

LOUIS PRIMA & his New Orleans Gang/Band

923 Sweet Sue-Just You/I Love You Truly                 BR 7596                  E+

924 Doin’ the Serpentine/Why Should I Pretend?      DE 1953                 E


925 If I Had You/That’s the Good Old Sunny South    BR 4230               E+


926 I Found a New Baby/Limehouse Blues                 DE 23021         E+/E

927 Sweet Georgia Brown/Souvenirs                          DE 23065        E-/E+

RADIO STARS (Grey Gull studio band)

928 Painting the Clouds with Sunshine(-B)/BIG TOWN JAZZERS (Arthur

          Fields): Bluer than You                               VAN DYKE 71781    E-/E

JAN RALFINI & his Band (London, 1931)

929 Blue Lagoon/We All Go Ooh! Ha! Ha! Together  STERNO 625          E

TEDDY RAPH & his Orch. (Smith Ballew vocs)

930 Dream a Little Dream of Me/Everything that’s Nice…  CO 2450D   E-


931 Empty Arms/All the World is Lonely                   CO 14265D            E+

THE RED HEADS (Nichols, Mole)

932 Hi-diddle-diddle/SAM LANIN: Where’d You Get those

          Eyes?                                                            APEX(Can) 752     E-/V+

RED HOT SYNCOPATORS (Orig. Indiana Five)

933 Jackass Blues/Getting’ the Blues                           BELL 445       V+/E-

DON REDMAN & his Orch.

934 You Ain’t Nowhere/About Rip Van Winkle        BB 10615                E

REGAL JAZZ SYNCOPATORS (dir. Harry Raderman)

935 Moonlight/GOTHAM;S FAVORITES (Lanin):

          Rebecca                       REGAL 934   V+(tear at top of first side label)

LEO REISMAN & his Orch.

936 It’s De-lovely/You’ve Got Something     BR 7753  E(label tear first side)

937 Bye Bye Blackbird/I May Be Dancing…               CO 653D        E/E+

938 Red Lips-Kiss my Blues Away/Collette                CO 973D          E-/E

939 Music from “The Cat & the Fiddle”

                                   (Single-sided 33 rpm)RCA PROG TRAN L16905    E-

940 Moanin’ Low/Ain’t Misbehavin’                          VI 22047                 E

941 If Love Were All/I’ll See you Again(w)                VI 22246                 E-

942 Take It from Me(Lee Wiley voc)/It’s the Girl!     VI 22757            V/V+

943 Drums in my Heart/Kinda Like You                    ViCan 22915           E


944 Everybody Loves You/SHILKRET: My Inspiration   VI 21811          E+

HARRY RESER Orch./Syncopators

945 Roll On, My Little Gypsy Sweetheart/HOLLYWOOD D.O. (Glantz):

          Miss Annabelle Lee                                            APEX(Can) 8657    E

946 (Banjo solos acc. Bill Wirges) Calling/Collette     BR 3485            E+/E

947 Wasn’t It Nice/Turkish Towel                              CO 725D                E+

948 When the Robt. E. Lee Comes to Town/I Scream, You Scream,

          We All Scream for Ice Cream                            CoE 4746               E+

FRED RICH & his Orch.

949 Just a Dancing Sweetheart/Kiss me Goodnight(w)   CO 2534D  E(ecnap)

950 Little Girl (TD, Venuti solos)                               HOW J4                  E-

DAN RITCHIE & his Orc. (ARC studio band)

951 The Lady I Love/(same both sides)          ARC “Theatre Use” F-218    E-


952 When You and I Were Young Maggie/Chinatown    VI 22919         V+

953 Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea/Put that Sun Back

          in the Sky                                                           ViCan 22922         E+


954 She’s Wonderful/Oh! Is She Mad at Me?              BR 4090                  E+

955 I Wouldn’t Change You for the World/LOU GOLD: When the

          Rest of the Crowd Goes Home(w)                    CROWN 3213          E

956 (Joel Shaw Orch) My Extraordinary Gal/When You\re Getting

          Along with your Gal                                             VARSITY 5053    E

957 Indiana/Ida                                 VARSITY 8032    V+(small label tears)

PHYLLIS ROBINS acc. Fred Hartley Quintet (London, 1931) (Nice!)

958 When a Woman Loves a Man/Little Man You’ve Had a

          Busy Day                                                            REX 8247               E+

DEBORAH ROBINSON with Gerry Pike’s Orch.

959 Mighty Lak’ a Rose/Pennies from Heaven   (Red vinyl)MOTIF 001   E+


960 Just the Same/W. CREAGER: My Regular Gal        APEX 26052 E-/V+

961 Hello Bluebird/TOMMY MORTON: Baby Mine    PER 14729          E-

  1. A. ROLFE & his Palais D’or Orchestra

962 I’d Rather Be Girl in your Arms(-C)/Crazy Quilt(-B)  ED 51790         E+

963 Rocky Mountain Blues(-C)/Buffalo Rhyhm(-A)       ED 52037         E

964 Rocky Mountain Blues(-C)/Buffalo Rhythm(-C)       ED 52037   E+/E

965 Sax Appeal(-C)/ERNIE GOLDEN: Dear Eyes(-A)   ED 52047          E+

966 Just Like a Melody out of the Sky(-C)/That’s my Weakness

          Now(-A)                                                                  ED 52343    E/V+

967 No Parking(-A)/DUKE YELLMAN: Louisiana(-A)   ED 52353         E

TIMMIE ROSENKRANTZ & his Barons (Norvo, Ventura, Carney et al)

968 Bouncy/Blue at Dawn                         CONTINENTAL C6012   E(wol)

SHIRLEY ROSS & The Foursome

969 Mine/That Certain Feeling                                   DE 2878                 E+

HARRY ROY & his Orch.

970 Piano Madness/Porcupine Rag                             *DE 1043               E

LUIS RUSSELL & his Orch.

971 Feeling the Spirit/Doctor Blues                            HJCA 103               E-

PEE WEE RUSSELL (& James P., Zutty)

972 Everybody Loves my Baby/I Found a New Baby   vHRS 1002           E


973 Jackass Blues/Deep Henderson                             BR 3245                  E-

GEORGE SCHWEINFEST (Ident. on label only as “Piccolo solo.”)

974 A Rag Time Skedaddle                                      (Single-sided)CO 498   E-

CECIL SCOTT & his Bright Boys

975 Lawd, Lawd/In a Corner                                   BB 8276    E(tiny ecnap)

BILL SCOTTI & his Orch.

976 Alice in Wonderland/Keep Young & Beautiful    *BB 5310                E+


977 I Lost my Heart to You/MOULIN ROUGE ORCH (Selvin):

          Make Believe                                                     ARTO 9048            E-

978 Wherever You Are/Playground in the Sky           CO 1133D              E

979 I’m in Love with You/The Web of Love              CO 1964D              E

980 Dixiana/I’m Yours                                               CO 2287D              E-

981 Love for Sale(BG subtone solo)/99 Out of 100…   CO 2400D          E-

982 This Is the Missus/My Song                                  CO 2515D              E-

BOYD SENTER & his Senterpedes/Orch.

983 Smiles/No One                                                     *BB 6957                E+

984 Orig. Stack o’ Lee Blues/I Ain’t Got Nobody    CLARION 5054C     V

SEVEN HOT AIR MEN (Napoleon, Pumiglio, et al)

985 Harlem Madness/Navy Blues                                CoE CB53              E


986 Where Do You Work-a John/How Could Red Riding

          Hood                                                                 CAMEO 1058          E-

CHARLEY SHAVERS & his All-American Five

987 My Man/El Salon de Gutbucket                          KEYNOTE 619     E-

JOEL SHAW & his Orch.

988 One More Kiss…/Who’s Your Little Who-zis     CROWN 1244          V+

989 Sweet Violets(05)/Business in F                           CROWN 3271          E-

990 If It Ain’t Love/HIGH STEPPERS: Lawd, You Made the

          Night too Long                                                  CROWN 3298         E/E-

991 Dinah/Darktown Strutters’ Ball   CROWN 3319    V+(edge chip tics

          lightly first groove music, side 2)

992 When You’re Getting’ Along with your Gal/Minnie the

          Moocher’s Weddin’ Day                                  CROWN 3332     E-/V+

993 Margie/Avalon          CROWN 3382  E-/E(lbl wear at ctr hole first side)

994 Old Man of the Mountains/White Zombie          CROWN 3413          E

995 Girl in Little Green Hat/Old Kitchen Keettle     CROWN 3442  V+/E-996 Clarinet Marmalade/Tiger Rag   VARSITY 8029   E(moderate label wear)


997 San Francisco/Dream Awhile                               PER 6-10-09          E-

NAT SHILKRET & the Victor Orchestra

998 Rio Rita/The Kinkajou                                        VI 20474                 E+

999 The Whip/We’ll Have a New Home                    VI 21170                 E+

1000 Gotta Be Good/TROUBADOURS: Another Kiss(w) VI 21772         E+

1001 Jimmy Valentine/TROUBADOURS: Love Dreams(w) VI 21802     E+

TONY SHORT (Piano solos) (London, 1945)

1002 Just a Closer Walk with Thee/Buddy Bolden Blues  DeE F8643         E+


1003 Beau-koo Jack/Smokehouse Blues              (Lightning)BR 7109          V+

THE SINGING SOPHOMORES (Male vocal quartet with piano)

1004 Where’s that Rainbow?/Sing                              CO 927D                E+


1005 Crazy Blues(-A)/PREMIER QUARTET: Pocohontas  ED 50754     E

1006 (& Eubie Blake) Broken Busted Blues(-A)/You Ought

          To Know(-C)                                                     ED 51572               E+


1007 (& Blake) Broken Busted Blues(-A)/You Ought to

           Know(-B)                                                         ED 51572               E+

1008 (& Blake) Broken Busted Blues(-B)/You Ought to

           Know(-B)                                                         ED 51572               E

1009 Loveless Love/The Boll Weevil Blues              EMERSON 10357                E-

THE SIX SWINGERS (Lonson, 1934)

1010 Hot Pie (No. 1)-Part 1/Part 2              REGAL ZONO MR1567  E/E+

ROY SMECK & CARSON ROBISON (Octachorda & guitar duets)

1011 Tough Pickin’(-C)/Twilight Echoes(-C)             ED 52260               E+


1012 Blue Boogie/Fingers on Fire                            SUPER DISC 1024   E


1013 Money Blues/Muddy Water                     (Blue label)CO 3174D         E+

1014 Preachin’ the Blues/At the Christmas Ball          CO 35842               E

CLARA SMITH acc,. Lem Fowler

1015 Gin Mill Blues/Got my Mind on that Thing       CO 14419D            E-

HARRY SMITH (Voc with orch.)

1016 Who Wouldn’t Be Jealous of You/I Faw Down   CAMEO 9059      E

STUFF SMITH & his Onyx Club Boys

1017 Twilight in Turkey/Onyx Club Spree                 *DE 1279               E+


1018 Achin’ Hearted Blues/Honeymooning on a Dime   *DE 1503           E+

VALAIDA SNOW (London, 1935)

1019 I Wish I Were Twins/I Can’t Dance…               PaE F118          E-/E

EDDIE SOUTH & his Orch./Alabamiams

1020 Oh Lady Be Good/Stompin’ at the Savoy          CO 36193               E

1021 My Ohio Home/The Voice of the Southland     VI 21155                 E

SOUTHERN DANCE ORCH. (Grey Gull studio band both sides)

1022 Louise/COTTO PICKER’S Orch: Just Blues  MADISON 1649   E/E-

MUGGSY SPANIER & his Ragtimers

1023 Weary Blues/Alice Blue Gown                           COM 625           E/E-

PAUL SPECHT & his Orch./Society Syncopators

1024 At Close of Day/Ich Liebe Dich(w)                   CO 1890D              E+

1025 Hot Lips/You Can Have Him I Don’t Want Him   BDWY 11145    E-

MIKE SPECIALE & his Hotel Carlton Terrace Orch.

1026 Kinky Kids Parade(-B)/When the Dear Old Summer

          Goes(-C) (Nichols solo)                                     ED 51612               E+


1027 Do the Georgia/St. Louis Stomp                         (Staff)BB 7985      E+


1028 C Jam Blues/Mission to Moscow                        DeE F8568             E+

DICK STBILE & his Orch.

1029 Deep Elem Blues/Just Because                           *DE 716                 E

JO STAFFORD with Dave Lambert his Vocal Choir

1030 Smiles/M+H+Rx3ee-oo x 32 = Bop                 CAP 57-604            E+

MARY STAFFORD & her Jazz Band

1031 Wild Weeping Blues/I’ve Lost my Heart…        CO A3426              E


1032 Wasn’t It Nice?/I’ll Be Blue Just Thinking of You   VI 22524           E+


1033 Steady Daddy (Norvo)/So Tired                        CAP 15314             E-


1034 Alabamy Bound/PLYMOUTH DANCE ORCH (Paul Van Loan):

           Let It Rain , Let It Pour                               TREMONT 0525    V+/V

HEW STERLING’s Orch. (Lou Gold)

1035 Three Little Words/FRED HURNEY Orch (Athur Fields):

            Tell Me that You Love Me                         CROWN(Can) 81483     E-

ERNEST L. STEVENS (Piano solos)

1036 Greenwich Witch(-F)/Knice & Knifty(-A)        ED 51209       E(ecnap)

1037 Greenwich Witch(-F)/Knice & Knifty(-C)        ED 51209               E+


1038 Dirty Hands, Dirty Face(-A)/BROADWAY DANCE ORCH (Lopez):

            I Love You(-A)                                                ED 51249          E/E+

1039 Dirty Hands, Dirty Face(-C)/BROADWAY DANCE ORCH (Lopez):

            I Love You(-C)                                                ED 51249          E/V+

1040 When You Walked Out…(-B)/KAPLAN’S MELODISTS:

            Love Tales                                                       ED 51253               E

1041 Little Butterfly(-A)/STEVENS TRIO: Moonlight

            Kisses(-B)                                                        ED 51262               E+

1042 You/STEVENS TRIO: You Didn’t Want Me…  ED 51290       E+/E


1043 Uncle Josh at the Skating Ring/Has his Photo Taken  CO A1715     E-

1044 Uncle Josh Buys a Victrola/Opera at Punkin’ Center  VI 18793           E-

REX STEWART & his 52nd St. Stompers/Orch.

1045 Back Room Romp/Tea and Trumpets                  VARIETY 618      E

1046 Fat Stuff Serenade/I’ll Come Back for More        VO 5448               E+


1047 Mood to be Stewed/Slammin’ the Gate             CONT C10000       E

1048 The Voice of the Turtle                                      CONT C10001        E

1049 Haw Haw/Dozin’                                               CONT C10004        E


1050 Let Me Be the First to Kiss You Good Morning/POLLA’S

            CLOVER GARDENS ORCH: Lazy Waters(w)   ED 51468         E-

OCIE STOCKARD & The Wanderers

1051 Ain’t Nobody Truck Like You/Long Ago   (Staff)BB 7208       E-/V+

JOE SULLIVAN & his Café Society Orch. (Helen Ward first side)

1052 I Cover the Waterfront/Pom Pom                     VO 5556                 E


1053 Love/Serenade                                                   VI 22079                 E+


1054 Battleship Kate(-B)/GEORGIA MELODIANS: My Mammy’s

            Blues(-B)                                                          ED 51438               E+

1055 Battleship Kate(-C)/GEORGIA MELODIANS: My Mammys

            Blues(-B)                               ED 51338   E+(tear a top of both labels)

1056 Sweat Blues(-B)/G.G. Studio Band (Anonymous on label):

            Weary River(-A)                                             MADISON 1706       E

1057 Jim Town Ball/G.G. Studio Band (Anonymous on label)

            I’d Rather Be Blue over You                      RADIEX 1702   E-(ecnap)

1058 Battleship Kate/The Florida Blues                     VO 2945                 E+

1059 Hooking Cow Blues/Whatcha Gonna Do          VO 2983       E-(rcnap)


1060 Wang Wang Blues/Lucky Dog                 BLACK SWAN 10076      E-


1061 Sugar Babe Blues/Training Camp Blues              OK 6709                 E+


1062 I’ve Got the Joys/JOS. SAMUELS Jazz Band: Ma   OK 4425    E-/V+


1063 She Want to Sell my Monkey/Mean & Evil Woman  BB 9024          V+

1064 You Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone/I’m Fur It    BB 34-0711  E-/E

1065 Lula Mae/The Woman I Love                                 BB 34-0724          E+

1066 I Can’t Get Along with You/MEMPHIS JIMMY:

            Drifting                                                                 BB 34-0748          E+

ERSKINE TATE’s Vendome Orch. (Label wear, severe on second side)

1067 Chinaman Blues/Cutie Blues                                    OK 4907            V

EVA TAYLOR & LAWRENCE LUCIE (acc. Thomas Morris, Bechet)

1068 Old Fashioned Love/Open your Heart                     OK 8114           E


1069 Stars Fell on Alabama/Your Guess Is Just as Good…  BR 6993        E-/E

1070 Junk Man/CASA LOMA: Casa Loma Stomp      (Sil)BR 7652  E-/V+

1071 If It’s Good/Class Will Tell                                       BR 8373           E

1072 A Rhythm Hymn/Blue River                                     DE 4071          E+

1073 The Blues/Can’t We Talk It Over                   VARSITY 8218    E/E+


1074 Big Leg Woman/Between Midnight & Dawn     DE 7547                 V


1075 Dynamo A/Dynamo B                                        DIAL 1001             E

1076 Diggin’ for Diz/HOWARD McGHEE: Tpt at Tempo  DIAL 1005  E-

TEXAS RED & JIMMY (c. 1957)

1077 Black Snake Blues/KATIE WATKINS: Trying to Get You

            Off my Mind                                                 vVICEROY 3333     V+


1078 Traumerei/O Sole Mio                                       OK 6124                 E-

1079 Stack of Barley/Hungarian Dance No. 5            OK 6168                 E

REV. M. L. THRASHER & his Gospel Singes

1080 What Shall We Do with Mother/When the Roll Is

            Called Up Yonder                                            CO 15207D    E-/V+


1081 Oklahoma Indian Jazz(-A)/GLANTZ: Hula Lou(-C)    ED 51297 E

1082 Honey Babe/My Beautiful Mexican Rose           ED 51342             E

ARTHUR TRACY (The Street Singer)

1083 Reflections in the Water/My Gypsy Rhapsody   BR 6579                E

1084 On the Beach at Bali Bali/All my Life                *DE 864               E+


1085 Judy/Subconscious-lee                                 NEW JAZZ 808            V+

1086 Progression/Retrospection                           NEW JAZZ 832     E-/E


1087 I’m Comin’ Virginia (mx. B19485-1)/Singin’ the Blues (mx. B18486-1)

            (Master pressing on shellac with plain white labels)   CO TEST     E

1088 There’ll Come a Time/Mississippi Mud              PaE DP255           E+

THE TIME TINKERS (Jack Pettis’ Band)

1089 Ain’t She Sweet/I’m Back in Love Again     BROADWAY 1064    E-


1090 Island Reverie/Hawaiian Honeymoon                BB 7966          V+/E-


1091 Roll ‘Em  Pete/Goin’ Away Blues                      VO 4607               E+

EFFIE TYRUS-CHARLES TYUS (Voc duet acc. Clarence Williams)

1092 You’ve Got to Prove It to Me/I Want to Go Back

            To the Farm                                                     OK 8149                 E

RUDY VALLEE & his Conn. Yankees

1093 Please(-1)/How Deep Is the Ocean  (Blue wax, pic lbl)CO 2724D  E-

1094 Please(-2)/How Deep Is the Ocean  (Blue wax, pic lbl)CO 2724D   E-

1095 Hey! Young Fella/Girl in the Little Green Hat  CoE CB582           E

1096 Heigh Ho Everybody/Miss You                         VI 22029                 E-

GUS VAN (of Van & Schenck)

1097 Shake Hands with a Millionaire/Oh Ya Ya         (Staff)BB 7469          E+

FRED VAN EPS (Banjo solos with orch.)

1098 Pearl of the Harem/The Motor March               CO A1989              E-


1099 Chinese Picnic & Otiental Dance/Notoriety Rag    VI 17601            E

RAY VENTURA & his Orch. (Paris, 1939)

1100 It’s a Long Way to Tipperary/On Ira Pendre Linge sur la Signe

            Siefried                                                        PATHE(Fr) PA1873    E-


1101 There’s No Other Girl/Now That I Need You    CO 2535D             E

1102 Jazz Me Blues/In De Ruff                                  CoE CB686      E/E+

1103 (& Lang) Beale St. Blues/Someday Sweetheart   DeE F5883             E

1104 (& Lang) After You’ve Gone/Farewell Blues     DeE F5884        E/E-

1105 Everything I Have Is Yours/My Dancing Lady   ORIOLE 2791          E

1106 Sweet Sue/EARL HINES: Caution Blues          PaE R878               E+

1107 I’ve Found a New Baby/HARLEM FOOTWARMERS (Duke):

            Rockin’ in Rhythm                                          PaE R924               E+

1108 (& Lang) Goin’ Places/Doin’ Things                  PaE R3352            E

1109 (& Lang) Doing Things/Wild Cat                       VI 21561                 E


1110 Really Blues/The Wild Dog                                VI 23021             E-/E


1111 Hesitation Blues/Kansas City Blues                    VI 18163                 E


1112 After my Laughter…/In Sing Sing Sycamore Tree    VI 21219          V+


1113 I’d Love to Call You my Sweetheart(-A)/Just One More

            Kiss(-C)                                                           ED 51855          E/E+

1114 Somebody’s Eyes(-F)/B.A. ROLFE: No One But You

            Knows How to Love(-C)                                 ED 51888               E

1115 Sunday(-B)/B.A. ROLFE: My Baby’s Back(-A)   ED 51890             E+

1116 Sunday(-C)/B.A. ROLFE: My Baby’s Back(-A)

                                                    ED 51890    E/E-(label wear at center hole)

1117 Muddy Water(-A)/DUKE YELLMAN: Song of the

            Wanderer(-A)                                                  ED 51927               E+

1118 Muddy Water(-C)/DUKE YELLMAN: Song of the

            Wanderer(-A)                                                  ED 51927               E+

1119 I Still Believe in You(-C)/Never Without You  ED 51963               E+

1120 Room for Two/With Someone Like You(-A)

                               ED 52024   V+/V(ecnap, second side label severely torn)

1121 Two Little Pretty Birds(-A)/Show Me that Kind of a Girl  ED 52070  E-

1122 Two Little Pretty Birds(-B)/Show Me that Kind of a Girl  ED 52070 E+

1123 Oh! Doris! Where Do You Live?(-A)/GREEN BROS:

            Say It With a Red Red Rose                            ED 52072               E+

  1. WHEELER WADSWORTH & his Orch.

1124 I’m on my Way Home(-C)/HOTEL COMMODORE DANCE ORCH:

            The Nightmare                                                 ED 51880               E


1125 Hard-to-get Gertie/Ya Gotta Know How to Love    BR 3215          E

1126 All Alone Monday/Whisper-Sh!                         BR 3349                  E

1127 Whatcha Gonna Do When Ain’t No Jazz/Slow & Easy  VI 18680    E


1128 Valentine Stomp/Gladyse                                   HMV JF4                E+

1129 (& Bennie Payne) St. Louis Blues/After You’ve Gone  HMV B8496  E+

1130 Soothin’ Syrup/Loveless Love                            VI 20470            E/E+

1131 I’m Gonna Sit Right Down/You’ve Been Taking Lessons

            In Love                                                            VI 25044            E-/E

1132 Got my Fingers Crossed/Spreadin’ Rhythm Around   VI 25211          E-

1133 Meanest Thing You Ever Did/Bach Up to Me   VI 25536            E-/E


1134 Collegiate/Look at those Eyes                            VI 19648                 E-

1135 High up on a Hilltop/What a Night for Spooning   VI 21715            E+


1136 Old Fashioned Love/JOE SULLIVAN: Onyx Bringdown

                                                                         (Blue wax)CO 2925D          E+


1137 The Mooche/CLIFF ROBERTS Orch.: The Sun Is at

            My Window                                                     CAMEO 9032          E


1138 River Stay ‘Way from my Door/Shine on  Harvest Moon CO 2511D  E

CHICK WEBB & his Orch.

1139 Go Harlem/LOUIS ARMSTRONG: Red Nose     BrE 02514          E+

1140 I Can’t Dance…/Imagination                    (Blue wax)CO 2920D      E-

ANSON WEEKS & his Orch.

1141 My Very Good Friend the Milkman/The Traffic Was

            Terrific                                                             BR 7477                  E+

TED WEEMS & his Orch.

1142 If I Ever Cry/Siberia                                          VI 19722                 E-

1143 Me & the Man in the Moon/My Troubles are Over  VI 21809          E+

1144 The Man from the South/Harmonica Harry       VI 22238                 E+

FRANK WEIR & his Astor Club Seven (London, 1945)

1145 Henderson Stomp/Out of Nowhere             LONDON 185             E-


1146 Hello Babe/Linger Awhile                                  SIG 28115         E/V+

DICK WELLSTOOD (Piano solos)

1147 Prize Cakewalk of Storyville Swells/If You Knew  RAMPART 14   E+

SAM KU WEST (Hawaiian guitar)

1148 St. Louis Blues/Memphis Blues                           BANNER 2163       E-

GEORGE WETTLING’s Jazz Trio/Rhythm Kings

1149 Some of these Days/Everybody Loves my Baby   B&W 7                  E+

1150 Struttin’ with Some Barbecue/How Come You Do Me   COM 561              E

DOC WHEELER & his Sunset Orch.

1151 Me & My Melinda/Sarghum Switch                   BB 11529                E-

JOSH WHITE (acc. Bill Coleman, Mary Lou Williams, et al)

1152 The Minute Man/Froggy Bottom                       ASCH 2001            E

PAUL WHITEMAN (Columbias are “Potato head”)

1153 Get Out & Get Under/Constantinople              CO 1402D          E-/E

1154 I’d Rather Cry over You/Is It Gonna Be Long?   CO 1496D             E-

1155 Just a Sweetheart/Where Is Song of Songs for Me  CO 1630D  E+(wol)

1156 Coquette/My Angeline                                       CO 1755D          E/E-

1157 At Twilight/When You’re Counting Stars Alone   CO 1993D           E-

1158 Bundle of Old Love Letters/Should I                 CO 2047D          E/E-

1159 Aunt Hagar’s Blues/I’m Comin’ Virginia            DE 2145            E+/E

1160 I’m Sorry Dear(Mildred Bailey) + Old Playmate + Good Night

            Sweetheart   (Single-sided 33 rpm) RCA PROG TRANS L16002

                                                           E (wear at label perimeter not in legend)

1161 I Love You/C. DORNBERGER: Life of a Rose    VI 19151            E+

1162 Sittin’ in a Corner/MANHATTAN MERRYMAKERS:

            Maggie! Yes Ma’m!                                           VI 19161                 E

1163 Tell Me More!/Why Do I Love You?                 VI 19682             E/E-

1164 Birth of the Blues/Countess Maritza                  VI 20138                 E+

1165 Are You Makin’ any Money/Ah but Is It Love? VI 24365                E-


1166 Darktown Strutters’ Ball/Farewell Blues            VI 25192                 E


1167 Louise/So the Blackbirds & Bluebirds Got Together  CO 1819D      E+

WILLIAMS’ COTTON CLUB ORCH. (Roane’s Pennsylvanians)

1168 Sleep, Come on and Take Me/Charlie Two-step    VI 24039             E

CLARENCE WILLIAMS Jazz Kings/Blue Five/Washboard 4/Orch.

1169 Red River Blues/I Need You                              CO 14326D            V+

1170 Wild Cat Blues/Walk that Broad   JAZZ UNLIMITED (Mar ’49)  E/E-

1171 Close Fit Blues (anonymous on label)/Mean to Me (Grey Gull studio)

                                                                              MADISON 1718     V/V+

1172 Kansas City Man Blues/Wild Cat Blues               (Lg red)OK 4925    V

1173 Old Fashioned Love/Oh Daddy Blues                (Lg red)OK 4993    E-

1174 Shake that Thing/Get It Fixed                           (Lg red)OK 8267   V

1175 Candy Lips/Nobody But

                   (Lg red)OK 8440   V(edge chip 3 grooves 2nd side not in music)

1176 Chizzlin’ Sam/Jerry the Junker                           VO 2854           E-/E+

1177 Mama Stayed Out All Night/Black-Eyed Susan Brown  VO 25009 E-/V

COOTIE WILLIAMS & his Rhythm Section/Sextette

1178 Echoes of Harlem/Sweet Lorraine                     MAJ 1171         E-/E

DOUGLAS WILIAMS (Clarinet solos)

1179 Slow Death/Roadhouse Stomp                          VI 21269                 E-

FESS WILLIAMS & his Royal Flush Orch.

1180 Friction/KING OLIVER: Call of the Freaks     *BB 6546                E+

LEONA WILLIAMS & her Dixie Band

1181 Got to Cool my Doggies/It Makes No Difference Now  CO A3642   E

1182 Mexican Blues/Uncle Bud                                  CO A3736              V+

1183 Bring It with You When You Come/I’m Goin’ Away  CO A3815     E

1184 If your Man Is Like my Man/That Teasin’ Squeezin’

            Man o’ Mine                                                     CO A3835             E-

MARY LOU WILLIAMS (Piano with rhythm)

1185 Mr. Freddie Blues/Sweet (Patootie) Petunia      DE 2797                 E

EDITH WILSON & Johnny Dunn’s Original Jazz Hounds

1186 Old Time Blues/Frankie                                     CO A3506              E

1187 West Texas Blues/I Don’t Want Nobody Blues  CO A3537              E+


1188 Rockin’ Chair/LOUIS & EARL: Weather Bird PaE R1194       E+/E

TEDDY WILSON & his Orch.

1189 Laugh & Call It Love/On the Bumpy Road to Love   BR 8207     E/E-

DALE WIMBROW & his Rubeville Tuners

1190 Roll Off’a my Green/Oshkosh                           ED 52292               E+

JU LIE WINTZ & his Hofbrau Orch. (Moderate label fade first side)

1191 Vo-do-do-de-o Blues/She Don’t Wanna            HAR 436H             E-

JOE YUKL’s Wabash Five

1192 Two Quart Blues/Royal Garden Blues                JUMP 8                   E


And a final 10” 78, not classifiable by artist, produced for the benefit of the

British Cinema Trade Benevolent Fund and comprised of film soundtrack

excerpts by such as Gracie Fields, Charles Laughton, Mae West, Marie

Dressler, Laurel & Hardy, Katherine Hepburn, many others.

1193 Voice of the Stars/Part 2                      REGAL ZONO MR1234    E+


10” x 78 RPM ALBUM SETS (Min bid $2.00 x no. of records in set)

1194 CECIL AAGARD (2 discs) & SVEND ASMUSSEN (2 discs)

            Jazz (Copenhagen 1940-41)  HIT Set H-114 (5055-58) (4)    E to E+

            (album is manufactured with 5 pockets, but is complete at 4 discs)

1195 LOUIS ARMSTRONG  King Louis CO Set C-28 (35660-63) (4)  E+

1196    Hot Five                               CO Set C-39 (37534-37) (4)      E to E+

1197 GEORGE BARNES  Sextet  

                                                KEYNOTE Set K-135 (651-53) (3)   E to E+

1198 BIX BEIDERBECKE  Hot Jazz Classics

                                                                    CO Set C-29 (35664-67) (4)   E+

1199 DON BYAS  Saxophone Improvisations by…

               SAVOY Set S-505 (625-628) (4)  V+ to E(spine clear tape repaired)

1200 NAT KING COLE Trio  King Cole for Kids

                                                       CAP Set DC-89 (25009-11) (3)    E to E+

1201 BABY DODDS  Drum Solos   DISC Set 709  (Album cover only, no

               discs) being offered for the nice-appearing scarce David Stone

               Martin cover, which has a 1/4” tear at top of spine).

1202 DUKE ELLINGTON  The Duke (1932-33)  CO Set C-38 (35834-37)

               (4) (all are original issues for the takes used)                                E+

1203 DOC EVANS  Jazz Heritage   ART FLORAL Set AFRS-1 (101-05)

               (4) (Inside front cover inscribed to prev. owner by Evans)    E- to E

1204 ERROLL GARNER  Piano Solos   MER Set A-10 (1001-3) (3) E- to E

1205 TEDDY GRACE  Blues   DE Set 59 (2602-06) (5) (No booklet)

                                                                        E to E+(1” tear at top of spine)

1206 EARL HINES  Hot Jazz Classics  CO Set C-41 (35875-78) (4) E to E+

1207 JAZZ AT THE PHILHARMONIC  Vol. 12 (The Opener & Lester

               Leaps In)  MER-VOL. 12 (11054-56) (3    E- to E(box corners split)

1208 HANK JONES  Bebop Piano    MER Set A-61 (1130-32) (3)   E to E+

1209 GRETA KELLER  Moods By…  ASCH Set SP-101 (discs are

                           STINSON 101-1-3) (3) (Scarce early DSM cover)    E to E+

1210 HAL KEMP  Memorial Album         CO Set C-42 (35928-31) (4)     E+

1211 JOHN KIRBY  & Orch.   (DSM)ASCH Set 357 (3751-73) (3) E- to E+

1212 BERNIE LEIGHTON  Piano Contrasts   KEYNOTE Set 133

                                        (643-45) (3)  E to E+(clear tape repair top of spine)

1213 MIFF MOLE  Nick’s Presents…    MANHATTAN Set A-10

                                                                  (A10-1-3) (3 + booklet)     E- to E

1214 JELLY ROLL MORTON  New Orleans Memories

                                 GENERAL Set G-111 (4001-05) (5) (no bklt)   E to E+

1215 RED NICHOLS  Classics-Vol. 1  BR Set B-1001

                                                                (80004-07) (4 + booklet)     E to E+

1216 JIMMIE NOONE  Dean of Modern Hot Clarinetists

                                      BR Set B-1006 (80023-26) (4 + booklet)       E to E+

1217 KID ORY  New Orleans Jazz   CO Set C-126 (37274-77) (4)    E to E+

1218 TONY PARENTI  New Orleanians-Vol. 2

                                JAZZOLOGY Set 1-2 (vJAZZOLOGY 3-4) E- to E

1219 OSCAR PETERSON  Oscar Peterson

                                      (DSM)MER(Can) Set C-106 (v8921-23) (3)          E

1220 KID RENA  Delta Jazz Band  CIRCLE Set S-10 (J1035-38) (4) E to E+

1221 PAUL ROBESON  Songs of Free Men

                                                  CO Set MM-534 (17456D-59D) (4)   E to E+

1222 PEE WEE RUSSELL  Jazz Ensemble

                                         (DSM)DISC Set 632 (5053-55) (3 + bklt)   E to E+

1223    Nick’s Presents…  MANHATTAN Set A-30 (A30-1-3) (3) (no bklt)

                                                                                                            E to E+

1224 PAUL SHAHIN  Learn to Dance the Rhumba

                 VOGUE Set V-102-1 (R737-38) (2 picture discs in binder that

                  includes 12 cardboard cut-out step guides)                               E+

1225 GEORGE SHEARING  Pianology     LONDON Set LA-13

                   (183-85) (3)                      E to E+ (clear tape repair top of spine)

1226 BESSIE SMITH  Hot Jazz Classics 

                                                             CO Set  C-31 (35672-75) (4)   E to E+

1227 PINE TOP SMITH  Boogie Woogie Piano

                                           BR Set B-1002 (80008-09) (2 + booklet)    E- to E

1228 MUGGSY SPANIER  Jazz Ensemble   (DSM)DISC Set 711

                      (6030-33) (3) (no booklet)     V+ to E-(spine moderately frayed)

1229 ART TATUM  Piano Impressions   ARA Set A-1 (4501-04) (4) E- to E

1230 FRANK TESCHEMACHER  Tesch    BR Set B-1017 (80063-66)

                                     (4 + booklet)  E to E+ (clear tape repair top of spine )

1231 JOSH WHITE  Songs By…

                                              (DSM)ASCH Set A-348 (348-1-3) (3)    E to E+

1232    Strange Fruit                  KEYNOTE Set K-125 (541-43) (3)   E to E+

1233 PAUL WHITEMAN  Souvenir Program

              VI Set P-100 (27685-89) (5 + bklt) E to E+(spine moderately frayed)


                                                  (DSM)ASCH Set 351 (351-1-3) (3)    E to E+

1235    Signs of the Zodiac-Vol. 1        ASCH Set 620 (620-1-3) (3)    E to E+


                                                                  CO Set C-61 (36205-08) (4)     E

1237    & his Piano   CO Set C-93 (36631-34) (4) V+ to E(mod. cover scuff)

1238 JIMMY YANCEY  Boogie Woogie

                                                    (RCA)VI Set P-23 (26589-91) (3)   E- to E+


1239 BOOGIE WOOGIE (Harry James, Turner-Johnson, Basie, Ammons,

            Meade Lux Lewis)                     CO Set C-44 (35958-61) (4)   E to E+

1240 HOT TROMBONES (Chocolate Dandies, Condon, Whoopee Makers.

            Mole, Higgy, B. Morton)           CO Set C-46 (36008-11) (4)  E- to E+

1241 HIT TUNES FROM “TOP OF THE TOWN”  This is the binder only,

            no records, for a promo album for the 1937 Universal film “Top of

            the Town” which had a score by Jimmy McHugh & Harold Adamson

            and that starred George Murphy,  Ella Logan & Gertrude Niesen. I

            don’t know who performed on the missing discs, but there are four

            original print 8×10 stills and/or publicity photos from the film

            mounted on pages between the 3 empty record pockets. Presumably

            discs were on Universal’s own label. Front cover has some spotting.