SECTION I – 10” x 78 RPM SINGLES (Min. bid $2.00)

(*) preceding BB catalog number indicates buff label.

(*) preceding DE catalog number indicates “Sun Dial” label.

All VI records are original label unless otherwise indicated:

(RG) Round gold label when original is scroll.

(SIL) Silver label when original is scroll or round gold.

(RCA) RCA Victor label when original is any of the above.

(v) preceding record label name indicates vinyl pressing.

(wol) following condition code indicates pressure-sensitive sticker

On label, which would presumably tear label if removed.

(w) following tune title indicates waltz.

(wol) following condition code indicates writing on label.


IRVING AARONSON & his Commanders

1 What! No Spinach?/JOHNNY HAMP: Who Wouldn’t   VI 20117        E

2 The Pump Song/WARING: Any Ice Today?       VI 20083  E/E-(lbl scr)

3 I’m Just Wild About Animal Crackers/Waffles               VI 20094         E


 4 The Two of Us/JACK STILLMAN Orch: Let the End of the World

Come Tomorrow(-A)                                                  ED 51831      E+

ALL STAR ORCHESTRA (TD solos on all)

5 I Just Roll Along/My Melancholy Baby                           VI 21212         E+

6 Waiting at the End of the Road/TROUBADOURS:

My Song of the Nile                                                    VI 22073         E

ALL STAR SWING BAND (Teddy Weatherford et al, Calcutta, 1942)

7 The Pity of It All/Here You Are                           CO(India) FB20430       E

HENRY “RED” ALLEN & his Orch.

8 Make a Country Bird Fly Wild/Pleasing Paul                  VI V38107    E+

9 I’ll Never Say Never Again/Get Rhythm in your Feet VO 2956  E+(ecnap)

10 I Wished on the Moon/Roll Along Prairie Moon           VO 2997   E-/V+

11 Red Sails in the Sunset/I Found a Dream                      VO 3097 V+/E-

12 Lost/I’ll Bet You Tell that to All the Girls                     VO 3214 E-/E+


13 You/Would You                                                            VO 3244         E-

14 Chloe/You’re Not the Kind                                           VO 3262    V+/E

15 Algiers Stomp/When Did You Leave Heaven?              VO 3303     E/E-

16 Midnight Blue/Whatcha Gonna Do When There Ain’t No Swing?

VO 3339   E(pressing bump tics 7 grooves each side)

17 Did You Mean It?/In the Chapel in the Moonlight        VO 3377        E-

18 He Ain’t Got Rhythm/This Year’s Kisses  VO 3432 E/E-(lbl scr 2nd side)

19 I Was Born to Swing/After Last Night with You           VO 3524    E/E-

20 Meet Me in the Moonlight/Don’t You Care…              VO 3574   V+/E

21 Miller’s Daughter Marianne/Till the Clock Strikes Three  VO 3605      V+

22 Have You Ever Been in Heaven?/I Owe You                VO 3704         V+

ALLEN-HAWKINS & their Orch.

23 My Galveston Gal/You’re Gonna Lose your Gal           MEL 12842     E+

24 My Galveston Gal/You’re Gonna Lose your Gal           PER 15851      E

AMBROSE & his Orch.

25 Selection of Hebrew Dances No. 1/No. 2                      DeE F5285     E+

26 Humming to Myself/Soft Lights & Sweet Music            HMV B6205 E/E-


27 (Piano duets) Canadian Capers/Maple Leaf Rag            VI 22608        E+

28 Do the New York/Here We Are in Love                       VI 22726        E+

29 Strike Me Pink/Let’s Call It a Day                                 VI 24170        E


30 Somebody Stole my Break/I Come from Musical Family   *DE 797  E-/E

31 You Run your Mouth…/Cain and Abel                         DE 3204   E/E+

32 Long, Long Ago/I Cover the Waterfront                       DE 3700        E

33 I’ll Get Mine Bye & Bye/Yes Suh!                                  DE 3900 E+/E-

34 Back o’ Town Blues/Linger in my Arms                         VI 20-1912    E

35 Save It Pretty Mama/Willie the Weeper                        VO 3381        E

PAUL ASH & his Orch.

36 There Ain’t No Maybe in my Baby’s Eyes/When I’m in your

Arms              CO 839D   E+(lightly audible multiple lams second side)

BUSTER BAILEY & his Rhythm Busters

37 Dizzy Debutante/Afternoon in Africa                        VARIETY 668       E


38 My Reverie/What Have You Got that Gets Me            VO 4406     E-/E

BILLY BANKS & his Orch. (Red Allen, Pee Wee, et al)

39 Spider Crawl/Bugle Call Rag                                         PER 15615   E/V+


40 Knockin’ at the Famous Door/Tin Roof Blues              BB 10131         E+

41 Jump Session/Swing Street Strut                                    BB 10172         E+

42 Share Croppin’ Blues/Desert Sands                                DE 24264       E+

COUNT BASIE & his Orch.

43 Lester Leaps In/Dickie’s Dream                              BLUE ACE 201  E-/E

44 Lady Be Good/Shoe Shine Swing                            BLUE ACE 202      E

45 12th Street Rag/Taxi War Dance                            BLUE ACE 210  E+/E

46 Miss Thing/Part 2                                                     BLUE ACE 211    E-

47 Sent for You Yesterday/Shorty George                          BR 80134     E/E-

48 And the Angels Sing/If I Didn’t Care                             CONQ 9207    E-

49 Sent for You Yesterday/Swinging the Blues                   DE 1880    E/E+

50 Texas Shuffle/Mama Don’t Want No Peas…                DE 2030     E/E+

51 Platterbrains/I Struck a Match in the Dark                    OK 6508         E+

52 Taxi War Dance/Of I Could Be with You                     VO 4748     E/E+


53 Good Mornin’/Just Like a Violin                                   CO A366    E/E+

54 The A.O.H’s of the U.S.A                               (Single-sided)VI 60129    V+


55 I’m Through, Goodbye/Without a Home                 CIRCLE J1059      E+

56 Waste No Tears/Love Me with a Feeling                  CIRCLE J1060      E+

57 Preachin’ Blues/Indian Summer                                 HMV B9061    E(sol)

58 One O’Clock Jump/Blues in Thirds                    HMV(India) B9340       E

59 I Told You Once, I Told You Twice/Georgia              SAVOY 746      E+

60 Lady Be Good/Rose Room                              (RCA)VI(Can) 27707       E+


61 In a Mist/TRAM, BIX & LANG: Wringin’ & Twiustin’  (Blue)VO 3150 E-

GRAEME BELL & his Australian Jazz Band

62 Yama Yama Blues/Big Chief Battle Axe                 JAZZ CORNER 2    E


63 Tuck Me to Sleep/Wabash Blues                                    VI 18820          E


64 Can’t Run Away from Love/Cause Baby Says It’s So      VI 25562   E-/V+

65 Mahogany Hall Stomp/BERT SHEFTER Rhythm Octet:

Chopin’s Ghost                                                            VI 25622   E(wol)

BEN BERNIE & his Hotel Roosevelt Orch.

66 Oh Katharina/Titina                                                      VO 14979       E

CHU BERRY & his Jazz Ensemble

67 Blowing up a Breeze/Monday at Minton’s                      COM 541         E+


68 Steps Steps Up/Steps Steps Down                                 SIG 28114   E/E-

BLUE JAY BOYS (Jimmie Blythe. et al)

69 My Baby/Brown Skin Mama                                          *DE 7240  E-/V+

THE BLUE RAMBLERS (Orig. Indiana Five)

70 Somebody’s Making a Fuss over Somebody/IMPERIAL DANCE ORCH

(Ernie Golden): That’s my Weakness Now

MICROPHONE (Can) 22300  V+(moderate needle runs on labels)

BUDDY BLUE & his Texans (Smith Ballew)

71 College Campus/KARL RADLACH Orch: Around the

Corner                                                              BANNER 0731    E-/V+

BLYTHE’S BLUE BOYS (Label wear first side)

72 Pleasure Mad/Endurance Stomp                    CHAMPION 40025   V+/V

BOSWELL SISTERS acc. Dorsey Bros. Orch.

73 Down on the Delta/Charlie Two-Step                           BrE 1403          E


74 I Cried for You/I Can’t Believe that It’s You                BrE 1298         E+

BROWN & TERRY Jazzola Boys

75 Down by the Old Swimming Hole/Saxophone Blues     OK 8017    V+/V

LES BROWN & his Orch.

76 What D’ya Hear from your Heart/I’ll Sing for You       OK 6235     E-/E

77 Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio/Nickel Serenade                            OK 6377          E-


78 My Extraordinary Gal/I’d Rather Be a Beggar with You  BAN 32415      E

79 Boots & Saddle/I’ve Got a Feelin’ You’re Foolin’   MEL(Can) 92106         E-

80 It’s Been so Long/You Let Me Down                             PER 6-03-02      E+

JOE CANDULLO & his Everglades Orch.

81 Scatter your Smiles(-B)/That’s my Girl                          ED 51836       E+

82 Birth of the Blues(-C)/B. A. ROLFE Orch: Why  Do Ya

Roll those Eyes(-B)                                                     ED 51848        E

83 Brown Sugar(-C)/JACK ALBIN Orch: I Found a Million

Dollar Baby(-B)                                                      ED 51852    E(ecnap)

EDDIE CANTOR with Phil Spitalny’s Orch.

84 Ballyhoo    DURIUM DE LUXE K-6   E-(lam sounds faintly last few grvs)


85 (Lou Gold) Hang on to Me/JACK MILLER: Just You,

Just Me                                                                        MGM 1078-P   E-

86 (Calif. Ramblers) Love Ain’t Nothin’ But the Blues/Lucky Me –

Lovable You                                                                MGM 1092-P       E

BENNY CARTER & his Club Harlem Orch.

87 Devil’s Holiday/Symphony in Riffs                                CoE CB698      E


88 Time on my Hands/If I Didn’t Have You                      BR 6201     E-/E

89 Smoke Rings/In the Still of the Night                            BR 6289      E-/E

90 White Jazz/Blue Jazz                                         BR 6611        E-(label fade)

91 White Jazz/Put on your Old Grey Bonnet                     BrE 1144         E+




92 If I Didn’t Know your Husband and You Didn’t Know my

Wife/Sam the Old Accordion Man                   SILVERTONE 3298   E-

LARRY CLINTON’S Bluebird Orch.

93 That Solid Old Man/Worried Mind                               BB 11343           E-

COZY COLE & his Orch.

94 Body & Soul/Talk to Me                                 SAVOY 501    E-/E(rcnap)

ELLEN COLEMAN (Helen Baxter) acc. Lem Fowler’s Orch.

95 Cruel Back Bitin’ Blues(-C)/You Got Everything a Sweet Mama

Needs But Me(-B)          ED 51200  E(moderate label abrasion first side)

THE COTTON PICKERS (Dorseys, Glenn Miller, et al)

96 Rampart St. Blues(vocal version)/Kansas City Kitty     BR 4325         E


97 Beautiful/FRANKIE MASTERS: Everywhere You Go   VI 21217     V+

CHAS. CREATH’s Jazz-o-maniacs

98 Pleasure Mad/Market St. Blues                        (Lg red)OK 8201    V+/V


99 Just a Melody/Far Away in Hawaii                                 VI 20369        E+

DUKE DALY & his Orch

100 I Don’t Want to Walk without You/We’re the Couple in the

Castle                                        ELITE 5012   E-(label wear first side)

FLORENCE DESMOND (Impersonator with orch.)

101 A Hollywood Party/Part 2                                           VI 24210        E


102 It Makes no Difference Now/15 Dollars a Week         BB 7920         E-

DIXIE JAZZ BAND (Orig. Indiana Five)

103 The Crawl/BILLY JAMES Dance Orch (Jack Pettis):

Muddy Water                                                       ORIOLE 829   E-


104 After You’ve Gone/Come on & Stomp Stomp Stomp   BrE 3681      E

105 Sweet Lorraine/Pencil Papa                                         HJCA 12        E+


106 Shim Sham Shimmy/Mood Hollywood       BR 6537  E+/E(tiny ecnap)

107 Tailspin/Milenberg Joys                                            BrE 02023     E/E+

108 Au Revoir L’amour/Singing a Happy Song                  *DE 357         E+

109 Mama Yo Quiero un Novio/Gracias                            *DE 445         E

TOMMY DORSEY & his Orch. (*Clambake Seven)

110 Weary/Pagan Star                                                        VI 25206        E+

111 I’m Shooting High/Lovely Lady(w)                             VI 25216        E+

112 Goin’ Home/Humoresque                                           VI 25600        E-

113 Who’ll Be the One this Summer*/…Lucky Summer*  VI 25610        V+

114 The Morning After/I May Be Wrong                            VI 25703    E/E+

115 Boogie Woogie/Weary Blues                                        VI 26054        E+

116 Blue Skies/Backstage at the Ballet                                VI 27566        E

117 Swingin’ on Nothin’/On the Alamo                             VI 27578        E+

118 Two in Love/A Sinner Kissed an Angel                       VI 27611   E-/E


119 How About Me?/I’m Sorry Sally                                  VI 21806        E-

EDDY DUCHIN & his Orch.

120 Riptide/I’ve Had my Moments                                    VI 24613        E-


121 Lovely to Look At/When I Grow too Old to Dream   BR 7420         E+

ROY ELDRIDGE & his Orch.

122 Rockin’ Chair/Yard Dog                                              DE 23697   E-/E


123 Nightmare/Brotherly Love                                           BR 3404         V+


124 Blue Ramble/The Sheik                                               BR 6336         E+

125 Blackbird Medley/Part 2                                              BR 6516         E

126 Black Beauty/Take It Easy                                           BR 6803         E+

127 Braggin’ in Brass/Carnival in Caroline                          BR 8099         E-

128 Doin’ the Voom Voom                                                 CO 35208   E/E-

129 Tootin’ thru the Roof/Grievin’                                    CO 35310      E

130 Mood Indigo/Solitude                                                  CO 35427      E+

131 Ducky Wucky/Swing Low                                           CO 35683       E+

132 Blue Mood/Delta Bound                                              CO 37298       E+

133 Clouds in my Heart/Slippery Horn                              CO 37299       E+

134 Harlem Speaks/Chicago                                               *DE 800          E


135 Cleo/ALL STAR TRIO: I’ll Say She Does                   EM 1069        E-


136 Ramona/Say “Yes” Today                                            CO 1352D     E+


137 Buddy Bolden Blues/Sidewalk Blue                              JOCO 11    E/E+

138 Tishomingo Blues/Royal Garden Blues                        JOCO 112      E

139 Bale St. Blues/Weary Blues                                          JOCO 113      E

140 Jimtown Blues/Dallas Blues                                         JOCO 114   E-/E

141 Missouri Waltz/Bye Bye Blues                                      JOCO 115      E-

142 I’m Gonna Sit Right Down…/Pack up your Troubles  JOCO 116     E-

143 Sleepy Time Down South/Singin’ the Blues                 JOCO 117     E

144 Panama/Copenhagen                                                   JOCO 118        E


145 Sweet Lorraine/Clarinet Marmalade                       KEYNOTE 624   E+


145 I Want to Be Happy/No No Nanette Medley              BR 2640         E

146 Rose Marie/A Little Bit of This                                   BR 2759         E

147 Every Little Thing You Do/Florida, the Moon & You   BR 3233        E


148 When Yankee Doodle Learns to Parlez vous Francais/Take Me

Back to Dear Old Blighty                                     CO A2451      E

THE FIVE BREEZES (Willie Dixon, Gene Gilmore, et al)

149 My Buddy Blues/Return, Gal of Mine                     BB 8614     E(ecnap)


FOUR STAR RHYTHM SECTION (Wrightsman, Van Eps, et al)

150 Ain’t Misbehavin’/Blue Skies             RHYTHM RECORDS 103   E/V+


151 Tessie Stop Teasin’ Me(-B)/Dear One(-A)                   ED 51435  V+/E

152 Happy Days & Lonely Nights/DON BESTOR Orch:

Tell Me You’re Sorry                                               VI 21610        E-


153 How You Gonna Keep Kool(-B)/In Spite of All(-C)  ED 51359        E

154 Why Did You Do It?(-C)/HARRY RADERMAN’s Dance Orch:

Louise(-A)                                                               ED 51378   E/E+

155 Charley My Boy(-A)/Red Hot Mama(-C)

ED 51394   E-(second side label missing)

156 Charley My Boy(-C)/Red Hot Mama(-C)                    ED 51394      E+

157 Everybody Loves my Baby(-A)/BROADWAY DANCE ORCH (Lopez):

I Wonder What’s Become of Sally(-B)                     ED 5119    E/E+

158 Yes Sir That’s my Baby(-B)/Give Us the Charleston(-A)  ED 51588        E

159 Yes Sir That’s my Baby(-B)/Give Us the Charleston(-C)  ED 51588        E

160 Red Hot Henry Brown(-C)/She’s Drivin’ me Wild(-A)  ED 51598     V+

161 Red Hot Henry Brown(-A)/She’s Drivin’ me Wild(-B)  ED 51598 V(wol)

162 Charleston Ball(-C)/Spanish Shawl(-B)                        ED 51678       E

163 Ev’rybody’s Charleston Crazy(-A)/Rhythm of the Day(-C) ED 51730 E+


164 Long Island Sound/Mar-cia                              NEW JAZZ 805    V+/E-

LOU GOLD & his Orch.

165 True Blue Lou/LANIN: Wishing & Waiting for Love    DOM 4373        E

GOLDEN GATE ORCH. (California Ramblers)

166 Looking at the World(-C)/B.A. ROLFE Orch: Ain’t We

Carryin’ On                                                             ED 51814      E+

167 How Many Times?(-C)/Adorable(-A)                          ED 51822       E+

168 Sweet Thing(-A)/Pretty Cinderella(-A)    ED 51860  E(label tear 2nd side)

169 Sweet Thing(-A)/Pretty Cinderella(-C)                        ED 51860        E

170 Lonely Eyes(-A)/PHIL NAPOLEON Orch: It Made You Happy

When You Made Me Cry(-B)                                  ED 51960   E/E+

171 Lonely Eyes(-B)/NAPOLEON: It Made You Happy(-A) ED 51960   E+

172 Look At the World & Smile(-C)/HOTEL COMMODORE D.O.:

Take in the Sun, Hang Out the Moon(-C)               ED 51970       E+

173 Crazy Words-Crazy Tune(-C)/HOTEL COMMODORE D.O.:

A Lane in Spain(-A)                                                ED 51975      E+

174 Hallelujah!(-A)/Yes She Do(-C)                                  ED 52014       E+

175 Beedle Um Bo/There’s a Trick in Pickin’ a Chick-Chick-

Chicken                                 ED 52043    E(second side label missing)

176 Miss Annabelle Lee(-B)/When Erastus Plays his Old Kazoo(-A)

ED 52075   E-(ecnaps) (first side label is a photostatic copy, second

side label has wear at center hole)

177 Miss Annabelle Lee(-B)/When Erastus…(-B)              ED 52075       E+

178 Dawning/AL LYNN: Who Gives U all your Kisses  ED 52101 E-(rcnap)

179 Clementine/ERNIE GOLDEN: The Varsity Drag      ED 52109         E+

180 The Pay Off(-B)/Mine-All Mine                                  ED 52181       E

181 Tell Me Little Daisy/AL FRIEDMAN Orch: Blue Baby  ED 52162       E+

182 Make my Cot…/For my Baby                                      ED 52164       E+

183 Dream House/B.A. ROLFE Orch: Pell Street Blues

ED52366   E+(small label tear first side)

184 Low Down/AL LYNN: Lonely :Little Bluebird           ED 52399       E+

185 There’s a Rainbow Round my Shoulder/Forever(w)    ED 52437       E+

186 Sweethearts on Parade/I’ll Never Ask for More        ED 52506   E(ecnap)

187 Button Up your Overcoat(-A)/I Want to Be Bad(-B)    ED 52513     E+

188 A Precious Little Thing Called Love/Dream Train      ED 52547       E

189 Cradle of Love/My Suppressed Desire                         ED 52550       E+

190 The One that I Love Loves Me/ARTHUR FIELDS’ Assassinators:

I Faw Down & Go Bom                                          ED 52553       E+

191 From Sunrise to Sunset/Avalon Town                         ED 52561       E+

192 Love Come Back to Me(-B)/PICCADILLY PLAYERS:

My Lucky Star                                                         ED 52562       E

193 That’s Living/PHIL SPITALNY Orch: An Eye-full of

You                  ED 52568   E+(first side label has typewritten legend)

194 Honey/My Sin                          ED 52580   E/E-(label stain second side)


195 I’m Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover/ROGER WOLFE KAHN:

Yankee Rose                         VI 20466    E+(small tear first side label)

NAT GONELLA & his Georgians

196 Georgia’s Gorgeous Girl/Gonna Wash my Hands…   PaE F116    E/E+

197 Nagasaki/Tiger Rag                                                      PaE F161          E


198 Where or When/I Cried for You                                  BB 11456            E

199 Dizzy Fingers/Tattletale                                               CAP B439   E+/E
200 Hi ‘Ya Sophia/Baby Have U Got a Little Love to Spare  CAP 462     E

201 Moonglow/Breakfast Ball      (Blue wax)CO 2927D  V+(lbl tear first side)

202 Down Home Rag/The Dixieland Band             (Blue wax)CO 3033D   E

203 Down by the Old Mill Steam/Yours is my Heart Alone CO 35445     E+

204 Junk Man/Ol’ Pappy                                                    CoE CB730     E+

205 Limehouse Blues/If I Had You                                    HAR 1011   E/E-

206 Nobody’s Sweetheart/More than You Know               VI 25345       E+

207 Peckin’/Can’t We Be Friends?(-1)                               VI 25621         E+

ROSS GORMAN & his Orch.

208 High-high-high Up in the Hills(-A)/ERNIE GOLDEN Orch:

Oriental Moonlight(-B)                                           ED 51944       E+

JOHNNY GREEN & his Orch.(Blue wax)

209 Go Into your Dance/Little Things You Used to Do    CO 3028D      E+

JOHNNY GUARNIERI (Red vinyl/white label “Duraflex Edition”)

210 Beyond the Moon/My Gal Sal                                      MAJ 1094            E+

EDMOND HALL & his Quartet

211 Caravan/A Shanty in Old Shanty Town                       COM 557            E



212 New Oh Red!/Move your Hand                                   *DE 7218       V+/E

LIONEL HAMPTON & his Quartet

213 Hamp’s Salty Blues/Chord-a-re-bop                            DE 18830       E

AL HANDLER & his Orch.

214 Pretty Lips/Lonely Eyes                                               CO 833D         E


215 The Snaky Blues/Fuzzy Wuzzy Rag                             CO A2421      E-


216 Moon Song/Twenty Million People                CROWN(Can) 91495    E


217 You Don’t Like It-Not Much/Oh Ja Ja                        VI 20756        E

DAVE HARMAN & his Orch.

218 Hot-hot-hottentot(-B)/Somebody Like You(-A)         ED 51479   E-/E

219 Hot-hot-hottentot(-C)/Somebody Like You(-A)        ED 51479      E+


220 Sweet Mamma/I Told You So                                      CO A3300       E

IKE HATCH & his Harlem Stompers (London, 1935)

221 Dinah/Some of these Days                                           R-Z MR2050   E-


222 Meditation/What Harlem Is to Me                              DE 742           E-


223 Down Beat/So Long, Goodbye Blues          (DJ)vCORAL 60323    E-/E

JOE HAYMES & his Orch.

224 Cross-eyed Kelly/There’s Gonna Be a Wedding in the

Band                                                       OR 3017    E-(1” long ecnap)

EDMONIA HENDERSON (acc. Dodds, Lovie Austin)

225 Nobody Else Will Do/Who’s Gonna Do your Lovin’    VO 1015       V+


226 Sweet & Hot/I’ve Found What I Wanted in You        CO 2414D     E

227 A Pixie from Dixie/We Go Well Together                  CO 36289      E+

228 Limehouse Blues/Wrappin’ It Up                                *DE 157         E+

229 Posin’/Chris and his Gang                                            VoE S-109     E+

230 Blue Lou/Christopher Columbus                         (Blue)VO 3211         E-

231 Stealin’ Apples/Big Chief De Sota                               VO 3213   E-/E+

232 It’s Wearin’ me Down/Rhythm of the Tambourine     VO 3487        E

233 Moten Stomp/Don’t Let Rhythm Go to your Head    VO 4180        E+

WOODY HERMAN & his Orch.

234 Would Ja Mind/It’s a Blue World                                DE 2970        E


235 Honky Tonk Mama/Unlock this Doghouse Door        VO 05054  E/E-

  1. C. HIGGINBOTHAM & his Six Hicks

236 Higginbotham Blues/BENNY MORTON: The Gold Diggers

Song                                                                        CO 36011     E+

237 Give me your Telephone Number/Higginbotham

Blues                                                       ODEON(Italy) A2417    E+

THE HIGH HATTERS dir. Leonard Joy

238 Look for the Silver Lining/Wild Rose                          VI 22250        E-


239 Georgia Man/Trouble in Mind                             (Blue)VO 04379     E

EARL HINES & his Orch.

240 Chicago Rhythm/Everybody Loves my Baby               VI V38042  E/E-

LOU HOLDEN & his Disciples of Rhythm

241 The Lion & the Mouse/A Windy Day on the Outer Drive  DE 3281  E+

SPIKE HUGHES & his Negro Orchestra

242 Nocturne/Someone Stole Gabriel’s Horn             DeE F3563     E+/E

243 Music at Midnight/Music at Sunrise                             DeE F3836   E

ROY INGRAHAM & his Orch.

244 Deep in the Arms of Love/Like Breath of Springtime(w)  BR 4544        E


245 Swing High, Swing Low/Whoa Babe                            *DE 1236         E+


246 Lady Lou/ROADWAY MUSIC MASTERS (Paramount D.O.):

Mike                                                                  SUPREME 1333   E

ANDY IONA & his Islanders

247 Na Pua/My Tane                                         (Blue wax)CO 3030D     E+


248 Some Sweet Day/Deep Night                                      CO 1747D     E+


249 What Then/Walking to Jerusalem                            APOLLO 289      E+

BUNK JOHNSON & his New Orleans Band

250 U Always Hurt One you Love/Tishomingo Blues  DeBelg BM30535 E+


251 Bags’ Groove/Don’t Argue                                   vPRESTIGE 919    E

JOHNNY JOHNSON (Piano solos)

252 Moonstone/On the Parkway                                        *BB 6451        E+


253 That Wonderful Kid from Madrid/JACK KAUFMAN:

I’ll See you in C-u-b-a                                             CO A2898      E


254 Farewell Blues/Saw Mill River Road                            BR 2406    E/E-

255 Some Other Day, Some Other Girl/Get Lucky            BZ 2678    E/E-

RICHARD M. JONES’ Jazz Wizards

256 It’s a Low Down Thing/Hot & Ready             (1940s)PARA 14001   E-

257 Novelty Blues/Tickle Britches Blues                            VI V38040    E


258 Imagination/Crazy Rhythm                                          VI 21368       E

KANSAS CITY FRANK’S Footwarmers (B.Jacobson’s Jungle Kings, 1941)

259 Blue  Slug I/Blue Slug II                                         PARA 14026   E-/E

GENE KARDOS & his Orch.

260 Business in “F”/Corn-fed Gal                                      VI 22899   E/E+

Swing & Sway with SAMMY KAYE

261 Coffee & Kisses/Daddy’s Boy                                      VO 4030        V+

PETE KELLY’s Big Seven (Cathcart, Matlock, et al)

262 Louisiana/Funny Man                                              (DJ)CAP 1753     E

HAL KEMP & his Orch.

263 Lovable/I Don’t Care                                                  BR 3937        E

264 I Can’t Resist You/The Breeze & I (Janet Blair voc)    VI 26615  E(wol)

265 You & Who Else/It Would Be Love (Janet Blair voc)   VI 26635        E+


266 No One Loves You Better than M-a-double-m-y(-B)/ATLANTIC

DANCE ORCH: Bang! (on your Tambourine)(-C) ED 51164      E+

JOHN KIRBY & his Orch.

267 Anitra’s Dance/Drink to Me only with thine Eyes       VO 4890     E/E-

ANDY KIRK & his Twelve Clouds of Joy

268 Blue Clarinet Stomp/Mess-a-stomp                             BR 4694         V+

BILLY KYLE (Piano solos with rhythm)

269 Finishin’ Up a Date/Between Sets                               DE 2740        E+


270 Weary Blues/Ja-da                                                        BB 10086         E-

271 When You & I Were Young Maggie/Really the Blues   BB 10089        E+


272 Comes Love/Out of this World                                   BB 10382       E-/E

273 Too Romantic/The Moon & the Willow Tree              BB 10608       E-/E

ART LANDRY & his Orch.

274 The Camel Walk/Everybody Stomp!                           VI 19858    E/E-

MORRIS LANE & his Combo (tear at top of second side label)

275 Summertime/Sept. Song          (Red vinyl)CONTINENTAL  C6075   E

BRIAN LAWRANCE & his Lansdowne House Sextet (London, 1935)

276 Miss Annabelle Lee/Everybody Loves my Baby      CHAMP 40095      E-

PEGGY LEE (Disney’s “Make Mine Music” picture label film promo)

277 Two Silhouettes/CHARLES WOLCOTT Orch: All the Cats

Join In                                        (No label name)A-2665/2667   E/E-


278 Boogie Woogie Prayer/Part 2                                       PaE R2649      E+

TED LEWIS & his Band

279 To-morrow/Homesick                                                 CO A3709        E

280 Darktown Strutters’ Ball/Alexander’s Ragtime Band   CO 1084D E-/V+

281 Sweetie Pie/I’ll Close my Eyes to Everyone Else

*DE 240      E/E-(label abrasion first side)

DONALD LINDLEY (Trumpet solo with piano & drums)

282 Trumpet Blues(-C)/Hot As a Summer’s Day(-B)         ED 51771       E+

GUY LOMBARDO & HIS Royal Canadians

283 I’m More than Satisfied/The Cannon Ball                    CO 1451D       E-

VINCENT LOPEZ & his Casa Lopez Orch.

284 Scatter your Smiles/Lay Me Down to Sleep in Carolina   BR 3339      V+

LOPEZ & HAMILTON’s Kings of Harmony Orch.

285 Peggy/ALL STAR TRIO: Someday Down in Carolin’   ED 50648       E

286 Afghanistan(-B)/LENZBERG’s Riverside Orch:

Buddha                                                                    ED 50658   V/V+


287 Jazznocracy/Chillen Get Up                                        VI 24522     E/E+

ABE LYMAN’s California Orch.

288 Mandalay/Who Wants a Bad Little Boy                      BrCan 2650  E-/E


289 Jazz Baby/IRVING & JACK KAUFMAN: I Ain’t’en Got’en No

Time to Have the Blues                                           CO A2745        E-

AL LYNN’s Music Masters

290 I’m Telling the World/IRWIN ABRAMS Orch: Dream

Kissses                      ED 52148   E-(first side label partially torn away)

291 Anything to Make your Happy/O Promise Me(-G)      ED 52226       E+

292 Symphonic Raps/DUKE YELLMAN Orch: I’m More than

Satisfied                                                                   ED 52227      E+


293 Way Down Yonder in N.O./PERFECT DANCE ORCH:

Two Little Wooden Shoes                                    PER 14044   V+/E-

WINGY MANONE & his Orch.

294 Fare thee Well, Annabelle (mx.17007-2, unissued on 78) vCO TEST   E-

295 On the Good Ship Lollipop (mx.17008-2, non-vocal version unissued

On 78)                                                                    vCO TEST       E+

296 On the Good Ship Lollipop/Fare thee Well, Annabelle  VO 2914      E-

297 Let’s Spill the Beans/About a Quarter to Nine            VO 2934     E/E-

298 Lulu’s Bacvk in Town/Sweet & Slow           VO 2972   E/E-(tiny ecnap)

299 Rhythm Is our Business/Let’s Swing It                         VO 2990   E+/E

300 I’m Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself a Letter/A Smile Will

Go a Long Long Way                                              VO 3058        E+

301 I’ve Got a Note(-2)/Every Now and Then                  VO 3071        E+

302 Music Goes Round & Round/I’m Shooting High        VO 3134        E

303 Ol’ Man Mose/Please Believe Me                                 VO 3159        E-

304 West Wind/Shoe Shine Boy                                         VO 3192   E+/E


305 Life Is a Song/My Introduction to Love                      BR 7422         E+

CHAS. A. MATSON’s Creole Serenaders

306 Tain’t Nobody’s Biz-ness If I Do(-A)/BROADWAY D.O. (Lopez):

I Love Me(-B)                       ED 51222    E(label wear at center hole)

307 Tain’t Nobody’s Biz-ness(-C)/BDO: I Love Me(-A)    ED 51222        E+

308 I Just Want a Daddy(-A)/BROADWAY DANCE ORCH (Lopez):

Rose of Brazil(-B)                                                    ED 51224 E-/V+

309 I Just Want a Daddy(-C)/BDO: Rose of Brazil(-C)  ED 51224  E+(tears

& clear tape repair at edge of labels; moderate label stain first side)

LIEUT. MATT & his Orch. (splatter wax)

310 The Pump Song/JULIE WINTZ: Cherie I Love You PATHE 36446  E-


311 I Want your Love/EARL HINES Orch: Sister Kate   VI 22683   E-/E


312 Panama/Eccentric                                                        DE 3363        E


313 If You See Me Comin’/Royal Garden Blues                 SWING 57  E-/E

GLENN MILLER & his Orch.

314 American Patrol/Little Brown Jug                    RCA(So. Afr.) 71.246   E+

315 King Porter Stomp/Chattanooga Choo Choo  RCA(So. Afr.) 71-271     E


316 Rockin’ Chair/Sweet Sue-Just You                              MEL 13181     E+


317 When You’re Smiling/JULIE WINTZ: What Is This Thing

Called Love                                                             V-T 2099V       E-

VIOLET MILLS (Julia Moody acc. Bubber Miley, et al)

318 Broken Busted, Can’t Be Trusted Blues/Worried Blues   DOM 437         E-                                                                              THE MISSOURIANS

319 Market St. Stomp/Missouri Moan                                HMV JF16      E+


320 I Was Taken by Storm/Little Things You Used to Do   BR 7424         E


321 Pep/Fat Frances            HMV(Swiss) JK3201  E-(label scuff second side)

322 London Blues/EZRA HOWLETT SHELTON (Piano solo):

Dearest Darling                                            SESSION 3    E+(ecnap)


Memphis Shake                                                       VI 20415   E+/E

BENNIE MOTEN & his Kansas City Orch.

324 New Vine St. Blues/Band Box Shuffle                         *BB 6710        E

325 Milenberg Joys/Lafayette                                             HMV B4953  E

326 Get Low-down Blues/Kansas City Breakdown            VI 21693        E+


327 San/Red Hot!                                                               BR 2602         E+


328 In the Old Town Hall/(& Ed Smalle): Humpty Dumpty  VI 18810  E/E-


329 Go Joe Go(-B)/Tiger Rag(-C)                                     ED 51908    E+/E

330 Go Joe Go(-C)/Tiger Rag(-A)                                     ED 51908   E-/E+

331 The Cat(-B)/DON VOORHEES: Pardon the Glove(-C) ED 51962    V+

332 Weeping Willow(-A)/Mary Dear(-B)

ED 52996   E(ecnap, first side label scuffed)

OZZIE NELSON & his Orch.

333 Swamp Fire/Rigamarole                                               MEL 7-07-08   E-NEW ORLEANS RHYTHM KINGS (Manone)

334 San Antonio Shout/Tin Roof Blues                             DE 161          E


335 Are You Lonesome Tonight?/I’m Walkin’ on Air     DIVA 2511G    E+

RED NICHOLS & his Five Pennies

336 Whispering/There’ll Come a Time                               BR 3955         E-

337 Sweet Georgia Brown/By the Shalimar                        BR 4944  E-/V+

339 Haunting Blues/Yaaka Hula..             BrF A9199  E+(faint inaud 2” hc)


340 Boogie Woogie/Mule Face Blues                                  *BB 6778   E/E-

341 Sobbin’ Blues/Sweet Lovin’ Man                                 vHJCA 8       E

SY OLIVER & his Orch.

342 Castle Rock/But She’s my Buddy’s Chick                (DJ)vDE 27718   E

GEORGE OLSEN & his Music

343 I’m Tellin’ the Birds…/JAN GARBER: Steppin’ Around  VI 20367  E+

ORESTE & his Queensland Orch.

344 Thinking of You/F. WHEELER WADSWORTH Orch:

Roses for Remembrance                                          ED 51885     E+

345 Side by Side(-B)/Eyeful of You                                   ED 52087  E-/E

346 I’m Walkin’ on Air/PICCADILLY PLAYERS: Someday

Sweetheart     ED 52167  E/E+(ecnap, small edge tear 1st side label)

347 When the Morning Glories Wake Up../PICCADILLY PLAYERS:

She Don’t Wanna                                                    ED 52169      E+


348 Somebody’s Making a Fuss over Somebody/ERNIE GOLDEN:

That’s my Weakness Now                                       APEX 8809    E-

349 Struttin’ Jerry(1)/GLANTZ: Ain’t That a Grand & Glorious

Feeling                                                                    BAN 6023   V/E-

350 St. Louis Blues(-2)/Thrown Down Blues(-2)               BELL 490      E

351 Nobody’s Sweetheart(-C)/Where Will I Be?(-B)    CAMEO 8134     V+

352 Say Arabella/Cuckoo                                            GENNETT 3083   E-

353 Red Hot Henry Brown/Indiana Stomp                 GENNETT 3112 E-

354 Siberia/That’s All there Is Thee Ain’t no More     GENNETT 3150   V+

355 I’m Gonna Hang Around my Sugar/RED SANDERS’ Orch:

When You See that Aunt of Mine                GENNETT 3166  E/E-

356 Pensacola/I’d Rather Be Alone                               HAR 101H     E/E-

357 Hangin’ Around(-3)/Florida Low Down(-3)           HAR 267H    E-/E

358 Hangin’ Around(-3)/Florida Low Down(-2)           HAR 267H        E-

359 Delilah/BDWY BELL-HOPS: He’s the Last Word   HAR 327H        E

360 Play It Red/One Sweet Letter from You                 HAR 432H        E

361 Jubilee Blues/Back o’ Town Blues                       PATHE 036044      E

362 Hard to Get Gertie/GOLDEN GATE ORCH (Calif. Ramblers):

Horses                                                             PER 14609       V+/E

363 My Melancholy Baby/HOLLYWOOD DANCE ORCH (Glantz):

Miss Annabelle Lee                                          REGAL 8356  V+/E-

364 Moten Stomp(-3)/IMPERIAL DANCE ORCH (7 Little Polar Bears):

Mississippi Mud                                               REGAL 8592     E-/E


365 Struttin’ at the Strutters’ Ball/MPULIN ROUGE ORCH (Selvin):

Vamp Me                                                                 BAN 1110      E-

366 Running Wild/Loose Feet(-2)                                       BAN 1143     E

367 Cuddle Up Blues/Lonesome Mama Blues            BELL P-149     V+/E-

368 Don’t Pan Me/MAJESTIC DANCE ORCH (Glantz):

‘Neath the South Sea Moon                    BROADWAY 11142    V+

369 She Wouldn’t Do/More                                         (Flag)CO 37D   E-/E


370 Red Hot Mamma/It Ain’t Gonna Rain No Mo’ (Flag)CO 155D  E-(wol)

371 Nobody Knows What a Red Head Mama Can Do/Doo Wacka Doo

(Flag)CO 308D    V+(label tear second side)

372 You Know Me Alabam’(-1)/THE JAZELIERS (Emerson studio):

A Little Bit of Jazz(-1)                                     EMERSON 10783      V

373 Sweet Lovin’ Mamma/That Eccentric Rag             PATHE 020921        E-

374 Struttin’ Jim/DON PARKER’s Wester Melody Boys:

Wild Papa                                                       PATHE 021031   E-/E

375 Shine/GOLDEN GATE ORCH (Calif. Ramblers):

Frankie & Johnny                                             PATHE 036095      E

376 Why Couldn’t It Be Poor Little Me/One of these

Days                                                              PATHE 036210   V+/E-

377 Railroad Man/Great White Way Blues                      PER 14081             V

378 Bad News Blues/Struttin’ Mose                                PER 14150        V+

379 Forgetful Blues/GOLDEN GATE ORCH (Calif. Ramblers):

That Lullaby Strain                                               PER 14270     E-/E

380 I’m Going Back to Those Who Won’t Go Back on Me/NEW

SYNCO BAND: West Indies Blues                      PER 14315     E/E-

381 Choo Choo/Evening                                                 PER 14332     E-/E

382 Running Wild/Loose Feet                                          REGAL 9407     E+

383 Teasin’ Squeezin’ Man o’ Mine(-3)/Sad News Blues(-2) REGAL 9543  E-

384 Steppin’ Out(-1)/Dancing Dan(-2)                              REGAL 9583       E-

385 Steppin’ Out(-2)/Dancing Dan(-1)                              REGAL 9583       E-

386 Forgetful Blues(-1)/SIX BLACK DIAMONDS: Josephine,

the Meanest Gal in Town                                       REGAL 9643   V+

387 A Man Never Knows…(-1)/ROSELAND DANCE ORCH (Lanin):

Innocent Eyes                                                        REGAL 9670   V+

388 You Know Me, Alabam’(-2)/Red Hot Mamma   TRIANGLE 11400   V+

389 Sob Sister Sadie/Throw Down Blues                            VI 19594         V+

WILL OSBORNE & his Orch.

390 Echo in the Valley/It’s Within your Power      CROWN(Can) 91489      E-

VESS L. OSSMAN (Banjo solo with orch.)

391 Maple Leaf Rag/WALTER BIEDERMANN (Violin solo with orch):

Jigs and Reels Medley                                              CO A228          E

PALACE GARDENS ORCH. (California Ramblers)

392 The Blue Room/BRILHARDT ORCH: The Girl Friend  PAT 36430   E-


393 Leander/Someone                                                        BR 3379           E

PAUL PENDARVIS & his Orch. (Blue wax)

394 Would There Be Love/I’m in Love All Over Again     CO 3032D  E/E+


395 Lover/Little White Lies                                          vMER(Can) 8926    E

396 Get Happy/Jumpin’ with Symphony Sid                vMER(Can) 8933      E

397 You Go to my Head/You Turned the Tables   vMER(Can) 89006  E/E+

PIRON’s New Orleans Orchestra

398 Mamma’s Gone Goodbye/New Orleans Wiggle           VI 19233    E/E+

BEN POLLACK & is Californians/Park Central Orch.

399 He’s the Last Word/OLSEN: Sam, the Old Accordion Man VI 20425 E+

400 Buy, Buy for Baby/She’s One Sweet Show Girl            VI 21743          E

MEL POWELL & his Orch.

401 When Did You Leave Heaven?/Blue Skies                  COM 543          E-

LOUIS PRIMA & his New Orleans Gang (Vinyl tests with handwritten

white labels. Aurally they sound like master pressings although there is

nothing impressed in the dead wax)

402 That’s Where the South Begins (iss. Mx. B16023-A)      vCO TEST        E+

403 Jamaica Shout (issued mx. B16024-A)                            vCO TEST       E

404 Long ‘Bout Midnight (issued mx. B-16026-A)                vCO TEST       E


405 A Man Ain’t Supposed to Cry/I Didn’t Sleep a Wink…  DE 27871       E

JACK PURVIS & his Orch.

406 Down Georgia Way/LOUIS: Bessie Couldn’t Help It    PaE R698      E+

407 Poor Richard/LOUIS: You Rascal, You                        PaE R992      E+


408 Yellow Dog Blues/LOPEZ & HAMILTON’s Kings of

Harmony: Patches                                                   ED 50650      V+

RED & MIFF’s Stompers

409 Stampede(-A)/Alabama Stomp(-C)                             ED 51854       E

410 Stampede(-C)/Alabama Stomp(-C)    ED 51854   E-(label scuff 2nd side)

411 Hurricane(-A)/Black Bottom Stomp(-B)                     ED 51878       E

412 Hurricane(-B)/Black Bottom Stomp(-B)    ED 51878   E-ecnap, needle

drop tics 5 grooves first side)

THE RED HEADS (BG, Nichols, Manone, et al)

413 Corrine Corrina/Bug-a-boo                                      MEL 12495   V/V+

DON REDMAN & his Connie’s In Orch. (2nd side is orig. 78 issue)

414 Chant of the Weed/Two Time Man                             CO 35689     E+

LEO REISMAN & his Orch.

415 Alabama Stomp/Petrushka                                          CO 776D         E+

416 Moanin’ Low/Ain’t Misbehavin’                                  VI 22047 V+/E-

(DUNK) RENDELMAN’s Dance Orch. (Birmingham, 1927)

417 Me & my Shadow/Hot Heels                           SILVERTONE 5052   E-

RENDEZVOUS CAFÉ ORCH. (Smith Ballew Orch.)

418 Any Old Place with You/BILTMORE HOTEL ORCH (Karl

Radlach Orch): Around the Corner  STERLING(Can) 281398   E/E-

THE RHYTHM KINGS (Washboard Rhythm Kings)

419 Call of the Freaks/FATS WALLER: Numb Fumblin’  HMV B4917    E+

THE RHYTHM RASCALS (London, 1935 with Ted Heath, Danny Polo)

420 Tiger Rag/Temptation Rag                          (9”)CROWN(Eng) 7   E-/V+

FRED RICH & his Orch. (Blue wax)

421 I’m Just a Dancing Sweetheart/Kiss Me Good Night(w)  CO 2534D    E+

JOE RINES & his Orch.

422 The Song I Love/Carolina Moon(w)                            BR 4146         E-



423 She Had to Go & Lose It at the Astor/”Ma”               DE 2920        E


424 There Ain’t No Maybe in my Baby’s Eyes/IRWIN ABRAMS Orch:

Muddy Waters                    PATHE ACTUELLE(Eng) E11348    E


425 Ten Easy Lessons/Small Fry                                         VO 4212   E-/V

ARTHUR ROSS & his Westerners

426 If He Cared/Try Dancing                                     DIVA 3085-G   E-/V+

“BLACK FACE” EDDIE ROSS (Banjo solos with orch.)

427 Ross’ Dog Trot/Ross’ Reel                                           VI 18815        E

MARILYN ROSS (Voc w/orch. that has brief clarinet & tbn interludes

attributed on label to Bud Freeman & Will Bradley)

428 I’m One of God’s Children/Hart-hearted Hannah        IBIS 1001     E+


429 Hokus Pokus/The Ghost of the Freaks      MEL 13334    V+(tiny ecnap)

430 High Tension/LOUIS: Knockin’ a Jug                         PaE R1064      E

BEN SELVIN & his Orch.

431 Baby Face/Who Wouldn’t                                           BR 3253      E/E-

SEVEN GALLON JUG BAND (Ed Allen, C. Wms, Willie the Lion, et al)

432 Wipe ‘Em Off (Fats vocal)/What If I Do

CO 2087D    V+(faint inaud lams first side)

JOEL SHAW’s Orch. (as “Joe Shaw’s Orch.”)

433 Clarinet Marmalade/Tiger Rag                                VARSITY 8029  E/E-

SHERBO’s Montmartre Orch.

434 I Found a Rose in the Devil’s Garden/JOSEPH KNECHT Orch:

Mello-cello(w)                                                 EMERSON 10359    E


435 If You Knew Susie/Tell Me Yes, Tell Me No               VI 19675          E
NAT SHILKRET & The Victor Orch.

436 Dusky Stevedore/When Sweet Susie Goes Steppin’ By   VI 21515   E-/E


437 Broadway Blues/AL BERNARD: St. Louis Blue   EMERSON 10296 V+


438 Gulf Coast Blues/Downhearted Blues                          CO A3844        E-

KATE SMITH & her Swanee Music                             

439 Goodnight Sweetheart/You Try Somebody Else(-2)    V-T 2465V   E/E-


440 More than That/I’m All Out of Breath                        *DE 1308      E-/E+

SOUTHERN NIGHT HAWKS (Irving Mills 1st side, Billy James 2nd side)

441 Moanin’ Low/Copper Colored Sam     DOMINO(Can) 181143    V+/E-

MUGGSY SPANIER & his Ragtime Band

442 Lonesome Road/Mandy, Make Up your Mind             BB 10766       E/E-

PAUL SPECHT & his Orch.

443 I Still Can Dream/When Hearts Are Young                 CO A3760        E

PHIL SPITALNY’s Hour of Charm All Girl Orch. (Picture discs)

444 Rhapsody in Blue-Pt. 1/Alice Blue Gown                  VOGUE R725       E-

445 Rhapsody in Blue-Pt. 2/Blue Skies                             VOGUE R726       E-

446 (Use this no. to block bid for Items 444-45).

JESS STACY (Piano solos)

447 In the Dark & Flashes/World Is Waitinf for Sunrise    PaE R2233      E+

MARY STAFFORD & her Jazz Band

448 Royal Garden Blues/Crazy Blues                                  CO A3365       E-


449 With You                                                                     HOW 1037     V+

MARTHA STEWART (The singer, not the chef)

450 Day by Day/Tomorrow Is Forever                               VI 20-1828      E+

SLAM STEWART Quintet (Norvo, Guarnieri)

451 The Voice of the Turtle/Time on my Hands          CONT C10001      E

JOE SULLIVAN (Piano solos)

452 My Little Pride & Joy/Just Strolling                             BrE 02136    E/E-

453 Gin Mill Blues/Honeysuckle Rose                (Blue wax)CO 2876D    V+

454 Summertime/Andy’s Blues      COM 540  E(tiny tear at ctr hole first side)


455 Battleship Kate(-B/GEORGIA MELODIANS: My Mammy’s

Blues(-B)                                                                 ED 51438      E-

SYNCO JAZZERS (Grey Gull studio both sides)

456 I Love You So Much/OCEANIC DANCE ORCH:

I Won’t Be Satisfied                                         MADISON 5082    E-


457 Let’s Try It Again/She’s a Solid Killer Diller                VI 20-2597     V+

EVA TAYLOR (acc. Ed Allen, Clarence Williams, et al)

458 Back in your own Back Yard/Chloe                 (Lg red)OK 8585   E-/V+


459 The Blues/Can’t We Talk It Over                     VARSITY 8218    E+/E


460 Rio Rita/LA PALINA BDCSTRS: Rio Rita               PER 15224     E/E-


461 We Couldn’t Say Goodbye/Lies                                   DE 8782        E-

HERSAL THOMAS (Piano solos)

462 Suitcase Blues/Hersal Blues                                   (Lg red)OK 8227   V+


463 Riverboat Shuffle/Ostrich Walk                                  PaE R2492      E


464 Mardi Gras Boogie/My Heart Belongs to You              MGM 10274   E+

465 (& Pete Johnson) Roll ‘Em Pete/Goin’ Away Blues    VO 4607         E

RUDY VALLEE & his Connecticut Yankees

466 Pretending/Where Are You Dream Girl?                     VI 22062        E-


467 Ragging the Scale/ART KASSEL: Chant of the

Swamp                                                      (Blue wax)CO 2765D    E+

468 Easter Parade/Heat Wave                              MEL(Can) 91649    V+/E-

469 Tempo di Barrel/MIFF MOLE: After You’ve Gone  PaE R1063        E


470 Hell’s Bells & Hallelujah/Satan’s Holiday                    R-Z MR1452   E+

471 My Man from Caroline/I Like a Little Girl Like That    VI 23015          E-


472 Nigger Blues/Joe Turner Blues                           VI 18174   E-(label fade)


473 Hard-to-get Gertie/Ya Gotta Know How to Love      BR 3215      E-/E

TED WALLACE & his Campus Boys (Smith Ballew vocs)

474 Sweetness/The Moonlight March                       CO 1908D    V+(ecnap)

FATS WALLER & his Rhythm

475 Fat & Greasy/At Twilight                                            BB 10803        E-/E

476 We Need a Little Love/Jitterbug Waltz                       BB 11518          E+

477 Thief in the Night/Got a Bran’ New Suit                     VI 25123         E+


478 Collegiate/Look at those Eyes                                     VI 19648          E

TED WEEMS & his Orch.

479 The Man from the South/Harmonica Harry                 VI 22238         E

JOSH WHITE with Edmod Hall & his Orch.

480 Left Good Deal in Mobile/Did You Ever Love a Woman DE 23475  E+

WILLY WHITE (Piano solos)

481 Butter Scotch/Try and Play It                                      PER 11175      E

THE WHOOPEE MAKERS (Duke) (Label scratch first side)

482 Flaming Youth/Doin’ the Voom Voom                       PER 15240   E/E-

JAY WILBUR & his Band (London, 1933)

483 Can’t We Meet Again & Someone to Care For/AL BENNY’s Broadway

Boys (Harry Bidgood Orch): Do You Recall & Jolly Old Ma! Fat

Old Pa!                                  BROADCAST FOUR-TUNE 508         E

FESS WILLIAMS & his Royal Flush Orch. (Small tear top 1st side label)

484 All for Grits & Gravy/She’s Still Dizzy                         VI 23025           E-

LEONA WILLIAMS & her Dixie Band

485 Got to Cool Doggies Now/Makes No Difference Now   CO A3642    E-

486 Sister Kate/If You Don’t Believe I Love You              CO A3713        V

487 Bring It with You When You Come/I’m Goin’ Away    CO A3815     V+

MIDGE WILLIAMS & her Jazz Jesters

488 The Lady Is a Tramp/Fortune Tellin’ Man                   VO 3865          V

BOB WILLS & his Texas Playboys

489 Swing Blues #1/Steel Guitar Rag                                 OK 03394        E

490 Ten Years/Let’s Ride with Bob                                    OK 6692          E-

491 We Might As Well Forget It/You’re from Texas          OK 6722          E

WINEGAR’s Penn. Boys

492 Stay Out of the South(-D)/I Call You Sugar               ED 52224       E+

493 My Gal Sal(-B)/AL FRIEDMAN: Girl of my Dreams   ED 52305      E

494 Ida! Sweet as Apple Cider/B. A. ROLFE: To-morow    ED 52321       E+


495 Girl with Light Blue Hair/A Little Love, a Little Kiss     OK 6346     E

BILLY WYNNE’s Greenwich Village Inn Orch.

496 Blue-eyed Sally(-A)/POLLA’s Clove r Gardens Orch:

You and I(-B)                                                          ED 51488        E

497 When my Sugar Walks Down the Street(-A)/Lenore(-C) ED 51549       E-

498 When my Sugar…(-B)/Lenore(-B)                               ED 51549         V

499 Brighter Days(-C)/Pango Pango Maid(-A)                   ED 51566        E

500 Charleston Baby o’ Mine(-B)/Somebody’s Crazy About

You(-A)                                                                   ED 51606        E


501 Big Chief Battle Axe/Muskrat Ramble    TEMPO (So. Afr.) HBL-1       E+


10” x 78 RPM ALBUM SETS (Min. bid $2.00 x no. of records in set)

502 ALL STAR STOMPERS (Wild Bill, et al)  This Is Jazz-Vol. 1

CIRCLE Set S-7 (J1003-05) (3)                                            V+ to E-

503    This Is Jazz-Vol. 2   CIRCLE Set S-15 (J1040-42) (3)                E to E+

504 SIDNEY BECHET  Blue Note Jazz Men

BLUE NOTE Set 105 (561-63)(3)      V+ to E(2” tear top of spine)

505 DON BYAS  Saxophone Improvisations By…

SAVOY Set S-505 (625-28) (4)               E+(1/2” tear top of spine)

506 CAPITOL JAZZMEN  New American Jazz

CAP Set A-3 (10009-12) (4 + bklt)         E(sol)(1” tear top of spine)

507 KING COLE TRIO  King Cole Trio

CAP Set BD-8 (20009-12) (4)                                              E to E+

508 EDDIE CONDON  George Gershwin Jazz Concert

DE Set A-398 (23430-33) (4 + bklt)                                   E- to E+

509 BOB CROSBY  Showcase   DE Set 32 (2205-10) (6) (no booklet)

E to E+(spine moderately frayed)

510 EDDIE EDWARDS & his Original Dixieland Jazz Band

COM Set CR-14 (610-13) (4)  E to E+(rim chip sounds 7 grooves

on “Ostrich Walk”)

511 DUKE ELLINGTON  At Carnegie Hall

MUSICRAFT Set S-6 (463-66) (4)                                        E- to E

512      Plays the Blues   VI Set P-182 (20-2324-27) (4)

E+(sol)(spine moderately frayed)

513 DOC EVANS  Doctor Jazz/Jazz Heritage

ART FLORAL Set AFRS-2 (cover) contains JOCO 105-108

discs (4)                                                                               V+ to E

514      Doc Evans   DUBLIN’S (no set #) (D1-D4) (4)                             E+

515 BUD FREEMAN  Comes Jazz  CO Set C-40 (35853-56) (4)      E to E+

516 DIZZY GILLESPIE  & his All Stars MUS Set S-7 (485-88)(4)   E to E+

517 JOHNNIE GUARNIERI  Johnnie. Guarnieri

MAJESTIC Set M-11 (1094-96) (3)                                            E+

518 FLETCHER HENDERSON  Hot Jazz Classics

CO Set C-30 (35668-71) (4)                                                        E+

519 CHIPPIE HILL  And the Blues  CIRCLE Set C-1 (J1003-4) (2)         E




10” x 78 PM ALBUMS (Cont’d)

520 BUNK JOHNSON  With Bunk Johnson in New Orleans (original 78

rpm issue for Feb. 1945 sides cited in Lord discography as being

from a film soundtrack)     METRONOME(Sweden) Set A-5

(B530-31) (2)                                  E+(spine is considerably frayed)


VI Set P-69 (27504-07) (4)                                                           E+

522 ISHAM JONES  It Had to Be You   COAST Set C-2 (8022-23) (2)

All 4 sides have Curt Massey vocals and the album is a tie-in with

the 1947 film “It Had to Be You” with Ginger Rogers & Cornel

Wilde who ae pictured on the cover.                                     E to E+

523      Melodies   COAST Set C-3 (8024-25) (2) (all C. Massey vocs) E to E+

524 JOHN KIRBY  John Kirby   (DSM)ASCH Set 357 (3571-73) (3)

E to E+(clear tape repair at top of spine)

525      The New Kirby with Sarah Vaughan (on 3 sides)   CROWN Set 3

(107-109) (3)   E(1” tear at top of spine; side 3 has lightly audible

1/2” scratch).

526 WINGY MANONE  & his Cats DAVIS Set DA-27(7777-80 (4) E- to E

527      Jam & Jive with… DE Set A-252 (Blk lbl)18325-27) (3 + bklt) E- to E


ViCan Set HJ-4 (40-0114-17) (4 + bklt)                             E- to E+

529 ZEP MEISSNER  New Dixieland Jazz

MGM(Can) Set 36 (30165-68) 4)                                            E+

530 MEMPHIS FIVE  Favorites   STINSON Set 365 (365-1-3) (3) V+ to E

531 JELLY ROLL MORTON  King of the Piano

BR Set B1018 (80067-68) (2 + bklt)                                   E to E+


CIRCLE Set S-1 (J1005-07) (3)   E to E+(moderate fray top spine)

533 OSCAR PETERSON  Oscar Peterson (DSM)MERCURY Set C-106)

(8921-23) (3)                                                                      E- to E

534 PEE WEE RUSSELL  Nick’s Presents…   MANHATTAN Set A-30

(30-1-3) (3) (no bklt)                  E- o E(sol; 1” tear at top of spine)

535 OMER SIMEON  Trio with James P. Johnson

(DSM)DISC Set 708 (6001-002) (2)      E(top 2” of spine missing)

536 BESSIE SMITH  Hot Jazz Classics

CO Set C-31(35672-75)(4)                E+(spine moderately frayed)

537 PINE TOP SMITH  Boogie Woogie Piano

BR Set B-1002 (80008-09) (2 + bklt)                                E to E+

538 MUGGSY SPANIER  Jazz Ensemble

(DSM)DISC Set 711 (6030-32) (3 + bklt)                         E- to E

539 ART TATUM  Piano     CAP(Can) Set CC-218 (15518-20) (3)   E- to E

540 FRANKIE TRUMBAUER  Jazz Classics By…  DAVIS Set DA-29

(29-1 thru 8) (4)                       E- to E(spine moderately frayed)



541 BEBOP (Red Rodney, Neal Hefti, Dave Lambert & Buddy Stewart)

MER Set A-34 (1065-67) (3)                                             E to E+

542 BOOGIE WOOGIE-VOL. 2 (Red Allen, James P.,Mary Lou, Dupree,

Yancey, Chharlie Spand) CO Set C-130 (37333-36) (4)           E

543 CHICAGO JAZZ  (Condon, McPartland, Wettling groups)

DE Set 121 (Red) (18040-45) (6 + bklt)  E- to E+(spine frayed)

544 GEMS OF JAZZ-VOL. 1 (M. Bailey, Marsala, Freeman groups, Stacy,

Lux Lewis) DE Set 200 (Red) 18108-13)(6+bklt)     E-to E+(sol)

545 HISTORY OF JAZZ-VOL. 1: THE SOLID SOUTH  (Leadbelly, Zutty,

Eddie Miller, Manone, Lamare groups)

CAP Set CE-16 (10021-25) (5) (no bklt)                         E to E+

546 JAZZ VARIATIONS (Henderson, Stacy, James P., Peck’s Bad Boys)

ASCH Set 350 (350-1-3) (3)                                E(spine frayed)