Policies on How to Bid

The following records are offered at auction. Records are visually graded, using traditional standards, and all are guaranteed as usual. Your satisfaction as a customer is my primary concern, so let me know if you’re not happy with any item. Should you need to return a record for credit, please contact me prior to doing so. It may well be that the item involved is not worth the time and expense of the return.

Minimum bids are shown at the heading for each section, but I reserve the right to reject any bid which is not commensurate with the record’s worth.

How to Bid

Bid by item number on the left of the description of the item. Please use the bidding form which appears at the end of the list if at all possible, and it will help if you will also include your account number which appears on your address label. I don’t recommend using postcards to place your bids. They tend to get lost in the shuffle, and the postal service sometimes obscures the written data with reverse cancellations.

You can also submit your bids via FAX at 203-544-9311, or by e-mail at whicks@recordsforcollectors.com.

Please do not make topping offers, and please don’t make block bids except where indicated as allowable.

Be sure to check over your bids before mailing to be sure that you have used the correct item numbers. Even though some of you also list artist, titles, and catalog number, this does not relieve you of the responsibility for using the correct item number. My computer can deal only with item numbers, and if you use the wrong one you will be awarded the wrong record. If you bid on and win a wrong item number, you will be expected to pay for it. This is not meant to imply infallibility on my part. In the course of entering the average of 12,000 bids received for each auction into the computer, I know that I’m good for more than a couple of keystroke errors for which I readily make any necessary adjustment; but I can’t assume the responsibility for bidder errors as well. In other words, I’ll pay for my goofs and you pay for yours.

Mail your bids early to ensure yourself of not missing out. Mail service is erratic to say the least, and I strongly recommend that bids be mailed at least 10 days prior to the closing date for U.S. bidders, and at least 20 days prior to the closing date for overseas bidders. If it looks like you’re going to be late, find a FAX service in your area for transmittal of your bids, or submit them by e-mail.