PHOTOGRAPHS (Min. bid $2.00)


119 Nice 8x10 photo of the Belvedere Broadcasters, a 14-piece Canadian “retro” band posed onstage holding instruments.

120 8x10 photo of Paul Barbarin posed seated at drum set sticks in hand.

121 8x10 closeup studio photo of Buck Clayton holding trumpet.

122 Noted as being “Presented with Radio Review” (magazine?) an oddly shaped (4x10) photo of Nat Gonella standing full figure holding cigarette.

123 Probably from the Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto in 1972 or 1973 8x10 (vertical) photo of Benny Goodman in light colored suit standing full figure on

stage, clarinet tucked under his arm.

124 From the same engagement another Benny Goodman full figure pose this one 8x10 horizontal in which a half-dozen band members are also visible.

125 Composite 8x10 photo consisting of a head shot of leader Sam Manning surrounded by photos of various sections of his orchestra. Some members (Frank

Grayson, John Ruby, Harry Matthews) are identified.

126 Nice 8x10 photo of a relatively young Lionel Hampton full figure playing vibes.

127 8x10 photo of Sammy Price full figure seated at piano gesturing with his arms.

128 8x10 publicity photo from the 1935 film “Coronado” depicting what appears to be the entire cast and crew including Jack Haley, Johnny Downs, Andy Devine &

Eddy Duchin in a group photo. The Eddy Duchin Orchestra (along with Fayard Nicholas) is standing in the background holding instruments.

129 8x10 still or publicity photo from 1933 film “Hell Below” showing Jimmy Durante & Eugene Pallette in naval uniforms standing with unidentified cast member.