PHOTOGRAPHS (Min. bid $2.00)


 1 5x7 publicity close-up photo of Gus Arnheim surrounded by images of music scores and snare drum. Has facsimile signature, “Say it with music, Gus Arnheim.”

 2 8x10 photo of Bob Barnard’s Jazz Band (Australia) in casual attire, holding instruments.

 3 Another 8x10 photo of Bob Barnard’s Band, this time in suits posed on stage playing instruments.

 4 8x10 Consolidated Radio Artists close-up publicity photo of Charlie Barnet.

 5 8x10 still from the 1957 film “The Big Beat” showing Charlie Barnet standing full figure playing soprano sax into microphone. Norman Granz can be seen in the

background seated in a band member’s chair.

 6 5x7 close-up publicity photo of Ben Bernie. Has facsimile inscription, “To my Blue Ribbon Malt Friends, Cordially, Ben Bernie.”

 7 8x10 copy print of MCA studio photo of Ace Brigode standing three-quarter figure.

 8 4x10 wide-angle photo on 8x10 stock of the 14-piece early 30s Cab Calloway Orch. posed playing instruments.

 9 5x7 matte finish close-up photo of Bob Chester.

10 8x10 Meyer Davis Management publicity photo of Reggie Childs, two-thirds figure holding violin. Has small sized ink inscription, “With sincere good wishes,

Reggie Childs.”

11 8x10 studio close-up photo of early 30s bandleader Tom Coakley, ink signed by him.

12 8x10 close-up studio photo of Morton Downey, ink signed, “Sincerely, Morton Downey.”

13 Postcard-sized (3-1/3” x 5-1/2”) close up studio photo of bandleader Jack Denny. Has facsimile signature.

14 5x7 close up photo of Eddy Duchin, fingers on keyboard. Has facsimile signature.

15 8x10 NBC photo of Jimmy Durante, prob. late 40s-early 50s, seated full figure playing piano.

16 8x10 MGM Studios close-up photo of Cliff Edwards.

17 6x7 early 30s photo of Emerson Gill & his Orch. consisting of a large head shot of Gill, surrounded by smaller head shots of 9 band members (including Frank

De Vol) and vocalist Marian Mann (later with Bob Crosby), all identified.

18 8x10 photo of the 1938 Benny Goodman Orchestra, in black tuxedos posed on bandstand holding instruments. Border is ink signed by Goodman.

19 8x10 photo of Benny Goodman on stage at the Canadian National Exposition, Toronto, 1972 or ’73. Standing full figure playing clarinet, band members in

background. This is a different pose than the two similar photos that were listed in my July ’19 auction.

20 8x10 studio close-up photo of Edmond Hall, 1/3 figure in white dinner jacket, no clarinet. Cited as “Featured with Louis Armstrong All-Stars.”

21 8x10 photo of Richard Himber & his Orch. c. 1934-35, seemingly a film still showing the band playing instruments in a night club setting, patrons at tables

         in foreground. Adrian Rollini & his vibes readily identifiable, Joey Nash standing at far right.

22 7x7 sepia-tone studio photo of Claude Hopkins, 3/4 figure seated. Has facsimile signature, “Best wishes, Claude Hopkins.”

23 8x10 Mercury Records close-up photo of Eddy Howard. Ink inscribed to previous owner by him.

24 8x10 MCA studio photo of Harry James, 3/4 figure in white dinner jacket posed playing trumpet. Ink signed by him.

25 8x10 matte finish publicity photo of Art Jarrett, half-figure. Has facsimile signature.

26 Postcard-sized (3-1/3” x 5-1/2”) gravure print photo of Isham Jones & his Orch., prob. late 20s, posed on bandstand holding instruments.


27 8x10 photo of the 7-piece Jimmy Joy Orch. (“Jimmie’s Joys” per the bass drum) posed playing instruments. I think the banjo player is Smith Ballew.

28 8x10 studio close-up photo of Frances Langford.

29 8x10 studio photo of Henry Levine, 2/3 figure posed holding trumpet. Ink inscribed to previous owner by him.

30 8x10 photo of the George Lewis Band in performance at Holy Trinity Church, Oxford, Ohio, 1954. Standing are Lawrence Marrero, Lewis, Kid Howard,

Jim Robinson. Moderately puckered, was once mounted to cardboard.

31 8x10 photo of an early Ted Lewis Orch. in which Lewis is posed in tuxedo holding top hat aloft and surrounded by ten band members (no instruments) dressed

in silk costumes.

32 8x10 CBS close-up studio photo of Enoch Light. Ink signed, “Sincerely, Enoch Light, 1935.”

33 8x10 photo of Jimmie Lunceford & his Orch. posed onstage ostensibly playing instruments. Border legend cites “Exclusive Decca recording artists” and

“Personal direction Harold F. Oxley.”

34 8x10 nice quality copy photo of well-known Wingy Manone publicity pose from early 30s. 3/4 figure standing, right hand in pocket, holding trumpet whose

bell rests on his left knee.

35 8x10 photo of Wingy Manone, half figure playing trumpet. From Duncan Schiedt collection, cited on rear as from Royal Room, Hollywood, 1949.

36 8x10 nice quality photo of Wingy Manone, half-figure plying trumpet into microphone. Has facsimile inscription to previous owner by Manone.

37 Set of four 5x7 different photos of Wingy Manone, half figure playing trumpet. Mesh theatre curtain in background.

38 8x10 GAC publicity photo of Johnny (Paradiddle Joe) Morris, seated at drum set tossing drumstick in the air. Cited as featured drummer with Tony Pastor

Orch. which would place the date around 1940-41.

39 8x10 copy print studio photo of Red Nichols posed 3/4 figure playing cornet, shadow image in background. Cited as “One of the originators of heated rhythm.”

40 8x10 studio photo of Red Nichols, c. 1950s. Half figure holding trumpet.

41 8x10 sepia-tone (or moderately faded) photo of c.1935 Ray Noble Orch. posed on stage, playing instruments. Includes Spivak, Glenn Miller, Will Bradley,

Bud Freeman, Thornhill, Al Bowlly.

42 8x10 matte finish close-up publicity photo of Will Osborne. Has green ink signature, “Happy days, Will Osborne.”

43 8x10 sepia-tone (or moderately faded) photo of an early Will Osborne Orch. posed on stage, ostensibly playing instruments. Ink inscribed to previous owner,

“Best wishes, Will Osborne.”

44 8x10 close up photo of Ben Pollack, probably late 50s. Left profile playing drums.

45 8x10 still from the 1961 film “Twist All Night” showing Louis Prima, 2/ 3 figure, singing into hand-help microphone.

46 8x10 close-up studio photo of Charles “Buddy” Rogers ink signed by him.

47 8x10 copy print photo of Jimmy Rushing in suspenders, seated on folding chair holding manuscript.

48 8x10 “Popsie” photo of Pee Wee Russell, half figure, playing clarinet.

49 8x10 repro of a close-up drawing of Kenny Sargent. Artist’s name is Albert von Stempa, dated 1935. Has moderately faded ink inscription to prev. owner by 


50 8x10 matte finish close-up publicity photo of Terry Shand. Has facsimile signature. Small corner clip.

51 7x5 photo of Artie Shaw one-third figure in herringbone jacket playing clarinet. Has facsimile signature.

52 8x10 MCA close-up photo of Miriam Shaw, cited as vocalist with Richard Himber Orch.

53 8x10 matte finish studio photo of songwriter Seymour Simons (“Just Like a Gypsy,”Breezin’ Along with the Breeze,” “Honey”) standing 3/4 figure. He also

played violin on a 1924 Goldkette session. Ink signed by Simons.

54 8x10 “Old Gold Hour” publicity photo of Fred Waring’s Pennsylvanians (20 pieces, plus seemingly two vocal trios) from the early 30s posed on stage

playing instruments. Ink signed, “Cordially, Fred Waring.”

55 8x10 NBC montage publicity photo of early 30s Ted Weems & his Orch. Large image of Weems at top with baton, smaller image of the band posed playing

instruments at bottom. Ink signed, “Sincerely, Ted Weems.”

56 8x10 photo of George Wettling, late 30s, as a member of Paul Whiteman’s band. Posed seated at drums, drumstick tossed in air. “GW” and Whiteman 

potato head on bass drum.

57 8x10 still from the 1935 film “Thanks a Million” showing the 24-piece Paul Whiteman Orch. (including Tea & Tram) playing instruments.

58 8x10 Universal Attractions publicity photo of Cootie Williams standing 3/4 figure holding trumpet.