PHOTOGRAPHS (All 8×10 and seemingly original prints unless otherwise noted). (Min. bid $2.00))

 6 Close-up studio photo of Henry “Red” Allen, left profile playing trumpet.  Ink inscribed to previous owner by Allen.

7 James Kriegsmann studio photo of Henry “Red” Allen & J. C. Higginbotham posed 3/4 figure holding instruments.

8 Studio photo of Henry “Red” Allen and his 6 piece band (including Higginbotham & Don Stovall) posed half figure leaning on piano. Trombone & sax on piano.

9 Studio photo of Paul Barbarin full figure posed playing drums.

10 Another view of Paul Barbarin from same session closer up and playing drums.

11 Willard Alexander Inc. publicity photo of Count Basie, close-up wearing plaid jacket.

12 William Morris Agency publicity photo of Count Basie posed half figure in dark suit. Very light wrinkling.

13 “Popsie” publicity photo of Buck Clayton close-up holding trumpet.

14 From the same photo session another “Popsie” close-up of Buck Clayton, no trumpet, cigarette between fingers.

15 From a different photo session, another “Popsie” close up of Buck Clayton holding trumpet.

16 Close-up photo of Wild Bill Davison playing cornet, holding cigarette between fingers.

17 Close-up photo of Wild Bill Davison, left profile playing cornet.

18 Studio photo of Wild Bill Davison posed seated half figure in checkered shirt, holding cornet.

19 Nice photo of Bud Freeman, 2/3 figure facing front playing tenor sax. Inscribed to previous owner by “Bud” but the autograph is almost entirely faded.

20 Good copy-print photo of Benny Goodman, mid-1930s. In tuxedo, 2/3 figure posed standing with hands in pockets.

21 Good copy-print photo of Benny Goodman seated between his mother and sister with two unidentified others at a table at the Hotel Pennsylvania, 1936.

22 Good copy-print photo of Benny Goodman in vest and shirtsleeves playing clarinet into CBS microphone, c. 1937. Sidemen Harry James, Elman, Ballard,

Koenig & Schertzer in background.

23 Copy-print photo of Benny Goodman playing clarinet into CBS microphone as a smiling Frank Sinatra looks on. Legend cites from Sinatra radio show, 1946.

24 Universal Studios publicity photo of Benny Goodman ostensibly teaching Steve Allen how to finger a clarinet.

25 Copy print photo of Benny Goodman shaking hands with Nikita Khrushev at the U.S. Embassy, Moscow, 1962.

26 From the Overseas Press Club dinner, May, 1962. Depicted standing are Harold McMillan, JFK, Benny Goodman, Teddy Wilson, Ed Shaughnessy,

George Duvivier and publicist Larry Meeks.

27 Close-up photo of Benny Goodman lighting Pablo Casals’ pipe.

28 From the NBC-TV Timex All-Star Swing Festival, good copy-print photo of Benny Goodman, Teddy Wilson, Lionel Hampton & Gene Krupa posed standing

full figure.

29 Close-up studio photo of Edmond Hall, one-third figure in white dinner jacket. No instrument.

30 From the same photo session, another photo of Edmond Hall, half figure in white dinner jacket, playing clarinet.

31 Shaw Artists studio photo of Coleman Hawkins, posed seated half figure holding tenor sax.

32 Associated Booking Corp. studio photo of J. C. Higginbotham 2/3 figure in striped suit holding trombone.

33 Copy-print (or maybe slightly out-of-focus) photo of Jo Jones (playing drums) and Vic Dickenson (standing holding trombone).

34 Photo of the 12-piece late-20s Kay Kyser Orch. posed standing on steps in front of a building with columns. No instruments. Sharp photo on lightweight paper is

mounted in promotional folder with cover legend: The man from the South saying “Good mawnin’ folk, how y’all?”

35 James Kreigsmann studio photo of blues & r&b songwriter (and sometime performer) Rose Maria McCoy posed seated in satin gown.

36 Warner Bros. still from the 1934 film “Dames” has close-up of Dick Powell surrounded by 13 chorus girls.

37 Maurice Seymour Studios close-up photo of a young Louis Prima from the 1930s.

38 5×7 sepia-tone (or lightly faded) Paramount Studios close-up photo of Charles “Buddy” Rogers. Very small corner clips. Was once glue mounted.

39 Small (6×4) sepia-tone studio photo of Ken Sparnon & his Orch. which was the house band for radio station WSYR, Syracuse, NY.  14 pieces with instruments.

Reverse is a response to a listener verifying radio reception in Reading PA on Dec. 1, 1933.

40 Circle Artists Corp. photo of Jimmy Rushing, one-third figure singing into microphone.

41 Copy-print photo of Jimmy Rushing in shirt and suspenders seated on folding chair holding manuscript.

42 “Popsie” photo of Pee Wee Russell half-figure playing clarinet.

43 Late 40s Robert Parent photo of Pee Wee Russell, Jimmy McPartland, Joe Sullivan, George Wettling plus unidentified trombone and bass player in

Performance on small stage. Sign above stage says “On the Air.”

44 Arsene Studios photo of Rex Stewart, 2/3 figure in checked jacket facing front and holding trumpet. Tape residue on borders, not in image.

45 Copy-print close-up photo of George Wettling playing drums. Half figure, cymbals in foreground.

46 Universal Attractions publicity photo of Cootie Williams posed half-figure holding trumpet.