Our Shipping Schedule

Our mailing list has now grown to the point where there are several hundred parcels to be packed for each auction. Our credit card customers are shipped first, since their payment dates are essentially the same as the date of their invoice. These are done in Account Number order, which affords us some semblance of a system and allows the charter members of the mailing list (the earliest Account Numbers) to be shipped first.

It takes about three weeks from the date that appears on the credit card charge slip to complete all of the credit card customers, so if your Account No. is 3250, for instance, your records are going to be shipped about 3 weeks after Account No. 10. Thereafter, shipments are made in the precise order in which payments are received, but our volume is such that it may take as long as 4 to 5 weeks from receipt of payment for records to be shipped when the packing operation is at its peak. Your understanding and patience will be very much appreciated.