59 Press manual prepared by Consolidated Radio Artists for the Charlie Barnet Orch. in 1940.  Has a generic CRA cover sheet which at one time had a small photo

of Barnet affixed, now missing. Contains 12 pages of mimeographed blurbs about the band.  8x11 staple bound.

60 On his letterhead (“Larry Funk and his Band of a Thousand Melodies”), a typewritten ink-signed fan letter response dated 3/1/32 and signed by him. Includes

a separate 3x5 close-up photo.

61 On Hotel Taft (NY) letterhead, a typewritten fan letter response from George Hall dated 2/5/32 and signed by him. Includes separate 5x7 close-up photo.

62 Max Kaminsky’s 2”x 3-1/2” business card from the 1960s, showing his address and Murray Hill telephone number.

63 On New Bismark Hotel (Chicago) letterhead, a typewritten fan letter response from Art Kassel dated 4/20/32 and signed by him.

64 Typewritten form letter fan response on Husk O’Hare’s Chicago-based letterhead in part devoted to the identification by instrument of the ten members of his

band that was currently at the Hotel LaSalle. Undated, he advises that the cost of a dinner in the Blue Fountain Room is $1.50 if that gives you an idea of the

time frame. The “signature” is typed only, not handwritten.

65 3-1/2” x 7” placard advertising Husk O’Hare’s services for orchestras and entertaining. Has cartoon image of violin player.

66 Nice quality re-print of the Roseland Ballroom’s “Roseland News” for Sept. 1924.  8 pages, 8x11. Stories & photos of Vincent Lopez, Jan Garber, Sam Lanin.

67 Weekly “Dance Topics” flyer for the Trianon Ballroom, Chicago, for 11/1/35.  4 pages, 8x11. Cover lauds the Jan Garber Orch. Was once folded.

68 Collection of nine postcards (or postcard-sized) publicity photos, some postally used, for Cab Calloway (postmarked 1932), Jimmy Dorsey, Tommy Dorsey, Benny

Goodman, Clyde McCoy (postmarked 1933), Ozzie Nelson, Husk O’Hare’s Band, Jack Teagarden.  Min. bid $15.00.

69 Collection of 19 ink autographs appearing on cut squares of paper, backs of business cards and the like. A few are inscribed to previous owner. Includes Ernie

Andrews, Herman Autrey, Wilbur deParis, Vic Dickenson, Frank Froeba, Leonard Gaskin, Johnny Guarnieri, Al Hall, Peanuts Hucko, Stan Kenton, Deane

Kincaide, Max Morath, Singleton Palmer, Specs Powell, Max Roach, Ralph Sutton, Jack Teagarden, Spencer Williams, Teddy Wilson.  Min. $15.