680 Undated Christmas greeting card ink-inscribed to previous owner and signed “Sincerely yours, D. Jas. (Nick) LaRocca.”  3x3 opens to 3x6.

Has 2-hole punch at edge.

681 Set of four 8-1/2 x 11 David Stone Martin prints on lightweight parchment-like paper. Images are a trombone players (Lu Watters album cover), a drummer

(Max Roach cover), a guitar player (Tal Farlow cover) and a pair of hands at a piano keyboard (Bud Powell cover?)

POSTERS (All over-sized that will require separate packing)

682 Published by Jazz Age Editions in 2001 on heavyweight paper stock, a reproduction of a tri-color 17” x 24” poster for Louis Armstrong & his Orch.

appearance at Connie’s Inn, October, 1935.  Has Armstrong portrait drawing. Shipped in mailing tube.

683 High quality two-color 1989 reproduction of 14” x 24” poster on medium-weight cardboard for Louis Armstrong & his Orch. engagement at the Rhythm

Club, New Orleans, Oct. 22, 1944.  Has black & white photo of Louis with trumpet. Shows 6 Okeh & Decca record labels.  Shipped flat.

684 Colorful 14” x 22” undated Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Society poster illustrated by Brad Kimball and depicting a dancing couple with musicians in

background. Shipped in mailing tube.

685 11” x 14” poster on medium-weight cardboard for the Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Festival, Davenport, IA, 1987. Depicts large bi-color image of hand

holding cornet and “Bix Lives” legend.

686 14” x 20” poster on medium-weight cardboard for the Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Festival, Davenport, 2001.  Has large painting of Bix playing

cornet.  Shipped flat.

687 17” x 11” poster on lightweight cardboard for the 45th anniversary Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Festival, Bettendorf, IA, 2016. Great colorful design

features large image of steamboat whose steampipes are cornets, the bowsprit is a guitar neck, the cabins are a piano keyboard and the paddle wheel is a

bass drum.  Shipped flat.

688 High quality reproduction of 14” x 22” poster on medium-weight cardboard for Miles Davis’ appearance at the Apollo Theatre, NYC, March 13, 1958. Large

black-and-white photo of Miles holding trumpet.  Shipped flat.

689 Colorful 23” x 30” poster for the 8th Festival deGordes, Provence, France, July, 1991.  Announced (not pictured) were Buck Clayton Big Band, Laverne Baker,

Newport Festival All-Stars and some European groups. Paper stock has some wrinkling. Shipped in mailing tube.

690 23” x 33” poster for the 30th Annual International Jazz Festival, Villingen, Germany, July, 2006. Featured were The Statesmen of Jazz (Kenny Davern & Randy

Sandke pictured), McCoy Tyner Septet, Nigel Kennedy Quintet and some European groups also pictured.  Shipped in mailing tube.

691 11” x 17” tri-color poster on lightweight cardboard for Newport Jazz Festival’s 50th anniversary, 2004.  Depicts stylized steamship with bridge in background

and silhouettes of jazz musicians performing. Numbered print (#131 of 200) and pencil signed, although I can’t make out by whom. Shipped flat.

692 Colorful 16” x 23” poster on lightweight paper for the North Sea Jazz Festival ’82, The Hague, Holland.  Has large image of painting by R. Olbinski depicting

musical instruments twisted together superimposed over Dutch landscape with windmill. Small corner tear is clear tape repaired on rear. Shipped in tube.

693 19” x 25” poster for the Oregon Festival of American Music, 2000 which showcased “Le Jazz Hot: Americans in Paris, 1919-55.”  Features large color image

of vintage Archibald Motley painting of cabaret scene depicting dancing couples and black musicians.  Shipped in mailing tube.

PLAYER PIANO ROLLS (Min. bid $5.00) (Most box covers, many of them more than 100 years old, show obvious signs of age. Severe cases are noted)

(*) = word roll.

694 ALL MUDDLED UP (Percy Wenrich)  Played by Stuart Gregory.  DELUXE Y6324

695 ALLAH’S HOLIDAY (Rudolph Friml)  Played by Jack Williams.  UNIVERSAL 2030889

696 AND THAT AIN’T ALL (Sam Stept).  Played by Paul E. Rowley.  ARTO 832

697 BABY BLUES (Alex Rogers-C. Luckeyth Roberts).  Played by Pete Wendling.  Q.R.S. 1067

698 BALLIN’ THE JACK  (Composer credit shown as “Smith & Europe”)  Player not identified.  UNIVERSAL 6107

699 BANJO RAG (Bennett).  Player not identified.  UNIVERSAL 90905

700 BEAUTIFUL OHIO BLUES (Robert King).  Player not identified.  PIANOSTYLE 47461

701 BLACK AND WHITE (Rag) (Botsford).  Player not identified, presumably Botsford.  Q.R.S. 30720.  Heavily repaired box.

702 BLUE (Handman)  Played by George Morton.  ARTO 1634 (*).

703 BOLO RAG (Gamble)  Player not identified, likely Albert Gamble.  EIGHTY-EIGHT NOTE 91445.

704 BUCK DANCE BILL (Turkey Trot) (Muir-Leslie-Abrahams)  Player not identified.  ROYAL MUSIC ROLL 3218

705 THE BULL FROG BLUES (Brown-Shrigley)  Played by Zema Randale.  IMPERIAL 58590

706 BYE BYE PRETTY BABY (Gardner-Hamilton)  Played by Roy Bargy.  AMPICO 209081-E (*).

707 THE CAT’S PAJAMAS (Harry Jentes)  Played by the composer.  Q.R.S. 101023

708 CHARLESTON (Mack-Johnson)  Played by Joe Keden.  CONNORIZED 7760

709 CHATTERBOX RAG (Botsford).  Player not identified, likely Botsford.  OTTO HIGEL CO. (Can.) 02503

710 CHEATIN’ ON ME (Ager-Yellen-Bornstein).  Played by Joe Gold.  CONNORIZED 7721

711 CHINESE BLUES (Moore-Gardner).  Player not identified.  US 7527

712 CASTLE VALSE CLASSIQUE (arr. by Ford T. Dabney)  Player not identified.  EIGHTY-EIGHT 66671C

713 CRAZY BLUES (Perry Bradford).  Played by Pete Wendling.  Q.R.S. 1309 (*).

714 CREOLE BELLES (J. Bodewall-Lampe).  Player not identified.  SUPERTONE 10012.

715 CROONING (Dubin-Weise-Caesar).  Played by Emil Seidel.  VOCALSTYLE 11941 (*)

716 CUM-BAC (Rag) (C. F. Johnson).  Player not identified.  IMPERIAL 49075

717 DEAR OLD SOUTHLAND (Creamer-Layton).  Played by E. Reeves.  CONNORIZED 7193 (*).

718 DESERT DREAMS (Lewin).  Played by Roy Bargy.  IMPERIAL 91041

719 DIXIE LAND (March and two-step) (Introducing “Old Black Joe”) (Haines).  Player not identified. 88-NOTE 81357

720 DON’T CARE BLUES (Perry Bradford).  Played by Pete Wendling & J. Russel Robinson.  Q.R.S. 774 (*).

721 DON’T LEAVE ME DADDY (Verges).  Played by Ted Eastwood.  UNIVERSAL 2029 (*).
722 DOWN IN DEAR OLD NEW ORLEANS (Conrad-Whidden).  Played by George Botsford & Albert Gamble.  RYTHMODIK A4882.  Heavy box wear.

723 DOWN IN JUNGLE TOWN (No composer credit shown, arr. by H. Darewski, Jr.)  Player unidentified.  IMPERIAL 44319.

724 E. J. MELLINGER’S RAG (Mellinger).  Played by E. Bergeson.  CONNORIZED 16248

725 EVERYBODY LOVES A JASS BAND (Flatow-Goetz).  Played by R. O. Erlebach.  UNIVERSAL 2135

726 FLUFFY RUFFLES (Two-step) (D. Crabb).  Player unidentified.  88-NOTE 402

727 HARD TIMES  Identified only as “West Indies Series” there is no composer or player identified.  Q.R.S. 2776 (*).

728 HE MAY BE OLD, BUT HE’S GOT YOUNG IDEAS (Jentes).  Player not identified, presumably Harry Jentes.  Numbered 3890, there is no “label” name.

729 HIGH BROWN BABIES’ BALL (Erdman).  Player unidentified.  VICTORY 1342.

730 HOME AGAIN BLUES (Berlin-Snyder).  Played by J. Russel Robinson.  Q.R.S. 1342 (*).

731 HOW DO YOU DO (Composer not indicated). Played by Art Gillham.  SUPERTONE 5469 (*).

732 I’M DRIFTING BACK TO DREAMLAND (Composer not indicated).  Played by Art Gillham.  SUPERTONE 5315 (*).

733 I’VE GOT A SONG FOR SALE (Jack Nelson).  Played by J. Russel Robinson.  Q.R.S. 2514 )*).

734 IN MIAMI (Mitchell-Fields-Gottlieb).  Played by Emil Seidel.  VOCALSTYLE 11618 (*).  Rear box panel missing.

735 INDIANA (Hanley).  Played by Paul E. Rowley. SINGA 5201 (*).

736 IOLA (Chas. L. Johnson).  Player unidentified, probably the composer.  EIGHTY-EIGHT 65578C.

737 JAZZ DANCE REPERTOIRE (Chris Smith-Shelton Brooks).  Played by Pete Wendling.  Q.R.S. 1155 (*).

738 JOE TURNER BLUES (Handy)  Player unidentified.  UNIVERSAL 302465.

739 KANSAS CITY RAG (James Scott).  Presumably played by Scott.  Q.R.S. 30566.

740 LAUGHING LOVE (Christine).  Played by Albert Gamble & Frederick Arno.  RYTHMODIK B5612.

741 LEAVE ME WITH A SMILE (Koehler-Burtnett)  Played by Emil Seidel.  VOCALSTYLE 12046 (*).

742 LIVERY STABLE BLUES (Lopez-Nunez).  Played by Ted Baxter & Max Kortlander.  Q.R.S. AUTOGRAPH 100646.

743 LONDON BLUES (Jelly Roll Morton).  Played by Morton,  VOCALSTYLE 50479 (Re-issue).

744 LONG LONESOME BLUES (Composer not indicated).  Played by Finisher Johnson.  APRCO 124 (*).

745 LOUD SPEAKIN’ PAPA (Ager-Yellen).  Player not identified.  IMPERIAL X5890 (*).

746 LOUISIANA RAG (Northrup).  Player not identified.  88-NOTE 88995.

747 MA PICKANINNY ROSE (Charles K. Johnson).  Player not identified.  VOCALSTYLE 4 (*).

748 MAMMY’S GOODNIGHT LULLABY (Jerome-Von Tilzer).  Played by Roy Bargy.  IMPERIAL 94491 (*).

749 MARGIE (Davis-Robinson-Conrad).  Played by J. Russel Robinson & Con Conrad.  Q.R.S. 1281 (*).  Box has severe wear.

750 MARY (Stoddard-Frey).  Played by Charley Straight & Jack Clyde.  IMPERIAL 9774 (*).

751 MELANCHOLY BLUES (Ollie Dobrow-Spencer Williams-J. Russel Robinson).  Played by J. Russel Robinson.  Q.R.S. 749 (*).

752 MOLLY DEAR, IT’S YOU I’M AFTER (Composer not indicated).  Played by Charley Straight.  Q.R.S. AUTOGRAPH 100280.

753 MY SWEETHEART (Composer not indicated).  Played by James Blythe.  SUPERTONE 5835 (*).

754 NEGRO SPIRITUALS-SERIES #1 (Deep River & Little David Play on your Harp)  Played by J. Russel Robinson. AMPICO 6493.

755 NOTHING BUT (Busse-Ward-Grofe).  Played by Adam Carroll.  AMPICO 20551.

756 OH BABY (DeSylva-Donaldson).  Played by Herbert Claar.  CONNORIZED 7571 (*).

757 OH! THAT NAVAJO RAG (Van Alstyne).  Player not identified.  88-NOTE 1887.  Box has severe wear.

758 PALM BEACH (C. Luckyth Roberts).  Presumably played by him. 88-NOTE 10049.

759 PEPPER POT (Harold Ivers).  Player not identified.  EIGHTY-EIGHT 66149.

760 PICKLES AND PEPPERS (Shepherd).  Player unidentified.  OTTO HIGEL (Can.) 03763.

761 PLANTATION RAG (No composer credit, arranged by George Smith, presumably the player)  88-NOTE 96415.

762 POOR BUTTERFLY (Golden-Hubbell).  Played by Allison & Gillham.  VOCALSTYLE 10636 (*).

763 POSSUM AND TATERS (Chas. Hunter).  Played by Wm. L. Drake (in 1966).  No mfr. name or number.

764 RAG MEDLEY NO. 3 (Porcupine Rag & Frisco Rag) (No comp. credit, arr. by George Smith, presumably the player).  88-NOTE 92275. Severe box wear.

765 RAGGING THE SCALE (Claypoole).  Player unidentified.  88-NOTE 3117.

766 RED ROSE (“Syncopated Waltz”) (Straight)  Presumably this is Charley Straight prob. played by him.  UNIVERSAL 303373.

767 RED PEPPER RAG (Henry Lodge).  Played by William L. Drake (in 1965).  No mfr. name or number.

768 SAN (McPhail-Michels)  Played by Horace O. Prell.  U.S. 42279.

769 SCHOOL DAY SWEETHEARTS (Waltz) (No composer credit) (Played by James Blythe)  SUPERTONE 5861.

770 SHREVEPORT STOMP (Comp. & played by Jelly Roll Morton)  VOCALSTYLE 50481 (Re-issue).

771 THE SILHOUETTES (“Dancing Shadows, An Idyl”)  (William H. Tyers, presumably played by him).  EIGHTY-EIGHT 81306.

772 SING, YOU SINNERS (Coslow-Harling).  Player unidentified.  INTERNATIONAL 94519 (*).

773 SMILES & KISSES (“A Syncopated Classic”).  (Harry Jentes) Presumably played by him.  MELODEE 204145.

774 SOMEONE ELSE (Ward-Rosey).  Played by Emil Seidel.  VOCALSTYLE 11935 (*).

775 STRUT MISS LIZZIE (Layton).  Played by J. Milton Delcamp.  DELUXE Y-6079.

776 STUMBLING (Zez Confrey).  Played by Clarence Johnson.  SUPERTONE 5618 (*).

777 SUGAR BLUES (Lucy Fletcher-Clarence Williams).  Played by Clarence Williams.  Q.R.S. 2172 (*).

778 SWANEE RIPPLES RAG (Walter Blaufuss).  Player not identified.  88-NOTE 42007.  In replacement box without label.

779 SWEET AND TENDER (“Rag one-step”). Composed & played by Roy Bargy.  IMPERIAL 512980   

780 SWEETNESS (“Rag two-step”) F. B. Woods.  Player unidentified.  88-NOTE 2319.

781 TAKE ME TO THAT LAND OF JAZZ (Pete Wendling).  Played by Ennison & Markley.  UNIVERSAL 3515 (*).

782 TAXATION BLUES (Composed and played by Cliff Hess).  VOCALSTYLE 11480 (*).

783 TEDDY BEAR BLUES (James M. Jackson).  Played by Harry Willsey.  VOCALSTYLE 12277 (*).  Box end label torn away.

784 TEXAS RAG (Jackson).  Player unidentified.  88-NOTE 87135.

785 THAT GOSH-DARNED TWO STEP RAG (M. K. Miller) (Player unidentified)  88-NOTE 2799

786 THAT’S WHY I LOVE YOU (No composer credit)  Played by James Blythe.  SUPERTONE 5772 (*).

787 THEN I’LL BE HAPPY (Friend)  Played by Rube Bloom.  MELODEE 47130 (*).

788 THERE AIN’T NO MAYBE IN MY BABY’S EYES (Donaldson-Egan-Kahn)  Played by James Blythe.  SUPERTONE 5884 (*).

789 THERE’S EGYPT IN YOUR DREAMY EYES (Spencer).  Player unidentified.  88-NOTE 1462.
790 THOSE PANAMA MAMAS (No composer or player identification),  PIANOSTYLE 24091 (*).

791 TIE ME TO YOUR APRON STRINGS AGAIN (Shay-Goodwin).  Played by Clarence Johnson.  SUPERTONE 5688 (*).

792 TODDLE (Biese-Westphal-Stieger).  Played by Henry W. Lange.  U. S. 40302 (*).

793 TROUBADOUR RAG (James Scott).  Played by Wm. L. Drake (in 1966).  No mfr. name or number.

794 WALKIN’ THE DOG (Shelton Brooks).  Player unidentified.  88-NOTE 4507.  Partially missing end label has clear tape repair.

795 WANG WANG BLUES (Johnson-Busse).  Played by Doris Goodwin.  VOCOWORD ROLL 5403 (*).

796 WHEN I HEAR THAT JAZZ BAND PLAY (Gray).  Played by Zema Randale.  IMPERIAL 59150.

797 WHISTLING BLUES (Jack Barneett-Saxi Holtsworth).  Player unidentified.  SUPERTONE 10284.

798 WHO’LL LOVE YOU WHILE I’M GONE (“Rag”) (Maceo Pinkard)  Player unidentified.  PIANOSTYLE 46895.  Severe box wear.

799 YANKEE DOODLE BLUES (Caesar-DeSylva-Gershwin).  Played by Ernest Janelli.  INTERNATIONAL 92218 (*).  Cosiderable box repair.

800 YEARNING (JUST FOR YOU) (Davis-Burke).  Played by Lindsay McPhail.  SUPERTONE 5572 (*).

801 YES, WE HAVE NO BANANAS (Cohn-Silver).  Played by Gladys Bagwill.  SUPERTONE 5319 (*).

802 YOCK-A-HILO TOWN (Walter Donaldson).  Played by Charley Straight.  IMPERIAL 9466

803 YOU CAN FIND A LITTLE BIT OF DIXIELAND (Donaldson).  Played by Erlebach & Barton (*).

804 YOU CAN TAKE ME AWAY FROM DIXIE (Lewis-Rose).  Played by Eubie Jones.  U.S. 41825 (*).

805 YOU’VE GOT ME GOIN’ KID (Cochrane-Cochrane).  Arranged by Harry L. Alford (the player?)   88-NOTE 92505

806 YOU’VE GOT TO SEE MAMMA EV’RY NIGHT (Rose-Conrad).  Played by Jack Clyde   IMPERIAL X5188 (*).

807 A YOUNG MAN’S FANCY (Ager).  Played by George Gershwin.  MELODEE 4083 (*).