53. 4-page brochure for the Roxy Theatre & Radio City Music Hall, Jan. 1933 announcing Ted Lewis & his Jubilee Show. Films showing were “No Other Woman” and “State Fair.”

54. 12-pge 6×9 program for Loew’s Fox, Palace & Columbia movie thatres, Washington DC, 1933. Cover photo Ted Lewis, then appearing in person at the Fox.

55. 5×7 placard for the State Theatre, Minneapolis, March, 1923 announcing stage appearance by Ted Lewis and the Jimmy Durante film, “Palooka.”

56. Collection of over 100 newspaper clippings from 1933 & 1934 comprising photos, advertisements and reviews of stage and movie appearances by Ted Lewis & his Musical Clowns.

57. Single-page brochure tri-folded to 4×9 for the Ted Lewis Museum in Circleville, Ohio.

58. 4-page 9×11 concert program for “Stormy Weather: A Tribute to Ethel Waters” presented at Carnegie Hall, 1985 as part of the Kool Jazz Festival. Large photos of Waters on front and rear. Participants included Carrie Smith, Terry Waldo, Kenny Davern, Dick Hyman, Dick Wellstood, Harold Nicholas.

59. 20-page companion piece to Univ. of Chicago exhibition, “From Dreamland to Showcase: Jazz in Chicago 1912 to 1996.” Illustrated with labels, photos, album covers. 8×9 booklet.

60. Collection of twelve 10” record sleeves for New Electrobeam Gennett Records. Conditons range from good to excellent.

CYLINDERS (Min. bid $5.00) (Box lids are missing)

61. CLUB DE VINGT ORCH: Have You Forgotten? EDISON 4453.

62. FRISCO JAZZ BAND: That’s It EDISON 3418.

63. EARL FULLER’s Famous Jazz Band: Jazbo Jazz EDISON 3554.

64. HARRY RADERMAN’s Jazz. Orch: Dardanella EDISON 3965.