Winners (only) will be notified of the amount of their winnings, plus postage, packing & insurance charges. Winnings for domestic bidders will be shipped by parcel post, special fourth-class rate (where applicable–some destinations are now cheaper by regular parcel post), insured for parcels valued over $25.00. I’m sorry that I’m unable to use UPS. Winnings for overseas bidders will be shipped via surface (boat) mail, insured in the amount of customs valuation. If you do not indicate a customs valuation, a minimum valuation will be used. There has been very little loss of overseas parcels, but our liability is limited to the customs/insurance value specified.

How to Make a Payment

Payment by check, money order, bank draft (payable on a U.S. bank), or U.S. currency (cash payments should always be sent by registered mail). I encourage use of your credit card (M/C, Visa, AMEX, Discover) as it speeds delivery of your order. Details are found on the bidding form. Be sure to copy your credit card number accurately and completely, and be sure to include the expiration date. Yes, overseas customers can use credit cards as well. This method of payment has proved to be very expeditious for overseas transactions. I am now able to accept payment via PayPal to

Winning bids totalling under $10.00 will not be shipped and no payment will be required. You’ll still receive a winning bidder’s notification, but the records will be held over to the next auction and the amount will be added to your next invoice. I will gladly hold records over from one auction to the next to help ease the burden of shipping costs, but payment will be required for the “records only” portion of your invoice if it totals over $10.00. I’m also happy to combine winnings for overseas bidders with other collectors in the same area, but I must have the approval of all parties concerned, and there should be one joint payment to cover all of the parties, or all parties should use credit cards.

Please do not place bids if you are unable to pay for your winnings within a reasonable time. I earn my living from these auctions, and like any business, cash flow is an important factor. My clients (the people who own the records I run) expect to receive their shares from the sale of their records within a reasonable time following the auction closing date, and I can only accomplish this if your payments are received promptly.

Our set-up is such that I’m not able to service want lists.