BOOKS (Alpha by author). (No specific minimums, just reasonable bids). 

NOTE: Some of the books have light to moderate pencil annotations, so indicated by (*) at the end of the entry.

1 THE WAX WORKS OF DUKE ELLINGTON: THE 1940-42 RCA VICTOR PERIOD by Benny Aasland.  82 p, DEMS (Sweden), 1978. 8x12 softbound.

2 THE BOOK OF DJANGO by Max Abrams.  188 p, self-pub, 1973.  9x11 spiral-bound.  Bio-discography of Django Reinhardt.

3 JAZZ CULTURES by David Ake.  223 p, Univ. California, 2002.  6x9 softbound (*).

4 SUCH SWEET THUNDER: 49 PIECES ON JAZZ by Whitney Balliett.  366 p, Bobbs-Merrill, stated 1st prtg. 1966.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.  Flyleaf inscribed to previous owner by Balliett.

5 NEW YORK NOTES: A JOURNAL OF JAZZ IN THE SEVENTIES by Whitney Balliett.  250 p, Da Capo, 1977.  5x8 softbound.

6 COLLECTED WORKS: A JOURNAL OF JAZZ 1954-2001 by Whitney Balliett.  880 p, St. Martin’s, 2002.  6x9 softbound.

7 LOOKING UP AT DOWN: THE EMERGENCE OF BLUES CULTURE by William Barlow.  404 p, Temple Univ., 1989.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

8 GOOD MORNING BLUES: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF COUNT BASIE as told to Albert Murray.  399 p, Random House, 1985.  6x9 hdbnd, dust jacket.

9 NEVER SELL A COPYRIGHT: JOE DAVIS & HIS ROLE IN THE NEW YORK MUSIC SCENE 1916-1978 by Bruce Bastin.  346 p, Storyville, 1990. 6x8 hardbound, no dust jacket (as issued) (*).

10 THE NEW JAZZ BOOK: A HISTORY & GUIDE by Joachim Berendt.  314 p, Hill & Wang, 1962.  5x8 softbound (*).

11 ANNUAL REVIEW OF JAZZ STUDIES 5: 1991 ed. Edward Berger et al.  250 p, Inst. of Jazz Studies/Scarecrow, 1992.  6x9 hdbnd, no dust jacket (as issued).

12 ANNUAL REVIEW OF JAZZ STUDIES 6: 1993 ed. Edward Berger et al.  304 p, Inst. of Jazz Studies/Scarecrow, 1993.  6x9 hdbnd, no dust jacket (as issued).

13 SHINING TRUMPETS: A HISTORY OF JAZZ by Rudi Blesh.  470 p, 2nd rev. & enlarged ed., Da Capo, 1976. 6x9 softbound (*).

14 JAZZ IN THE SIXTIES: THE EXPANSION OF MUSICAL RESOURCES & TECHNIQUES by Michael J. Budds.  185 p, Univ. Iowa, 1990.  5x8 softbound.

15 JAZZ NEW ORLEANS 1885-1963: AN INDEX TO THE NEGRO MUSICIANS by Samuel B. Charters.  173 p, Oak, 1958.  6x9 sftbnd.  Mod. wear top spine.

16 AFRICAN RHYTHM & AFRICAN SENSIBILITY by John Miller Chernoff.  261 p, Univ. Chicago, 1979.  6x9 softbound (*).

17 RIFFS & CHORUSES: A NEW JAZZ ANTHOLOGY ed. Andrew Clark.  486 p, Continuum, 2001.  6x10 softbound.

18 THE RISE AND FALL OF POPULAR MUSIC by Donald Clarke.  620 p, Penguin (Eng.), 1995.  5x8 softbound.

19 DEMONS OF DISORDER: EARLY BLACKFACE MINTRELS & THEIR WORLD by Dale Cockrell.  236 p, Cambridge Univ., 1997.  6x9 softbound.

20 THE MAKING OF JAZZ: A COMPREHENSIVE HISTORY by James Lincoln Collier.  543 p, Delta, 1978.  6x9 softbound.

21 BLUE NOTE RECORDS: THE BIOGRAPHY by Richard Cook.  282 p, Justin, Charles & Co., 2004.  6x9 softbound (*).

22 NEGRO FOLK MUSIC U.S.A. by Harold Courlander.  324 p, Columbia Univ., 1963.  5x8 softbound (*).

23 THE WORLD OF SWING by Stanley Dance.  436 p, Scribners, 1974.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket moderately frayed with a couple of clear tape repairs.

24 THE WORLD OF COUNT BASIE by Stanley Dance.  399 p, Scribners, 1980.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

25 FRONTIERS OF JAZZ by Ralph deToledano.  178 p, Durrell, 1947.  6x9 hardbound, no dust jacket.  Top & bottom of spine moderately frayed.

26 AMERICAN PREMIUM RECORD GUIDE: 3rd EDITION by L. R. Docks. 378 p, Books Americana, 1986.  8x11 softbound. Value guide 1915-1965 records.

27 HOT JAZZ & JAZZ DANCE: COLLECTED WRITINGS 1928-64 by Roger Pryor Dodge.  368 p, Oxford, 1995.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket (*).

28 RECORDING THE BLUES by R.M.W. Dixon & J. Godrich.  112 p, Studio Vista (Lon.), 1970.  5x8 softbound. The story of the recording studios and artists (not a discography).

29 YOUR HIT PARADE (1935-58) & AMERICAN TOP TEN HITS (1958-1984) by Bruce Elrod.  462 p, Elrod, 1985.  5x8 softbound.

30 JAZZ SPOKEN HERE: CONVERSATIONS WITH 22 MUSICIANS by Wayne Enstice & Paul Rubin.  316 p, LSU Press, 1992.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket. Some of them are Braff, Brookmeyer, Brubeck, Mercer Ellington, Bill & Gil Evans, Diz, Chico Hamilton, Konitz, Mingus, Stitt (*).

31 THE BOOK OF JAZZ by Leonard Feather.  280 p, Jazz Book Club (Lon.), 1981.  5x8 hardbound, no dust jacket.

32 INSIDE JAZZ by Leonard Feather.  103 p, Da Capo, 1977.  6x9 softbound.

33 JAZZ: A PEOPLE’S MUSIC by Sidney Finkelstein.  180 p, International Publishers, 1988.  5x8 softbound (*).

34 BLOWIN’ HOT & COOL: JAZZ & ITS CRITICS by John Gennari.  480 p, Univ. Chicago, 2006.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket. Considerable pen & ink annotation.

35 THE HISTORY OF JAZZ by Ted Gioia.  471 p, Oxford, 1997.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

36 THE IMPERFECT ART: REFLECTIONS ON JAZZ & MODERN CULTURE by Ted Gioia.  152 p, Oxford, 1990.  5x8 softbound. Frontispiece has gift inscription.

37 JAZZ: FROM THE CONGO TO THE METROPOLITAN by Robert Goffin.  254 p, Doubleday, Doran, 1944.  5x8 hardbound, no dust jacket.

38 JAZZ MASTERS OF THE 50s by Joe Goldberg.  246 p, Da Capo, 1983.  5x8 softbound (*).


5x7 booklet has several vaudeville sketches and monologues. Former owner’s name written on front cover (*).

40 NEW YORK: SONGS OF THE CITY by Nancy Groce.  192 p, Billboard Books, 2003.  Lavishly illustrated with vintage sheet music covers.

41 JAZZ by Nat Hentoff & Albert J. McCarthy. 387 p, Da Capo, 1975.  5x8 softbound.  Light spine crease.

42 AMERICAN MUSIC IS by Nat Hentoff.  318 p, Da Capo, 2004.  6x9 softbound.

43 WINNING BIDS by Robert Hilbert.  180 p, Pumpkin, 1988. “Actual prices paid for jazz & blues recordings.”

44 THE JAZZ SCENE by Eric Hobsbawm.  392 p, Pantheon, 1993.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

45 SPREADIN’ RHYTHM AROUND: BLACK POPULAR SONGWRITERS, 1880-1930 by David A. Jasen & Gene Jones.  435 p, Schirmer, 1998. 6x9 hdbnd, dj.

46 DUKE: A PORTRAIT OF DUKE ELLINGTON by Derek Jewell.  264 p, Norton, 1977. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket has small tear at top.

47 JAZZ IN SEARCH OF ITSELF by Larry Kart.  342 p, Yale Univ. Press, 2004.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

48 THE VIEW FROM WITHIN: JAZZ WRITINGS 1948-1987 by Orrin Keepnews.  238 p, Oxford, 1988.  6x9 hdbnd, dj has moderate fray at top of spine (*).

49 RHYTHM & BUSINESS: THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF BLACK MUSIC ed. Norman Kelley.  334 p, Akashic, 2002.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket (*).

50 AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’: THE STORY OF FATS WALLER by Ed Kirkeby.  248 p, Dodd, Mead, 1966.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

51 JAZZ IN PERSPECTIVE by Iain Lang.  148 p, Jazz Book Club (Lon.), 1957.  5x8 hardbound, dust jacket (*).

52 THE FABULOUS FIVES by Horst H. Lange.  150 p, Storyville, 1978.  6x8 hardbound, no dust jacket (as issued).  Revised edition has discographies of ODJB, Earl Fuller, Louisiana Five, NOJB, Orig. Georgia Five, Indiana Five, Memphis Five, Southern Five.

53 JAZZ: MYTH & RELIGION by Neil Leonard.  221 p, Oxford, 1987.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

54 JAZZ AND THE WHITE AMERICANS by Neil Leonard.  215 p, Jazz Book Club (Lon.), 1964.  5x8 hardbound, dust jacket (*).

55 CLASSIC JAZZ: A PERSONAL VIEW OF THE MUSIC & THE MUSICIANS by Floyd Levin.  337 p, Univ. Calif., 2002.  6x9 softbound. Title page inscribed to previous owner by Floyd Levin (*).

56 THE LAND WHERE THE BLUES BEGAN by Alan Lomax.  539 p., Pantheon, 1993.  6x10 hardbound, dust jacket.

57 SPORTIN’ HOUSE: NEW ORLEANS & THE JAZZ STORY by Stephen Longstreet.  293 p, Sherbourne Press, 1965.  7x10 hardbound, dust jacket.

58 LOVE & THEFT: BLACKFACE MINSTRELSY & THE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS by Eric Lott.  314 p, Oxford, 1993.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

59 THE GREAT JAZZ PIANISTS by Len Lyons.  321 p, Da Capo, 1989.  6x9 softbound. 

60 CONTEMPORARY CAT: TERENCE BLANCHARD by Anthony Magro.  247 p, Scarecrow (Studies in Jazz #42), 2002.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket

61 COLUMBIA 13/14000-D SERIES (Numerical listing) by Dan Mahoney.  80 p, Walter C. Allen, 1961.  5x8 softbound. Moderate wear on spine.

62 FUTURE JAZZ by Howard Mandel.  235 p, Oxford, 1999.  5x8 softbound.  Jazz from the 70s onward.

63 COLE PORTER: A BIOGRAPHY by William McBrien.  459 p, Vintage, 1998.  5x8 softbound.

64 BIG BAND JAZZ by Albert McCarthy.  368 p, Putnam, 1974.  9x12 hardbound, dust jacket.  Lots of photos.

65 JAZZ ON RECORD: A CRITICAL GUIDE TO THE FIRST 50 YEARS by Albert McCarthy et al.  416 p, Hanover (Lon.), 1968.  6x9 hardbound, edges of dust jacket clear tape reinforced.

66 JAZZ IN THE MOVIES by David Meeker.  Prox. 280 p, Arlington House, 1977.  6x9 hardbound, no dust jacket (as issued). Covers 2,239 films.

67 WRITING JAZZ ed. David Meltzer.  315 p, Mercury House, 1999.  6x9 softbound.  Collection of writings by African-American musicians & writers.

68 ESQUIRE’S JAZZ BOOK 1944 ed. Paul Eduard Miller.  230 p, Smith & Durrell, 1944.  6x9 hardbound, no dust jacket.  Spine frayed at top.

69 ESQUIRE’S 1946 JAZZ BOOK ed. Paul Eduard Miller. 201 p, Barnes, 1946.  6x9 hardbound, no dust jacket.

70 THE AFRICAN DIASPORA: A MUSICAL PERSPECTIVE ed. Ingrid Monson.  366 p, Routledge, 2003.  5x8 softbound.

71 MEMPHIS BEAT: THE LIVES & TIMES OF AMERICA’S MUSICAL CROSSROADS by Larry Nager.  287 p, St. Martin’s, 1998.  6x9 hdbnd, dust jacket (*).

72 JAZZ: THE 1980s RESURGENCE by Stuart Nicholson.  402 p, Da Capo, 1995.  6x9 softbound.

73 BLUE: THE MURDER OF JAZZ by Eric Nisenson. 262 p, St. Martin’s, 1997.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

74 THE JAZZ REVOLUTION: 20s AMERICA & THE MEANING OF JAZZ by Kathy J. Ogren.  221 p, Oxford, 1989.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

75 TEXAN JAZZ by Dave Oliphant.  481 p, Univ. Texas, 1996.  6x9 softbound.  Texas musicians and bands, ragtime to contemporary (*).

76 BLUES FELL THIS MORNING: MEANING IN THE BLUES by Paul Oliver.  348 p, Cambaridge Univ. 1990.  6x9 softbound.

77 THE REAL JAZZ by Hugues Panassie.  326 p, Smith & Durell, 1942.  6x8 hardboud, no dust jacket. Spine moderately cocked and frayed at top.

78 THE COLOR OF JAZZ: RACE & REPRESENTATION IN POSTWAR AMERICAN CULTURE by Jon Panish.  166 p, Univ. Mississippi, 1997.  6x9 sftbnd (*)

79 JAZZ IN AMERICAN CULTURE by Burton W. Peretti.  199 p, Ivan R. Dee, 1997.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket (*).

80 MUSIC & THE CREATIVE SPIRIT: INNOVATORS IN JAZZ, IMPROVISATION & THE AVANT GARDE by Lloyd Peterson.  331 p, Scarecrow (Studies in Jazz #52), 2006.  6x9 softbound (*).

81 BLUES UP & DOWN: JAZZ IN OUR TIME by Tom Piazza.  194 p, St. Martin’s, 1997.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

82 WHAT IS THIS THING CALLED JAZZ?: AFRICAN AMERICAN MUSICIANS AS ARTISTS, CRITICS & ACTIVISTS by Tom Piazza.  404 p, Univ. of California, 2002.  6x9 softbound (*).

83 JAZZ, HOT & HYBRID by Winthrop Sargeant.  302 p, Da Capo, 3rd enlarged ed., 2nd prtg, 1976.  6x9 softbound (*).

84 HARLEM ON MY MIND: CULTURAL CAPITAL OF BLACK AMERICA 1900-1968 ed. Allon Schoener. 8x11 softbound. Front and rear covers have small tears at bottom.

85 EARLY JAZZ: ITS ROOTS & EARLY DEVELOPMENT by Gunther Schuller.  401 p, Oxford, 1986. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket (*).

86 THE SWING ERA: THE DEVELOPMENT OF JAZZ 1930-1945 by Gunther Schuller.  919 p, Oxford, 1989.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket..

87 THE JAZZ MAKERS: ESSAYS ON THE GREATS OF JAZZ ed. Nat Shapiro & Nat Hentoff.  368 p, Da Capo, 1979.  5x8 softbound (*).

88 LETS DANCE: POPULAR MUSIC IN THE 1930s by Arnold Shaw.  241 p, Oxford, 1998.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket. Small tear at top of spine (*).

89 JAZZ BEAT: NOTES ON CLASSIC JAZZ by Lew Shaw.  211 p, Aztold Pub., 2013.  5x8 softbound.  Profiles of over 40 current mostly trad musicians. Inside cover inscribed to previous owner by Lew Shaw.

90 A NEW HISTORY OF JAZZ by Alyn Shipton.  965 p, Continuum, 2001.  6x9 softbound. Small clear tape repair on rear cover (*).

91 BLACK TALK by Ben Sidrian.  201 p, Payback Press (Eng.), 1995.  6x9 softbound. “How the music of black America created a radical alternative to the values of Western literary tradition.” (*).

92 FOUR LIVES IN THE BEBOP BUSINESS (Cecil Taylor, Ornette Coleman, Herbie Nichols, Jackie McLean) by A.B. Spellman. 241 p, Limelight, 1985. 5x8 softbound (*).

93 THE STORY OF JAZZ by Marshall W. Stearns.  379 p, Oxford, 1970.  5x8 softbound

94 SWING CHANGES: BIG BAND JAZZ IN NEW DEAL AMERICA by David W. Stowe.  299 p, Harvard, 1994.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket (*).

95 CALL HIM GEORGE by Jay Allison Stuart.  286 p, Jazz Book Club (Eng.), 1963.  5x8 hardbound, dust jacket.  George Lewis biography.

96 AVANT-GARDE JAZZ MUSICIANS: PERFORMING “OUT THERE” by David G. Such.  206 p, Univ. Iowa, 1993.  6x9 softbound (*).

97 GIL EVANS DISCOGRAPHY 1941-1982 by Tetsuya Tajiri.  61 p, self-pub. (Japan), 1983.  6x8 softbound. Text is in English.

98 NOTES & TONES: MUSICIAN-TO-MUSICIAN INTERVIEWS by Arthur Taylor.  300 p, Da Capo, 1993.  5x8 softbound (*).

99 ELLINGTONIA: THE RECORDED MUSIC OF DUKE ELLINGTON by W.E. Timner.  266 p, self-pub., 1976.  8x11 softbound.

100 JAZZ IN AMERICAN CULTURE by Peter Townsend.  193 p, Univ. Mississippi, 2000,  5x8 softbound.

101 THE HOLY LAND: NEW ORLEANS, THE SAINT: LOUIS ARMSTRONG by Yoshio and Keiko Toyama.  215 p, 2003.  5x8 hardbound, dust jacket. Primarily comprised of over 200 of the authors’ photographs of Louis, New Orleans musicians and N.O. environs, the limited text is in Japanese.

102 A HISTORY OF JAZZ IN AMERICA by Barry Ulanov.  382 p, Viking, 1952. 6x9 hardbound, no dust jacket.

103 GOLDMINE PRICE GUIDE TO COLLECTIBLE JAZZ ALBUMS 1949-1969 by Neal Umphred.  592 p, Krause Pub., 1994.  6x9 softbound.

104 THE DIRECTORY OF DUKE ELLINGTON’S RECORDINGS by Jerry Valburn.  129 p, Marlor, 1986.  8x11 softbound.

105 KEEP COOL: THE BLACK ACTIVISTS WHO BUILT THE JAZZ AGE by Ted Vincent.  252 p, Pluto Press, 1995.  6x9 softbound. Small tear at top of front cover.  Focus is on the early jazz years (*).

106 AFTER THE BALL: POP MUSIC FROM RAG TO ROCK by Ian Whitcomb.  312 p, Simon & Schuster, 1972.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket is moderately frayed at top of spine and rear.

107 MUSIC WAS NOT ENOUGH by Bob Wilber.  216 p, Oxford, 1988. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

108 JAZZ ON THE ROAD: DON ALBERT’S MUSICAL LIFE by Christopher Wilkinson.  290 p, Univ. California, 2001.  6x9 softbound (*).

109 THE ART OF JAZZ: ESSAYS ON THE NATURE & DEVELOPMENT OF JAZZ ed. Martin T. Williams.  248 p, Oxford, 1959.  6x8 hardbound, dust jacket is somewhat frayed.

110 JAZZ CHANGES by Martin Williams.  317 p, Oxford, 1992.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket (*).

111 OKEH RACE RECORDS: THE 8000 “RACE” SERIES compiled by Laurie Wright.  252 p, self-pub., 2001.  6x8 hardbound, no dust jacket (as issued). And a couple of non-authored items:

112 LOCAL 802 AFM ASSOCIATED MUSICIANS OF GREATER NEW YORK DIRECTORY 1994-95.  376 p.  Names, addresses & phone numbers of about 1,200 musicians (*).

113 The same directory, for 2002-2003.  374 p.  Also includes e-mail addresses where they were provided (*).