BOOKS (Alpha by author). (No specific minimums, just reasonable bids). 

NOTE: Some of the books have light to moderate pencil annotations, so indicated by (*) at the end of the entry.

1 THE WAX WORKS OF DUKE ELLINGTON, 1940-42 RCA VICTOR PERIOD by Benny Aasland. 82 p, DEMS (Sweden), 1978, 8x12 softbound.

2 BENNY: KING OF SWING ec. Stanley Baron. Prox. 200 p, Morrow, 1979.  9x12 hardbound, dust jacket. Pictorial bio with over 200 photos.

3 THE (ALMOST) COMPLETE 78 RPM RECORD DATING GUIDE by Steven C. Barr. 51 p, self-pub., 1979.  8x11 staple-bound.

4 THE ALMOST COMPLETE 78 RPM RECORD DATING GUIDE (II) by Steven C. Barr.  177 p, Yesterday Once Again, 1992.  8x11 spiral bound.

5 MAKING MUSIC: PROFILES FROM A CENTURY OF CANADIAN MUSIC by Alex Barris & Ted Barris.498 p, Harper Collins, 2001.  8x9 softbound. 200 biographical entries w/photos covering classical, jazz, folk, rock & country music.

6 AS THOUSANDS CHEER: THE LIFE OF IRVING BERLIN by Laurence Bergren.  658 p, Penguin, 1990.  6x9 softbound.

7 THAT’S GOT ‘EM!: THE LIFE & TIMES OF WILBUR C. SWEATMAN by Mark Berresford.  230 p, Univ. Mississippi, 2010.  6x9 hardbound with art cover.

8 MATRIX NUMBERS: THEIR MEANING & HISTORY by Douglas C. Black.  24 p, Australian Jazz Quarterly, not dated. (c. 1945). 5x8 booklet.

9 THEY ALL PLAYED RAGTIME by Rudi Blesh & Harriet Janis.  406 p, Oak, 1971.  5x8 softbound.

10 TAKE-OFF: AMERICAN ALL-GIRL BANDS DURING WWII by Tonya Bolden.  76 p, Knopf, 2007.  8x10 hardbound with art cover. Has 16-track CD.

11 COLLECTORS’ CATALOG-VOL. 2 (1969 NEW ISSUES & LABELS PLUS ADDENDA TO PREVIOUS LISTINGS by Raffaele Borretti.  146 p, Collector Magazine (Italy), 1972.  6x9 softbound. Details the contents of about 35 collector-oriented LP labels.

12 WILLARD ROBISON & HIS PIANO: A DISCOGRAPHY by Brian G. Boyd.  34 p, self-pub., 1990.  8x11 softbound.

13 RHYTHM & BLUES IN NEW ORLEANS by John Broven.  250 p, Pelican, 2nd prtg, 1988.  5x8 softbound.  Covers 1946-63.

14 NAT GONELLA: A LIFE IN JAZZ by Ron Brown & Digby Fairweather.  210 p, Northway (Lon.), 2005.  5x8 softbound.

15 JAZZ FROM THE BEGINNING by Garvin Bushell as told to Mark Tucker. 196 p, Da Capo, 1998.  6x9 softbound.

16 KING OF THE DELTA BLUES: THE LIFE & TIMES OF CHARLIE PATTON by Stephen Calt & Gayle Wardlow.  341 p, Rock Chapel, 1988. 5x8 softbound.

17 THE COUNTRY BLUES by Samuel B. Charters.  288 p, Da Capo, 2nd prtg, 1977.  5x8 softbound.

18 WHO’S WHO OF JAZZ; STORYVILLE TO SWING STREET by John Chilton. 368 p, Time-Life, 2nd revised ed., 1979.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

19 THE ICONOGRAPHY OF RECORDED SOUND 1886-1986 by Michael G. Corenthal.  243 p, Yesterday’s Memories, 1986.  8x11 softbound.  Lots of label and advertising repros, photos

20 THE ILLLUSTRATED HISTORY OF RECORDED SOUND-VOL. 2  (1902-2002).by Micael C. Corenthal. 176 p, Yesterday’s Memories, 2002.  8x11 softbound. Loads of label and sleeve repros.

21 THE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF WISONSIN MUSIC 1840-1990 ed. Michael C. Corenthal.  460 p, Yesterday’s Memories, 1991. 8x11 softbound. More label  repros, sheet music covers, biographies, photos.

22 R. CRUMB’S HEROES OF BLUES, JAZZ & COUNTRY by R. Crumb.  240 p, Abrams, 2006.  6x7 hardbound, dust jacket.  Loaded with R. Crumb drawings in color. Has 21-track CD.

23 THE R. CRUMB HANDBOOK by R. Crumb & Peter Poplanski.  438 p, MQ Pub., 2005.  6x7 hardbound, dust jacket.  Loaded with color comics and much bizarre and irreverent stuff. Has CD of R. Crumb performances.

24 THE WORLD OF EARL HINES by Stanley Dance.  324 p, Scribners, 1977.  8x11 hardbound, dust jacket.

25 MILES: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY by Miles Davis.  431 p, Simon & Schuster, 1989.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

26 DJANGO REINHARDT by Charles Delaunay.  247 p, Jazz Book Club (Lon.), 1963.  5x8 hardbound, dust jacket.

27 DON’T EXPLAIN: A SONG OF BILLIE HOLIDAY by Alexis De Veaux.  Harper & Row, 1980.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket has small tear.

28 HERMAN CHITTISON: A BIO-DISCOGRAPHY by James M. Doran.  136 p, IAJRC, 1993.  8x11 softbound.

29 OH, PLAY THAT THING by Roddy Doyle.  376 p, Knopf, 2004.  Louis Armstrong is at the center of this prohibition era novel.

30 KINGS OF JAZZ: FATS WALLER by Charles Fox.  90 p, Cassell (Lon), 1960.  5x7 hardbound with art cover.

31 JAZZ SINGING: AMERICA’S GREAT VOICES FROM BESSIE SMITH TO BEBOP & BEYOND by Will Friedwald.  477 p, Scribners, 1990. 6x9 hdbnd, dj.

32 BLUES & THE POETIC SPIRIT by Paul Garon.  178 p, Da Capo, 1979.  5x8 softbound.

33 BLOWIN’ HOT & COLD: JAZZ & ITS CRITICS by John Gennari.  480 p, Univ. Chicago, 2006.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

34 WHO’S WHO OF JAZZ IN MONTREAL: RAGTIME TO 1970 by John Gilmore.  318 p, Vehicule Press (Can.), 1989.  6x9 softbound.

35 SWINGING IN PARADISE: THE STORY OF JAZZ IN MONTREAL by John Gilmore.  322 p, Vehicule Press (Can.), 2nd prtg, 1989.  6x9 softbound.


37 A HISTORY OF JAZZ IN BRITAIN 1919-1950 by Jim Godbolt.  302 p, Paladin (Lon.), 1986.  6x8 softbound. Moderate crease on spine.

38 ALIVE AT THE VILLAGE VANGUARD: MY LIFE IN & OUT OF JAZZ TIME by Lorraine Gordon.  288 p, Hal Leonard, 2006.  6x9 hdbnd, dust jacket.

39 THE GOLDEN AGE OF JAZZ by William P. Gottlieb.  162 p, Pomegranate, 1995.  8x11 softbound.  Over 200 great Gottlieb photos.

40 RING BELLS! SING SONGS!: BROADWAY MUSICALS OF THE 1930s by Stanley Green.  385 p, Galahad, 1971.  9x12 hardbound, dust jacket.

41 FEEL LIKE GOING HOME: PORTRAITS IN BLUES & ROCK ‘N’ ROLL by Peter Guralnick.  260 p, Vintage/Random House, 1981.  5x8 softbound.

42 KINGS OF JAZZ: CHARLIE PARKER by Max Harrison.  87 p, Cassell (Lon.), 1960.  5x7 hardbound with art cover.

43 BEYOND CATEGORY: THE LIFE & GENIUS OF DUKE ELLINGTON by John Edward Hasse.  479 p, Omnibus, 1993.  6x9 softbound.

44 BILL RUSSELL’S AMERICAN MUSIC by Mike Halzeldine.  184 p, Jazzology Press, 1993.  8x10 softbound. History and discography of the record label. Includes 19 track CD.

45 DISCOVERING GREAT SINGERS OF CLASSIC POP by Roy Hemming & David Hajdu.  295 p, Newmarket, 1991.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

46 HOLLYWOOD PREMIUM RECORD GUIDE, POPULAR: VALUE CATALOG NO.3 by Will Roy Hearne. 95 p, self-pub., 1948.  5x7 softbound.

47 AT THE JAZZ BAND BALL: 60 YEARS ON THE JAZZ SCENE by Nat Hentoff.  246 p, Univ. Calif., 2010.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

48 KINGS OF JAZZ: BIX BEIDERBECKE by Burnett James.  90 p, Cassell (Lon.), 1959.  5x7 hardbound with art cover.

49 KINGS OF JAZZ: MILES DAVIS by Michael James.  90 p, Cassell (Lon.), 1961.  5x7 hardbound with art cover.

50 KINGS OF JAZZ: DIZZY GILLESPIE by Michael James.  89 p, Cassell (Lon.), 1959.  5x7 hardbound with art cover.

51 MY LIFE IN JAZZ by Max Kaminsky.  242 p, Jazz Book Club (Lon.), 1965.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

52 YOU CALL IT MADNESS: THE SENSUOUS SONG OF THE CROON by Lenny Kaye.  499 p, Villard, 2004. 6x9 hdbnd, dj. Much emphasis on Columbo and Crosby.

53 THE NEW GROVE DICTIONARY OF JAZZ ed. Barry Kernfeld.  1,358 p, St. Martin’s, 1995.  9x11 hardbound, dust jacket. Shipping wt. is 6.5 lbs.

54 SWING KINGS by Julie Koerner.  64 p, Friedman/Fairfax, 1997.  6x7 hardbound with art cover.  Brief bios with photos. Includes 20-track CD.

55 ARTIE SHAW & HIS ORCHESTRA by Bill Korst.  51 p, Joyce Music, 1974.  8x11 softbound.  Discography exclusively.

56 KINGS OF JAZZ: JOHNNY DODDS by G. E. Lambert.  90 p, Cassell (Lon.), 1961.  5x7 hardbound with art cover. 

57 KINGS OF JAZZ: DUKE ELLINGTON by G. E. Lambert.  88 p, A. S. Barnes, 1961.  5x8 softbound.

58 THE FABULOUS FIVES by Horst H. Lange.  150 p, Storyville, 1978.  6x8 hardbound, no dj (as issued). Rev. & expanded edition has discographies of 8 groups..

59 BECOMING MAE WEST by Emily Wortis Leider.  431 p, Farrar Straus Giroux, 1997.  6x9 hardbound, dj.  Ex-library copy has small clip rear of dust jacket.

60 BIX: THE DEFINITIVE BIOGRAPHY OF A JAZZ LEGEND by Jean Pierre Lion.  348 p, Continuum, 2005.  7x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

61 SPORTIN’ HOUSE: NEW ORLEANS & THE JAZZ STORY by Stephen Longstreet.  293 p, Sherbourne Press, 1965.  7x10 hardbound, dust jacket.

62 DON’T TOUCH THAT DIAL: RADIO PROGRAMMING IN AMERICAN LIFE 1920-1960 by J. Fred MacDonald.  412 p, Nelson-Hall, 1980. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket has tear at bottom of spine.

63 STRANGE FRUIT: BILLIE HOLIDAY, CAFÉ SOCIETY, AND AN EARLY CRY FOR CIVIL RIGHTS by David Margolick.  160 p, Ruuning Press, 2000. 5x8 hardbound, dust jacket.

64 KINGS OF JAZZ: LOUIS ARMSTRONG by Albert McCarthy.  87 p, Cassell (Lon.), 1960.  5x7 hardbound with art cover.

65 THE JUMP RECORDS STORY: A DISCOGRAPHY by Sonny McGown & Bert Whyatt.  63 p, IAJRC, 2006.  8x11 softbound.

66 THE ASCAP BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF COMPOSERS, AUTHORS & PUBLISHERS ed. Daniel I. McNamara.  483 p, Crowell, 1948. 6x9 hardbound, no dust jacket.

67 THE BANDONION: A TANGO HISTORY by Javer Garcia Mendez & Arturo Penon.  87 p, Nightwood (Can.), 1988.  6x9 softbound.

68 REALLY THE BLUES by Mezz Mezzrow & Bernard Wolfe.  388 p, Random House, 2nd prtg, 1946.  6x9 hdbnd, no dj. Top & bottom of spine frayed.

69 COOL BLUES: CHARLIE PARKER IN CANADA 1953 by Mark Miller.  115 p, Nightwood Ed., (Can), 1989.  6x9 softbound.

70 CROSS ROADS: HOW THE BLUES SHAPED ROCK ‘N’ ROLL by John Milward.  259, Northeastern Univ. Press, 2013.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

71 ROLL BACK THE YEARS: HISTORY OF CANADIAN RECORDED SOUND & ITS LEGACY (GENESIS TO 1930) by Edward B. Moogk..  443 p, National Library of Canada, 1975.  8x11 hardbound, dust jacket frayed.  Includes 7” LP with 12 tracks.

72 COUNT BASIE & HIS BAND by Dan Morganstern.  20 p, N. Y. Jazz Museum, 1975.  7x8 booklet.

73 GOOD MORNING BLUES: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHYOF COUNT BASIE as told to Albert Murray.  400 p, Random House, 1985.  6x9 hdbnd, dj.

74 TWO HITS FOR TWO BITS: CROWN RECORD & MASTER LISTING by Robert R. Olson & Bill Korst.  54 p, Joyce Record Club, 1993.  8x11 softbound.

75 THE OFFICIAL PRICE GUIDE TO RECORDS-8th EDITION by Jerry Osborne. 1,005 p, House of Collectibles, 1988.  5x8 softbound.  Microgrooves only, covers jazz, rock & pop.

76 THE FUNSTERS by James Robert Parish & William T. Leonard.752 p, Arlington House, 1979. Biographies with photos of 62 comedians from stage, screen & radio. Hefty volume weighs 6 lbs.

77 THE HOLLYWOOD BEAUTIES by James Robert Parrish. 476 p, Arlington House, 1978. Seven bios w/photos: Liz Taylor, Grace Kelly, Kay Francis, Ava Gardner, Jean Harlow, Dolores Del Rio, Lana Turner. Weighs 4 lbs.

78 VIRGINIA PIEDMONT BLUES: THE LIVES & ART OF TWO VIRGINIA BLUESMEN by Barry Lee Pearson.  291 p, Univ. Pennsylvania, 1990. 6x9 softbound.  The subjects are Archie Edwards and John Cephas.

79 BLACKFACE MINSTRELSY IN BRITAIN by Michael Pickering.  253 p, Ashgate (Eng.), 2008.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

80 THE JAZZ IMAGE: SEEING MUSIC THROUGH HERMAN LEONARD’S PHOTOGRAPHY by K. Heather Pinson.  240 p, Univ. Mississippi, 2010. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.  Much text, oddly only about 25 photos.

81 AMERICAN WOMEN IN JAZZ: 1900 TO THE PRESENT by Sally Placksin.  332 p, Wideview Books, 1982.  6x9 softbound.

82 JOHN ARPIN: KEYBOARD VIRTUOSO by Robert Popple.  359 p, Dundern (Can.), 2009.  6x9 softbound. Small surface tear on spine.

83 THE UNAUTHORIZED DUPLICATION OF SOUND REORDINGS by Barbara A. Ringer.  72 p, Recorded Sound Research, 5x9 softbound. Identified as “Record Collectors’ Source Book No. 2” this is a reprint of the 1961 copyright law revision originally printed by the U.S. Government Printing Office.

84 SINCERELY, BIX BEIDERBECKE ed. Alan Roberts.  148 p, Sunbeam Records, 1988.  8x11 softbound. Companion piece to the 20-vol Sunbeam LP series.

85 JAZZ: THE COMPLETE STORY ed. Julia Rolfe.  528 p, Flame Tree (Lon.), 2007.  7x6 softbound.  Loads of photos.

86 BLUES: THE COMPLETE STORY ed. Julia Rolf.  528 p, Flame Tree (Lon.,) 2007.  7x6 softbound.  Loads of photos.

87 THE VICTOR MASTER BOOK-VOL. 2 (1925-1936) by Brian Rust.  776 p, Walter C. Allen, 3rd prtg, 1974.  6x9 hardbound, no dust jacket (as issued).  Shows moderate signs of use, but unmarked. (There is no Vol. 1).

88 BRIAN RUST’S GUIDE TO DISCOGRAPHY by Brian Rust.  134 p, Greenwood Press, 1980.  6x9 hardbound, no dust jacket (as issued).

89 WHERE THE DARK & THE LIGHT FOLKS MEET: RACE & THE MYTHOLOGY, POLITICS & BUSINESS OF JAZZ by Randall Sandke.  275 p, Scarecrow Press, 2010.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

90 HI-DE-HO: THE LIFE OF CAB CALLOWAY by Alyn Shipton.  283 p, Oxford, 2010.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

91 LET’S DANCE: POPULAR MUSIC IN THE 1930s by Arnold Shaw.  241 p, Oxford, 1998.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

92 UNION & THE BLACK MUSICIAN: THE NARRATIVE OF WILLIAM EVERETT SAMUELS & CHICAGO LOCAL 208 by Donald Spivey.  150 p, University Press of America, 1984.  5x9 hardbound, no dust jacket (as issued).

93 CHANGES IN JAZZ PERFORMANCE & ARRANGING IN NEW YORK, 1929-1932 by Howard Allan Spring.  381 p, UMI Dissertation Services, 1994. A University of Illinois PHD thesis. 8x11 softbound. Frontispiece inscribed to previous owner by :Howard.”

94 SWING ERA NEW YORK: THE JAZZ PHOTOGRAPHS OF CHARLES PETERSON by W. Royal Stokes.  220 p, Temple Univ., 1994.  10x8 hardbound, dust jacket. About 225 fine photos.

95 JAZZ 101: A COMPLETE GUIDE TO LEARNING & LOVING JAZZ by John F. Szwed.  354 p, Hyperion, 2000.  5x8 softbound.

96 100 YEARS OF RECORDED SOUND ed. Ihor Todoruk.  54 p, Studio 123 (Montreal), 1977.  12x12 softbound. Profusely illustrated, nothing specific to jazz.

97 THE DUKE ELLINGTON READER ed. Mark Tucker.  536 p, Oxford, 1995.  6x9 softbound.

98 THE DIRECTORY OF DUKE ELLINGTON’S RECORDINGS by Jerry Valburn.  133 p, Marlor, 1986.  8x11 softbound.

99 KINGS OF JAZZ: JELLY ROLL MORTON by Martin Williams.  89 p, Cassell (Lon.), 1962.  5x7 hardbound with art cover.

100 KINGS OF JAZZ: KING OLIVER by Martin Williams.  90 P, Cassell (Lon.), 1960.  5x7 hardbound with art cover.

101 SPIKE JONES OFF THE RECORD: THE MAN WHO MURDERED MUSIC by Jordan R. Young.  416 p, Past Times Pub., 1994.  6x9 softbound. And a couple that show no author/editor credit:

102 THE BLUES: MELODY LINE, CHORDS & LYRICS FOR KEYBOARD, GUITAR, VOCAL.  255 p, Hal Leonard, 1995.  4x7 paperback.  101 songs by such as Sonny Boy Williamson, Willie Dixon, Leroy Carr, Robert Johnson et al.

103 BLUE BOOK. A latter-day reprint of the small (4x5) early 1900s New Orleans “Blue Book” containing separate alpha listings (“white” and :”colored”) of the names & addresses of the “fast ladies” of the Storyville district. Many advertisements (beer, wine, cigars, etc).  96 p, softbound.