BOOKS (Alpha by author). (No specific minimums, just reasonable bids). 

NOTE: Some of the books have light to moderate pencil annotations, so indicated by (*) at the end of the entry.

1 LOW DOWN by A. J. Albany.  163 p, Tin House, 2003.  5x8 softbound. Pianist Joe Albany’s daughter offers “A brilliant extended improvisation on growing up among jazz royalty.”

2 DOWN BEAT: THE GREAT JAZZ INTERVIEWS, A 75th ANNIVERSARY ANTHOLOGY ed. Frank Alkyer & Ed Enright.  340 p, Hal Leonard, 2009.  8x11 softbound.  Lots of photos.

3 BENNY: KING OF SWING ed. Stanley Baron.  Prox. 200 p, Morrow, 1979.  9x12 hardbound, dust jacket.  Pictorial bio with over 200 photos.

4 PREACHIN’ THE BLUES: THE LIFE & TIMES OF SON HOUSE by Daniel Beaumont. 206 p, Oxford, 2011.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

5 BLUES FOR FRANCIS: THE LIFE & WORK OF FRANCIS-WILFORD-SMITH by Caroline Beecroft & Howard Rye.  Collected writings of the blues record collector interspersed with about 130 label repros from Paramount onwards.

6 THE LOUIS ARMSTRONG COMPANION: 8 DECADES OF COMMENTARY ed. Joshua Berrett.  299 p, Schirmer, 1999.  6x9 softbound.

7 INDEX TO JAZZ by Orin Blackstone.  424 p in 4 vols., Gordon Gullickson, 1947-48.  6x9 softbound.  Vol. II (F-L) has some sparse pencil annotation.

8 COOL, HOT AND BLUE: A HISTORY OF JAZZ FOR YOUNG PEOPLE by Charles Boeckman.  163 p, Wash. Square, 1970.  4x7 paperback.

9 HEAT WAVE: THE LIFE & CAREER OF ETHEL WATERS by Donald Bogle.  624 p, Harper-Collins, 2011.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

10 THE FILMS OF BING CROSBY by Robert Bookbinder.  256 p, Citadel, 3rd prtg, 1977.  9x11 hdbnd, dust jacket has small tear top of spine. Over 400 photos.

11 LOUIS PRIMA by Garry Boulard.  182 p, Univ. Illinois, 2002. 6x9 softbound.

12 OLD-TIME MUSIC MAKERS OF NEW YORK STATE by Simon J. Bronner.  252 p, Syracuse Univ., 1987.  9x11 hdbnd, dj.  Covers folk & country music.

13 THE BESSIE SMITH COMPANION: A CRITICAL APPRECIATION OF THE RECORDINGS by Edward Brooks.  229 p, Da Capo, 1982. 5x7 hbnd, no dj.

14 LOST SOUNDS: BLACKS & THE BIRTH OF THE RECORDING INDUSTRY 1890-1919 by Tim Brooks.  634 p, Univ. Illinois, 2004.  7x10 hdbnd, dj.

15 LOUIS ARMSTRONG’S NEW ORLEANS by Thomas Brothers.  386 p, Norton, 2006.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

16 A LISTENER’S GUIDE TO JUG BAND MUSIC OF THE 1920s & 1930s by Ron Brown.  114 p, Long Creek, 2014.  6x9 softbound.

17 GEORGIA ON MY MIND: THE NAT GONELLA STORY by Ron Brown. 171 p, Milestone (Eng.), 1985. 69 hardbound, dust jacket. Title page inscribed to previous owner by Nat Gonella.

18 THE STORY OF THE ORIGINAL DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND by H. O. Brunn.  268 p, Jazz Book Club (Lon.), 1963.  5x8 hardbound, dust jacket.

19 RECORD STORE DAYS: FROM VINYL TO DIGITAL & BACK AGAIN by Gary Calamar & Phil Gallo. 239 p, Sterling, 2009.  8x8 hardbound, dust jacket.

Covers primarily post-war as the title implies.

20 I’D RATHER BE THE DEVIL: SKIP JAMES & THE BLUES by Stephen Calt. 385 p, Chicago Review Press, 1994.  5x8 softbound.

21 SOMETIMES I WONDER by Hoagy Carmichael.  313 p, Alvin Redman (Lon.), 1966.  5x8 hardbound, dust jacket moderately frayed.

22 JAZZ: THE ESSENTIAL COMPANION by Ian Carr et al.  560 p, Paladin (Lon.), 1990.  6x9 softbound.  Essentially an A-Z encyclopedia.

23 SWEET AS THE SHOWERS OF RAIN: THE BLUESMEN, VOL. 2 by Samuel B. Charters.  178 p, Oak, 1977.  7x10 softbound.

24 WHO’S WHO OF JAZZ: STORYVILLE TO SWING STREET by John Chilton.  368 p, 1978 Time-Life edition has orig. Chilton dust jacket.  6x9.

25 ROY ELDRIDGE: THE LITTLE JAZZ GIANT by John Chilton.  447 p, Continuum, 2002.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

26 TIGER RAG: A NOVEL by Nicholas Christopher.  266 p, Dial Press, 2013.  6x8 hdbnd, dj.  Fiction centered around the search for the Buddy Bolden cylinder.

27 BG ON THE RECORD: A BIO-DISCOGRAPHY OF BENNY GOODMAN by Connor & Hicks. 691 p, Arlington House, 5th prtg, 1975. 6x9 hdbnd, dj.

28 RICHARD COOK’S JAZZ ENCYCLOPEDIA by Richard Cook.  687 p, Penguin, 2005.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

29 BLUES LEGENDS by Charles K. Cowdery.  96 p, 7x7 hardbound, dust jacket.  Profiles on twenty of them. Includes 10 track CD.

30 THE STORY OF BING CROSBY by Ted Crosby.  239 pages, World Pub., 2nd prtg, 1946. 6x8 hardbound, no dust jacket.

31 THE WORLD OF JAZZ by Rodney Dale.  192 p, Exeter Books, 1982.  9x12 hardbound, dust jacket.  Loads of photos.

32 THE WORLD OF SWING: AN ORAL HISTORY OF BIG BAND JAZZ by Stanley Dance. 436 p, Da Capo, 2001. 6x9 softbound.

33 PEOPLE GET READY!: A NEW HISTORY OF BLACK GOSPEL MUSIC by Robert Darden.  424 p, Continuum, 2004.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

34 IN THE COUNTRY OF COUNTRY: A JOURNEY TO THE ROOTS OF AMERICAN MUSIC by Nicholas Dawidoff.  371 p, Faber (Lon.), 2005. 5x8 sftbnd.

35 FRONTIERS OF JAZZ ed. Ralph deToledano.  178 p, Durrell, 1947.  6x9 hardbound, somewhat worn dust jacket has clear overlay.

36 88: THE GIANTS OF JAZZ PIANO by Robert L. Doerschuk.  341 p, Backbeat, 2001.  8x10 hardbound, dust jacket has small tear at bottom. Covers 88 pianists from Morton to avant-garde. Includes 11-track CD.

37 BUNNY BERIGAN: ELUSIVE LEGEND OF JAZZ by Robert Dupuis.  368 p, LSU Press, 1993.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

38 DUKE ELLINGTON IN PERSON: AN INTIMATE MEMOIR by Mercer Ellington.  236 p, Houghton Mifflin, 1978.  6x8 hdbnd, dj has clear tape repairs.

39 RUSSIAN JAZZ: NEW IDENTITY ed. Leo Feigin.  217 p, Quartet Books (Lon.), 1985.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

40 JAZZ: HISTORY, INSTRUMENTS, MUSICIANS, RECORDINGS by John Fordham.  216 p, RD Press, 1993.  10x12 hdbnd, dj.  Loads of photos.

41 POPS FOSTER, NEW ORLEANS JAZZMAN: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY.  208 p, Univ. Calif., 1971.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket has small tear at top.

42 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF COMEDIANS by Joe Franklin. 349 p, Bell, 1985.  7x10 hardbound, dust jacket.  Over 250 bios. Many photos.

43 JAMMIN’ AT THE MARGINS: JAZZ & THE AMERICAN CINEMA by Krin Gabbard.  350 p, Univ. Chicago, 1996.  6x9 softbound.

44 JAZZ AMONG THE DISCOURSES ed. Krin Gabbard.  288 p, Duke Univ., 1995.  6x9 softbound.

45 HOTTER THAN THAT: THE TRUMPET, JAZZ & AMERICAN CULTURE by Krin Gabbard.  Faber & Faber, 2008.  6x8 hardbound, dust jacket.

46 THE OXFORD COMPANION TO POPULAR MUSIC by Peter Gammond.  739 p, Oxford, 1993.  6x9 softbound.  An A to Z encyclopedia.

47 HARRY JAMES & HIS ORCH.-VOLS. 1 & 2 (1937-1975) by Charles Garrod & Peter Johnston.  135 p in 2 vols., Joyce Music, 1975. 8x11 softbound.

48 DELTA BLUES by Ted Gioia.  449 p, Norton, 2008.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.  “The life & times of the Mississippi masters.”

49 THE WORLD OF JAZZ IN PRINTED EPHEMERA & COLLECTIBLES by Jim Godbolt.  160 p, Wellfleet, 1990.  9x12 hdbnd, dj.  Loads of photos.

50 THE GIMMIX BOOK OF RECORDS ed. Frank Goldmann & Klaus Hiltscher.  128 p, Virgin Books, 1981.  12x12 softbound.  “An almanac of unusual records, sleeves and picture discs” (mostly from the 1950s onward).

51 CAN’T BE SATISFIED: THE LIFE & TIMES OF MUDDY WATERS by Robert Gordon.  408 p, Little, Brown, 2002.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

52 BROADWAY MUSICALS by Martin Gottfried.  352 p, Abrams, 1979.  11x14 hardbound, dust jacket. Gargantuan book weighs 7 lbs.

53 POPULAR AMERICAN RECORDING PIONEERS 1895-1925 by Tim Gracyk.  444 p, Haworth, 2000. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.  60+ bios.

54 THE GREAT CLOWNS OF BROADWAY by Stanley Green.  247 p, Oxford, 1984.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket. 10 bios from Fanny Brice to Ed Wynn.

55 LAST TRAIN TO MEMPHIS: THE RISE OF ELVIS PRESLEY by Peter Guralnick.  560 p, Little, Brown, 1994.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

56 PIONEERS OF JAZZ: THE STORY OF THE CREOLE BAND by Lawrence Gushee.  384 p, Oxford, 2005.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

57 WHEN I LEFT HOME: MY STORY by Buddy Guy.  280 p, Da Capo, 2013.  6x9 softbound.

58 SATIN DOLLS: THE WOMEN OF JAZZ by Andrew G. Hager.  64 p, Friedman/Fairfax, 1997.  6x7 hardbound with art cover.  Includes 20-track CD.

59 WHY SINATRA MATTERS by Pete Hamill.  185 p, Little, Brown, 1998.  5x7 softbound.

60 YESTERDAYS: POPULAR SONG IN AMERICA by Charles Hamm.  532 p, Norton, 1979.  7x9 hardbound, dust jacket. Title page has gift inscription.

61 HAMP: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY by Lionel Hampton with James Haskins.  280 p, Warner Books, 1989.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

62 HOLLYWOOD PANORAMA by Bob Harman.  96 p, Dutton, 1971. 12x9 softbound. Has over 1,000 caricature drawings of film personalities in color..

63 THE ESSENTIAL JAZZ RECORDS VOL. 1: RAGTIME TO SWING by Max Harrison et al.  595 p, Da Capo, 1988. 5x8 softbound.

64 AT THE JAZZ BAND BALL: 60 YEARS ON THE JAZZ SCENE by Nat Hentoff.  246 p, Univ. Calif, 2010.  6x9 softbound.

65 JAZZ ed. Nat Hentoff & Albert J. McCarthy.  387 p, Da Capo, 3rd prtg, 1978.  5x8 softbound.

66 NORMAN GRANZ: THE MAN WHO USED JAZZ FOR JUSTICE by Tad Hershorn.  470 p, Univ. Calif., 2011.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket. Ex-library copy (minimally indicated).

67 SHORTY ROGERS: A DISCOGRAPHY (1945-69) by Coen Hoffman & Erik M. Bakker. 148 p in 2 vols., Micrography (Neth)., 1983.  6x8 softbound.

68 THE ROAD TO HOLLYWOOD: MY 40 YEAR LOVE AFFAIR WITH THE MOVIES by Bob Hope. 271 p, Doubleday, 1977. 8x11 hardbound, dust jacket.

69 LENA by Lena Horne & Richard Schickel.  224 p, Signet, 1966.  4x7 paperback has moderate crease on spine.

70 HAROLD ARLEN: HAPPY WITH THE BLUES by Edward Jablonski.  288 p, Da Capo, 1986.  6x9 softbound.

71 MAKING JAZZ FRENCH: MUSIC & MODERN LIFE IN INTERWAR PARIS by Jeffrey H. Jakson.  266 p, Duke Univ., 2003.  6x9 softbound.

72 A BAD WOMAN FEELING GOOD: BLUES & THE WOMEN WHO SANG THEM by Buzzy Jackson.  319 p, Norton, 2005.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.


74 RAGS & RAGTIME: A MUSICAL HISTORY by David A. Jasen & Trebor Tichenor.  310 p, Dover, 1978.  5x8 softbound.

75 WHAT MADE PISTACHIO NUTS?: EARLY SOUND COMEDY & THE VAUDEVILLE AESTHETIC by Henry Jenkins.  336 p, Columbia Univ., 1992. 6x9 softbound.

76 LOUIS: THE LOUIS ARMSTRONG STORY by Max Jones & John Chilton. 256 p, Studio Vista (Lon.), 1971.  7x10 hardbound, dust jacket.

77 JELLY ROLL, BIX & HOAGY: GENNETT RECORDS & THE RISE OF AMERICA’S MUSICAL GRASSROOTS by Rick Kennedy.  276 p, Univ. Indiana, revised & expanded edition, 2013.  6x9 softbound.

78 JAZZ ON THE RIVER by William Howard Kenney.  229 p, Univ. Chicago, 2005.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.  The story of riverboat jazz.

79 BLUES ALL AROUND ME: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY by B. B. King.  336 p, Icon, 2011.  6x9 softbound.

80 GOTTA SING, GOTTA DANCE: A HISTORY OF MOVIE MUSICALS by John Kobal.  320 p, Exeter, 1983.  9x12 hardbound, dust jacket.


4th printing, 2003.  5x8 softbound.

82 JUKE BOX SATURDAY NIGHT by J. Krivine.  160 p, New English Library (Eng.), 1977. 9x14 softbound.  History of the jukebox with lots of photos.

83 JUKEBOX by Dieter Ladwig.  80 pp, Tiger Books (Lon.), 1994.  9x12 hardbound, dust jacket. Loads of large

84 THE FABULOUS FIVES by Horst H. Lange.  30 p, Uhle & Kleimann (Ger.), 1959.  6x8 booklet.  Discogs of ODJB, OM5, Louisiana 5, Indiana 5 etc.

85 RUSS COLUMBO & THE CROONER MYSTIQUE by Joseph Lanza & Dennis Penna.  281 p, Feral House, 2002.  6x9 softbound.

86 JAZZ LIVES: 100 PORTRAITS IN JAZZ by Gene Lees with photographs by John Reeves.  216 p, Stewart House, 1993.  9x11 hardbound, dust jacket.

87 JUKEBOX: THE GOLDEN AGE by Vincent Lynch & Bill Henkin.  112 p, Perigee, 1981.  7x8 softbound. Many color photos.

88 THE 101 BEST JAZZ ALBUMS: A HISTORY OF JAZZ ON RECORDS by Len Lyons. 476 p, Quill, 1980.  6x9 softbound.

89 JAZZ PORTRAITS: THE LIVES & MUSIC OF THE JAZZ MASTERS by Len Lyons & Don Perlo. 610 p, Quill, 1989. 6x9 softbound. Spine moderately creased.

90 THE STARS OF COUNTRY MUSIC ed. Bill C. Malone & Judith McCulloh.  532 p, Avon, 1976.  4x7 paperback has moderate creasing on spine.

91 IN SEARCH OF BUDDY BOLDEN, FIRST MAN OF JAZZ by Donald M. Marquis. 176 p, LSU Press, 2nd prtg,. 1981.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

92 THE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF PHONOGRAPHS by Daniel Marty.  194 p, Dorset, 1989.  10x12 hardbound, dust jacket.  Lavishly color illustrated.

93 THE DANCE BAND ERA by Albert McCarthy.  176 p, Spring Books, 1974.  9x12 hardbound, dust jacket. Lots of photos.

94 CREOLE TROMBONE: KID ORY & THE EARLY YEARS OF JAZZ by John McCusker.  250 p, Univ. Mississippi, 2012.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

95 LULLABY OF BROADWAY: LIFE & TIMES OF AL DUBIN by Patricia Dubin McGuire.  204 p, Citadel Press, 1983.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

96 DETROIT: RAGTIME & THE JAZZ AGE by Jon Milan.  127 p, Arcadia, 2009.  6x9 softbound.  Loads of photos.

97 ESQUIRE’S 1944 JAZZ BOOK ed. Paul Eduard Miller.  230 p, Da Capo, 1979.  6x9 hardbound.  No dust jacket (as issued for this edition).

98 LIVING WITH JAZZ: A READER by Dan Morganstern.  711 p, Pantheon, 2004.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

99 ROLL BACK THE YEARS: HISTORY OF CANADIAN RECORDED SOUND (GENESIS TO 1930) by Edward B. Moogk.  443 p, National Library of Canada, 1980.  8x11 softbound. Cover has moderate scuff. Accompanying 12-track phonodisc is missing.

100 THREE CHORDS FOR BEAUTY’S SAKE: THE LIFE OF ARTIE SHAW by Tom Nolan.  430 p, Norton, 2010.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

101 THE STORY OF THE BLUES by Paul Oliver.  176 p, Chilton, 1969.  9x12 hardbound, dust jacket.  Loads of photos.

102 BARRELHOUSE BLUES: LOCATION RECORDING & THE EARLY TRADITIONS OF THE BLUES by Paul Oliver.  228 p, Basic Civitas Books, 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

103 BLUES FELL THIS MORNING: MEANING IN THE BLUES by Paul Oliver.  348 p, Cambridge Univ., 1994.  6x9 softbound.

104 LOUIS ARMSTRONG by Hugues Panassie.  148 p, Scribner’s, 1971.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

105 VINTAGE JUKEBOXES: THE HALL OF FAME by Christopher Pearce.  128 p, Apple Press (Lon.), 1988.  9x11 hardbound, dust jacket. Lots of color photos.

106 JUKEBOX ART by Chris Pearce.  128 p, Blossom (Lon.) 2001.  9x12 hardbound, dust jacket.  Lots more color photos.

107 ROBERT JOHNSON: LOST & FOUND by Barry Lee Pearson & Bill Mcullogh.  142 p, Univ. Illinois, 2003.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

108 DO NOT SELL AT ANY PRICE: THE WILD OBSESSIVE HUNT FOR THE WORLD’S RAREST 78 RPM RECORDS by Amanda Petrusich.  260 p, Scribner, 2014.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

109 AMERICAN WOMEN IN JAZZ: 1900 TO THE PRESENT by Sally Plaksin.  332 p, Wideview Books, 1982.  6x9 softbound.  Frontispiece has gift inscription.

110 SQUEEZE MY LEMON: A COLLECTION OF CLASSIC BLUES LYRICS by Randy Poe.  239 p, Hal Leonard, 2003.  6x8 softbound.

111 JOHN ARPIN: KEYBOARD VIRTUOSO by Robert Popple.  359 p, Natural Heritage (Can.), 2009.  6x9 softbound.

112 BEALE STREET TALKS: A WALKING TOUR DOWN THE HOME OF THE BLUES by Richard M. Raichelson.  108 p, Arcadia Records, 2nd rev. ed. 1999. 5x8 softbound.


114 THE COMPLEAT TALKING MACHINE: A GUIDE TO THE RESTORATION OF ANTIQUE PHONOGRAPHS by Eric. L. Reiss.  184 p, Vestal Press, 2nd prtg, 1987.  8x11 softbound.

115 PEOPLE OF DESTINY (Vol. 10): LOUIS ARMSTRONG by Kenneth G. Richards.  95 p, Children’s Press, 1967.  9x11 hardbound with art cover. Many photos.

116 LITTLE BLUES BOOK by Brian Robertson.  176 p, Algonquin Books, 1996.  5x6 softound.  Lyrics and commentary includes 22 drawings by R. Crumb.

117 W. C. HANDY: THE LIFE & TIMES OF THE MAN WHO MADE THE BLUES by David Robertson.  286 p, Knopf, 2009.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

118 THE DEFINITIVE ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF JAZZ & BLUES ed. Julia Raff.  448 p, Flame Tree (Eng.), 2007.  10x12 hardbund, dust jacket. Massive tome with hundreds of photos weighs in at 6.3 lbs.

119 JAZZ CLEOPATRA: JOSEPHINE BAKER IN HER TIME by Phyllis Rose.  321 p, Vintage Books, 1991.  5x8 softbound.

120 JAZZWAYS ed. George S. Rosenthal & Frank Zachary.  109 p, Greenberg, 1947. 8x11 hardbound, dust jacket is very lightly frayed with a 1” tear on rear.

121 JAZZ RECORDS 1897-1942, 5th Edition by Brian Rust. 1,998 p in 2 vols., Storyville, 1982.  6x9 hardbound, no dust jacket (as issued).  Some signs of use (but not wear) with some sparse pencil annotation..

122 BRITISH DANCE BANDS ON RECORD 1911 TO 1945 & SUPPLEMENT by Brian Rust & Sandy Forbes.  1,461 p, Gramophone, 1989.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket has interior tape repair at bottom of spine.  Clean and unmarked.

123 THE AMERICAN RECORD LABEL BOOK by Brian Rust.  336 p, Arlington House, 1978.  7x10 hardbound, dust jacket has clear tape repair on rear.

124 DANCING IN YOUR HEAD: JAZZ, BLUES, ROCK & BEYOND by Gene Santoro.  308 p, Oxford, 1995.  5x8 softbound.

125 JAZZ: THE GREAT AMERICAN ART by Gene Seymour.  176 p, Watts, 1995.  6x9 softbound. Title page inscribed to previous owner by the author.

126 THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF JAZZ & BLUES by Keith Shadwick.  704 p, New Burlington, 2003.  9x12 hdbnd, dust jacket.  Another 6.3 lbs with loads of photos.

127 HONKERS & SHOUTERS: THE GOLDEN YEARS OF RHYTHM & BLUES by Arnold Shaw.  555 p, Collier Books, 1978.  6x9 softbound.

128 I PUT A SPELL ON YOU: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY by Nina Simone.  181 p, Pantheon, 1991.  6x9 hrdbound, dust jacket.

129 BLACK & BLUE: THE LIFE & LYRICS OF ANDY RAZAF by Barry Singer.  444 p, Schirmer, 1992.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

130 OLDE RECORDS PRICE GUIDE 1900-1947: POPULAR & CLASSICAL 78 RPMs by Peter A. Soderbergh.  255 p, Wallace-Homestead, 1980. 6x9 softbound.

131 JAZZ AND DEATH: MEDICAL PROFILES OF JAZZ GREATS by Frederick J. Spencer, MD.  311 p, Univ. Mississippi, 2002.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

132 RED & HOT: THE FATE OF JAZZ IN THE SOVIET UNION by S. Frederick Starr.  369 p, Oxford, 1983.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

133 THE STORY OF JAZZ by Marshall W. Stearns.  379 p, Oxford, 1974 reprint.  5x8 softbound.

134 JAZZ MASTERS OF THE 30s by Rex Stewart.  223 p, Da Capo, 1982.  5x8 softbound.

135 JAZZ ON THE  BARBARY COAST by Tom Stoddard.  192 p, Storyville, 1982.  6x8 hardbound, no dust jacket (as issued).

136 LEGENDS OF THE BLUES by William Stout.  221 p, Abrams, 2013.  6x7 hardbound, dust jacket.  Biographies and full-page color drawings of 100 blues artists. Includes 14-track CD.

137 RECORDING THE ‘TWENTIES: THE EVOLUTION OF THE AMERICAN RECORDING INDUSTRY, 1920-29 by Allan Sutton.  346 p, Mainspring Press, 2008.  6x9 softbound.

138 THE FROG BLUES & JAZZ ANNUAL, NO. 3: MUSICIANS, RECORDS & MUSIC OF THE 78 ERA ed. Paul Swinton.  177 p, Frog Records, 2013. 8x12 softbound. Lots of photos, label repros, etc. Includes 25-track CD.

139 THE BUSBY BERKELEY BOOK by Tony Thomas & Jim Terry.  192 p, NY Graphic Soc., 2nd prrg, 1973. 9x12 hardbound, dust jacket.  Loads of photos.

140 GREAT BLACK ENTERTAINERS: PAPER DOLLS IN FULL COLOR by Tom Tierney.  32 p, Dover, 1984.  9x12 softbound.  Printed on heavy paper stock,

has uncut images & costumes for Louis Armstrong, Josephine Baker, Dorothy Dandridge, Billie Holiday, Hattie McDaniel, Paul Robeson, Bill Robinson, Bessie Smith, Ethel Waters & Bert Williams.

141 DOWNHOME BLUES LYRICS: AN ANTHOLOGY FROM THE POST-WORLD WAR II ERA ed. Jeff Todd Titon.  174 p, Univ. Illinois, 1990. 8x11 sftbnd.

142 THE BOSWELL LEGACY by Kyla Titus (Vet’s granddaughter).  195 p, self-pub., 2014.  8x11 softbound.  Boswell Sisters’ story has many photos.

143 CODAS TO A LIFE WITH JAZZ: ESSAYS by Trevor Tolley.  177 p, Golden Dog Press (Can.), 2013.  6x9 softbound.

144 THE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF GOSPEL by Steve Turner.  208 p, Lion, 2010.  8x10 hardbound, dust jacket.  Loads of photos.

145 ESCAPING THE DELTA: ROBERT JOHNSON & THE INVENTION OF THE BLUES by Elijah Wald.  342 p, Amistad, 2004.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

146 THE RAGTIME EPHEMERALIST FOR 1999 (Vol. 1, No. 2) ed. Chris Ware.  208 p, Acme Novelty Lib., 1999.  6x9 softbound.  Loaded with articles, early photos, advertisements, piano scores, etc.

147 THE RAGTIME EPHEMERALIST FOR 2002 (No. 3) ed. Chris Ware. 256 p, self-pub., 2003.  6x9 softbound. More of the same.

148 LUCK’S IN MY CORNER: THE LIFE & MUSIC OF HOT LIPS PAGE by Todd Bryant Weeks.  320 p, Routledge, 2008.  6x9 softbound.

149 AFTER THE BALL: POP MUSIC FROM RAG TO ROCK by Ian Whitcomb.  312 p, Simon & Schuster, 2nd prtg, 1972.  6x9 hdbnd, dj has small edge tears.

150 WHY JAZZ?: A CONCISE GUIDE by Kevin Whitehead.  172 p, Oxford, 2011.  6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

151 MR. JELLY LORD by Laurie Wright.  246 p, Storyville, 1980. 6x8 hardbound, no dust jacket (as issued).  Detailed Morton bio-discography.

152 THE GREAT JAZZ GUITARISTS: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE by Scott Yanow.  237 p, Backbeat Books, 2013.  6x9 softbound.

153 EASY TO REMEMBER: THE GREAT AMERICAN SONGWRITERS & THEIR SONGS by William Zinsser. 279 p, Godine, 2001.  7x10 hdbnd, dust jacket. and a few that bear no author/editor credit:

154 JAZZ STANDARDS: MELODY LINE, CHORDS & LYRICS FOR KEYBOARD,GUITAR & VOCAL.  255 p, Hal Leonard, n.d. 4x7 paperback. 110 songs.

155 SCREAMIN’ & HOLLERIN’ THE BLUES: THE WORLDS OF CHARLEY PATTON.  Deluxe production contains Jeff Fahey’s 112-page biography of Patton, 127 bound-in pages of writings on Patton, and 7 cardboard (non-playable) reproductions of Patton Paramount & Vocalion discs set up in pockets like a  78 rpm album set. All of this in a heavy duty 10x12 slipcase, identified as Revenant Album No. 212.  Shipping wt. is 6-1/2 lbs.  Min. $50.

156 THIS FABULOUS CENTURY VOL. III: 1920-1930.  288 p, Time-Life, 1969.  9x12 hardbound, no dust jacket (as issued).  Isolated volume from the series has 16 pages devoted to jazz.