SECTION II – 10” x 78 RPM SINGLES (Min. bid $2.00).

(*) preceding BB catalog number indicates buff label.
(*) preceding DE catalog number indicates “Sun Dial” label.
All VI records are original labels unless otherwise indicated:
(RG) Round gold label when original is scroll.
(SIL) Silver label when original is scroll or round gold
(RCA) RCA Victor label when original is any of the above.
(v) preceding record label name indicates vinyl pressing.
(sol) following condition code indicates sticker on label which
would presumably tear label if removed.
(w) following tune title indicates waltz.
(wol) following condition code indicates writing on label.


318 San/SAM LANIN: My Ohio Home CAMEO 8109 E-/V+

319 The Drag/SAVOY PLAZA D.O.: Mary Ann CAMEO 8130   V+

ALL STAR ORCHESTRA (Jimmy McPartland solo)

320 Chloe/TROUBADOURS: Tin Pan Parade VI 21149   V+

ALL STAR TROUBADOURS (California Ramblers)

321 Lucky Me-Lovable You/WHITE WAY PLAYERS:

Blue Ridge Blues                                          VAN DYKE 81819    V+


322 Feeling Drowsy/Swing Out VI V38080   E-/V+


323 Cuddle Up a Little Closer/Dreary Weather VO 14907     E-

AMBROSE & his Orch.

324 Easy to Love/I’ve Got You Under my Skin      DE (Italy) 480    E(ecnap)

ARCADIANS DANCE ORCH. (Bert Firman Orch., London, 1930)

325 Moonshine Is Betther than Sunshine/Searching for You in my

Dreams ZONO 5650 E+/E


326 Boneyard Shuffle/Washboard Blues HAR 332H     E

327 That’s No Bargain/EMPERORS: Go Joe Go HAR 383H   V

328 Sensation/Ja-da HAR 421H   V+

329 Birmingham Breakdown/I Ain’t Got Nobody HAR 505H   V
330 Stompin’ Fool/ORIG. INDIANA 5: Struttin’ Jerry  V-T 1459V   V


331 I Got Rhythm/You Can Depend on Me CO 2590D   V+

332 New Tiger Rag/Love You Funny Thing CO 2631D       V+

333 If We Never Meet Again/Dipper Mouth *DE 906 E/E-

334 Heebie Jeebies/Muskrat Ramble                   (Truetone)OK 8300   G

335 Don’t Forget to Mess Around/I’m Gonna Gitcha  (T-tone)OK 8343  V-

336 Once in a While/Struttin’ w/Barbecue       (Lg red)OK 8566   V-(ecnap)

337 Squeeze Me/Two Deuces                          (Sm red)OK 8641   E-

338 Tiger Rag/Dinah                                        (Sm blk)OK 8800   V+

339 Memories of You/You’re Lucky to Me      (Sm blk)OK 41463   E-/E

340 Them There Eyes/Little Joe                       (Sm blk)OK 41501   V+

341 I Got Rhythm/Chinatown, my Chinatown  (Sm red)OK 41534   E

342 That’s my Home/Hobo You Can’t Ride this Train  VI 24200   V+

GUS ARNHEIM & his Cocoanut Grove Orch. (Bing vocs)

343 Little Things in Life/Them There Eyes VI 22580   V+

PAUL ASH & his Orch.

344 But I Do-You Know I Do/Always (w) CO 571D V+/E-

345 Mary/What a Wonderful Wedding that Will Be   CO 1256D   E

FRANK ASSUNTO & The Dukes of Dixieland

346 Glory of Love/Bourbon St. Parade                   IMPERIAL 5157    E/E-

FRANK AUBURN & his Orch. (Fred Rich)

347 Rockin’ Chair/Waltz you Saved for Me  HAR 1306H V+/V


348 Without You Sweetheart/My Bouquet of Memories   VI 21374   E

349 Melody Out of the Sky/I Can’t Do Without You        VI 21454   E


350 It’s So Peaceful in the Country/Lover Come Back to Me   DE 3953 E/E-


351 Insufficient Sweetie/GLZNTZ: Peter Pan      PURITAN 11390   E-/V+

BLUE LU BARKER with Danny Barker’s Fly Cats

352 I Got Ways Like the Devil/Going to Leave Old Home Jim  DE 7560 E


353 Cherokee/The All Night Record Man BB 10373   E

354 That Old Black Magic/I Don’t Want Anybody At All  DE 18541   E

DICK BARRIE & his Orch.

355 All Ashore/Summer Souvenirs VO 4397   E-

BEN BERNIE & his Hotel Roosevelt Orch.

356 I Love Her!/Only You & Lonely Me BR 3201 V+/E-

357 Rosy Cheeks/That Little Something BR 3528   E-

358 Just a Gigolo/The River & Me BrCan 6023   E

359 If You Knew Susie/Beside a Silv’ry Stream VO 15037 V+/E-

360 Yes Sir That’s my Baby/Collegiate VO 15080 V+/E-

DON BESTOR & his Orch.

361 Didn’t Know Me from Adam/You Fit into Picture  BR 7338   E/E-

BARNEY BIGARD & his Orch./Jazzopators

362 Just Another Dream/Honey Hush OK 5663   E/E-

363 Caravan/Stompy Jones VARIETY 515   V+/E-

364 Get It Southern Style/If You’re Ever in my Arms   VO 3828   E/E+


365 Blue Ribbon Blues/Whale Dip CO 14235D   E-


366 Some Do & Some Don’t/Tack It Down (mx 13691)

                                      CHAMPION 40062   V+(plays much better)


367 Don’t Let your Love Go Wrong/Why Don’t You Practice

What You Preach BR 6929           E-(ecnap)

368 Dinah/Alexander’s Ragtime Band BrGer A9688   E+


369 I Know What It Means to Be Lonesome/Someone Stole

My Darlin’                                                   (DJ)vDE 28036          E

HARRY BRADY (Irving Kaufman)

370 Little Pal/Used to You DIVA 2980G   E-

BILL BROWN & his Brownies (dig skips 1 gr first side)

371 Bill Brown Blues/Hot Lips (mx 21990)     BR 7003   V(lbl fade 2nd side)

BROWNAGLE & his Orch.

372 Helen/A Night of Memories CO 1741D   V+

CHICK BULLOCK & his Levee Loungers/Orch.

373 She’s a Latin from Manhattan/Chasing Shadows   MEL 13417   E+

374 Do I Love You?/It Was Written in the Stars VO 5278   V/V+

EARL BURTNETT & his Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel Orch.

375 Puttin’ on the Ritz/With You BrCan 4679   E-/E

BUTTERBEANS & SUSIE (King Oliver first side)

376 Construction Gang/A to Z Blues                     (Lg red)OK 8163   E-


377 I Wanna See my Tennessee/Eliza APEX 8264   V+

378 She Was Just a Sailor’s Sweetheart/Fallin’ Down   APEX 8408   V+

379 Just Another Day…/LANIN: When Day Is Done   BDWY 1084   V+

380 Singapore Sorrows/What Do You Say? CO 1314D   V+/V

381 My Mammy Knows/While Miami Dreams OK 4547   V+


382 Kickin’ the Gong Around/You Gotta Ho-de-ho    PER 15873   V-/E

EDDIE CANTOR (acc. The Georgians)

383 If You Do What You Do/O, Gee Georgie!   (Flag)CO 56D   E

THE CAPTIVATORS dir. Red Nichols

384 Building a Nest for Mary/COPLEY PLAZA ORCH:

Pagan Love Song BR 4321 V+/ E-


385  March of the Hoodlums/Walkin’ the Dog   CHAMPION 40001   E


386 My House Fell Down/Goodnight Irene DE 48167   E-


387 Black Jazz/Maniacs’ Ball BR 6242   E

388 Blue Prelude/Dance of the Lame Duck BR 6513   V+


389 Feelin’ No Pain/Five Pennies CO 1229D V+/E-

390 Sugar Foot Strut/Imagination CO 1260D   E-

391 Farewell Blues/My Gal Sal CO 1539D   E-


392 Swamp Blues/ROSS GORMAN: Swamp Blues    DIVA 2427G       V+


393 I Don’t Believe in Tomorrow/(same both sides)   (DJ)vVI 20-4280   E


394 Singing a Song to the Stars/IMPERIAL DANCE ORCH:

I Remember You from Somewhere PER 15310  E-/V+

THE COLLEGIANS (Joe Candullo Orch.)

395 Hard-to-get Gertie/SIX BLACK DOMINOES (Buffalodians):

Baby Face                                   DOMINO(Can) 21193    V+(rcnap)


396 (Smith Ballew vocs) What Is Life without Love/To Be

Forgotten (w) CO 2030D   E-

397 The Free & Easy/It Must Be You (w) CO 2149D   V/V+

398 I’m Learning a Lot from You/One More Waltz   CO 2285D   E


399 Hoosier Sweetheart/Desert Eyes CO 913D   E-

CONNECTICUT COLLEGIANS (Accomplished 1929 dance orch. on

obscure label. Digs cause numerous groove skips both sides)

400 My Mother’s Eyes/Pagan Love Song         WORLD ECHO A1005    V

DOC COOK & his 14 Doctors of Syncopation

401 Alligator Crawl/Brainstorm CO 1298D   V+/V

402 I Got Worry/Hum and Strum CO 1430D   V


403 No Wonder I’m Happy/Somebody and Me! VI 20908   V+


404 Sister Kate/Got to Cool my Doggies (mx. 2928)   BR 2338 V+/E-

405 Just Hot (mx 11431)/Shufflin’ Mose BR 2507   V

406 Prince of Wails/Jimtown Blues BR 2766   V+

407 St. Louis Gal (voc by Hoagy & Scrappy)/No Parking  BrCan 4440 V+/V

FRANCIS CRAIG & his Orch. (label white ink inscribed to previous

owner by Craig)

408 Red Rose/Coon-tail CO 1544D   E-


409 Someone Stole Gabriel’s Horn/Last Round-up   MEL 13170   E/E-

PETE DAILY & his Chicagoans

410 Sugarfoot Strut/Red Light Rag SUNSET 7559   E


411 Lindbergh/VAUGHN DE LEATH: Like an Angel You Flew into

Everyone’s Heart (Lindbergh) VI 20674   E+

JASPER DAVIS & HIS Orch. (Lizzie Miles vocs)

412 It Feels So Good/Georgia Gigolo HAR 944H   V+

WALTER DAVISON’s Loouisville Loons

413 Give Me a Little Bit o’ Sunshine/EARL GRESH Orch:

Where the Wild, Wild Flowers Grow CO 1031D   V+

DEEP RIVER ORCH. (Willard Robison Orch. both sides)

414 I’m Wingin’ Home/LEVEE LOUNGERS: Last Night

I Dreamed You Kissed Me PER 15001       V+

HARRY DIAL & his Blusicians

415 Wedding Day Blues/I Like What I Like Like  SOUTHERN 134   E

CARROLL DICKERSON’s Savoy Orch. (Moderate label fade)

416 Missouri Squabble/Black Maria BR 3990   V+


417 Tampeekoe/Jackass Blues (-2) HAR 166H   V+

418 Hi-Diddle-Diddle/ORIG. INDIANA FIVE:

So Is Your Old Lady HAR 179H   V

DOROTHY DONEGAN (Piano & rhythm)

419 Dorothy’s Boogie Woogie/Yesterdays CONT C6033   E-


420 Tiger Rag/WAYNE KING: Goofus ViCan 024003   E-/E


421 Mood Hollywood/Shim Sham Shimmy BR 6537   E-


422 There Are Such Things/Daybreak VI 27974 E

EDDY DUCHIN & his Orch.

423 Get Out of Town/From Now On BR 8252   E-

BLIND WILLIE DUNN’s Gin Bottle Four (Eddie Lang, Lonnie

Johnson, Tommy Dorsey, tpt)

424 Blue Blood Blues/Jet Black Blues                     BILTMORE 1007   E

CLIFF EDWARDS (Ukulele Ike) & his Hot Combination

425 Dinah/Keep on Croonin’ a Tune                PER 11598    V+/E-(ecnap)


426 Blue Light/Slap Happy                                     BLUE ACE 266       E

427 Keep a Song in your Soul/Diga Diga Do *BB 6305    E/E+(wol)

428 Harlemania/Stevedore Stomp BB(Can) 6306     E(wol)

429 Jazz Lips/Sloppy Joe BB(Can) 6396   E-

430 East St. Louis Toddle-oo/Black Beauty BB 6430   E+

431 Double Check Stomp/Old Man Blues

                            BB(Can) 6450   E-(tear at top of second side label)

432 Fast & Furious/Swampy River BR 6355   V+

433 Eerie Moan/Any Time, Any Day, Any Where BR 6467   E-

434 Rockin’ Chair/Runnin’ Wild BR 6732   V+

435 Margie/LEO REISMAN: Wah-hoo! BR 7526   V+

436 Reminiscing in Tempo-Pt. 3/Pt. 4 BR 7547   E+

437 Shoe Shine Boy/It Was a Sad Night in Harlem   BR 7710   E-

438 Trumpet in Spades/Yearning for Love BR 7752   E-

439 New E. St. Louis Toodle-o/Got to Be a Rug Cutter    BR 7989   E+

440 All God’s Chillun/Alabamy Home BR 8001   E-

441 Crescendo n Blue/Diminuendo in Blue BR 8004   E-/E

442 Harmony in Harlem/Black Butterfly BR 8044   V+/E

443 I Let a Song…/The Gal from Joe’s BR 8108   E

444 Yellow Dog Blues/Tishomingo Blues BR 80049   E+

445 Jazz Convulsions/Awful Sad BR 80050   E

446 New Birmingham Breakdown/Scattin’ at Kit Kat  MASTER 123   E/E-

447 Three Little Words/Ring Dem Bells VI 22538   E-

448 Mood Indigo/When a Black Man’s Blue VI 22587 E-/V+

449 Limehouse Blues/Echoes of the Jungle VI 22743   E-/E

450 I’m So in Love with You/Shout ‘Em Aunt Tillie   VI 23041   E-

451 Stompy Jones/Blue Feeling                        (RG)VI 24521              E/E+

452 You, You Darlin’/So Far, So Good ViCan 26537   E+

453 Double Check Stomp/Jazz Lips VI V38129   V


454 Since Maggie Dooley Learned the Hooley-Hooley/Come On and

Baby Me VI 18131   E-/E


455 Wake Up & Live/Never in a Million Years CO(Italy) CO1428   E-


456 I Want to Be Happy/No, No, Nanette Medley    BR 2640   E

FRANK FERERA’s Hawaiian Trio (Annette Hanshaw vocs)

457 Chiquita (w)/Maui Girl (w) DIVA 2727G   E

SHEP FIELDS & his Rippling Rhythm/New Music

458 That Old Feeling/Lovely One *BB 7066   E-

459 Please Think of Me/Take It Slow BB 30-0807   E

TED FIORITO & his Edgewater Beach Hotel Orch.

460 Then You’ve Never Been Blue/On Candle-light Lane  CO 1967D   V

BERT FIRMAN’s Dance Orch (London, 1928)

461 Dream Kisses/Firefly ZONO 5131   V+


462 One too Often/Time Alone Will Tell DE 18605   E

463 (& Ink Spots) I’m Making Believe/Into Each Life…   DE 23356    E/E-


464 Copenhagen/Deep Sea Blues PER 14350   E-


465 I’m Just Wild about Harry/The Atomic Era MAJ 1031     E+


466 Discontented Blues/Bugle Call Blues                GENNETT 4967      V-

467 Panama/HUSK O’HARE: You Gave Me your Heart

                                                                    STARR (Can) 9313    V+

JAN GARBER & his Orch.

468 Sister Kate/Since my Best Gal Turned Me Down   CO 1306D   V+/V

469 Washington & Lee Swig/V.M.I. Spirit CO 1452D   E-

470 Under the Moon/What Do I Care What Somebody Said  VI 20754   E-

471 Sixty Seconds Every Minute/TROUBADOURS: Tired

Hands (w) VI 20848   E+


472 Sister Kate/Chicago CO A3775   E

473 Way Down Yonder in N.O./Nothig But CO A3804   V

474 Aggravatin’ Papa/Loose Feet CO A3825   E

475 Got to See Mama Ev’ry Nite/You Tell Her-I Stutter  CO A3857   E

476 Farewell Blues/Snakes Hips CO A3864 E-/V+

477 Old King Tut/Barney Google CO A3902   E+

478 Land of Cotton Blues/Mamma Loves Papa CO A3987   V/V+

479 Mama Goes where Papa Goes/Somebody’s Wrong   CO A3996 V+/E-

480 Learn to Do the Strut/I’m Sitting Pretty…       (Flag)CO 11D   E-

481 Home Town Blues/You May Be Fast… (Flag)CO 23D   E+

482 Old Fashioned Love/Shake your Feet (Flag)CO 30D E-/V+

483 Cross-Eyed Papa/Better Keep Babying Baby (Flag)CO 40D   E+

484 Dancin’ Dan/Lovey Came Back (Flag)CO 62D   E+

485 Mindin’ my Bus’ness/If You’ll Come Back (Flag)CO 102D   E

486 Savannah/Doodle-doo-doo (Flag)CO142D   E/E-

487 My Baby’s Back/Frisco Bay CO 923D   V+

TOM GERUN(OVICH) & his Orch.

488 My Gal Sal/There’s a Rainbow Round my Shoulder   BrCan 4050   V+

489 The New Step/The Web of Love BR 4519 V+/E-

490 I’m in Love with You/Every Now & Then BR 4520   E/E-


491 Lover Man/Shaw Nuff MUS 354   E-/E

492 Hot House/Blue ‘n Boogie MUS 486   E-

493 Ray’s Idea/He Beeped WhenHe Should Have Bopped   MUS 487   E-

494 All the Things You Are/Dizzy Atmosphere MUS 488   E-

495 Two Bass Hit/Stay On It ViCan 20-2603   E

496 Minor Walk/Algo Bueno VI 20-3186   E-

GOLDEN GATE ORCH. (California Ramblers)

497 Freshie (-C)/IRWIN ABRAMS: The Co-ed (-A)   ED 51633   E/E+

498 Where’d You Get those Eyes?/BERT DOLAN’s Chateau Orch:

Longing PER 14644   V+

499 Oh Mabel/MISSOURI J.B.: My Sweet Annettte   REGAL 9772   E-

500 Brown Eyes Why Are You Blue?/You Gotta Know

How                                                      DOMINO (Can) 21078    V+

501 I’m Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now/NAT SHILKRET:

Me and my Shadow VI 20675   E-/E

502 So Tired/Just a Little Kiss from a Little Miss VI 21150   E

503 My Ohio Home/Here Comes the Show Boat ViCan 21166   E-


504 Aint-cha Glad?/I Gotta Right To Sing the Blues   CO 2835D   E

505 Down Home Rag/The Dixieland Band    (Blue wax)CO 3033D   V+

506 Texas Tea Party/Dr Heckle & Mr. Jibe

                                        (BG “All Star” label)CO 3167D   E

GLEN GRAY Casa Loma Orch.

507 Panama/Linger Awhile BR 7325 E-/V+

508 I’d Be a Fool Again/You’re Here, You’re There   *DE 1179   E

ELMER GROSSO & his Orch.

509 I’m in Market for U/If I Had a Girl Like You   SUPERTONE 9753   E

CASS HAGAN & his Park Central Hotel Orch.

510 My Lady/CAVALIERS: Two Loving Arms (w)    CO 1176D   E

LLOYD HALL & his Orch. (Irving Mills)

511 This Is Heaven/PIERROT SYNCOPATORS: Who Says

They Don’t Care                                  DOMINO(Can) 181105    E-

GAY ELLIS (Annette Hanshaw) & her Orch.

512 Mean to Me/Precious Little Thing Called Love   HAR 859H   V+


513 Rocky Mountain Blues/JACK PURVIS: Dismal Dan  PaE R1449 E+

BILL HARRIS (Trombone solos with orch.)

514 How High the Moon/The Moon Is Low CapE CL13205   E+


515 Nobody’s Sweetheart/My Fate Is in your Hands    BR 4681 V+/E-

516 Wasn’t It Nice?/You Do Something to Me BrCan 4806   E-

PHIL HARRIS & his Orch.

517 Jammin’/That’s Southern Hospitality VO 3533   V+


518 Body & Soul/EARL HINES: It Had to Be You   BB 30-0825   E

ERSKINE HAWKINS & his ‘Bama State Collegians

519 Until the Real Thing Comes Along/Can’t Escape from U  VO 3280   V+

HERBIE HAYMER Quintet (Shavers, Nat Cole, Buddy Rich)

520 Laguna Leap/Black Market Stuff SUNSET 7561   E

JOE HAYMES & his Orch.

521 Oh You Sweet Thing/Nana BAN 35-10-07   E-

HORACE HEIDT & his Brigadiers

522 The Moon Got in my Eyes/It’s Natural Thing to Do   BR 7927   E


523 Sleepy Time Gal/PERRY’S RHYTHM KINGS:

Charlestonette APEX 8419   V+

524 Then I’ll Be Happy/REX BATTLE Dance Orch:

Let Me Call You Sweetheart (w) APEX 8430   V+(ecnap)

525 Who?/Spanish Shawl APEX 8433   V+

526 Clarinet Marmalade/Hot Mustard BR 3406   V

527 Hop Off/BDWY BDCSTRS: I Must Have that Man   BR 4119   E-

528 Old Black Joe’s Blues/BOB HARING: All by Yourself in the

Moonlight          CAMEO 9033    V+(needle drop tics 6 gr first side)

529 Carolina Stomp/TNT CO 509D   V+

530 PDQ Blues/Livery Stable Blues CO 1002D   E-

531 I’m Coming Virginia/Whiteman Stomp CO 1059D    V+(eccnap)

532 Swanee Butterfly/HYWD D.O.:  Yearning DOM 3475   E/E-

533 Jim Town Blues/You Can Depend on Me HMV B8647   E+

534 Charley My Boy (-2)/MISSOURI JAZZ BAND:

Doodle-doo-doo REGAL 9680   E+

535 Words (mx 13926)/Copenhagen (mx 13928) VO 14926 V+/V

MILT HERTH Trio (Willie The Lion)

536 The Dipsy Doodle/That’s A Plenty DE 1553   E+

ALEX HILL & his Hollywood Sepians

537 Functionizin’/Ain’t It Nice? VO 2826   E-


538 Falling in Love with You/Blue Moon DE 3618   E

EARL HINES & his Orch.

539 Riff Medley/XYZ BB 10531   E-

ART HODES (Piano solos)

540 Washboard Blues/Eccentric                   JAZZ RECORD 1004    E-/V+


541 (Buddy Clark vocs) Foolin’ Myself/You’ll Never Go to

Heaven VARIETY 5776   E-/E

542 Dancing on the Stars/I’m in Another World VO 4622   E

ERNIE HOLST & his Hotel Lexington Orch.

543 Dinner at Eight/Bless your Heart BB(Can) 5206   E


544 Whistlin’ Joe from Kokomo/4000 Years Ago MEL 13279   E+


545 Washington Squabble/Mystic Moan BrE 01779   E+

HOTSY TOTSY GANG (Elizabeth Welsh vocs)

546 Digga Digga Do/Doin’ the New Low Down BrCan 4014   V

ROSETTA HOWARD & Harlem Hamfats

547 Let’s Fall in Love Again/It’s your Turn DE 7410   E-

PHIL HUGHES & his High Hatters

548 Gimme a Little Kiss/Here Comes Malinda       PATHE 36423           V+

IMPERIAL DANCE ORCH. (Jack Teagarden Orch.)

549 You’re Simply Delish (-3)/FRED McDOUGALL & his Orch:

That’s When I Want You Near            CROWN(Can) 81497   V+/E-


550 My Regular Girl/Hello Cutie CO 984D E-/V+

551 Four Walls/In the Sing Song Sycamore Tree CO 1283D E-/V+

552 Some Sweet Day/Deep Night CO 1747D   E

553 Wake Up Chillun Wake Up (Willard Robison voc)/Old

Fashioned Lady CO 1779D   V/V+

554 True Blue Lou/There’s too Many Eyes CO 1982D   V+

HARRY JAMES & his Orch.

555 I’m Beginning to See the Light/The Love I Long For   CO 36758 E/E-

HERB JEFFRIES with Pete Rugulo’s Orch.

556 Whistling Blues/No Arms Can Ever Hold You   vOLYMPIC 803   E

KIKI JOHNSON (Moderate needle runs on labels)

557 Lady Your Clock Ain’t Right/Wrong Woman Blues   QRS 7003   V+


558 You’re Driving Me Crazy/Them There Eyes MEL(Can) 12032   E-


559 Stardust/Trees BR 4856   E-

SPIKE JONES & his City Slickers

560 Der Fuehrer’s Face/Wanna Go Back to W. Va.    BB 11586   E

JIMMIE JOY & his Orch.

561 Harmonica Harry/Can’t You Understand? BR 4640   E


562 My Silent Love/Lazy Day CO 2653D   V+

563 The Tap Tap/NAT SHILKRET: If I Had a Lover    VI 20827   E

564 She’s a Great Great Girl (Tea solo)/ALL STAR ORCH:

I Must Be Dreaming VI 21326 V+/E-


565 Daisy Belle/Just Love Me CO 1300D   E-

DOLLY KAY acc. The Georgians

566 Hula Lou/Maybe (Flag)CO 70D   V+

567 Someday Sweetheart/Big Boy! (Flag)CO 117D   E-

HAL KEMP & his Orch.

568 High Up on a Hill-top/Wash. & Lee Swing BR 4078 E-/V+

569 Restless/Once Upon a Midnight

                                           BR 7413   E-/E(dig tics 6 grooves first side intro)

570 Page Miss Glory/You’re So Darn Charming BR 7493   E

571 Pursuin’ the Blues/B’wanga BR 7730 E-/E

STAN KENTON & his Orch.

572 And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine/How Many Hearts   CAP 166   E

573 Concerto to End All Concertos/Pt. 2 CAP 382   E+

ANDY KIRK & his Twelve Clouds of Joy

574 Dallas Blues/NOBLE SISSLE & his Orch:

The Basement Blues BrCan 6129   V/V+


575 You’ve Made Me Happy Today/From Now On    CO 2003D   V+/V

576 Good for You-Bad for Me (Jack Teagarden solo)/Thank your

Father (Ballew voc) CO 2129D   V+


577 Weary Blues/When You & Were Young Maggie  HMV B9411   E+


578 I’m Gonna Hang Around my Sugar/Five Foot Two   CO 483D   E-

579 Reaching for the Moon HOW 1133   E-

580 Whistling in the Dark HOW 1144   V+

581 South Wind/Nesting Time                             IMPERIAL(E) 1784   V+

582 What Does It Matter?/VIRGINIA CREEPERS:

Ain’t She Sweet?                       (Splatter wax)PATHE 36596   E-/V+

BRIAN LAWRENCE Lansdowne House Sextet (London, 1935)

583 China Boy/I’ll Take the South                        CHAMPION 40114     V+

AL LENTZ & his Orch.

584 Zulu Wail/That’s Who! CO 1072D   V+

TED LEWIS & his Band (*Silver label)

585 Blues/Tiger Rag *CO 770D   E-

586 Wistful & Blue/If You See Sally CO 944D   V+

587 Darktown Strutters’ Ball/Alexanders’s  (Blue wax)CO 1084D   E-

588 Oh, Baby!/Start the Band CO 1391D V+/E-

589 A Good Man Is Hard to Find/I Ain’t Got Nobody   CO 1428D     E

590 Moonlight Madness/King for a Day (w) CO 1485D   V+

591 A Jazz Holiday/Jungle Blues CO 1525D   V+

592 Glad Rag Doll/When the Curtain Comes Down (w)   CO 1709D   E-

593 Limehouse Blues/Roses of Picardy

    *CO 1789D    E/E-(ecnap, dent sounds litely end of second side)

594 You’ve Got that Thing/Harmonica Harry *CO 2085D E-/V+

595 Aunt Hagar’s Blues/San *CO 2113D E-/V+

596 Laughing at Life/Homemade Sunshine *CO 2311D   E-


597 San/When Things Go Wrong PATHE 036110   E-/E


598 Red Sails in Sunset/Tender Is the Night     *BB 6131  E(lbl scr first side)

599 Deep Blue Sea Blues/I’m Satisfied…      (Flag)CO 217D E-/V+

600 Swamp Blues/Play It Red CO 1103D   V+

GUY LOMBARDO & his Royal Canadians

601 Waitin’ for Katy/I Can’t Do without You (w) CO 1395D   E-/E

602 I’m More than Satisfied/The Cannon Ball CO 1451D   E-


603 Lonesome Lover HOW 1127   E

LOUISIANA RHYTHM KINGS (Nichols, Rollini et al)

604 Pretty Baby/Tell Me BR 4938   E-


605 Willow Tree/’Sippi VI 21348   E/E-

BERT LOWN & his Hotel Biltmore Orch.

606 I’ll Be Blue Just Thinking of You/Maybe It’s Love  CO 2292D   V+


607 Somebody Like You/Because They All Love You    BR 2803   E

608 Now You’re in my Arms/Can’t U Read Between Lines  BrCan 6104   V+

ABE LYMAN’s California Orch.

609 After I Say I’m Sorry/Shake that Thing BrCan 3069   V

610 Love Ain’t Nothin’ but the Blues/Lucky Me BrCan 4609   E-/E


611 Sweethearts on Parade/Once in a Lifetime BDWY 1222   E+


612 Let’s Break the Good News/Manone Blues  (Staff)BB 77633   E-

613 Big Butter & Egg Man/Weary Blues             CHAMPION 40055   E-/E

614 Trying to Stop my Crying/CELLAR BOYS:

Wailing Blues                                                   HRS SEPT 1937    E+


615 Rolling in Love/Born to be Kissed BR 6930   E-

CHARLIE McCOY with Chatman’s Mississippi Hot Tooters

616 It Ain’t So Good/Part 2                                  (Lightning)BR 7118     V+

DICK McDONOUGH & his Orch.

617 Have You Got Any Castles/Love Is on Air Tonight  CONQ 8907   E

JIMMY McHUGH’s Bostonians (BG, Tea)

618 In a Great Big Way/Let’s Sit & Talk About You   DIVA 2823G     E-/E

NELLIE MELBA (Single-sided “signature label” discs from 1904-05)

619 Chant Venitien ViCan 94002   V+

620 Auld Lang Syne VI 94004   V+

621 Old Folks at Home                                 VI 94005   V(audible 2” scratch)


622 Hooray for Love/Thousand Islands Song CAP 15028 E+(sol)

ANNA MEYERS & Original Memphis Five

623 That Da Da Strain/Tain’t Nobody’s Biz-ness    PATHE 020870   V-

VIC MEYERS & his Orch.

624 Helen Gone/Springtime Rag BR 2630   V+

625 Nobody’s Sweetheart/Ada CO 1530D   V+


626 Out of the Gallion/Ole Miss                     KING JAZZ (Eng) KJ1     E+

THE MIDNIGHT AIRDALES (Nichols, Glenn Miller) (McKenzie vocs)

627 Swanee Shuffle/I Gotta Have You CO 1081D   E

RAY MILLER & his Orch.

628 Please/Charleston Cabin BR 2666   E-

629 Stomp your Stuff/Sign of the Rose BR 3132   V+

630 Mississippi Here I Am/No One in the World but You   BR 4194   E/E-

631 That’s A Plenty/Angry BR 4224   V+


632 Snake Hips/Ev’ry Time I Look at You BrCan 6199   V+/V

633 Ride Red Ride/Congo Caravan OK 6119   E

IRVING MILLS & his Hotsy Totsy Gang

634 What Kind of Man…/Manhattan Rag     BR 4641    V(plays much better)

MIFF MOLE & his Little Molers

635 Navy Blues/Lucky Little Devil                     (Sm blk)OK 41371    V+/E-

636 After You’ve Gone/Shim-me-sha-wabble    (Sm blk)OK 41445     V+/E-


637 At Sundown/I’ll See You in my Dreams BR 8105   E-


638 Plastered in Paris/Mazi-pani BR 8122   E


639 Big Lip Blues/Good Old New York                 GENERAL 1704       E+

640 Mamie’s Blues/Original Rags GENERAL 4001   E

641 Michigan Water Blues/The Naked Dance GENERAL 4002   E

642 Buddy Bolden’s Blues/The Crave GENERAL 4003   E

643 Winin’ Boy Blues/Mister Joe GENERAL 4004   E

644 Don’t You Leave Me Here/King Porter GENERAL 4005   E

645 Beale St. Blues/The Pearls VI 20948   V+

646 Seattle Hunch/Freakish VI 27565   E+

SNUB MOSELY & his Orch.

647 Hinkty Man/You and the Devil SONORA 500   E

JOE MOSS & his Society Dance Orch. (Buddy Clark vocs)

648 Here’s to You/If You Love Me BR 7616   E


649 One Hour/Hello Lola VI V38100   V+

DAVE NELSON & The King’s Men

650 Some of these Days/JOE VENUTI Orch (actually Napoleon’s

Emperors): Getting Hot VI 23039   E-

OZZIE NELSON & his Orch.

651 Dream a Little Dream of Me/Do I Really Deserve It

from You                                   BR 6060   V+(label scratch first side)


652 Copenhagen (-2, unissued on US 78)/MASTER PLAYERS:

Everything You Do   APEX 8272   E-(needle drop tics 7 gr 1st side)

653 Melancholy Lou/EDDIE PEABODY: Freshie    APEX 8411   V


654 San Antonio Shout BrE 02040 E-/V+

655 Sweet Lovin’ Man (no take shown)/Maple Leaf Rag   GNT 5104       V+

656 Milenberg Joys (-C)/Marguerite GENNETT 5217   V

657 Sobbin’ Blues/Angry (-A) GENNETT 5219   G

ROY NEWMAN & his Boys

658 Graveyard Blues/Better Get Off your High Horse   VO 03963   E-

RED NICHOLS & his Five Pennies/Orch.

659 Bugle Call Rag/Back Beats BR 3490   E+

660 Riverboat Shuffle/Eccentric BR 3627   E+

661 Whispering/There’ll Come a Time BR 3955   E+/E

662 Orig. Dixieland One-Step/Imagination BR 3989   V+

663 Chinatown/On the Alamo   BR 4363   V+/E-(label scratch second side)

664 Dinah/Indiana BR 4373   V+/V

665 Say It with Music/They Didn’t Believe Me

                                    BR 4651    E-(rcnap, label scratch second side)

666 Who Cares?/Rose of Washington Square BR 4778   E

667 Japanese Sandman/Five Pennies BrCan 4844   E-

668 The Sheik/Shim-me-sha-wabble     BR 4885  V+/E-(lbl scr second side)

669 Sweet Georgia Brown/By the Shalimar BR 4944   E-

670 Sweet & Hot/You Said It BR 6029 V+/E-

671 My Sweetie Went Away/Twenty-one Years BR 6241   E-

672 Clarinet Marmalade/Sweet Sue BR 6266 V+/E-

673 Avalon/Nobody’s Sweetheart BR 6681   E

674 Three Little Words/Harlem BR 7460   E-/E

675 Poor Papa/Jig Walk                           PATHE ACTUELLE 11134     E-

THE NITE OWLS (“Old time singing & playing”)

676 I’m Just as Happy/Nine Miles Out o’ Town VO 03675   E/E-

ERNIE NOBLE & his Orch. (Tommy Gott Orch.)

677 Button Up your Overcoat/PIERROT SYNCOPATORS:

Somebody’s Making a Fuss                        CROWN(Can) 81008   E-

RAY NOBLE & his Orch. (Al Bowlly voc)

678 The Moment I Saw You/RUDY VALLEE: Is It True What

They Say About Dixie? VI 25313   V+

RED NORVO & his Orch.

679 Do You Ever Think of Me/The Morning After    BR 7932            E(sol)

680 Russian Lullaby/Clap Hands BR 7975   E

681 Jeannine/Tea Time BR 8103   E+

682 Says My Heart/You Leave Me Breathless BR 8135   V+


683 Farewell Blues/Sobbin’ Blues BR 3741   V+/V

684 Slow and Steady/I’m Watching the Clock BR 4469   E/E-

685 Southern Stomps/J.C. JOHNSON: Red Hot Hottentot  CENT 3011  E+

686 St. James Infirmary/When You’re Smiling VI 222989   V+

687 West End Blues/DUKE ELLINGTON: The Mooche   VI V38034    V+

688 Too Bad/Snag It VO 1007   V+

689 Someday Sweetheart/Dead Man Blues VO 1059   V-

GEORGE OLSEN & his Music

690 A New Kind of Man/He’s Hottest Man in Town   VI 19375   E


691 Darktown Strutters’ Ball/Indiana CO A2297   E-

692 Dixieland Jass Band One-Step/Livery Stable Blues   VI 18255   E-

693 At the Jazz Band Ball/Ostrich Walk VI 18457   V+/E-(ecnap)

694 Bluin’ the Blues/Sensation Rag VI 18483     E-

695 Mournin’ Blues/Clarinet Marmalade VI 18513     E

696 Fidgety Feet/Lazy Daddy VI 18564   E/E-

697 Margie/Palesteena VI 18717   E

698 Broadway Rose/Sweet Mamma VI 18722   E

699 St. Louis Blues/Jazz Me Blues VI 18772   V+

700 Dangerous Blues/Royal Garden Blues VI 18798   V/V+


701 Somebody’s Making a Fuss over Somebody/ERNIE GOLDEN Orch:

That’s my Weakness Now APEX 8809   V+/V


702 Running Wild (-3)/Loose Feet (-2) BANNER 1143   E

703 Oh Sister Ain’t that Hot (-2)/House of David Blues   BAN 1282   V+

704 Lovey Came Back (-1)/Dancing Dan (-2) BANNER 1292   E

705 Walk Jenny Walk/Last Night on the Back Porch  (Flag)CO 7D   E+

706 More/She Wouldn’t Do                   (Flag)CO 37D   E-(1” rim bite, nap)

707 Why Should I Weep/Ma Is Playing Mah-jong  (Flag)CO 74D   V+

708 Red Hot Mamma/It Ain’t Gonna Rain No Mo’  (Flag)CO 155D   E-/E

709 Mobile Blues/How Come You Do Me… (Flag)CO 260D   V+

710 Railroad Man/Great White Way Blues PATHE 020888 V+/E-

711 Farewell Blues/NEW SYNCO J. B.: Liza  PATHE 020920 E-/V+

712 That Red Head Gal/I Never Miss the Sunshine  PATHE 020939   V+

713 Memphis Glide/GOLDEN GATE ORCH (Cal. Ramblers):

Yes We Have No Bananas PATHE 020981   E-

714 Meanest Blues/5 BIRMINGHAM BABIES: Arkansas  PAT 026142   V+

715 Sister Kate/Got to Cool my Doggies PER 14051   E-

716 Oh Baby/I Never Care ‘Bout Tomorrow PER 14276   V+

717 The Chant/One Sweet Letter from You         PER 14746  E-(tiny ecnap)

718 Who’s Sorry Now/Snakes Hips VI 19052   E-

719 How Come You Do Me/Meanest Blues VI 19480   E

720 Sob Sister Sadie/Throw Down Blues VI 19594   V+

721 Stop Your Kidding/That Barking Dog VO 14461   E-

722 Aggravatin’ Papa/Four O’Clock Blues VO 14506   V

723 Loose Feet/Great White Way Blues VO 14527   E-


724 A Good Man Is Hard to Fid/Royal Garden Blues   BR 4000   E-

VESS L. OSSMAN (Banjo solo with orch.)

725 A Gay Gossoon/OSSMAN-DUDLEY Trio: St. Louis Tickle

VI 16092   E-

THE PAGODA ORCHETRA (Willard Robison Orch.)

726 Piano Tuner’s Dream/ARCADIANS: Lucky Lindy

                                                        DOMINO(Can) 21626    V+/V

TONY PARENTI’s New Orleanians

727 Gumbo/You Made Me Like it Baby BR 4184   V+


728 April in Paris/If I Should Lose You vMER 11037   E

729 Laura/Dancing in the Dark                            vMER(Can) 11069   E+/E


730 I’ve Got a Warm Spot in my Heart for You/Freckle Face,

You’re Beautiful                                   (Blue wax)CO 2931D         E

731 The Snake Charmer/I’m in my Glory *DE 1488   E

732 When I First Met Mary/GEORGE OLSEN:

Thinking of You VI 20394 E/E-

733 ‘Deed I Do/COON –SANDERS: I Need Lovin’    VI 20408   V+

734 Sweet Sue/Singapore Sorrows VI 21437        V+(ecnaps)

735 She’s One Sweet Show Girl/Buy, Buy for Baby    VI 21743   E

736 Louise/Wait Til You See Ma Cherie VI 21941 V+/E-

737 My Kinda Love/On with the Dance VI 21944   V+

738 Yellow Dog Blues/Wang Wang Blues VI 21971   E-

739 Bashful Baby/ARDEN-OHMAN Orch: I’ve Waited a

Lifetime for You VI 22074 E-/E+

740 You’ve Made Me Happy Today/From Now On    VI 22158   E-

TEDDY POWELL & his Orch.

741 Why Don’t You Fall in Love with Me/Helpless    BB 11575   E-/E

LOUIS PRIMA & his New Orleans Gang

742 Breakin’ the Ice/I Still Want You BR 7320   V+


743 Tea for Two/There’ll Be Some Changes Made     BR 8341   E-


744 The Whistler & his Dog/The Warbler’s Serenade   VI 17380   E


745 Limehouse Blues/After You’ve Gone      VI 25511  E+(small label tears)


746 Delirium/Davenport Blues VI 20778 E-/V+


747 Hurricane/W. CREAGER: I’m Tellin’ the Birds   APEX 26009   V/V+

748 Poor Papa/LENOX DANCE ORCH: Tentin’ Down in

Tennessee PATHE 36387 V+/E-

749 Alabama Stomp/Brown Sugar PATHE 36527   E-

750 ‘Tain’t Cold/Hangover PER 14600   E-

751 Hi-Diddle-Diddle/Dynamite PER 14639   V+

752 Wild & Foolish/WE THREE: Plenty Off Center   PER 14673   E-

753 Hurricane/CREAGER: I’m on my Way Home   PER 14717   V+(ecnap)

754 Heebie Jeebies/Black Bottom Stomp

                                     PER 14738    E-(lightly audible 1”scratch second side)

755 That’s No Bargain/ORIG. MEMPHIS FIVE: Go, Joe, Go

                                            PER 14757    E-(1/2” long rim bite, nap)

756 Here or There/Tell Me Tonight PER 14764   E-

757 Baltimore/A Good Man Is Hard to Find PER 14882   V+/V

LEO REISMAN & his Orch.

758 I’ve Had my Moments/The Beat of my Heart   BR 6869   E-/E

759 On the Beach at Bali-Bali/Afterglow   BR 7696 E-/V+

760 Tamiami Trail/Venetian Isles (w) CO 623D   E-

HARRY RESER’s Syncopators

761 Swanee Shore/Meet Me in the Moonlight CO 1087D   V+

762 Don’t Be Like That/My Troubles Are Over CO 1696D E-/V+


763 Jazz Battle/WALTER BARNES’ Royal Creolians:

It’s Tight Like That BR 4244   V+/V


764 I Fell Head Over Heels in Love/MAX FISHER Orch:

Is She my Girl Friend? CO 1235D   E

765 (James Melton vocs) You Took Advantage of Me/Do I Hear

You Saying? CO 1389D   E

766 I Don’t Want your Kisses/Until the End (w) CO 1979D V+/E-

767 He’s So Unusual/Dixie Jamboree CO 2043D   V+/V

768 Strike Up the Band/Send for Me CO 2132D   E

VINCENT RICHARDS & his Orch. (Irving Mills)

769 Whatcha Gonna Do for Love?/SAM LANIN:

My Song of the Nile (w) CAMEO 9212 E-/V+


770 Puttin’ on the Ritz/There’s Danger in your Eyes Cherie  BR 4677  E-/E

PAUL RICHMAN & his Orch. (Seven Missing Links)

771 Milenberg Joys/DOMINO DANCE ORCH (Lanin):

Bam Bam Bamy Shore                           DOMINO(Can) 21080    V+

DAN RITCHIE & his Orch. (Lanin)

772 I’ll Never Forget/Some Sweet Day PER 15147   E-


773 Hallelujah!/SIX HOTTENTOTS (Nichols, Mole):

Sometimes I’m Happy APEX 26050   V+

“BLACK FACE” EDDIE ROSS (Banjo with orch.)

774 Ross’ Dog Trot/Ross’ Reel VI 18815   E-

JOE SANDERS & his Orch.

775 I Found a Rose in the Snow/I’ll Never Forget…   *DE 659   E+

776 Here Comes my Ball & Chain/Nighty Night Dear (w)   *DE 692   E+

777 You’re Slightly Terrific/You Do Darndest Things, Baby   *DE 952   E+

ANDY SANELLA & his All Star Trio

778 I Still Love You/Auf Wiedersehen (w) DIVA 2599G   V+

BILL SCOTTI & his Hotel Montclair Orch.

779 Thanks/The Day You Came Along BB(Can) 5180   E

BLOSSOM SEELEY acc. The Georgians

780 Lazy/Don’t Mind the Rain (Flag)CO 224D   E/E-

781 A New Kind of Man/Bringin’ Home the Bacon   (Flag)CO 136D   E

BEN SELVIN & his Orch.

782 Oh Gee! Oh Joy!/Say So! CO 1285D   E/E+

783 Just Imagine/Dream House CO 1490D   E-

784 Right Out of Heaven/Lady Whipoorwill CO 1538D E-/V+


785 New St. Louis Blues/Bad Habits OK 40755   V

786 St. Louis Blues/Just Dandy PER 14578   V+

787 Wabash Blues/Goin’ Back to Tennessee VI 21864   V+

ARTIE SHAW & his Orch.

788 Don’t You Believe It Dear/Connecticut MUS 445   E/E-

NAT SHILKRET & The Victor Orch.

789 Where’ve U Been All my Life/Pull Yourself Together   VI 20902   E-

790 Dusky Stevedore/When Sweet Susie Goes Steppin’ By   VI 21515   E+


791 He Wears a Pair of Silver Wings/Conchita, Marquita..  VI 27931   E

792 Together/I Learned a Lesson I’ll Never Forget     VI 20-1594   E

SIX BLACK DOMINOS (Buffalodians, Harold Arlen voc)

793 How Many Times?/MIDNIGHT SERENADERS (Lanin):

Someone Is Losin’ Susan                      DOMINO(Can) 21184   E-

SIX HOTTENTOTS (Nichols, Mole, JD)

794 Memphis Blues/JOE CANDULLO: St. Louis Blues  BAN 1986   E-

FREDDIE SLACK & his Orch. (*Margaret Whiting voc)

795 Furlough Fling/Silver Wings in the Moonlight*         CAP 146   E/V+

796 Ain’t That Just Like a Man*/Swinging on a Star         CAP 160   E

JOHNNY SMITH Quintet (Paul Quinnichette)

797 Cavu/I’ll Be Around ROOST 581   V+

MAMIE SMITH & her Jazz Hounds

798 Lost Opportunity Blues/Good Time Ball AJAX 17058 E-/V+


799 3:00 in the Morning/Moonlight, a Waltz & You    BR 2850   E-


800 Hot Lips (-2)/You Can Have Him I Don’t Want Him  REGAL 9341 V+


801 Pale Moon/Thais: Meditation CO 1216D   E-


802 Sometimes I’m Happy/I’m in Love Again PER 14824   E-

PAUL SPECHT & his Orch.

803 She Looks Like Helen Brown/Always Remember You   CO 997D   E-

ST. LOUIS JOHNNY (Roosevelt Sykes)

804 Sister Kelly Blues/JIMMIE LA RUE: Two Old Maids in a

Folding Bed                                                CHAMPION 50071    E


805 The Right Kind of Man/Little By Little BR 4526   E

806 Last Night Honey/Feelin’ the Way I Do BR 4627   E-

807 I Love You/The Album of my Dreams BR 4661   E


808 No Man’s Mamma/Mighty Blue VI 19863   E


809 Poor Papa/Flow Gently Sweet Afton CAP 817   E+

810 Lonesomest Gal in Town/Got to See Mama Evry Nite  CAP 854   E/E+

811 Someday Sweetheart/Bonaparte’s Retreat (DJ)CAP 936   E+

812 A Woman Likes to Be Tols/Hoop-dee-doo (DJ)CAP 980   E+

813 Mississippi/He’s a Good Man to Have Around  (DJ)CAP 1072   E+(sol)

814 Mama Goes Where Papa Goes/Please Love Me     CAP 1205   E+

815 Oh, Babe/Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool CAP 1278 E+(sol)

816 Hold Me/Come On-a My House (DJ)CAP 1710    E+(wol)

817 Many Happy Returns/Mama Goes Where Papa Goes  CAP 15137   E-

818 A Faded Summer Love/You Were only Foolin’     CAP 15226   E

REX STEWART’s Ellingtonians

819 Rexatious/Lazy Man’s Shuffle BLUE ACE 226   E+

820 Sugar Hill Shim Sham/Love in my Heart BLUE ACE 232   E+

OCIE STOCKARD & his Wanderers

821 O.P.A. Blues/Twin Guitar Polka KING 600   E/E-


822 Talking to the Moon/Sweet Southern Breeze BR 3076   E

823 Deep Henderson/Hobo’s Prayer BR 3224   V+

HANNAH SYLVESTER acc. Henderson’s Orch.

824 Midnight Blues/Don’t Let No One Man Worry Me EMERSN 10625  V+


825 A Hundred Years from Today/I Just Culdn’t Take it

Baby                                    BR 6716    E-/V+(label fade second side)

826 You Rascal You/That’s What I Like about You     CO 2558D              E-


827 St. James Infirmary/(A. Schubert) In Harlem’s Araby

                CROWN(Can) 81289  V+(faint inaud 1/2” hc second side)

SAM THEARD (“Lovin’ Sam from Down in ‘Bam”)

828 You Rascal You/The Lover & The Beggar   (Lightning)BR 7098   V+/E-


829 When the Lights Go On Again/I’m Old Fashioned   BB 11577   E

CHARLIE TROUTT’s Melody Artists

830 Transportation Blues/Part 2 CO 1030D   V


831 (Tea vocs)Long about Midnight/Emaline BR 6785   V+

832 China Boy/Break It Down BR 6912   E/E-

833 Singin’ the Blues/I’m Coming Virginia BR 7703   E+

834 Sizzling One-step Medley/Medley of Isham Jones Dance Hits

                                                   (“Longer playing”)CO 18002D                E-

835 A Good Man Is Hard to Find/Crying all Day  (Lg blk)OK 40966   V

836 Baby Won’t You Please…/I Like That          (Lg blk)OK 41286    V/V+


837 Bessie’s Moan/Penitentiary                         vJAZZ CLASSICS 514     E+


838 Black Eyed Susan Brown/Look Out for the Ghost, Red   BB 7830   V+


839 Sonny Boy/BOB GREEN’S Dance Orch: They Don’t Come

Better than Betty ORIOLE 1338   E

UNIVERSITY SIX (Spancer Clark et al)

840 Stay Out of the South/Lila HAR 617H   E-

841 Changes/There’s Something Spanish in your Eyes   V-T 1551V   E-

842 Is She my Girl Friend?/The Beggar HAR 534H   V+

RUDY VALLEE & his Conn. Yankees

843 Please/How Deep Is the Ocean (Blue wax, Vallee label)CO 2724D   E+


844 Little Girl/Tempo di Modernage CO 2488D   V/E-

845 Heat Wave/Easter Parade MEL 12828   E


846 Mazie/HAGER’S NOVELTY ORCH: Becky from

Babylon OK 4280               V+/V

TED WALLACE & his Campus Boys (Ballew vocs on all)

847 Sweetness/The Moonlight March CO 1908D   E+

848 Love Ain’t Nothin’ but the Blues/Lucky Me CO 2046D   V+


849 Tell Me with your Kisses/Shame! Shame! BbCan 7885   E+/E

850 Two Sleepy People/I’ll Never Forgive Myself BbCan 10000   E-/E+

851 U Look Good to Me/Gonna Put You in your Place  BB 10008   E+

852 Swingin them Jingle Bells/Porter’s Love Song..   BB 10016    E/E+

853 Yacht Club Swing/EDDIE DeLANGE: Muskat Ramble   BB 10035   E-

854 I Won’t Believe It/Imagine my Surprise BB 10062   E-

855 Love, I’d Give my Life for You/I’ll Dance at your

Wedding BbCan 10070   V+/E

856 I Wish I Had You/Georgia May BbCan 10078   E

857 Hold Tight/You Outsmarted Yourself BB 10116   E/E+

858 Good for Nothin’ But Love/You’re Cutest One   BB 10129   E-/E

859 Last Nite Miracle Happened/Kiss Me with Ure Eyes BB 10136 E-(ecnap)

860 Good Man Hard to Find/How Can you Face Me  BbCan 10143  V+/E-

861 Patty Cake Patty Cake/Armful o’ Sweetness BbCan 10149 V+/E-

862 You Asked For It/Got No Time BbCan 10170   E+

863 Step Up & Shake my Hand/Undecided BbCan 10184   E

864 Tain’t What You Do/Some Rainy Day BB 10192   E

865 The Spider & the Fly/Remember Who You’re

Promised To BbCan 10205 BbCan 10205   E-/E

866 Georgia Rockin’ Chair/Ain’t Misbehavin’ BbCan 10288   E+

867 Be Some Changes Made/Blue Because of You   BbCan 10322   E

868 You Meet the Nicest People/Honey Hush BB 10346   E+

869 I Used to Love You/Anita BB 10369   E-

870 Bless You/It’s the Tune That Counts BbCan 10393   E

871 Squeeze Me/Wait and See BbCan 10405   E

872 Who’ll Take my Place/Abdullah BbCan 10419   E

873 Your Feet’s too Big/Suitcase Susie BbCan 10500 V+/E-

874 You’re Lettin Grass Grow/It’s You Who Taught It  BB 10527   E+

875 Darktown Strutters’ Ball/…Anything But Love   BbCan 10573   E-

876 The Moon Is Low/Black Maria BbCan 10624   E-

877 Cheatin’ on Me/Oh Frenchy BB 10658 E+/E-

878 Little Curly Hair/Old Grand Dad BbCan 10698   E

879 Send Me Jackson/Square from Delaware BbCan 10730   E

880 Mighty Fine/Eep, Ipe, I Wanna Piece of Pie BbCan 10744 E+/E-

881 Too Tired/You Run your Mouth          BbCan 10779   E/E-(tiny ecnap)

882 Fat & Greasy/At Twilight BbCan 10803   E-/E

883 Stop Pretending/Hey Stop Kissin my Sister BbCan 10829   E

884 I’ll Never Smile Again/Stayin’ at Home BbCan 10841   E-/E

885 Original E-Flat Blues/Swinga-dilla Street BbCan 10858   E-/E

886 Mommy Sent Me to Store/Dry Bones  BbCan 10892  E/E+(tiny ecnap)

887 I’m Gonna Salt Away Some Sugar/Blue Eyes BbCan 10943 V+/E+

888 Abercrombie Had Zombie/Taint Nobody’s Biz-ness  BbCan 10967   E

889 Everybody Loves my Baby/Scram! BB 10989   E+

890 Come Down to Earth my Angel/Liver Lip Jones   BbCan 11010   E/E-

891 Shortnin’ Bread/Mamacita BbCan 11078   E-/E

892 All that Meat…/Buckin’ the Dice BB 11102   E

893 Lets Get Away from It All/Wanna Hear Swing Songs  BB 11115   E-/E

894 I Understand/Pantin’ in the Panther Room BbCan 11175   E

895 Headlines in the News/I Repent BbCan 11188   E+

896 Twenty-four Robbers/Do You Have to Go? BB 11222   E/E+

897 Come and Get It/Chant of the Groove BbCan 11262   E+

898 Sad Sap Sucker Am I/Rump Steak Serenade BbCan 11296   E+

899 Oh Baby Sweet Baby/Pan-Pan BbCan 11383   E+

900 Cash for your Trash/That Gets It Mr. Joe  BbCan 11425  E+(tiny ecnap)

901 Winter Weather/Clarinet Marmalade BbCan 11469   E+

902 We Need a Little Love/Jitterbug Waltz BbCan 11518   E+

903 Must Be Losing Your Mind/Don’t Give Me that Jive BbCan 11539   E

904 By Lite of Silvry Moon/Swing Out to Victory    BbCan 11569   E/E+

905 Your Socks Don’t Match/Up Jumped You with Love  BB 30-9814   E+

906 Don’t Let It Bother You/Georgia May HMV JF12   E+

907 Then  I’ll Be Tired of You/Have a Little Dream on Me  HMV JF13   E+

908 Florida Flo/Hey Stop Kissin’ my Sister HMV JO110   E+

909 Blue Eyes/Us on a Bus HMV JO123   E+

910 Romance a la Mode/Up Jumped You with Love   HMV BD1045  E+/E

911 The Joint Is Jumpin’/Jealous of Me HMV BD1079   E+

912 Dinah/When Somebody Thinks You’re Wonderful   HMV BD5040 E+

913 Bach Up to Me/Sweet Heartache HMV BD5225   E+/E

914 Skrontch/Beat It Out HMV(Fr) SG91   E+

915 Loungin’ at the Waldorf/Paswonky HMV(Fr) SG92   E+

916 Two Sleepy People/If I Were You HMV(Fr) SG96   E+

917 (& Bennie Payne) St. Louis Blues/After You’ve Gone  VI 22371   E-

918 I Wish I Were Twins/Armful o’ Sweetness ViCan 24641   E

919 A Porter’s Love Song/Do Me a Favor ViCan 24646   E

920 How Can You Face Me/Sweetie Pie ViCan 24737   E-

921 Mandy/Not the Only Oyster in the Stew VI 24738   E-

922 Serenade for Wealthy Widow/Let’s Pretend… VI 24742   E+

923 Believe It Beloved/Serenade for Wealthy Widow   ViCan 24808   E

924 Dust Off That Old Pianna/I Ain’t Got Nobody

                              VI 24888    E+/E(needle runs on first side label)

925 Pardon my Love/What’s the Reason VI 24889   E+/E

926 Whose Honey Are You?/Rosetta VI 24892   E+

927 Louisiana Fairy Tale/Cinders VI 24898   E+

928 Hate to Talk about Myself/You’re Cutest One  VI 25039   E/E-

929 I’m Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself a Letter/You’ve

Been Taking Lessons in Love VI 25044   E

930 Lulu’s Back in Town/Sweet & Slow ViCan 25063   E/E-

931 Very Good Friend, Milkman/You’re the Picture   VI 25075   E+/E

932 Gonna Be Devil to Pay/Take It Easy VI 25078   E

933 Twelfth St. Rag/Sweet Sue ViCan 25087   E

934 Truckin’/The Girl I Left Behind Me VI 25116   E-/E

935 I’m on a See-Saw/You’re So Darn Charming ViCan 25120   E+

936 Rhythm & Romance/A Sweet Beginning VI 25131   E/E+

937 Rhythm & Romance/Truckin’ ViCan 25131   E

938 Loafin’ Time/Woe Is Me ViCan 25140   E+

939 Georgia Rockin’ Chair/Brother Seek & Ye Shall Find  VI 25175   E

940 Somebody Stole my Gal/Gonna Sit Right Down…  ViCan 25194   E+

941 Somebody Stole my Gal/Sugar Blues              (RCA)ViCan 25194   E+

942 A Little Bit Independent/Sweet Thing ViCan 25196   E+/E

943 Got my Fingers Crossed/Spreadin’ Rhythm Around  ViCan 25211   E

944 You Stayed Away…/Somebody Thinks You’re Wonderful VI 25222   E+

945 West Wind/Sing an Old Fashioned Song VI 25253   E+/E

946 That Never-to-be Forgotten Night/Oooh! Look-a There

Ain’t She Pretty? VI 25255   E

947 The Panic Is On/Sugar Rose ViCan 25266   E

948 Moon Rose/Garbo Green ViCan 25281   E+

949 Us on a Bus/Christopher Columbus ViCan 25295   E-/E

950 All my Life/It’s No Fun VI 25296   E-/E

951 Cross Patch/Cabin in the Sky   

                           VI 25315  E-/E(moderate needle runs on second side label)

952 It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie/Big Chief De Sota ViCan 25342   E-/E

953 Let’s Sing Again/The More I Know You VI 25348   E

954 You’re Not the Kind/Why Do I Lie to Myself   VI 25353   E

955 Black Raspberry Jam/Paswonky ViCan 25359 V+/E-

956 Until Real Thing Comes Along/Crazy Bout my Baby ViCan 25374 E+/E

957 Bye Bye Baby/There Goes my Attraction ViCan 25388 E-/V+

958 Curse of an Aching Heart/I Just Made Up… ViCan 25394   E+/E

959 Copper Colored Gal/I’m at the Mercy of Love   VI 25409   E-

960 Floatin’ Down to Cotton Town/S’posin’ VI 25415   E

961 La-de-de La-de-da/Lounging at the Waldorf VI 25430   E+

962 Dinah/Latch On ViCan 25471   E/E+

963 ‘Tain’t Good/Hallelujah Things Look Rosy Now   VI 25478   E+

964 Thousand Dreams of You/Swingin’ them Jingle Bells  ViCan 25483   E+

965 A Rhyme for Love/I Adore You ViCan 25491   E+

966 Please Keep Me in your Dreams/Nero ViCan 25498   E-/E

967 Who’s Afraid of Love/One in a Million VI 25499   E-

968 I’m Sorry I Made You Cry/Havin’ a Ball ViCan 25515   E-

969 You’re Laughing at Me/Can’t Break the Habit VI 25530   E-/E

970 Meanest Thing You Ever Did/Bach Up to Me VI 25536   E-/E

971 When Love Is Young/Did Anyone Ever Tell You   ViCan 25537   E

972 Where Is the Sun?/Old Plantation ViCan 25550           E-/E

973 To a Sweet Pretty Thing/Cryin’ Mood VI 25551   E

974 Spring Cleaning/You’ve Been Reading my Mail   VI 25554   E

975 You Showed Me the Way/San Anton’ VI 25579   E-

976 Sweet Heartache/I’ve Got a New Lease on Love   VI 25580 V+/E-

977 Don ‘t You Know or Don’t You Care/Lost Love  VI 25604   E/E+

978 Smarty/I’m Gonna Put You in your Place VI 25608 V+/E+

979 Fractious Fingering/T. DORSEY: The Big Apple  ViCan 25652    E-/E

980 Always in the Mood for You/She’s Tall, Tan, Terrific  ViCan 25671   E+

981 Beat It Out/You’ve Got Me Under your Thumb    ViCan 25672   E+

982 You’re my Dish/More Power to You VI 25679   E

983 I’d Rather Call You Baby/Our Love Was Meant to Be  VI 25681   E-/E

984 Joint Is Jumpin’ a Hopeless Love Affair ViCan 25689   E/E+

985 What Will I Do in Morning?/How Ya Baby VI 25712   E+

986 Every Day’s a Holiday/Neglected VI 25749   E

987 Am I in Another World/My First Impression VI 25753   E+

988 Why Do Hawaiians Sing Aloha/My Window Faces

the South  ViCan 25762           E/E-

989 I Love to Whistle/Florida Flo ViCan 25806   E-/E

990 Lost and Found/You Went to my Head VI 25812   E

991 Something Tells Me/Don’t Try to Cry… VI 25817   E+

992 I Simply Adore You/Let’s Break the Good News  ViCan 25830   E/E+

993 Skrontch/You Had an Ev’ning to Spare ViCan 25834   E

994 I the Gloaming/The Sheik of Araby ViCan 25847 E/E-

995 Jealous of Me/How Can I? VI 25864   E-/E

996 Honey on the Moon Tonight/Fair & Square ViCan 25891   E-/E

997 On the Bumpy Road to Love/We the People ViCan 25898   E-/E

998 If I Were You/The Wide Open Places VI 26002   E-/E

999 Hold my Hand/Inside ViCan 26045   E

1000 Swingin’ Jingle Bells/Gonna Be Sorry    ViCan 20-1602  V+(tiny ecnap)


1001 Jubilee Stomp/HOTSY TOTSY GANG: Don’t Mess Around

with Me BrE 3878   E-/V

1002 Stack o’ Lee Blues/ARKANSAS TRAVELERS:

Red Head Blues HAR 601H V+

WE THREE (Nichols)

1003 Trumpet Sobs/BERT DOLAN’s Chateau Orch:

Only You and Lonely Me PER 14645   E-/V

CHICK WEBB & his Orch.

1004 Tain ‘t What You Do/I Can’t Stop Loving You   DE 2310   E

TED WEEMS & his Orch.

1005 My Cutey’s Due at Two to Two/I’m Going to Park Myself

in your Arms VI 20120 V+/E-

1006 Marvelous/JACK CRAWFORD Orch: I’d Walk a

Million Miles ViCan 20901   E-

1007 Highways Are Happy Ways/Only a Sun Shower   VI 20910   E

1008 Cobblestones/VIRGINIANS: Did You Mean It   VI 21105   E-

1009 I Found ou Out…/E. J. McENELLY’s Orch:

Take your Tomorrow VI 21773   E

WHITE WAY SERENADERS (California Ramblers)

1010 Lucky Me-Lovable You/JAZZOPATORS:

Blue Ridge Blues                                          SUPREME 1819        E

PAUL WHITEMAN (Columbias are all “Potato heads”)

1011 I’m on the Crest of a Wave/What D’ya Say?   CO 1465D   V+/V

1012 Felix the Cat/Mother Goose Parade   CO 1478D   E+/E-

1013 Georgie Porgie/Oh You Have No Idea

                                    CO 1491D   V+(needle runs on first side label)

1014 Is It Gonna Be Lon g?/I’d Rather ry over You   CO 1496D   V+

1015 Out-o-town Gal/Just Little Bit of Driftwood     CO 1505D   V+

1016 How About Me?/Cradle of Love     CO 1723D   E

1017 Button up your Overcoat/My Lucky Star     CO 1736D   E

1018 Waitin’ at the End of the Road/Love Me     CO 1974D   E

1019 After You’ve Gone/Nobody’s Sweetheart     CO 2098D E-/V+

1020 It Happened in Monterey/Song of the Dawn      CO 2163D E-/V+

1021 You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me/Livin’ in the

Sunlight, Lovin’ in the Moonlight     CO 2171D   E-

1022 Broadway/Manhattan Mary     VI 20874   E

1023 It Won’t Be Long Now/Five-Step     VI 20883   V+

1024 Mary/Changes     ViCan 21103   E

1025 Farewell to Arms/A White House of our Own    VI 24236   E-

1026 You’re the Top/I Get a Kick out of You     VI 24769   E+

1027 Lonely Melody/Missisippi Mud                    (RG)VI 25366       E+


1028 Wa-da-da/That’s Grandma     CO 1455D   E-

WIGWAM DANCE ORCH. (California Ramblers)

1029 Footloose/LANIN: Let’s Wander Away     APEX 719   V+/V

CLARENCE WILLIAMS (as “Louis Armstrong’s Washboard Beaters”)

1030 Nobody But my Baby/Candy Lps     PaE R2531   E+/E


1031 Delta Mood/The Boys from Harlem                  BLUE ACE 225   E+

1032 Downtown Uproar/Blue Reverie     BLUE ACE 236   E+

1033 Gal-avantin’/Mobile Blues                                  BLUE ACE 247   E+

1034 (as “Duke Ellington Septet”) Top & Bottom/Toasted

Pickle     BLUE ACE 253   E

1035 Echoes of Harlem/Have a Heart     VO 3960   E/E-

LEONA WILLIAMS & her Dixie Band (Orig. Memphis Five)

1036 Sugar Blues/Meanest Man in the World     CO A3696   E

PAUL WILLIAMS & his Hucklebuckers

1037 The Hucklebuck/Hoppin’ John     SAVOY 683   E


1038 I’m Painting the Town Red/Sweet Loraine     BR 7520   V+

1039 Rosetta/Liza     BR 7563   E+

1040 Honeysuckle Rose/Ain’t Misbehavin’     BR 7964   E-

1041 Just a Mood/Part 2     BR 7973   E+

1042 You’re my Favorite Memory/Out of Nowhere   CO 36737   E+


1043 Let’s Do It/The Land of Going to Be     BR 4116   E

BARRY WOOD & his Music

1044 I’ll Remember/The Man with the Mandolin     VO 4980   E


1045 There’ll Never Be Another You/Almost Like Being

in Love     MER 89027   E+

VICTOR YOUNG & his Orch.

1046 Alice in Wonderland/Arlene (w)     BR 6740   E+

LEO ZOLLO & his Benjamin Franklin Orch.

1047 She Reminds Me of You/Goodnight Lovely Little

Lady     *BB 5420   E

0” x 78 RPM ALBUMS (Min. bid $2.00 x no. of records in set).

1048 SIDNEY BECHET  Blue Note Jazz Men

          BLUE NOTE Set 105 (561-563) (3)  E- to E(neat clear tape spine rep.)

1049 ART TATUM  Piano Impressions

                                                  ARA Set A-1 (4501-04) (4)    E to E+

1050 BOOGIE WOOGIE (H. James, Turner-Johnson, Basie, Ammons,

Lux Lewis, etc.)                               CO Set C-44 (35958-61) (4)     E

12” x 78 RPM SINGLES (Min. bid $2.00)


1051 St. Louis Blues/Jazz Me Blues BN 44   E-

1052 Salty Dog/Weary Blues BN 49 V+/E-

1053 (& Spanier) China Boy/Four or Five Times HRS 2001   E+


1054 (& Louis, JD) Pennies from Heaven/”PFH” Medley   DE 15027 E

1055 Friendly Mountains/The Kiss in your Eyes (Promo disc for “Emperor

Waltz” film)             vPARAMOUNT RADIO RECORDING     E+

1056 Acetate disc from Crosby radio show 11/23/44. Bing sings Sunday,

Monday & Always, She’s from Missouri & Swing Low Sweet Chariot;

Rise Stevens sings The Last Rose of Summer   E+

SIDNEY DePARIS’ Blue Note Jazz Men

1057 Who’s Sorry Now/Ballin’ the Jack BN41   E-


1058 Creole Love Call/(& Bing) St. Louis Blues BR 20105 E-/V+

1059 Saturday Night Blues + Beggar’s Blues/The Creeper +

Immigration Blues HJCA 606   E

1060 Let the Zoomers Drool/You Oughta   JAZZ SOCIETY (Swd) 534  E+

1061 C Jam Blues/May Low                         JAZZ SOCIETY (Swd) 553   E+

1062 Mood Indigo/Are You Sticking? (both off VI)   vV-DISC 67   E-

The following 3 acetates are seemingly studio recordings (no audience in

evidence), source unidentified:

1063 Caravan/Air Conditioned Jungle ACETATE   E+

1064 Blutopia/On the Sunny Side of the Street ACETATE   E+

1065 Frankie & Johnny/Unident title (Ray Nance violin feat.) ACETATE E+


1066 I Got Rhythm/The Man I Love CoCan C25011   E+

ART HODES’ Blue Note Jazz Men

1067 Squeeze Me/Bugle Call Rag BN 35 V+/E-


1068 A Good Man Is Hard to Find/Part 2 COM 1504   E/E-

1069 A Good Man Is Hard to Find-Pt. 3/Pt. 4 COM 1505   E-

1070 (Use this no. to block bid for Items 1068-69).

JONAH JONES & his Orch.

1071 Hubba Hubba Hub/You Brought New Kind of Love  COM 1520   E


1072 That Da Da Strain + Ballin’ the Jack/Basin St. Blues +

Last Cent HJCA 612   E+


1073 Pounding Heart Blues/BECHET: Summertime   BN 6   E/E-


1074 Diga Diga Do/Cherry HRS 2004   E+

1075 Solid Rock/Bugle Call Rag HRS 2005   E


1076 St. Jams Infirmary/Shine HRS 2006   E+

1077 Big Eight Blues/World Is Waiting for Sunrise HRS 2007   E+


1078 Ain’t Misbehavin’/Moppin’ & Boppin’ ViCan 40-4003   E+

RUDY VALLEE & his Connecticut Yankees

1079 The Vallee Medley/Part 2 (SIL)VI 36171   E+


1080 Washboard Blues/Among my Souvenirs VI 35877   E+

1081 Ol’ Man River/Selections from “Show Boat” VI 35912   E+