SECTION II – 10” x 78 RPM SINGLES (Min. bid $2.00).

(*) preceding BB catalog number indicates buff label.
(*) preceding DE catalog number indicates “Sun Dial” label.
All VI records are original labels unless otherwise indicated:
(RG) Round gold label when original is scroll.
(SIL) Silver label when original is scroll or round gold
(RCA) RCA Victor label when original is any of the above.
(v) preceding record label name indicates vinyl pressing.
(sol) following condition code indicates sticker on label which
would presumably tear label if removed.
(w) following tune title indicates waltz.
(wol) following condition code indicates writing on label.

IRVING AARONSON & his Commanders

808 What! No Spinach?/JOHNNY HAMP: Who Wouldn’t  VI 20117   E

HENRY “RED” ALLEN & his Orch.

809 Swing Out/Feeling Drowsy HMV B4970   E+

810 House in Harlem for Sale/Rug Cutter Swing PER 15994   E-

ALBERT AMMONS & his Rhythm Kings                                      

811 St. Louis Blues/Shufflin’ the Boogie MER 8053             E-/V+


812 Is Everybody in your Family As Dumb As You Is?/

Part. 2 ViCan 22119   E


813 Canadian Capers/Maple Leaf Rag ViCan 22608   E-


814 Somebody Stole my Break/I Come from Musical Family  *DE 797   E

815 Hawaiian Hospitality/On a Little Bamboo Bridge     DE 1216   E

816 West End Blues/EDDIE LANG: Freeze ‘n Melt     PaE R448   E/E-

GUS ARNHEIM & his Cocoanut Grove Orch. (Bing on all sides)

817 The Little Things I Life/Them There Eyes VI 22580 E-/V+

818 Ho Hum!/I’m Gonna Get You     VI 22691  E/E+(dig first side passes)


819 Thinking of You/It Made You Happy… HAR 303H   E

GEORGIE AULD & his Orch.

820 Co-pilot/I’ll Never Be the Same GUILD 128   E-


821 Thanks for the Memory/I See your Face Before Me  VO 3931   E+

PAUL BARBARIN’s New Orleans Band

822 Clarinet Marmalade/Fidgety Feet CIRCLE J1066   E-

823 Walk thru the Streets/Just a Closer Walk with Thee  CIRCLE J1078   E+

DAVE BARBOUR & his Orch.

824 Forever Paganini/Forever Nicki CAP 358   E+

COUNT BASIE & his Orch.

825 Roll ‘Em Pete/April in Paris CLEF 89162   E/E-

826 Riff Interlude/I Left my Baby CO 35321   E+

827 Paradise Squat/Hob Nail Boogie MER 89014   E+

828 Rock-a-bye Basie/Baby Don’t Tell on Me VO 4747   V+

829 Miss Thing/Part 2 VO 4860   E+


830 Jelly Roll Blues/National Emblem March COM 637   E+

831 Hindustan/At a Georgia Camp Meeting COM 638   E

832 Ain’t Misbehavin’/Blue for You, Johnny HMV B9136   E+

833 Festival Blues/Sugar SWING 314           E(sol)

834 Shake It & Break It/Wild Man Blues VI 26640   E+

835 Blues in Thirds/One O’Clock Jump VI 27204   E/E+

836 Save It Pretty Mama/Stompy Jones VI 27240   E/E+

837 Coal Black Shine/Baby Won’t You Please… VI 27386   E

838 Swing Parade/I Know that You Know VI 27574   E+


839 Jazz Me Blues/Royal Garden Blues PaE R2580   E+

TEX BENEKE & The Miller Orch.

840 I Know/Ev’rybody Loves my Baby VI 20-1914   E+/E

BUNNY BERIGAN & his Orch./Boys

841 Blue Lou/The Goona Goo BR 7832   V+/E

842 It’s Been So Long/Swing, Mr. Charlie VO 3179   E

BEN BERNIE & his Orch.

843 Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries/This Is the Missus    BR 6165   E-

JIMMY BERTRAND’s Washboard Wizards

844 Little Bits/Struggling VO 1035   G

FRANK BLACK & his Orch.

845 Under the Moon/It’s a Million to One… BrCan 3600   E

TED BLACK & his Orch.

846 You Try Somebody Else/Should Have Known Better  VI 22854 V+/E-

JACK BLAND & his Rhythmakers (Red Allen, TD, Pee Wee, et al)

847 A Shine on your Shoes/It’s Gonna Be You PER 15689   E-


848 I’m Satisfied with my Gal/Over the Waves CAP 846   E-

849 In the Mood/Solo Mio Stomp CAP 951   E

850 Peculiar Rag/Candy Baby CAP 1078   E+

851 Corrine Corrina/The Eyes of Texas CAP 1332   E-

852 Hungry Woman/Banana Peel Rag CAP 1735   E-

853 Pack Up your Troubles/Kiddin’ with Chopin (DJ)CAP 1860   E-

854 Famous Door Boogie/Bill Bailey CAP 2243   E

855 San Sue Strut/Look Sharp-Be Sharp CAP 2904   E+/E

856 Indiana/Missouri Waltz CIRCLE R3011   E-

857 High Society/I’m Satisfied with my Gal CO 35678   E+

858 Everybody Loves my Baby/Yes She Do, No She Don’t  *DE 1014   E

859 Milenberg Joys/I Like Bananas                   DIXIELAND 1002   V+/E-

860 Farewell Blues/Tin Roof Blues KAPPA 115   E-

861 Muskrat Ramble/Tailgate Ramble KAPPA 116   E

862 That’s a Plenty/Bucket Got a Hole in It KAPPA 120   E

863 Shine/High Society KAPPA 121   E-

ACE BRIGODE & his 14 Virginians

864 Alabamy Bound/A Sun-Kist Cottage (Flag)CO 282D   V+


865 Get Out & Get Under…/I’d Rather Cry over You  V-T 1644V   E+


866 Moppers Blues/I Know She Will MER 8284   E


867 When/When Hollywood Goes Black & Tan *DE 632   E

BROWNLEE’S ORCH. of New Orleans (Sharkey, Larry Shields, et al)

868 Dirty Rag/Peculiar                                      vJAZZ CLASSICS 525    E+


869 Here Comes the Sun(-2)/I. KAUFMAN: Just You  ORIOLE 2114   E

870 You Try Somebody Else(-3)/Time on my Hands    ORIOLE 2377    E

871 A Sailboat in the Moonlight/Foolin’ Myself PER 7-07-09   E

872 The Old Apple Tree/So Little Time VO 4070   E/E+

HENRY BUSSE & his Orch.

873 You’ve Got Me Crying Again/My Last Goodbye   DE 2454   E-/E


874 My Sweetie Went Away/I Love Me CO A3956   V+


875 I’m Getting Myself Ready for You/Loveless Love

                                          VI 22659   E+(inaud 1” hc repaired at rim)


876 Some of these Days/Is That Religion? BR 6020   V+

877 Black Rhythm/Six or Seven Times BR 6141   V+/V

878 Kickin’ the Gong/Devil & the Deep Blue Sea BR 6209   V+

879 You Gotta Hi-de-ho/Reefer Man BR 6340   E-

880 Weakness/Chinese Rhythm BR 6992   E-

881 Keep that Hi-de-hi in your Soul/Good Sauce…   BR 7386   E-

882 Nobody’s Sweetheart/Harlem Holiday MEL 13038 V+/E-

883 Down Hearted Blues/Corrine Corrina PER 15551   E-/E

884 Minnie the Moocher/Reefer Man PER 15872 V+/E-

885 Three Swings and Out/I Like my Music Hot VO 3995   E


886 If You Knew Susie/Margie                           CO (Archives Series) 2   E


887 Stormy Weather/You Can Depend on Me CAP 283   E+

THE CAPITOLIANS (Cal. Ramblers 1st side, Lou Gold 2nd side)

888 Hang on to Me/Just You Just Me MGM 1075P   V+


889 Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone/Little Darling,

Pal of Mine VI 21638   E+

BENNY CARTER & his Orch.

890 Prelude to a Kiss/I Can’t Escape from You CAP 40048   E

891 I’ve Been in Love Before/(& Mills Bros) By the Watermelon

Vine, Lindy Lou DE 3545   E


892 Why Can’t this Night Go on Forever/If You Don’t Want to

Be Sweethearts               BR 6494   E+(tear at top of both side labels)


893 I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire/One Two Three

O’lairy OK 6332   E+


894 After You’ve Gone/Davenport Blues CoE FB1108   E+

BOB CHESTER & his Orch.

895 Daddy from Georgia Way/Early, Early, Early in the

Morning                                                  (DJ)CO 42894/42897     E+


896 Paris, Stay the Same/Valentine HMV B3364   E+


897 On the Sunny Side of the Street/SAM LANIN:

Exactly Like You PER 15313      V+(ecnap)


898 Tenement Symphony/Comin’ Thro’ the Rye BB 11224   E+

899 S’good Enough for Me/How Am I to Know VI 25870   E

900 Are You in the Mood for Mischief/For Men Only   VI 26118   E-

E. C. COBB & his Corn-Eaters

901 Barrel House Stomp/Transatlantic Stomp   VI V38023   E(has two faint

1” pressure cracks outward from the label, one of which sounds lightly

for 1/4” play on first side).


902 For Sentimental Reasons/The Best Man CAP 304   E+/E

903 But She’s my Buddy’s Chick/Beginning of the End   CAP 328   E+

904 That’s What/Naughty Angeline CAP 437     E-/E

THE COLLEGIANS (Spiegle Willcox)


You Tell Her – I Stutter VI 19049   E

COLUMBIA QUARTETTE (as “Vocal Quartette” off CO, early 1900s)

906 Coon Wedding in Southern Georgia/BILLY MURRAY (as

“Tenor solo”): A Lemon in the Garden of Love

        (3/4” center hole) HARMONY DISC RECORD A370   E-


907 I See Two Lovers/Too Beautiful for Words  SPEC EDN 5001-S  E+/E

908 Guilty/I Don’t Know Why       VI 22801   E

909 Paradise/Auf Wiedersehen, My Dear       VI 22976   E


910 Jada/Love Is Just Around the Corner       COM 500   V+

911 Beat to the Socks/BUD FREEMAN: I Got Rhythm   COM 502   V+

912 It’s Right Here for You/Strut Miss Lizzie       COM 530   E

913 None of my Jelly Roll/Ballin’ the Jack       COM 531 V+/E-

914 Pretty Doll/Oh Sister Ain’t That Hot       COM 535   E-/E

915 Georgia Grind/Dancing Fool       COM 536   E+

916 Don’t Leave Me Daddy/Fidgety Feet       COM 542   E+/E

917 Back in your Own Backyard/All the Wrongs..       COM 551   E-

918 Singin’ the Blues/Pray for the Lights to Go Out     COM 568   E-

919 You Can’t Cheat a Cheater/Save your Sorrow         COM 605   E


920 Sluefoot/The Wail       ViCan 21305   E-/E

921 We Love Us/TED WEEMS: Talk of the Town       ViCan 22304       V+

CORRELL & GOSDEN (pre-“Amos & Andy”)

922 Let’s Talk About my Sweetie/All I Want to Do       VI 19986   E-/E

COSMOPOLITAN DANCE ORCH. (Clover Dance Orch. both)

923 Yearning(-2)/WHITE WAY D.O.: Easy to Please  RADIEX 1272   E-

SONNY CRISS & his Orch.

924 Calidad/The First One          vMER 8910   E+/E(moderate label scuff)

925 Tornado/Blues for the Boppers                           vMER(Can) 8915   E-


926 Temptation/We’ll Make Hay while the Sun Shines     BR 6695   E

927 Did You Ever See a Dream Walking?/Let’s Spend an

Evening at Home           BR 6724   E-

928 Love in Bloom/Straight from the Shoulder           BR 6936   E

929 Good Night Lovely Little Lady/Shadows of Love   MEL 13134   E+

930 After Sundown/Down the Old Ox Road       MEL 13135   E+

931 Temptation/Shadow Waltz       MEL 13136   E

932 Give Me a Heart to Sing to/I’m Hummin’-I’m Whistlin’-

I’m Singin’         MEL 13166   E+

933 Love thy Neighbor/She Reminds Me of You         MEL 13168   E

934 Some of these Days/Let’s Spend Evening at Home (Blue)VO 2869    E

BOB CROSBY & his Orch.

935 The Old Spinning Wheel/Devil & Deep Blue Sea    *DE 1196   E


936 All by Myself/Wait Until You See my Madeline CO A3415   E+

BERNIE CUMMINS & his NY Biltmore/New Yorker Hotel Orch.

937 Till We Meet/Just an Old Love Affair(w) VI 21907   E

938 Lucky Little Devil/Everybody Tap ViCan 22331  E(sol)


939 Sid’s Delight/Casbah CAP 57-60006   E-

940 John’s Delight/Focus CAP 57-60015   E-


941 Darn that Dream/Venus de Milo CAP 7-1221   E/E-

942 Move/Budo CAP 15404   E

943 Godchild/Jeru CAP 57-60005   E-

944 Boplicity/Israel CAP 57-60011   E

WILD BILL DAVISON & his Commodores

945 Jazz Me Blues/Squeeze Me COM 623   E-/E

946 Someday Sweetheart/On the Alamo COM 630   E-


947 I’ve Found a New Baby/Black & Blue COM 552   E+


948 Hen Party Blues/Boodle Am Shake BILTMORE 1018   E+

THE DIZZY TRIO (with harmonica specialty by Borrah Minevitch)


It Ain’t Gonna Rain No Mo’ VI 19421   E

BABY DODDS Trio (Albert Nicholas, Don Ewell)

950 Albert’s Blues/DON EWELL: Manhattan Stomp   CIRCLE J1002   E+


951 Get ‘Em Again Blues/Brush Stomp CO 35681   E+

952 Blue Piano Stomp/Indigo Stomp HMV(Swiss) JK2179   E+

JIMMY DORSEY & his Orch.

953 A Kiss to Build a Dream On/Cherry Pink… CoCan C1823 E-/E

954 Parade of the Milk Bottle Caps/Don’t Look Now *DE 941     E

BLIND WILLIE DUNN’s Gin Bottle Four  (TD, tpt, erroneously

attributed on label to King Oliver)

955 Jet Black Blues/Blue Blood Blues BILTMORE 1007     E

JOHNNY DUNN’s Band (Jelly Roll Morton)

956 Sgt. Dunn’s Bugle Call Blues/Buffalo Blues BILTMORE 1076 E+


957 Knice & Knifty/Coaxing the Piano APEX 597   V+

ROY ELDRIDGE & his Orch.

958 High Society/Muskat Ramble VARSITY 8154   E

959 After You’ve Gone/Where the Lazy River Goes By   VO 3458   V+

960 Florida Stomp/Wabash Stomp VO 3479   E


961 Immigration Blues/The Creeper                    BILTMORE 1004   E+(sol)

962 Oklahom Stomp/Three Little Words BILTMORE 1034   E+

963 All too Soon/Easy Street BLUE ACE 207   E+

964 Ko-ko/Conga Brava BLUE ACE 208   E+

965 Bugle Breaks/West Indian Stomp BLUE ACE 215   E+

966 All God’s Chillun…/Alabamy Home BLUE ACE 216   E

967 Dinah’s in a Jam/Buffet Flat BLUE ACE 248   E+


968 Rose of the Rio Grande/Prelude to a Kiss BLUE ACE 249   E+

969 Bouncing Buoyancy/A Lonely Co-ed BLUE ACE 257   E/E+

970 When my Sugar Walks Down the Street/Pyramid  BL ACE 261   E+

971 New Birmingham Breakdown/Scattin’ at Kit-Kat BR 7994   E

972 Swingtime in Honolulu/I’m Slappin’ 7th Avenue BR 8131   E+

973 Love in Swingtime/Watermelon Man BR 8200   E-

974 Mighty Like the Blues/Buffet Flat BR 8231   E

975 Boy Meets Horn/Old King Dooji BR 8306   E-

976 Subtle Lament/Pussy Willow BR 8344 V+/E-

977 Tyrolean Tango/All Day Long CAP(Can) 3049   E

978 Serenade to Sweden/The Sergeant was Shy CO 35214   E

979 Tootin’ Through the Roof/Grievin’ CO 35310   E-/E

980 I Let a Song…/The Gal from Joe’s CO 36108   E

981 In a Sentimental Mood/Showboat Shuffle CO 36112   E

982 Reminiscing in Tempo/Part 2 CO 36114   E+

983 Reminiscing in Tempo-Part 3/Part 4 CO 36115   E+

984 (Use this no. to block bid for Items 982-83)

985 Boy Meets Horn/Old King Dooji CO 36123   E-

986 Monologue/The Eighth Veil CO 39496   E+

987 Washington Wobble/Bandanna Babies HMV B8852   E+

988 Keep a Song in your Soul/I Was Made to Love You   HMV B8653   E+

989 Saratoga Swing/Misty Mornin’ HMV B8828   E+

990 Happy Go Lucky Local/Part 2 MUS 461   E+

991 Magenta Haze/Tulip or Turnip MUS 483   E

992 Trumpet No End/It Shouldn’t Happen to a Dream MUS 484   E-/E

993 Diminuendo in Blue/Jam-a-ditty MUS 511   E+

994 Mood Indigo/When a Black Man’s Blue             VI 22587    E/E-(ecnap)


995 Metronome All-out/Pass Me By MUS 379   E+

PERLINE ELLISON (acc. Sam Price & rhythm)

996 New That Ain’t Right/Razor Totin’ Mama DE 7910   E-


997 How High the Moon/Conservation               ARTIST (Swd) B3042    E+

EXPRESSENS ELITORKESTER 1952 (Ericson, Persson, Wickman,

Domnerus, Gullin, Hallberg, et al)

998 I May Be Wrong/Cherokee                         MUSICA (Swd) A9214   E+

ELLA FITZGERALD & her Savoy Eight

999 All over Nothing at All/Deep in Heart of the South     *DE 1339   V+

FOUR CHICKS & CHUCK (ex-Modernaires’ Chuck Goldstein’s vocal

group with orch.)

1000 Foolin’/Three O’Clock in the Morning RAINBOW 226   E+

THE FOUR WILD-CATS (Unident. tenor sax + rhythm)

1001 Flying Ghost Boogie/Riffin’ the Boogie vDELVAR 501/502   E-

ART FOXALL Quintet (Tpt, ten, p, b, d on Boston label)

1002 Art Meets Art/Last Night BARRON 501   E

FRANKIE FRANKO’s Louisianians (Punch Miller, Omer Simeon)

1003 Somebody Stole my Gal/Golden Lily Blues BILTMORE 1037   E+


1004 You Took Advantage of Me/Three’s no Crowd COM 501   E

1005 My Honey’s Lovin’ Arms/I Don’t Believe It COM 504   E/E+

1006 Life Spears a Jitterbug/What’s the Use? COM 507   E+

1007 Swingin’ without Mezz/Three Little Words COM 514   E

1008 China Boy/The Eel HMV B9007   E/E+

1009 The Buzzard/Tillie’s Downtown Now PaE R2210   E+


1010 There’s a Home in Wyomin’/REGGIE CHILDS Orch:

You’re Gonna Lose your Gal BB(Can) 5278  E/E-


1011 Pozzo One-Step/LOU CHIBA “FRISCO” (Xylophone & orch.):

Buzzin’ the Bee ED 50464 E-/V+


1012 Trio/Pastel vDIAL 1016   E-

1013 Symphony/Bouncin’ with Me     MER 2040   E-(ecnap)


1014 At your Command/Many Happy Returns CLARION 5349C   E-


1015 Home Town Blues/You May Be Fast… (Flag)CO 23D V+/E-


1016 Our Delight/Good Dues Blues                MUSICANA(Can) 15084    E

1017 I Waited for You/Salt Peanuts               MUSICANA(Can) 15001  E/E-

1018 Lover Man/Shaw Nuff MUS 354   E+

1019 Oop Bop Sh’ Bam/That’s Earl Brother MUS 383   E/E+

1020 Our Delight/Good Dues Blues MUS 399   E+/E

1021 One Bass Hit/Part 2 MUS 404   E

1022 Things to Come/Emanon MUS 447   E

1023 Hot House/Blue ‘n Boogie MUS 486 V+/E-

1024 Ray’s Idea/He Beeped When He Shoulda Bopped  MUS 487   E

1025 Dizzy Atmosphere/All the Things You Are MUS 488   E+

GEORGE GIRARD  & his New Orleans Five

1026 Sitting on Top of World/I’m Goin’ Home   SOUTHLAND 9002    V+


1027 Wonder Where He Went…Blues/In Bluebird Land    OK 4572   E-

1028 I’m Satisfied/Dearie OK 40209   E-

TYREE GLENN All Stars (Hodges, Carney, Strayhorn, et al)

1029 Sultry Serenade/Dusty Serenade ABBEY 5001   E

LOU GOLD & his Orch.

1030 Once in a Blue Moon/I Was Made to Love You HAR 1081H   E-

1031 Lovable & Sweet/Beautiful V-T 1976V   E-

GOLDEN GATE ORCH. (California Ramblers)

1032 Just You, Just Me/SAM LANIN: Marianne V-T 1984V   E-


1033 Sunday/I’d Rather Be the Girl in your Arms VI 20273   E-


1034 Sunny Disposish/R. W. KAHN: A Little Birdie…   VI 20493   E-/E


1035 Pick-a-rib/Part 2 BLUE ACE 224   E+

1036 Whistle Blues/Lonely Moments CAP 374   E+

1037 The Lonesome Road/Fine & Dandy CAP 394   E+

1038 Hi ‘Ya Sophia/Baby Have U Got a Little Love to Spare CAP 462 E/E+


1039 Mama Doo-shee/Down Home Blues DE 2603   E+

1040 Hey Lawdy Papa/Low Down Blues DE 2604 E+/E

1041 You Don’t Know my Mind/Gulf Coast Blues DE 2605   E+

1042 Graveyard Bues/Oh Daddy Blues DE 2606   E+

1043 See What the Boys in the Backroom Will Have/I’m the

Lonesomest Gal in Town DE 3428   E-/E

1044 Gee But I Hate to Go Home Alone/Sing DE 3463   E-/E

GLEN GRAY Casa Loma Orch.

1045 When Will I Know/Chinatown, my Chinatown *DE 199   E

1046 Cotton/Chant of the Jungle *DE 463   E

1047 Too Marvelous for Words/Sentimental & Melancholy  *DE 1158   E

SONNY GREER & his Rextet

1048 Kansas City Caboose/Sleepy Baboon APOLLO 354 V+/E-

1049 Ration Stomp/Helena’s Dream APOLLO 355 V+/E-

DAN GRISSOM with Buddy Harper Orch.

1050 Recess in Heaven/Why Must I Adore You JEWEL ON-2004  E/E-

CONNIE HAINES with Ray Bloch’s Swing Eight/Orch.

1051 What Has Happened to Joe/Ah But It Happens (DJ)SIG 15187 E+(sol)


1052 Munson St. Breakdown/Blue Because of You   BLUE ACE 233   E/E+

1053 Ring Dem Bells/PICK THE WINNER (Horse race game)

  VI 25889   E/E+


1054 Sweet Child/The Old Town Pump CO A2417   E-


1055 What Wouldn’t I Do for that Man/Tip-toe thru Tulips  V-T 2012V  V+


1056 Old Man Blues/LOUIS: Tiger Rag PaE R942   E+

BILL HARRIS & his Orch.

1057 Gloomy Sunday/D’anjou MER 89023   E


1058 Jealous/Hey Hey and Hee Hee BR 2622   E-

1059 I’m a Jazz Vampire/Never Let No One Man… CO A3328   E

STAN HASSELGARD & his All Star Six

1060 I’ll Never Be the Same/Sweet & Hot Mop CAP 15302   E


1061 Bean-a-re-bop/The Way You Look Tonight ALADDIN 3006 E-(sol)

1062 Woodyn’ You/Rainbow Mist APOLLO 751   E-

1063 Feeling Zero/Disorder at the Border APOLLO 753 E/V+

1064 Bean Stalking/Leave my Heart Alone     ASCH 3551  E-E(sol)

1065 Night and Day/Flamethrower KEYNOTE 611   E+

1066 Shanty in Old Shanty Town/Beyond Blue Horizon    KEY 622   V+

1067 How Deep Is the Ocean/Stumpy SIG 28102   E+


1068 I Can’t Give U Anything but Love/Must Have that Man  VI 21571   E-


1069 Sugar Foot Stomp/Hocus Pocus BB 10247   E

1070 Wild Party/Rug Cutter’s Swing *DE 342   E-/E

1071 Charley My Boy(-2)/MISSOURI JAZZ BAND:

Doodle-doo-doo REGAL 9680   V


1072 Trouble in Mind/Georgia Man VO 04379   E-

ART HODES & his Chicagoans/Hot Seven

1073 Maple Leaf Rag/Yellow Dog Blues BN 505   E

1074 She’s Crying for Me/Slow ‘Em Down Blues BN 506   E+

1075 Doctor Jazz/Shoe Shiner’s Drag BN 507   E+

1076 Be Some Changes Made/Clark & Randolph BN 508   E-/E

1077 Wolverine Blues/Bujie BN 550   E-/E

1078 I Never Knew Whata Gal Could Do/Mr. Jello Lord   BN 551   E+/E

1079 Willie the Weeper/Chicago Gal BN 552   E+


1080 Castle Rock/Jeep’s Blues MER 8944   E

1081 My Day/Silvery Moon & Golden Sands VO 3948   E

1082 Love in Swingtime/Swingin’ in the Dell VO 4335   E

1083 Dancing on the Stars/I’m in Another World VO 4622   E

1084 Kitchen Mechanic’s Day/You Can Count on Me VO 4917   E+/E


1085 Strange Fruit/Fine and Mellow COM 526   E+

1086 You Turned the Tables on Me/Easy to Love MER(Can) 89003   E

1087 Solitude/East of the Sun                                  MER(Can) 89005   E


1088 One-nighter Boogie/Port of Rico MER 89001   E+

ART JARRETT & his Orch.

1089 Shepherd Serenade/Foolish VI 27527   E+

1090 How Long Did I Dream?/Humpty Dumpty Heart VI 27693   E+


1091 After You’ve Gone/Pt. 2 DISC 5100   E+

1092 Slow Drag-Pt. 1/JATP Blues-Pt. 2 MER 11004   E-

1093 Mordido-Pt. 2/Pt. 5 MER 11014   E-

1094 The Man I Love-Pt. 3/Pt. 4 MER 11044   E-

1095 The Closer-Pt. 1/Embraceable You-Pt. 3 MER 11064   E-

JACK JENNEY & his Orch.

1096 Stardust/HOAGY CARMICHAEL: Stardust  BILTMORE 1015  E/E+

FLO JOHNSON & her Beale St. Five

1097 Sugar Blues/BOB THOMAS: Keep off my Shoes   CAMEO 319   E-


1098 The One I Love…/Steppin’ Out BR 2567   E+

1099 I’m Goin’ South/California Here I Come BR 2569   E

1100 Follow the Swallow/Wonder What’s Become of Sally   BR 2671   E

1101 Trouble’s a Bubble/Hello ‘Tucky BrCan 2763   E+

1102 At Peace with World/Tonite’s my Nite with Baby BR 3196 E-/V+

1103 The Cantor/VICTOR YOUNG: Hebrew Chant

                                                                           CO (Archive Series) 3   E+

ISHAM JONES’ Juniors (Woody Herman voc second side)

1104 Nola/Fan It *DE 834   E+


1105 Do Something/That’s Why I’m Happy ViCan 21917  E/E+

KANSAS CITY FIVE (Buck, Eddie Durham, et al)

1106 I Know that You Know/Laughing at Life COM 510   E-/E

HAL KEMP & his Orch.

1107 Jazz Me Blues/The Bride Comes Home BR 7912   E+

JOHN KIRBY & his Orch.

1108 920 Special/Maxine Dengoza ASCH 3571   E+

PETER KREUDER (Piano solos, Berlin, 1936-38)

1109 Fantasie pour Piano No. 1/Part 2    TELEFUNKEN(Fr) 1..944  E-/V+

1110 Fantasie pour Piano No. 4/Part 2    TELEFUNKEN(Fr) 2.340   E-

1111 Piano Medley No. 10/Part 2            TELEFUNKEN(Fr) 2.484   E-

1112 Piano Medley No. 12/Part 2            TELEFUNKEN(Fr) 2.693   E-

GENE KRUPA & his Swing Band

1113 Swing Is Here/I Hope Gabriel Likes my Music   BLUE ACE 231   E

KAY KYSER & his Orch.

1114 When I Go A-Dreamin’/When a Prince of a Fella    BR 8215   E+

NICK LA ROCCA & The Orig. Dixieland Band (1936)

1115 Tiger Rag/Bluin’ the Blues VI 25403   V+/E

1116 Ostrich Walk/Toddlin’ Blues VI 25460   E

1117 Fidgety Feet/RONNIE MUNRO Orch (Al Bowlly):

: Vieni, Vieni VI 25668   E/E+


1118 Perdido/Gussie G KEYNOTE 657   E+

1119 Charge Account/A Cent and a Half MER 1067   E-/E

MIKE LANDAU & his Oakland Terrace Orch.

1120 Sugar Is Back in Town/Deep Night ED 52538   E+

SAM LANIN & his Orch.

1121 The Little White House/Half a Moon PER 14703   E


1122 The Gallis Pole/The Bourgeois Blues MUS 227   E+

1123 Yellow Gal/When the Boys were on the Western Plain  MUS 310 E/E+

JULIA LEE & her Boy Friends

1124 Until Real Thing Come Along/Tell Me Daddy CAP 15144   E+

1125 Cold-hearted Daddy/Living Back Street for You CAP 15300   E

1126 Didn’t Like It First Time/Sit Down & Drink It Over  CAP 15367 E+/E


1127 I Don’t Know Enough about You/I Can See it Your Way  CAP 236  E

1128 All Dressed Up with Broken Heart/Manana CAP 15022   E+

TED LEWIS & his Band

1129 Beale St. Blues/12th St. Rag CO A3972   E/E-

1130 Hello Montreal!/Laugh Clown Laugh (w) CO 1346D V+/E-

1131 Glad Rag Doll/When the Curtain Comes Down (w)  CO 1709D E-/E

1132 Aunt Hagar’s Blues/San                       (Silver label)CO 2113D V+/V

JACK LINX & his Society Serenaders

1133 It Ain’t Gonna Rain No Mo’/Doodle Doo Doo OK 40188  V+(ecnap)


1134 Deep Blue Sea Blues/I’m Satisfied Beside that

Sweetie o’ Mine (Flag)CO 217D   E-


1135 Babs (-D)/Thunder *DE 576   E+

1136 Swanee River/Avalon *DE 668   E

1137 The Honeydripper (issued mx. L3908-A)

                               (Shellac)DE TEST (Decca logo embossed on rear)   E-

1138 Lunceford Special/Wham VO 5326   E

MACHITO & his Orch. (feat. Flip Phillips 1st side, Bird 2nd side)

1139 No Noise/Part 2 MER 11012   E+


1140 The Bible’s True/He Won the Heart of my Sarah Jane  VO 15322   E


1141 In the Barrel/Royal Garden Blues BB 10331   E/E-

1142 Limehouse Blues/Fare-thee Well my Baby BB 10432 E/E+

1143 Shake the Blues Away/O Sole Mio JOE DAVIS 7777   E-

PAUL MARES & his Friars Society Orch.

1144 Maple Leaf Rag/Reincarnation CO 35686   E+/E

1145 Nagasaki/The Land of Dreams CO 35880   E+

JOE MARSALA & HIS Orch./Septet

1146 Bull’s Eye/Slow Down DE 3715   E

1147 Gotta Be This or That/Southern Comfort MUS 328   E-


1148 Soft-hearted/A Touch of Texas VI 20-1504   E+


1149 Magnolia/Ain’t that a Grand & Glorious Feeling   VI 20731   E

JERRY MASON & his Californians (Lou Gold)

1150 Pretty Face/HOTEL PA. MUSIC: Stein Song  CLARION 503C   E-

MARY ANN McCALL (acc. Red Rodney, Al Cohn, Mulligan , et al)

1151 The Sky Is Cryin’/After I Say I’m Sorry ROOST 511   E+/E

DICK McDONOUGH & his Orch. (Buddy Clark first side)

1152 Between Devil & Deep Blue Sea/Dardanella MEL 7-02-04   E+

ROSY McHARGUE’s Memphis Five/Ragtimers

1153 Sweet Woman/I Wonder What’s Become of Joe JUMP 28   E

1154 Davenport Blues/Singin’ the Blues JUMP 36   E-

RED McKENZIE & his Rhythm Kings

1155 Murder in the Moonlight/Let’s Swing It *DE 507   E-/E

1156 Every Now & Then/Monday in Manhattan *DE 587   E+

1157 Wouldn’t I Be a Wonder/Georgia Rockin’ Chair *DE 609   E

1158 I Don’t Know your Name/Don’t Count your Kisses   *DE 721   E

1159 When Love Haas Gone/Moon Rose *DE 734 E+/E-

1160 I Can’t Get Started/I Can Pull a Rabbit Out of my Hat   *DE 790    E-

JIMMY McPARTLAND & his Dixieland Band/Sextet

1161 Singin’ the Blues/Sister Kate PRESTIGE 301   E-

1162 Manhattan/Come Back Sweet Papa PRESTIGE 303   E-

1163 Davenport Blues/Use your Imagination PRESTIGE 304   E

MEMPHIS NIGHTHAWKS (as “Roy Palmer’s Alabama Rascals”)

1164 The Dirty Dozens Cousins/Nancy Jane vHJCA 72   E-


1165 Leap Here/Metronome Riff CAP 15039   E-

MEZZ MEZZROW & his Orch. (Mezzrow-Ladnier Quintet*)

1166 Comin’ on with the Come On/Part 2 HMV B9468   E+

1167 Revolutionary Blues/Getting’ Together* HMV B9470   E

1168 Royal Garden Blues*/If You See Me Comin’* HMV B9416 E-

LIZZIE MILES (acc. Jelly Roll Morton)

1169 I Hate a Man Like You/Don’t Tell Me Nothin’  BILTMORE 1023   E+


1170 A Blues Serenade/Moonlight on the Ganges     BILTMORE 1022 E+

1171 Solo Hop/In a Little Spanish Town     BILTMORE 1045 E+

1172 I Got Rhythm/Time on my Hands     BILTMORE 1046   E+

RAY MILLER & his Orch.

1173 Tessie/Will You Remember Me BR 2830 E-/V+

CHARLIE MINGUS & his 22-Piece BeBop Band

1174 Inspiration/Part 2                                   MUSICANA(Can) 28104   E-

HERB MORAND & his New Orleans Jazz Band

1175 Down in Honky Tonk Town/If You’re a Viper     N.O. 753   E+

1176 None of my Jelly Roll/Port Chop Rag      NEW ORLEANS 754   E+

LEE MORSE’s Blue Grass Boys (but with vocal by Johnny Ryan)

1177 Look Up & Smile/SAM LANIN: Sunday PER 14726   E-


1178 Wild Man Blues (orig. issue)/Jungle Blues (-2, orig. issue) BB 10256  E+

1179 Oh Didn’t He Ramble/Winin’ Boy Blues BB 10429   E

1180 High Society/I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden HMV B9216  E+/E

1181 West End Blues/Climax Rag HMV B9219   E+


1182 Arkansaw Blues/Blue Blues BR 2581   E-

TED NASH Quintet

1183 I’ve Got a Pocketful of Dreams/The Girl in my Dreams Tries

to Look Like You KEYNOTE 628   E-/E


1184 Flat Foot/Mad Dog BILTMORE 1083   E+

1185 Mixed Salad/I Can’t Say BILTMORE 1085   E+

NEW ORLEANS JAZZ BABIES (Lee Collins, Jack Delaney, et al)

1186 Bucktown Drag/Basin St. Blues SOUTHLAND 101   E-

NEW ORLEANS RHYTHM KINGS (variously with Manone, Muggsy,

Brunis; Red McKenzie voc#)

1187 San Antonio Shout/Tin Roof Blues *DE 161   E

1188 Panama/Jazz It Blues *DE 162   E

1189 Ostrich Walk/Orig. Dixieland One-Step DE 229   E+/E

1190 Dust Off that Old Pianna#(-B)/Since We Fell Out of

Love#  *DE 388   E-

1191 Baby Brown#/No Lovers Allowed#   DE 401   E

1192 Sensation/Bluin’ the Blues   DE 464   E/E+

RED NICHOLS & his Orch./Five Pennies

1193 The King Kong/The Hour of Parting BB 10190   E/E-

1194 Mean Dog Blues/Cornfed BR 3597   E

1195 Riverboat Shuffle (-25)/Eccentric BR 3627   E-

1196 Orig. Dixieland One-Step/Imagination BR 3989   V/V+

1197 Roses of Picardy/Allah’s Holiday BR 4286   E-

1198 Dinah/Indiana BR 4373   V+

1199 Alice Blue Gown/A Pretty Girl Is Like a

Melody                               BR 4456    E-(small label tear second side)

1200 Avalon/Nobody’s Sweetheart BR 6681   E

1201 Boneyard Shuffle/Buddy’s Habits BR 6815   E+/E

1202 Whispering/There’ll Come a Time BR 6822   E+

1203 How Long How Long Blues/Fan It BrE 1213   E+

1204 Riverboat Shuffle/Eccentric BrE 01806   E+

1205 Imagination/Orig. Dixieland One-Step BrE 01855   E

1206 That’s a Plenty/Dallas Blues JUMP 20   E

1207 At the Jazz Band Ball/Young Man with a Horn JUMP 33 V+/E-

1208 Battle Hymn of Republic/Pt. 2       TELEFUNKEN/CAP 80300   E

1209 Five Pennies/Harlem Twist VI 21560   E+

RAY NOBLE & his Orch. (*Al Bowlly)

1210 Sailin’ on Robt. E. Lee*/All my Love & Kisses*   (RG)VI 24128   E+

1211 Life Begins at Sweet 16/I’m Fellow Who Loves You*  VI 25190   E+


1212 Please Be Kind/Weekend of Private Secretary BR 8088   E

1213 I Have Eyes/You’re a Sweet Little Headache BR 8227   E+/E

1214 Bop!/I’ll Follow You CAP 15253   E

ANITA O’DAY & her Orch.

1215 Lady Is a Tramp/No Soap, No Hope Blues    vMER(Can) 89012   E


1216 Working Man Blues/Zulu’s Ball BILTMORE 1028   E+

1217 Room Rent Blues/I Ain’t Gonna Tell Nobody  BILTMORE 1049    E+

1218 Mabel’s Dream/Baby Doll BILTMORE 1050   E+

1219 Buddy’s Habits/Tears BILTMORE 1056 E+

1220 Mandy Lee Blues/I’m Going Away… BrE 02201   E+

1221 Weather Bird Rag/Just Gone BrE 02202   E+


1222 Chattanooga Stomp/New Orleans Stomp CoFr LF225   E+

GEORGE OLSEN & his Music

1223 Hi-Diddle-Diddle/Where’d You Get those Eyes ViCan 20122   E

1224 Love You Funny Thing/By the Fireside ViCan 22947 E-/E


1225 Drop a Nickel in the Slot/Jezebel 

                                 (Staff)BB 7454    E-/E(moderate label scuff second side)

1226 Skeleton Jangle/Tiger Rag VI 18472   E-

1227 Margie/Palesteena VI 18717   E


1228 Barnyard Blues/Orig. Dixieland One-Step HMV B8648 E-


1229 Who’s Sorry Now?/Snakes Hips VI 19052   V+

1230 I’ve Got a Song for Sale/Tin Roof Blues VI 19170    E(ecnap)

ORIGINAL ZENITH BRASS BAND (Kid Howard, George Lewis, et al)

1231 Bugle Boy March/Tain’t Nobody’s Biz-ness…   CIRCLE J1006   E+

WILL OSBORNE & his Orch. (Freddy Martin Orch.)

1232 A Kiss in the Moonlight(w)/The Whisper Waltz PER 15740   E+

TONY PARENTI’s New Orleanians (Wild Bill)

1233 There’ll Be Some Changes Made/Sunday JAZZOLOGY 3   E-

1234 Dippermouth Blues/Moonlight on Ganges JAZZOLOGY 4   E-


1235 What Is This Thing Called Love/Almost Like Being

in Love CLEF 11102   E+

1236 Mango Mangue/Okidoke MER 11017 E-/V+

1237 Passport/Visa MER(Can) 11022   E

1238 Everything Happens to Me/Just Friends MER(Can) 11036   E-

1239 April in Paris/If I Should Lose You MER(Can) 11037   E+

1240 Melancholy Baby/Bloomdido MER(Can) 11058 1   E+

1241 Dancing in the Dark/Laura MER(Can) 11068   E+

1242 East of the Sun/Out of Nowhere MER 11070   E

1243 Mohawk/An Oscar for Treadwell MER(Can) 11082   E

1244 Autumn in New York/Temptation MER(Can) 11088   E-

1245 Lover/Stella by Starlight MER(Can) 11089   E-/E

1246 La Paloma/Tico Tico MER(Can) 11091   E

1247 My Little Suede Shoes/La Cucaracha MER(Can) 11093   E

1248 Begin the Beguine/Estrellita MER(Can) 11094   E

1249 I Can’t Get Started/Night and Day MER 11096   E

1250 Bebop/Lover Men                          MONOGRAM(Can) 153   E+(sol)

1251 Carvin’ the Bird/Cheers                  MONOGRAM(Can) 159 E+/E

1252 Don’t Blame Me/Scrapple from the Apple MONO(Can) 176    E-(sol)

JUNIOR PARKER (Vocal, accomp. Stan Getz Quartet)

1253 Goodnight My Love/Stardust BIRDLAND 6002   E

JACK PAYNE & his BBC Dance Orch. (1931)

1254 Waking in the Sun/A Little Nest Near Heaven(w)  CoE CB248   E-/E


1255 Tenderly/Debut MER(Can) 8917   E/E-

1256 Jumpin’ with Symphony Sid/Get Happy MER(Can) 8933   E

1257 Squatty Roo/Salute to Garner MER(Can) 8940   E

1258 I Got Rhythm/Sheik of Araby ViCan 56-0002   E-

1259 My Blue Heaven/Louise ViCan 56-0003   E+

1260 Humoresque/Flying Home ViCan 56-0011   E-

JACK PETTIS & his Pets

1261 Freshman Hop/A Bag of Blues VI 21793   E+


1262 Cottontail/Blues for the Midgets MER(Can) 89022   E+


1263 Cool/Cake MER 8902   E/E+

1264 Znarg Blues/My Old Flame MER 8903   E+/E

CHARLES PIERCE & his Orch. (Muggsy, Tesch)

1265 China Boy/Bull Frog Blues UHCA 1/2     E


1266 Moody Mood for Love/Exclamation Blues PRESTIGE 924   E-

BEN POLLACK & his Californians

1267 When I First Met Mary/GEORGE OLSEN: Thinking of

You VI 20394   V+

DANNY POLO & his Swing Stars

1268 Blue Murder/More than Somewhat DE 1718   E+

BOB POPE & his Orch.

1269 Madhouse/JIMMIE GUNN Orch: Slats Shuffle *BB 6508   V+

LOUIS PRIMA & his New Orleans Gang

1270 Breakin’ the Ice/I Still Want You BR 7320   E+

1271 Star Dust/’Long About Midnight BR 7335   E+

1272 House Rent Party Day/Bright Eyes BR 7376   E/E-

1273 Sing It Way Down Low/Let’s Have a Jubilee BR 7394   E+

1274 Swing Me with Rhythm/Sugar Is Sweet BR 7431   E

1275 The Lady in Red/Chasing Shadows BR 7448   E-

1276 Basin St. Blues/Chinatown, My Chinatown BR 7456   E/V+

1277 Worry Blues/It’s the Rhythm in Me BR 7471   E/E-

1278 Weather Man/Plain Old Me BR 7499   E

1279 Jamaica Shout/That’s Where the South Begins BR 7524   E

1280 Solitude/How’m I Doin’? BR 7531   E

1281 I’m Shooting High/I’ve Got my Fingers Crossed BR 7586   V+

1282 Sweet Sue-Just You/I Love You Truly BR 7596   E

1283 Lazy River/Dinah BR 7666   E-

1284 Swing Me a Lullaby/Cross Patch BR 7680   E

1285 Let’s Get Together & Swing/The Stars Know BR 7740   E-/E

1286 Put on an Old Pair of Shoes/Chasing Shadows DeE F5621   E/E-

1287 Afraid to Dream/Danger, Love at Work VO 3628   E-

1288 Tin Roof Blues/You Can’t Have Everything VO 3657   E

1289 Rhythm on the Radio/Just Can’t Believe You’re Gone  VO 3921  E-/E

DON REDMAN & his Orch.

1290 Stormy Weather/Sweet Sue                    VARIETY 605   E+(tiny ecnap)

LEO REISMAN & his Orch.

1291 Body & Soul/Something to Remember You By VI 22537   E+

THE RHYTHM WRECKERS (Harry James, Fazola)

1292 Wabash Blues/Alice Blue Gown  VO 3390  E+(tiny tear top 1st side lbl)

TRUDY RICHARDS (feat. George Barnes, guitar, first side)

1293 I Don’t Mind/I Never Loved Anyone but You       (DJ)DE 28084    E+


1294 She’s Funny that Way/You’re the Cream in my Coffee   BR 4173     E-


1295 She Had to Go & Lose It at the Astor/”Ma” DE 2920   E

MABEL ROBINSON with the 4 Blackamoors

1296 Don’t Give Up the Old Love/Search your Heart   DE 8568 E-/E


1297 Bei Mir Bist du Schon/Bill DE 1638   E

1298 Singin’ the Blues/The Sweetest Story Ever Told DE 1973   E+

JOE RUSHTON’s California Ramblers

1299 Lonesome Lovesick Blues/Green Applejack Blues   JUMP 31   E

LUIS RUSSELL & his Orch.

1300 Boogie in the Basement/You Taught Me How to

Smile Again MANOR 1006 V+/E-


1301 Melancolie/Un Poisson Dans L’eau CO 4156M   E+

SAM ‘N’ HENRY (Correll & Gosden) (tear at top of second side label)

1302 Sam’s Big Night/The Morning After VI 20788   E

SAVOY QUARTET (Instrumental group, London c.1920 with vocs by

Joe Wilber)

1303 So Long! Oo-long/Venetian Moon HMV B1153 E


1304 Minuet in Jazz/Twilight inTurkey CO 36107   E

ZOOT SIMS (Stockholm, 1950)

1305 Yellow Duck/Americans in Sweden    METRONOME(Swd) B519 E+

NOBLE SISSLE’s Swingsters feat. Sidney Bechet

1306 Characteristic Blues/Okey-doke VO 3840   E+

ARTIE SHAW & his Orch.

1307 Ant Old Time (Billie)/Back Bay Shuffle BB(Can) 7759   E-

1308 Poured Heart into Song/When Winger Comes  BB(Can) 10307 V+/E-

1309 Japanese Sandman/A Pretty Girl… BR 7688   E


1310 Minoration/Loose Leaf vMGM 30419   E

NAT SHILKRET & the Victor Orch.

1311 Can’t Help Lovin’ dat Man/Why Do I Love You? VI 21215   E-

1312 Dusky Stevedore/When Sweet Susie Goes Steppin’ By   VI 21515   E-

1313 I Get the Blues When It Rains/The Things that Were

Made for Love VI 21943   E-


1314 I’ll Close my Eyes/My Bel Ami CO 37213   E+


1315 Everything You Said Came True/Immediately  (DJ)vKING 15189   E


1316 Blue Boogie/Fingers on Fire SUPER DISC 1024   E-

1317 No O’Clock Jump/After You’ve Gone     SUPER DISC 1032 V+/E-


1318 It Makes my Love Come Down/Wasted Life Blues  BILT 1038   E

1319 Thinking Blues/I Used to Be your Sweet Mama CO 14292D   V

KATE SMITH acc. The Harmonians

1320 I Don’t Mind Walkin’ in the Rain/Swingin’ in a

Hammock V-T 2191V   E-

RUBY SMITH with Jimmy Johnson Orch. (Red Allen, Higgy)

1321 Back Water Blues/He’s Mine All Mine VO 4903   E


1322 Midway/Look at Me ASCH 351-1   E

1323 Stop-Look/Skip It ASCH 353-2   E

1324 Don’t You Think/Desert Sands ASCH 353-3   E-

SOUTHERN JAZZ GROUP (Australia, 1947-48)

1325 Canal St. Blues/Tiger Rag               MEMPHIS 3   E+


1326 Knoxville Rag/Cumberland Gap              SUPERTONE 9310    E-/E


1327 Big Butter & Egg Man/Eccentric BILTMORE 1036   E+

1328 Someday Sweetheart/That Da Da Strain BILTMORE 1044   E+

1329 Weary Blues/Alice Blue Gown COM 625   V+

1339 Good Man Is Hard to Find/Wash. & Lee Swing   JAZZ LTD 401   E-

1340 Sweet Georgia Brown/Feather Brain vMER 5460   E-

1341 Home/It’s a Long Way to Tipperary vMER 5494   V+

1342 Caution Blues/Alabama Jubilee vMER 5528   E-

1343 Sunday/Moonglow vMER 5717   E-

SPECKLED RED (Rufus Perryman)

1344 Do the Georgia/St. Louis Stomp (Staff)BB 7985   E-

DICK STABILE & his Orch.

1345 If I Could Be with You/Ja-Da *DE 977   E-/E

JESS STACY & his Orch. (2nd side is actually Hal Bedell Orch, no Stacy).

1346 A Good Man Is Hard to Find/Harem Party   VARSITY 8140   E/E+


1347 (& Johnny Marvin) Under the Moon/VAUGHN DE LEATH:

Sing Me a Baby Song VI 20787   E

1348 (& Billy Murray) I’m Gonna Dance wit de Guy wot Brung Me/

(& J. Marvin)  I Walked Back from the Buggy Ride  VI 20822   E


1349 (& Garner) Three Blind Micesky/Hop Skip & Jump  MANOR 1012 E

1350 Dr. Foo/Oh Me, Oh My, Oh Gosh MUS 367   E+


1351 Stitt’s It/Confessin’ PRESTIGE 787 V+/E-

RAY STOKES (Piano solos, Paris, 1940)

1352 South of the Border/Pretty Girl Is Like Melody   SWING 76     E(wol)

JOE SULLIVAN & his Café Society Orch.

1353 I’ve Got a Crush on You (Helen Ward)/Coquette OK 5647   E+

1354 Oh Lady Be Good/I Can’t Give You Anything but

Love (Joe Turner voc) VO 5496   E/E-

WILBUR SWEATMAN’s Original Jazz Band

1355 I’ll Say She Does/Lucille CO A2752  V+/E-(sol)


1356 St. James Infirmary/Rent Party Blues (-1) BAN 0594 V+/E-


1357 That Big Blond Mamma/BENSON ORCH: Sobbin’ Blues VI 19130 E-

FRANK TESCHMACHER’s Chicagoans (Orig. 78 issue both sides)

1358 Jazz Me Blues/CELLAR BOYS: Barrel House Stomp UHCA 61/62 E+


1359 Butler’s Last Stand/I Don’t Know Why CO 36858   E


1360 Yesterdays/Intuition CAP 7-1224   E

1361 Marionette/Sax of a Kind CAP 57-60013   E

1362 I Can’t Get Started/Out on a Limb MER 1062   E/E-

1363 I Surrender Dear/Blue Boy MER 1063   E-

FRANKIE TRUMBAUER & his Orch. (* Tea vocals)

1364 Announcer’s Blues/Flight of a Hay-bag BR 7629   E+

1365 The Mayor of Alabam’*/Swonderful BR 7663   E+

1366 Ain’t Misbehavin’*/Somebody Loves Me* BR 7665   E

1367 I’m an Old Cowhand*/Diga Diga Do BR 7687   E+

1368 Emaline*/’Long About Midnight* BrE 01767   E

1369 Bless You Sister/Dusky Stevedore OdArg 193236   E+

1370 Futuristic Rhythm/Raisin’ the Roof                  (Lg blk)OK 41209   E-


1371 I’m Doing What I’m Doing for Love/I’m Feathering

a Nest VI 21993   E+

TOMMY TURK & his Orch.

1372 Two by Four/Encore MER 8916   E/E-


1373 Mad Blues/Sunday Morning Blues NATIONAL 4009   E

1374 Miss Brown Blues/I’m Sharp When I Hit the Coast  NATL 4011   E+

1375 Rock o’ Gibralter/Sally Zu-zaz NATIONAL 4016   E

THE VAGABONDS (California Ramblers)

1376 Did You Mean It/Girl of my Dreams*(w)    SUPERTONE 9004   E

RUDY VALLEE & his Connecticut Yankees

1377 Let’s Put Out the Lights/Me Minus You   REGAL(Eng) G21550   E+

FRED VAN EPS (Banjo solos)

1378 Lonesome Mama Blues/Frolic of the Coons ED 51089   E+


1379 Love Me or Leave Me/Gentleman Friend MUS 539   E

1380 What a Diff’rence a Day Made/The One I Love MUS 552   E+

1381 I’m Glad There Is You/Nature Boy MUS 567   E+


1382 The Honey Jump/Part 2 CORAL 61001 V+/E-

1383 After You’ve Gone/Old Man River MER 8957   E/E-

1384 If I Had You/Euphoria SITTIN’ IN 504       E


1385 Skeleton at Midnight/It Ain’t Necessarily So   TEMPO TR416     E

1386 Because My Baby Don’t Mean Maybe Now/Just Like a

Melody Out of the Sky VO 3161   E/E-


1387 I’m Gonna Charleston Back to Charleston/MAJESTIC DANCE

ORCH (Glantz): Charleston Baby of Mine     PATHE 036295   E

ESTHER WALKER (acc. Rube Bloom, piano)

1388 I Love my Baby/I Want Somebody to Cheer Me Up   BR 3020  V/V+

TED WALLACE & his Campus Boys (Smith Ballew trio vocs)

1389 Sittin’ on a Doorstep(-2)/You Came, I Saw, You

Conquered Me CO 2057D   E+


1390 Sad Sap Sucker Am I/Rump Steak Serenade BB 11296   E-

1391 Valentine Stomp/Gladyse HMV JF4   E+

1392 (& Bennie Payne) St. Louis Blues/After You’ve Gone  HMV B8496 E+

1393 La-de-da, La-de-da/Lounging at the Waldorf VI 25430   E+


1394 A Wonderful Guy/Gonna Wash That Man… VI 20-3403   E+


1395 And Still No Luck with You/All Is Quiet. On the Old

Front Porch Tonight *BB 6463   E-/E

1396 I Take to You/It Ain’t Right

                                *BB 6464   E-(edge chip first side not in music)

ETHEL WATERS acc. James P. Johnson

1397 My Handy Man/Guess Who’s in Town CO 14353D   V+


1398 Trav’lin Light (Billie)/You Were Never Lovelier CAP 116   E

1399 It Was the Dawn of Love (Bing)/B. F. GOODRICH:

Church Bells Are Ringing for Mary (w) VI 21453   E+

1400 (Mildred Bailey vocs) I’ll Never Be the Same/We Just

Couldn’t Say Goodbye VI 24088   E/V+

1401 Nightfall/Something in the Night VI 24096   E-

1402 Farewell to Arms/A White House of our Own VI 24236   E

1403 I’m Nobody’s Sweetheart Now (Tea voc)/Stop, Look and

Listen VI 25319   E-

HERB WIEDOEFT’s Cinderella Roof Orch.

1404 Cinderella Blues/Shine BR 2542  E-(ecnap)


1405 I Want to Know Where Tosti Went/Get Up CO A3305   E/E-

1406 I’m Gonna Quit Saturday/My Last Dollar CO A3356   E-


1407 Cushion Foot Stomp/P.D.Q. Blues VoE V1034   E+

COOTIE WILLIAMS & his Rug Cutters

1408 Carnival in Caroline/Swingtime in Honolulu VO 4061   E

FESS WILLIAMS & his Royal Flush Orch.

1409 Everything’s OK with Me/Just to Be with You Tonite  VI 23003   E-

EDITH WILSON & Johnny Dunn’s Orig. Jazz Hounds

1410 West Texas Blues/I Don’t Want Nobody Blues CO A3537   E

1411 Take It Cause It’s All Yours/Mammy I’m Thinking

of You CO A3634   E-/E


1412 You Turned the Tables on Me/Sing Baby Sing BR 7736 E-/E+

1413 How Am I to Know/I’m Coming Virginia BR 7893   E+

1414 Remember Me/You’re my Desire BR 7940   E+

1415 Big Apple/You Can’t Stop Me from Dreamin’ BR 7954   E+

1416 You Brought a New Kind of Love/If I Had You BR 7960   E+/E

1417 Honeysuckle Rose/Ain’t Misbehavin’ BR 7964   E+

1418 Just a Mood/Part 2 BR 7973   E+

1419 Moments Like This/I Can’t Face the Music BR 8112   E+

1420 Memories of You/Bugle Call Rag MUS 318   E

1421 I Can’t Get Started/Stompin’ at the Savoy MUS 332   E+

1422 If Dreams Come True/Blues Too MUS 336   E

KAI WINDING’s New Jazz Group

1423 Grab Your Axe, Max/Always SAVOY 920   E


1424 Too Marvelous for Words/Encore vMER 8924   E+

1425 In a Little Spanish Town/’Deed I Do vMER(Can) 8992   E


1426 To-morrow/Jimbo Jambo BR 2359   E

1427 You Said Something When You Said Dixie/Louisville

Lou BR(Can) 2442   E/E-

Here are some 5” x 78 rpm single-sided LITTLE WONDER discs:

1428 BAND: The Boston Stop (Hesitation) LW 4   V+

1429 BAND: Maori LW 20   E

1430 BAND: Beets and Turnips LW 30   E-

1431 BAND: Dengozo (Maxixe) LW 32   V+

1432 BAND: Pass the Pickles (Tango) LW 37   V

1433 TENOR SOLO: Chinatown, My Chinatown LW 98   V+

1434 BAND: Rockaway Hunt (Fox trot) LW 129   V

1435 BAND: Indi-anna (Intermezzo) LW 132   E-

1436 BAND: Slippery Elm LW 194   V

1437 DANCE MUSIC: Long Boy (One-step) LW 807   V+

1438 XYLOPHONE SOLO: At a Georgia Camp Meeting   LW 882   V

1439 TENOR SOLO: Hello Central Give Me No Man’s Land  LW 886   V

1440 BAND: King Cotton (March) LW 997   V

1441 BAND: Manhattan Beach (March) LW 1125   V+

1442 TENOR SOLO: You Didn’t Want Me When U Had Me  LW 1215   V+

1443 TENOR SOLO: You’d Be Surprised LW 1232     E-

1444 ORCHESTRA: Dardanella LW 1262   V+

1445 ORCHESTRA: You’d Be Surprised LW 1263   V+

1446 TENOR SOLO: You’re a Milllion Miles from Nowhere  LW 1292   V+

10” x 78 RPM ALBUMS (Min. bid $2.00 x no. of records in set)

1447 DORSEY BROS.  Hot Jazz Classics

    CO Set C-51 (36063-66) (4)           E to E+(mod. fray top of spine)

1448 DUKE ELLINGTON  Ellingtonia-Vol. 2

                  BR Set B-1011 (80047-50) (4) (no booklet)                       E to E+

1449 The Duke    CO Set C-38 (35834-37) (all alt. takes) (4)           E to E+

1450 BENNY GOODMAN  Benny Rides Again

                  CAP Set BD-57 (20124-27) (4)                                       V+ to E+

1451     A Swing Session With…  ViCan Set P-3 (26088-91) (4) (seldom seen

                   album cover is U.S. manufacture. There’s a 1” tear at top of spine.

                  Has c.1938 BG bio clipped from unknown source glued to inside

      of front and rear covers. V+ to E

1452 JOHNNY GUARNIERI  Johnny Guarnieri (Quartet/Quintet with

      Clayton, Bigard, et al)   MER Set A-44 (1118-20) (3)          E to E+

1453 EDDIE HOWARD  Eddie Howard

      CO Set C-158 (37992-95) (4) V+ to E

1454 JAZZ AT THE PHILHARMONIC  Vol. 4 (Blues & Lester Leaps In)

        (DSM)DISC Set 504 (6024-26) (3)   V+

1455 Vol. 5 (Rosetta & Body & Soul)  DISC Set 507 (6027-29) (3)   E- to E

1456 Vol. 6 (JATP Blues & Slow Drag) (DSM)MER (11003-5) (3) V+ to E-

1457 Vol. 7 (Tea for 2 & Found a New Baby)  MER 11006-8) (3)     E- to E

1458 Vol. 8 (Perdido)                                     MER (11000-02) (3)    E- to E

1459    Vol.10 (Endido & I Surrender Dear (DSM)MER (11019-21) V+ to E-

1460 STAN KENTON  Prologue: This Is an Orchestra

        CAP(Can) Set DBN-386 (7-15966-67) (2)                               E+

1461 LONNIE JOHNSON  Blues  (DSM)DISC Set 710 (6063-65) (3)    E

1462 BEATRICE LILLIE  Thirty Minutes With…

        LIBERTY MUSIC SHOP (L249-52) (4)                          E to E+

1463 ZEP MEISSNER  New Dixieland Jazz

        MGM Set 36 (30165-68) (4)                             E- to E

1464 JELLY ROLL MORTON  Jelly Roll Morton (Piano solos)

        BR Set B-1018 (80067-68) (2) (no booklet)     E

1465 OSCAR PETERSON   Oscar Peterson

        (DSM) MER (Can) Set C-106 (8921-23) (3)                    E to E+

1466 HAZEL SCOTT  Swinging the Classics

        DE Set 212 (18127-29) (3) (no booklet)                   E- to E

1467 GEORGE SHEARING Quintet  You’re Hearing…

        MGM (Can) Set  55 (30247-50) (4)                                 E to E+

1468 FATS WALLER  Favorites

                    VI(Can) Set P-151 (20-1580-83) (4)                               E- to E

1469 BE-BOP JAZZ (Sonny Berman, Charlie Parker, Howard McGhee,

  Ralph Burns groups, Tempo Jazz Men)

  DIAL Set  D-1 (1006-08) (3)            E- to E(some fraying on spine)

12” x 78 RPM SINGLES (Min. bid $2.00)

KING COLE Quintette (Shad Collins, Jacquet)

1470 Heads/It Had to Be You DISC 2010   E-/E


1471 How High the Moon/Part 2 ASCH 453-1   E-

1472 Lady Be Good-Part 2/Part 3 ASCH 453-3   E-

1473 Crazy Rhythm/Part 2 DISC 2003   E

1474 Lady Be Good/Part 2 DISC 2005   E/E-


1475 Stompin’ aat the Savoy/Body & Soul DISC 2500   E-/E


1476 I Cover the Waterfront/Somebody Loves Me   vMER(Can) 11049 E

12” x 78 RPM ALBUM SETS (Min. bid $2.00 x no. of records in set)

1477 ALL STAR STOMPERS (Wild Bill,  Ed Hall, et al)

    This Is Jazz-Vol. 4        CIRCLE Set S-19 (J12003-04) (2)   E

1478 JAZZ AT THE PHILHARMONIC  Vol. 2 (Blues for Norman &

    I Can’t Get Started)  (DSM)DISC Set 501 (2001-02) (2)   E

1479    Vol. 1 (How High the Moon & Lady Be Good)

        (DSM)STINSON Set 453 (453-1-2) (2)   E to E+(mod cover fray)

1480 CASPER REARDON  Young Man With a Harp (Suite by Dana

  Suesse)  SCHIRMER Set 8 (1515-26) (2). E to E+(1” tear top spine)

1481 PAUL WHITEMAN  Concerto in F    CO Modern Music Set 3

    This is the binder only plus 8-page booklet for the 3-disc set whose

    records are not here.  Gold legend on front cover and spine is

    somewhat tarnished and faded.

1482 JAZZ MOODS (1 disc each James P. Johnson p solos, Mary Lou

    Williams group w/Hawk & Bill Coleman)

                                             ASCH Set S-458 (1001, 1008) (2)   E

1483 JUNIOR JAZZ AT THE AUDITORIUM  (3 sides H. McGghee.

                 Lucky Thompson, Jack McVea group; 1 side Les  Robinson, alto

                 sax + rhythm)                MUSICANA (Can) 6041-42 (2)   E to E+