7” x 78 RPM SINGLE (Min. bid $2.00)



My Mammy                                                    MELODISC 776    V+

7” x 45 RPM SINGLES (Min. bid $2.00)

OLIVE BROWN & her Blues Chasers

1083 Aggravatin’ Papa/’Deed I Do     JIM TAYLOR PRESENTS 4502   N-

JOE GUMIN’s All Star Dixieland Band

1084 Sensation/Red River Valley DE 9-29071   E+

BUNK JOHNSON & The Yerba Buena Jazz Band

1085 Ace in the Hole/2:19 Blues GTJ 45034   N-

1086 Down by the Riverside/Careless Love GTJ 45063   N-


1087 Three Coins in the Fountain/Oh Capri! CO 4-40301   E+

1088 Just a Gigolo/Hello Out There Hello CRL 9-60854   E+

1089 Party Doll/Real Gone DE 9-30211   E+

JIM McHARG’s Metro Stompers feat. Vic Dickenson

1090 Canada/When You & I Were Young Maggie      CASL(Can) 212      E+


1091 Mr. Crump/Tappin that Thing + Dudlow Joe    JUG BAND 1930   E+


1092 While You’re Away/Viennese Lantern Waltz   (DJ)CAP F3229   N-

1093 Cool Tango/Indiana (DJ)CAP F3464   E+

7” x 45 RPM SINGLES (Cont’d)

WILLIE THE LION SMITH & his Cubs feat. Bob Wilber

1094 For Minors Only/Echo of Spring  (DJ)NORTH AMERICAN 2017  E

7” x 45 RPM ALBUM (Min. bid $5.00)

1095 McKINNEY’S COTTON PICKERS     VI Set WPT33 (3) E+(woc)

7” x 45 RPM EP SINGLES (Min. bid. $2.50)

1096 LOUIS ARMSTRONG  Ain’t Misbehavin/Got a Feeling I’m Falling/

  All that Meat & No Potatoes CO B2085   N-

1097 Skip the Gutter/Knee Drops/Fireworks/Two Deuces

                    CoE SEG7537 (generic sleeve as issued)         E+

1098 COUNT BASIE  One O’Clock Jump/Do You Wnna Jump/Blue &

Sentimental/Swingin at Daisy Chain DeCan ED2067   E+

1099 BUNNY BERIGAN  Peg O’ My Heart/I Cried for Your/Ain’t

  She Sweet/Jazz Me Blues HMV 7EG8036 (generic cover as iss.) N-

1100    Walkin’ the Dog/Candlelights/Davenport Blues/In the

  Dark                ViCan EPAT434   E+(small surface tear front cover)

1101 HOAGY CARMICHAEL  Stardust/Barnacle Bill/Lazybones/

  Snowball  HMV 7EG8037 (generic HMV sleeve as issued)   E+(sol)

1102 CELESTIN’s Orig. Tuxedo Orch.  Give Me Some More/Black Rag/

  I’m Satisfied You Love Me/Careless Love  FONTANA 467181 N-

1103 CHOCLOATE DANDIES  Goodbye Blues/Bugle Call Rag/Dee

  Blues/Cloudy Skies                                       ODEON(Fr) 3553 N-

1104 EDDIE CONDON  Georgia Grind/Pretty Doll/Oh Sister Ain’t

  That Hot/Dancing Fool COM CEP43     N-

1105   Copenhagen/That’s a Serious Thing/I’m Gonna Stomp

      Mr. Henry Lee #1/#2 “X” EVAB3005     N-

1106 WILD BILL DAVISON  Sister Kate/High Society/Someday

Sweetheart/Wabash Blues COM CEP23     E+

1107 JIMMY DURANTE  I’ll Do the Strut-away/Bill Bailey/What You

    Gonna Do…/A-razz-a-ma-tazz MGM X1018     E+

1108 G’wan Home/Face on Bar Room Floor/Two Sides to Every

    Girl/Down in Lehigh Valley ROYALE 269     N-

1109 EDDIE EDWARDS  You & I Were Young Maggie/Tiger Rag/

    Skeleton Jangle/Ostrich Walk COM CEP6     E+


    New Baby/Part 2 CLEF EP291     N-

1111 I Can’t Get Started/Part 2 CLEF EP292     N-

1112 Algo Bueno/Pretty Eyed Baby    CLEF EP294  N-(mod cover scuff)

1113 LARRY ELGART  My Word/Keep Movin’/Yes Baby/    

    Let’s Turn It Off SESAC AD83     N-

1114 DUKE ELLINGTON  Prelude to a Kiss/B Sharp Blues/Passion

    Flower/Janet CAP EAP2-477     N-

1115 Rockin’ in Rhythm/Black & Tan Fantasy    (DJ)CAP EAP1-521    N-

1116 Theme for Trambean/Blossom/Gonna Tan your

    Hide CAP EAP3-679     N-

1117 Skin Deep/The Mooche CO B1629     E+

1118 Fat Mouth/Lullaby for Dreamers/Night Stick/

    Frou-frou SESAC AD43     N-

1119 DON EWELL  Parlor Social/Wild Man Blues/Muskrat Ramble/

  Rumpus Rag GTJ 1004   E+ct

1120 STAN FREEMAN Quartet  Just Ridin’ Easy/Shadow Boxing/

  I Pretend You’re Here/Sweet Stuff SESAC AD5     N-

1121 DIZZY GILLESPIE  Cool Breeze/Manteca/Oop-pop-a-da/

    Ow VI EPA432 N-rw

1122 ERROLL GARNER  Lullaby of Birdland/Robbins’ Nest/

    How High the Moon CO B2533     N-

1123 BENNY GOODMAN  Lazy River/Puttin’ on the Ritz/Benny’s

    Boogie/Sweet Lorraine CAP EAP1-441     N-

1124     All the Cats Join In/After You’ve Gone/There’ll Be Some

    Changes Made CAP EAP1-519     N-

1125 Bye Bye Blues/I’ll Never Be the Same/I’ve Got a Feeling

    I’m Falling CoCan B1633     N-

1126 After You’ve Gone/Lady Be Good/Tiger Rag/Someday

    Sweetheart ViCan EPAT26     N-

1127 COLEMAN HAWKINS  Pebbles/Traumerei/Hawk Talk/

    Whisper to Me SESAC AD81     N-

1128 WOODY HERMAN  Panatela/Misery Stay ‘Way from my Door/

    Blues for Indian Jim/Swing Machine SESAC AD44     N-

1129 That’s Where It Is/Draw Night/Y’ Know What I Mean/    

    Woodpecker’s Ball SESAC AD74     N-

1130 THE HERDSMEN (Dick Collins, Cy Touff et al)  The Gypsy/

Embarkation/Thanks 4 U/Just 40 Bars  FANTASY 4032    E+rw

1131 EARL HINES  Sweet Ella May/Blue Nights/Chicago Rhythm/

      Have You Ever Felt that Way RcaFr 86.344M     N-

1132 Jitterbug Waltz/Darktown Strutters’ Ball/Ain’t Misbehavin’/

    Keepin’ Out of Mischief Now         VOGUE(Eng) EPV1233     N-

1133 JOHNNY HODGES  Day Dream/Passion Flower/Things Ain’t

    What they Used to Be/That’s the Blues Old Man

                HMV 7EG8045     E+(sol)(generic HMV sleeve as issued)

1134 BUNK JOHNSON  Tishomingo Blues/You Always Hurt the

    One you Love/Alexander’s…/Maryland   BrE )E9257     N-

1135 Nobody’s Fault but Mine/When I Move to Sky/Careless Love/    

    Down by the Riverside GTJ EP1026     E+

1136 KANSAS CITY FIVE (Johnny Dunn et al)  Louisville Blues/Get It

    Fixed/Temper’mental Papa/Dark Gal Blues   VJM VEP7     N-

1137 ELLIOT LAWRENCE  Alto Lament/Jump Steady/Look-Look/

    We Can’t Go On SESAC AD29     N-

1138 Design for Autumn/None But Lonely Heart/So Little Time/

    Gypsy Love Song SESAC AD60     N-

1139 TED LEWIS  Dallas Blues/Aunt Hagar’s Blues/Royal Garden

    Blues CO B2101   N-

1140 RICHARD MALTBY  Lost in the Night/Purple Shadows/EDDIE

    SAFRANSKI: Blue Fantasy/NAT SHILKRET: Improvisation

     Blue SESAC AD4     N-

1141 WINGY MANONE  Basin St. Blues/Taulgate Ramble/High

    Society/Boogie Woogie Blues                AMERICA(Fr) M58     N-

1142 Oh Capri/3 Coins in Fountain/Knockin’ on the Paawnshop                                                    Door/St. James Infirmary CO B2029     N-1143 Panama/Swingin’ at Hickory House/Tormented/Hesitation         Blues “X” EVA3     N-

1144 MAT MATHEWS  Honey Baby/You’re Here Again /Lost in the

Night/The Cats SESAC AD87     N-

1145 BILL MATTHEWS N. O. Ragtime Band  Tiger Rag/Didn’t He

Ramble/Bill Bailey/Ballin’ the Jack          SOUTHLAND 807 N-

1146 RED McKENZIE  Morning After Blues/Happy Children Blues/

Best Black/Stretch It Boy                        CORAL(Ger) 94270   N-

1147 MARIAN McPARTLAND  The Magpie/Y’know What I Mean/

Warmin’ Up/Don’t Panic SESAC AD92     N-

1148 GEORGE MELLY  Muddy Water/Jenny’s Ball/Organ Grinder/

You’ve Got the Right Key…               TEMPO(Eng) EXA41     N-

1149 PUNCH MILLER  Gates Blues/Parkway Stomp/Down by the

Levee/She’s Cryin’ for Me CORAL(Ger) 94205 N-

1150 IRVING MILLS  Railroad Man/Deep Harlem/High & Dry/

Crazy ‘Bout my Gal CORAL(Ger) 94256 E+

1151 SAM MORGAN’s Jazz Band  Bogalousa Strut/Short Dress Gal/

Steppin’ on the Gas/Mobile Stomp         FONTANA 467123    E+

1152 MOUND CITY BLUE BLOWERS  Hello Lola/One Hour/

Tailspin Blues/Never Had Reason to Believe in You

                                       HMV 7EG8096   N- generic HMV sleeve as issued)

1153 Happy Children Blues/Morning After Blues/Best Black/

    Stretch It Boy                                JAZZ COLLECTOR JEL1   N-           

1154 TURK MURPHY  Creole Belle/The Pearls/King Chanticleer/

  Five Aces CoCan B1695     N-

1155 Red Hot Mama/Sadie Green/Hard Hearted Hannah/Hula Lou

                                                                CoCan B2009 E+

1156 SY OLIVER  I’m the Guy that Loves Ya/Working on the RR/Five

Flats Unfurnished/I Like You SESAC AD75   N-


Barnyard Blues/Look at ‘em Doing It Now/Ostrich Walk                                                   JAZZ COLLECTOR JEL21    N-1158    Indiana/Darktown Strutters’/LOUISIANA FIVE: Slow & Easy/

I Ain’t Got-em No Time…                   PHILIPS BBE12488     N-

1159 Sensation/Bluin’ the Blues/Mournin’ Blues/Clarinet

  Marmalade “X” EVAB3007   N-

1160 KNOCKY PARKER  Some Sweet Day/Pretty Baby/Michigan Water/ Why Keep Me Waiting                 N. O. ORIGINALS R2203    N-

1161 PREACHER ROLLO  Riverboat Shuffle/Chimes Blues/Muskrat

Ramble/Livery Stable Blues MGM X1050   E+

1162     Tap Room Blues/Jazz Me Bllues/Royal Garden Blues/

            MGM X1051   E+

1163 DON REDMAN  Last Night in Town/Waiting on the Corner/

Ain’t Gonna Get Fooled Again/Voodoo    SESAC AD17   N-

1164 DJANGO REINHARDT  Nuages/Minor Swing/Swing Guitars/

St. Louis Blues                                    VOGUE(Fr) EPL8361    E+

1165 PEE WEE RUSSELL  If I Had You/Coquette  SAVOY XP8075  E+

1166 EDDIE SAFRANSKI  Breezy/Thoroughfare/Scutter Botch/

ELLIOT LAWRENCE: Yellow Rose of Texas/Skullduggery/

Stars & Stripes Forever SESAC SAD64   N-

1167 SANDOLE BROS. (Octet wit Art Farmer, John LaPorta et al)

The Tamaret/Magic Carpet/Grenadine/Wings over Persia/

The Boys from Istanbul FANTASY 4048   N-

1168 TONY SCOTT  Vendome/Blue Room/Riding High/Late

Show ViCan EPA596   N-

1169 CHARLIE SHAVERS  Old Kentucky Home/Love Gave Me You/

  Good Old Summertime/You Got Nothin’    SESAC AD63 N-

1170 ARTIE SHAW  Summertime/Suite No. 8/Maid with Flaccid Air/

Evensong VI EPA599   N-

1171     Jungle Drums/Solid Sam/Coin’ On/One Night

Stand VI EPA767   N-

1172     Moonglow/Temptation/Indian Love Call/Nightmare VI EPA800 N-

1173 Sept. Song/Frenesi/Carioca/Spec. Deliv. Stomp    VI EPA5006   N-

1174 MUGGSY SPANIER  Bugle Call Rag/That’s A Plenty/Muskrat

Ramble/Tin Roof Blues                    STORYVILLE SEP323    N-

1175 VICTORIA SPIVEY  Christmas Mornin’ Blues/Garter Snake Blues/

Blood Thirsty Blues/Dope Head Blues    FONTANA 17264   N-

1176 ART TATUM  I Got Rhythm/Anything for You/Moonglow/

Honeysuckle Rose BR EB71020   E+

1177 (& Benny Carter) Idaho/My Blue Heaven/Street of Dreams

                                                                (DSM)CLEF EP320    N-cs

1178 JACK TEAGARDEN (BR alt. takes)  Class Will Tell/If It’s Good/

Puttin ‘ & Takin’/Especially for You  TEAGARDEN 22789   E+

1179 JOE VENUTI  Sweet Lorraine/Doin’ the Uptown Loowdown/

Jazz Me Blues/In the Ruff                  CoE SEG7663   E+sol/wrc

1180 WASHBOARD RHYTHM KINGS  Tiger Rag/Hummin’ to Myself/

My Silent Love/Shoot ‘Em   HMV 7EG8101 (gnrc slv as iss)   E+

1181 LU WATTERS  Antigua Blues/Copenhagen /Broken Promises/
St. Louis Blues                               CLEF EP516    N-(cover scuff)

1182     Cakewallkin’ Babies/Riverside Blues/Tiger Rag/Come Back

  Sweet Papa GTJ 1011   N-ct

1183 TEDDY WILSON  I Got Rhythm/Time on my Hands/I Can’t

Pretend/Sweet Georgia Brown MER EP1-3187     E+cs

1184 LESTER YOUNG  Just Cooling/Sax-o-beep/One O’Clock Jump/

Jumpin’ at the Woodside

                                VOGUE(Eng) EPV1127   E+wfc, cover frayed)


1185 BIG BIG BANDS  DUKE: Little John’s Tune/SY OLIVER: Easy


Soonerville Trolley SESAC AD89     N-

1186 DANCE TO THE BIG BANDS  DUKE: She Was a Tinkling Thing/

HERMAN: Catty’corner/MALTBY: Grand Slam/DICK JACOBS:

Sherman Bounce SESAC AD42   N-

1187 DIXIELAND HORN  H. JAMES/POLLACK: Spreadin’ Knowledge

Around/MANONE: Swing Brother Swing/PRIMA: Jamaica Shout/

BERIGAN: In a Little Spanish Town CO B1614   N-

1188 I LIKE JAZZ!  LOUIS: Jazz Lips/DUKE: Merry-G-Round/BG:

Jam Session/BRUBECK: Makin’ Time CO JZP-1   E+


Back St. Blues/BOB SCOBEY: Hobo Blues/BUDDY WEED:

Blues for Jerry SESAC AD55   E+


Yesterday/MALTBY: Sounds Like Dancing/ELLIOT LAWRENCE:

Easy/DICK JACOBS: You Don’t Say Yes   SESAC AD40   E+

1191 “STARDUST” BY THE MASTERS  Benny Goodman/Artie Shaw/

` Tommy Dorsey/Glenn Miller VI EPA5070   E+

1192 TRADITIONAL JAZZ (Swedish groups)  IMPERIAL BAND: Casey

Jones & Bouncing Around/DIXIE SIX: Liten Rag/THE LORDS:

There’s Yes Yes In your Eyes               RANGE(Eng) JRE7003   E+

7” x 45 RPM EP SETS (Min. bid $3.00) (2 EP sets unless otherwise noted)

1193 LOUIS ARMSTRONG  Plays W.C. Handy      CO B467        E+

1194 BUCK CLAYTON (& Ada Moore, Jimmy Rushing)  Cat Meets

  Chick                                                 CO B778    E+(3-set, min $4)

1195 EDDIE CONDON  Gershwin Jazz Concert    DE ED539    N-

1196 DUKE ELLINGTON  Mood Ellington     CO B164   N-

1197 Blue Light     CO B507   N-

1198 BENNY GOODMAN  “BG Story” Sel.-Pt. 1   CAP FBF1-706 N-rw

1199 This Is Benny Goodman   VI EPBT3056       N-rw

1200 LAWSON-HAGGART Jazz Band  Windy City Jazz  DE ED591  E+

1201 JIMMY McPARTLAND  Shades of Bix   BR EB72001   E+

1202 PREACHER ROLLO  At the Jazz Band Ball    MGM X217   E+

1203 MUGGSY SPANIER  Hot Horn   DE ED697   E+


1204 CHICAGO JAZZ  Miff Mole, Paul Mares, Eddie Condon groups.

  CO B482   N-

1205 DIXIELAND JUBILEE  Kid Ory, LaVere, Daily, Firehouse Five,

  Castle Jazz Band   DE ED596   N-

1206 INTRODUCTION TO JAZZ by Rev. A. L. Kershaw.  Oliver, Dodds,

  CRK, NORK, Louis, Hodes, et al.  DE ED843 E+(3-set, min. $4)

7” x 33 RPM LPs (Min. bid $3.00)

1207 LOUIS ARMSTRONG  1925-26 (with F. Henderson, P. Bradford,

  Erskine Tate bands) SWAGGIE 33740   N-

1208   Accomp. Blues Singers (Sippie Wallace, Maggie Jones, Chippie Hill)

                                                                SWAGGIE 3379       N-

1209   Accomp. Sippie Wallace, Nolan Welsh, Chippie Hill

SWAGGIE 44743   N-

1210 TOMMY DORSEY  Boogie Woogie/Marie/There Are Such

  Things/I’ll Be Seeing You VI LPC102   N-

1211 MEMPHIS JUG BAND  Sometimes I Think I Love You/Memphis

  Boy Blues/CANNON’S JUG STOMPERS: Bugle Call Rag/

  Pig Ankle Strut NATCHEZ 701   N-

1212 THOMAS MORRIS  Lazy Drag/The Chinch/N. O. BLUE FIVE:

  King of the Zuluys/So. Rampart St. Blues   NATCHEZ 702   N-

1213 BENNIE MOTEN  Tough Breaks/Moten Stomp/Pass Out

  Lightly/New Tulsa Blues/Thicklip Stomp   SWAGGIE 3378   N-

1214 MOUND CITY BLUE BLOWERS  Ga. On my Mind/I Can’t

  Believe…/Darktown Strutters/You Rascal You/E. CONDON:

  The Eel(-C)/Home Cooking(-B) JASS 607   N-

1215 RED NICHOLS  Washboard Blues/That’s No Bargain/My Gal

    Sal/I Can’t Give You Anything but Love   NATCHEZ 805   N-

1216     Avakon/Rose of Wash. Sq./Nobody’s Sweetheart/IRVING

    MILLS: Loved One/Strut Miss Lizzie/Deep Harlem

SWAGGIE 33763   N-

1217 KING OLIVER  Dr. Jazz/I’m Watching the Clock/Tin Roof

  Blues/West End Blues/Sweet Emmalline/Lazy Mama

SWAGGIE 110   N-

1218 ANDRE PREVIN  Plays Fats Waller (8 tunes)   PRI SPL10   E+

1219 JIM ROBINSON  Mobile Stomp/Bugle Call March/Ice Cream/

  In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree RIV SE2063   E+

1220 LLOYD SCOTT  Harlem Shuffle/Symphonic Scronch/Happy

  Hour Stomp/N.O. BLUE 5: My Baby Doesn’t Squawk

NATCHEZ 704   N-

1221 ARTIE SHAW  Begin the Beguine/Dancing in the Dark/Summit

  Ridge Drive/Stardust VI LPC100   N-

1222 CLARENCE WILLIAMS  Cushion Foot Stomp/Organ Grinder

  Blues/Log Cabin Blues/Wildflower Rag/Gravier St. Blues/

  Black Snake Blues SWAGGIE 33718   N-