SECTION V – 10” x 33 RPM LPs (Min. bid $5.00)
(See under 12” LP heading for explanation of symbols)

1597 MICHEL ATTENOUX’s New Orleans Orch. (Paris, 1956)

    Music to Chase the Blues Away           FELSTED EDL87021      E

1598 SHARKEY BONANO  Sharkey’s Sou. Comfort   CAP H266     E+sfc

1599 EARL BOSTIC  The Artistry of…                        KING 295-95    Ecs

1600 BUCK CLAYTON  Meets Ruby (Braff)   VANGUARD VRS8008  Ect

1601 EDDIE CONDON  We Called It Music DE DL5246   E

1602 WILD BILL DAVISON  Dixie Jazz Jamboree-Vol. 2  COM 20011 E+

1603 WILBUR DePARIS  Rampart St. Ramblers     ATLANTIC 143    Ect

1604 JOHNNY DODDS  Vol. 3 (w/Junie Cobb, Jimmy Blythe, Lovie

  Austin groups, State St. Ramblers)            LONDON AL3555    E+

1605 ARNE DOMNERUS  Around the World in Jazz-Swedenm, Vol. 2

        VI LPT3045   E+cs

1606 LES ELGART  Just One More Dance CO CL6287     E

1607 BUD FREEMAN  Jazz: Chicago Style CO CL2558     E+

1608 JACKIE GLEASON  Music for Lovers Only (Hackett)

                                                                            CAP H352    E(cover scuff)

1609 DEXTER GORDON  New Sounds in Mod. Music  SAVOY 9003 E

1610 CARL HALEN  Gin Bottle 7                      EMPIRICAL 101    E+sfc

1611 COLEMAN HAWKINS  Originals with… (DSM)STINSON 22   Ect

1612 JO JONES Quartet (Braff)  Jazz at Storyville (1 side Mahogany Hall

  All Stars with Cheatham, Dickenson et al)    STORYVILLE 307   E

1613 JONAH JONES  Jonah Wails                           ANGEL 60005    E+ct

1614 TOMMY LADNIER  Blues & Stomps (with Lovie Austin, Ollie

  Powers groups)                                                RIV RLP 1026  E+ct


1616 JELLY ROLL MORTON  Treasury of Immortal Performances

                                                                              VI LPT23   E+ct

1617 RED NICHOLS  Classics-Vol. 1 BR BL58008 E+cs

1618 Classics-Vol. 2 BR BL58009 E+

1619 Red & Miff’s Stompers OFC 36          N-wfc

1620    New York Jazz of the Roaring 20s (Red & Miff’s Stompers plus one

       side Original Memphis Five)       RIV RLP1048    E+ct

1621 JIMMIE NOONE  Dean of Modern Hot Clarinetists

BR BL58006     E+

1622 PETE RUGULO  & his Orch.                       PHILIPS B07676R     E+

1623 ARTIE SHAW  Plays Cole Porter MGM E517      Esfc

1624 JOHNNY ST. CYR  & his Hot Five (1 side Paul Barbarin Jazz Band)

                            SOUTHLAND SLP212   E+cs(cover corner bend)

1625 LEITH STEVENS’ All-Stars  Jazz Themes from “The Wild One” 

         DE DL5155   Ect

1626 REX STEWART  & his Orch. “X” LX3001 E+ct

1627 ART TATUM  Piano Solos-Vol. 2q BR BL58023 E+

1628 Battle of Jazz-Vol. 2 (1 side Zutty Singleton) BR BL58038 E

1629 Art Tatum CAP H216   Ect

1630 Art Tatum Trio                                           (DSM)STINSON 40    E+

1631 JOE VENUTI & EDDIE LANG “X” LVA3036     E+

1632 CY WALTER & STAN FREEMAN  Piano Playhouse (Joe

  Bushkin on 3 tracks)         MGM E514     Ewfc

1633 BEN WEBSTER  Tenor Sax Stylings                BR BL58031   Ecs/wrc


1634 THE BIRTH OF BOP  Clyde Hart, J.J. Johnson, Milt Jackson, Leo

  Parker, Stan Getz, Lockjaw Davis groups. SAVOY MG9024  E

1635 GEMS OF JAZZ-VOL. 3  Joe Venuti Blue 6, Fletcher & Horace

  Henderson bands, Buck Washington  DE DL5383  E+(cover scuff)

1636 GOLDEN ERA OF JAZZ  Two tracks ea. Mary Lou Williams, Sonny

  Dunham, Varsity Seven groups. SAVOY MG15015     E+


  Allen, Will Rogers, Durante, Moran & Mack, Weber & Fields, etc.

  Narrated by Eddie Cantor.     CO/KEN-L-RATION promo   E+ct

1638 HOLIDAY IN TRUMPET  Eldridge, Shavers, Joe Thomas, Emmett

  Berry, Jonah Jones                                EMARCY MG26015    Esfc

1639 MELLOW THE MOOD  Edmond Hall, John Hardee, Ike Quebec

  groups. BN 5001       E

1640 NEW ORLEANS HORNS  Oliver, Keppard, Chas. A. Matson,

  Bernie Young bands. RIV RLP1005     E+

1641 SMALL COMBO HITS  BG, Shaw, Berigan, Hamp, Hawk groups,

  Jam Session at Victor VI LPT3   E+ct

1642 TENOR SAX-VOL. 2   Webster, Nash, Byas, Ventura, Quebec,

  Jacquet groups. SAVOY MG9013   Ect

1643 TROMBONE TIME  1 side ea. Wettling’s New Yorkers w/Tea,

  Benny Morton’s Trombone Choir MER MG25071       Erw


  Brownie McGhee, Pete Seeger et al.   FLKWYS FP601  E(no bklt)

SECTION VIII– 12” x 33 RPM LPSs (Min. bid $5.00)

Minimum bid for multi-record sets is $4.00 x number of records in set.

The following symbols are used in this section:

  (dg) = deep groove label

  (DJ) = Disc-jockey copy. The indication may be on the label, cover, or


  (DSM) preceding record catalog number indicates cover art by

             David Stone Martin.

  (S) preceding record catalog number indicates Stereo (including

             re-channeled mono), but usually used only when it has

             significance, latter-day recordings being presumed stereo. 

  (*) preceding CAP record catalog number indicates aqua label.

  (*) preceding CO catalog no. indicates red & black “6-Eye” label.

  (*) preceding EMARCY catalog number indicates drummer label.

  (*) preceding IMPULSE catalog number indicates orange label.

  (*) preceding PRESTIGE catalog number = yellow Bergenfield label.

  (*) preceding ROULETTE catalog number indicates pinwheel label.

  (*) preceding VERVE catalog number indicates trumpet label.

  (*) preceding VI catalog number indicates black label with dog logo.

In lower case following condition code, the following symbols are used

to describe cover conditions:

  cc = corner of cover clipped or notched

  cs = cover split (not repaired)

  ct = cover tape repaired

  hc = hole punched in cover

  rw = ring wear on cover

  sfc = sticker on front cover

  sol = sticker on label

  src = sticker on rear cover

  wfc = writing on front cover

  wol = writing on label

  wrc = writing on rear cover

1645 NAT ADDERLEY  Autobiography  (Or/purp)ATLANTIC 1439   N-

1646 CANNONBALL ADDERLEY Quintet & Orch. (S)CAP ST484 N-hc

1647 Why Am I Treated So Bad! CAP T2617      N-hc

1648 Sextet in New York RIV RLP404    N-sfc

1649 Planet Earth (S)(ABC)RIV RS3041  E+

1650 African Waltz RIV OJC-258 N-

1651 MANNY ALBAM  West Side Story          (DJ)(S)DE DL74517   N-sfc

1652 & The Jazz Greats of Our Time     JASMINE 1010     N-

1653 Brass on Fire                           (S)SOLID STATE SS18000   N-cs/sfc

1654 GERI ALLEN Trio  The Printmakers   MINOR MUSIC 001   N-

1655 Homegrown MINOR MUSIC 004   N-

1656 Open on All Sides MINOR MUSIC 1013  N-

1657 HENRY “RED” ALLEN  Quartet Live 1961  FANFARE 24-124  N-

1658 & Coleman Hawkins 1933                        SMITHSONIAN R022   N-

1659 Ride, Red, Ride in Hi-Fi *VI LPM1509  E+cs/wrc

1660 Meets Kid Ory VERVE MGV1018     N-

1661 MOSE ALLISON  Sings                      (Blue)PRESTIGE 7279    E+cs

1662 GENE AMMONS  Boss Tenor       (Silver)PRESTIGE 7180   Ecs/rw

1663 Juggin’ Around dgVEE JAY 3024   E

1664 Light, Bluesy & Moody (S)WING 16156   E+

1665 RAY ANDERSON  Old Bottles-New Wine ENJA 4098   N-

1666 It Just So Happens ENJA 5037   N-

1667 Blues Bred in the Bone                  GRAMMAVISION 18-8813    N-

1668 LOUIS ARMSTRONG  Louis Blues (Carnegie Hall 2/8/47)

                                                              (S)ASTAN(Ger) 20074   N-

1669 Plays King Oliver AUD FID 1930   E+ct

1670 Louis & The Dukes of Dixieland              (S)AUD FID 5924    E+cs

1671    Plays the Blues 1925-27 (Hociel Thomas, Chippie Hill, Sippie

    Wallace accomps.)                                BIOGRAPH BLP-C6    N-.

1672 Young Louis Armstrong 1932-33              BB AXM25519   N-(2-set)

1673    Adam & Eve Had the Blues (w/C. Williams Blue Five + blues

  accomps. 1924-25) CBS(Fr) 65379   N-

1674 Accomps. for L. D. Christian & Chippie Hill   CBS(Fr) 65380   N-

1675 The Genius of…1923-33                        (S)CO G30416   N-rw(2-set)

1676    Plays W.C. Handy (has 6 prev. unissued alt. takes from original

                issue) CO CJ40242   N-

1677 The Hot Fives & Hot Sevens-Vol. 2 CO CJ44253   N-

1678 The Hot Fives & Hot Sevens-Vol. 3 CO CJ44422   N-

1679 The Best of…     COLUMBIA HOUSE P4M5676  N-sfc(Box 4-set)

1680     Mus. Autobiography 1928-30 (Rec. 1950s)  (DJ)DE DL4330  E+wfc

1681 Young Louis “The Side Man” 1924-27 (S)DE DL79233   N-

1682 Back in New York-Vol. 1 (1935)               (S)DE DL79248  N-cc/sfc

1683 & his Orch. 1929-40 (off VI, DE)     GIANTS OF JAZZ (It) 52   N-

1684 Jack-Armstrong Blues (Phila. 1949)       JAZZ & JAZZ(It) 601   N-

1685 At Carnegie Hall 2/8/47                       JAZZ-LINE (It) 101.531   N-

1686    Louis Armstrong (Carnegie Hall & Winter Garden 1947, Bing

    Crosby Show 1949-50)                  JAZZ TRIP JT-X    N-rw(2-set)

1687 Louis & The Good Book                                (DJ)MCA 1300   N-sfc

1688 Satchmo Collectors Items 1936-37           MCA 1322   N-sfc

1689 Satchmo at Symphony Hall                            MCA 2-4057   N-(2-set)

1690 Bing & Satchmo                                   MGM E3882P    N-cs/hc/sfc

1691    An Early Portrait (Red Onion Jazz Babies, Ma Rainey & Trixie

Smith accomps) MILESTONE 2010   N-

1692    Summit with Fats Waller (only a couple are with Fats from Martin

              Block show 1938; the rest is anybody’s guess)

                                               (S)QUADRIFOGLIO(It) VDS9411   N-        

1693    Complete Town Hall Concert 5/17/47  RCA(Fr) PM45374  N-(2-set)

1694 Louis & The Big Bands 1928-30                      SWING SW8450   N-

1695  Satchmo Style (1929-30) (1 side Jack Purvis 1929-30)

                                                                    SWING SW8451    N-cc/sfc

1696 Giants of Jazz                  TIME-LIFE STL-J01   N-(Box 3-set + bklt)

1697 I’ve Got the World on a String                     (S)VERVE V6-4035   E+

1698 The Essential… (S)VERVE V6-8569 N-

1699 July 4, 1900/July 6, 1971                       RCA VPM6044    N-rw(2-set)

1700 Hot Fives & Hot Sevens Complete                    WORLD SH404   N-

1701 ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO  Reese & The Smoothies

                                                                  AFFINITY AFF22    N-sfc

1702 LOVIE AUSTIN  Blues Serenaders CLASSIC JAZZ MSTRS 88504 N-

1703 CHET BAKER  Comin’ On with…        (Blue)PRESTIGE 7478 N-

1704 Into my Life                                               WORLD-PAC 1858 N-

1705 Quietly There                                     (S)dgWORLD-PAC 21847    N-

1706 COUNT BASIE  The CB Story            ROUL RB-1 (Box 2-set + bklt)

1707 Back with Basie (S)ROUL SR52113    Ehc

1708 (& Joe Williams) The Greatest! VERVE MGV2016  E+cs

1709 BIX BEIDERBECKE  Vol. 1- Bix & his Gang    CO CL844       N-sfc

1710 GEORGE BENSON  Tell It Like It Is                 A&M SP3020      N-

1711 It’s Uptown (S)CO CS9325     N-

1712 BUNNY BERIGAN  Demonstration of Swing  ALAMAC 2448     N-

1713 Complete…Vol. 3                                     BB 9953-1-RB  N-cc(2-set)

1714 Bunny & Red (McKenzie)                         JAZZ ARCHIVES 3 N-rw

1715 Bunny Berigan 1931                                SHOESTRING 115   N-wfc

1716 Giants of Jazz                   TIME-LIFE STL-J25  N-(Box 3-set + bklt)

1717 Great Dance Bands of 30s & 40s                  *VI LPM2078   E+ct/sfc

1718 TIM BERNE  Mutant Variations                    SOUL NOTE 1091    N-

1719 CHU BERRY  Chu (S)EPIC EE22008 N-

1720 EDDIE BERT  Like Cool                     dgSOMERSET P5200   N-wrc

1721 HAROLD BETTERS  Swingin’ on the Railroad GATEWAY 7015 E+

1722 ART BLAKEY Orgy in Rhythm (NY USA lbl, W61 cvr)BN 1554 E+ct

1723 Caravan (S)RIV RS9438           N-

1724 WILLIAM BOLCOM  Heliotrope Bouquet: Piano Rags 1900-1970

                                                                       (S)NONESUCH H71257     N-

1725 SHARKEY BONANO  Midnight on Bourbon St..  *CAP T367 E+

1726 Dixieland at the Roundtable                     *ROULETTE R25112   E+

1727 New Orleans Jam Session                       dgSOUTHLAND 205   N-ct


  of the Best in Big Band Boogie                    *VI LPM2098         N-

1729 RUBY BRAFF  Hear Me Talkin’        (S)BLACK LION BL127   N-cc

1730 Ruby Braff-George Barnes Quartet          CHIAROS 121  N-cc/wrc

1731 Braff!! dgEPIC LN3377   E+

1732 (& Dick Hyman) Manhattan Jazz      MUSICMASTERS 20136W   N-

1733 Hi-Fi Salute to Bunny     *VI LPM1510            E+

1734 ANTHONY BRAXTON  Duets 1976  (DJ)ARISTA 4101  N-hc/sfc

1735 Seven Standards 1985-Vol. 1                      MAGENTA 0203    N-cc

1736 BOB BROOKMEYER  Portrait of the Artist  (Or/purp)ATL 1320 N-

1737 CLIFFORD BROWN  Brownie Eyes                  BN LA267G    N-hc

1738 The Beginning & the End                               (S)CO KC32284     E+

1739 Brown & Roach Inc.            dg*EMARCY MG36008   E(cover fade)

1740 Jazz Messages (1 side Art Blakey)         dgJAZZTONE J1281   N-sfc

1741 The Immortal…                        (S)LIMELIGHT 2-8601    E+(2-set)

1742 Quartet in Paris PRESTIGE OJC-357 N-

1743 LES BROWN  Dance with…                     (Red/gold)CO CL539 E+

1744 JOE BUSHKIN  Spotlights Berlin CAP T911     E+

1745 JAKI BYARD  The Jaki Byard Experience  (S)(Blue)PREST 7615     E+

1746 CALIFORNIA RAMBLERS  Hallelujah     BIOGRAPH 12021 N-

1747 CAB CALLOWAY  Mr. Hi-De-Ho 1930-31       MCA 1344       N-sfc

1748 RED CAMP  Camp Inventions COOK 1087 E+

1749 CONTE CANDOLI  Old Acquaintance PAUSA 7189 N-cc

1750 HOAGY CARMICHAEL  Star Dust 1927-32   HISTORICAL 37 N-

1751 Hoagy Sings Carmichael PAUSA 9006   N-sfc

1752 CASA LOMA ORCH.  1929-1932 HARRISON LP-N N-

1753 PAPA CELESTIN  New Orleans Jazz Band   IMPERIAL 9199  E+sfc

1754 CHARLESTON CHASERS  1929-1930  TOM 6   E+

1755 DOC CHEATHAM  Good for What Ails U  CLASS JAZZ 113  N-cc

1756 CHARLIE CHRISTIAN  Solo Flight (all BG) CBS(Fr) 62581   E+

1757 JUNE CHRISTY  The Song Is June       CAP T1114   E+wrc

1758 The Cool School       CAP T1398   N-

1759 BUCK CLAYTON  The Hucklebuck & Robbins Nest 

    *CO CL548 E+ct/sfc

1760 (& Rushing, Ada Moore) Cat Meets Chick         (DJ)*CO CL778   E+

1761 Jam Sessions from the Vault CO CJ44291   N-

1762 Singing Trumpets (1 side Wild Bill Davison)   JZTONE 1267 ct/sfc

            (& Roy Eldridge) Trumpet Summit (European concerts, 1967)

      PUMPKIN 101   N-

1763 The Classic Swing of…(HRS sides 1946) RIV OJC-1709   N-

1764 ROSEMARY CLOONEY  Swing Around Rosie

                                  (S)CORAL 757266   N-hc(cover corner bend)

1765 BILL COLEMAN (& Guy Lafitte)  Mainstream at Montreux

                                                    (S)BLACK LION 212    N-cc/sfc

1766 ORNETTE COLEMAN  Change of the Century

                                                (Grn/or) ATLANTIC SD1327   N-

1767 In All Languages           CARAVAN OF DREAMS 85008  N-(2-set)

1768 Skies of America CO KC31562   N-

1769 JOHN COLTRANE  & J. Hartman    (S)ABC-IMP AS40 c/rw/wrc

1770 My Favorite Things                     (S)(Grn/or)ATLANTIC 1361    N-

1771 Olè Coltrane                                  (Or/purp)ATLANTIC 1373   E+

1772 Blue Train                                         (Manhattan)BN BST85177   N-

1773 Live at Village Vanguard                  (S)IMPULSE(ABC) AS-10    N-

1774 A Love Supreme                              (S)IMPULSE(ABC) AS-77   E+

1775 Expression                                (S)IMPULSE(ABC) AS9120    E+ct

1776 Africa Brass Sessions-Vol. 2      (S)IMPULSE(ABC) AS9273   N-sfc


1777 Dakar   (Silver)PRESTIGE 7280  E+cs(small burn mark on rear cvr)

1778 Lush Life                                       (S)(Green)PRESTIGE 7581    E+

1779 EDDIE CONDON  At the Jazz Band Ball  CBS 21129   N-

1780 The Roaring Twenties *CO CL1089   N-

1781 Jammin’ at Condon CSP JCL616   N-

1782 Spotlight on… (S)DESIGN 148    N-cs

1783 The Best of…                                     MCA 2-4071   N-cs/sfc(2-set)

1784 Chicago & All that Jazz! (S)VERVE V6-8441   E+

1785 That Toddlin’ Town                (S)WARNER BROS WS1315   N-sfc

1786 CHRIS CONNOR  Gershwin Almanac of Song

                                                dg(Blk)ATLANTIC 2-601   N-(2-set)

1787 Chris Connor                                  dg(Blk)ATLANTIC 1228   N-

1788 A Jazz Date with…                       (Pinwheel)ATLANTIC 1286    N-

1789 A Portrait of Chris                         (Or/purp)ATLANTIC 8046   N-

1790 At the Village Gate Early Show FM 300   E+

1791 CHICK COREA  The Song of Singing BN BST84353 E+cs

1792 Septet ECM 1297    N-sfc

1793 Light As a Feather     POLYDOR 5525      E+

1794 Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy   POLYDOR 5536   E+

1795 BING CROSBY  Early Thirties-Vol. 1   ACE OF HRTS AH40   N-

1796 Der Bingle-Vol. 2 (off radio shows, 1943-45)   SPOKANE 10     E+

1797 BOB CROSBY Bob Cats Greatest Hits        DE DL4856  N- hc/sfc

1798 MILES DAVIS  Bitches Brew                      CO GP26    E+rw(2-set)

1799 Milestones          *CO CL1193  E+rw(small surface tear front cover)

1800 Jazz Track             *CO CL1268   Ect(small surface tear front cover)

1801 ‘Round About Midnight                           (S)CO PC8649    N-cs/sfc

1802 Seven Steps to Heaven (S)CO PC8851   N-

1803 Quiet Nights (S)CO PC8906   N-

1804 E.S.P. (S)CO PC9150   N-

1805 Miles Smiles (S)CO CS9401   N-

1806 Nefertiti (S)CO PC9594   N-

1807 Filles de Kilimanjaro (S)CO CS9750  E+cs/rw

1808 Greatest Hits (S)CO PC9808   N-

1809 Basic Miles (S)CO PC32025  N-sfc

1810 Star People (S)CO FC38657   N-

1811 Someday My Prince Will Come (S)CO C40947   N-

1812 The Musings of Miles PREST OJC-004   N-

1813 Bags’ Groove PREST OJC-245   N-

1814 Plays for Lovers                                  (Blue)PREST 7352              N-

1815 Plays Jazz Classics                               (Blue)PREST 7373   E+

1816 Oleo                                            (S)(Green)PREST 7847    E+cs/rw

1817 Miles Davis                                   (S)PREST 24001   N-rw/sfc(2-set)

1818 Miles of Jazz                                  (S)TRIP TLP5015   E+cc/rw/sfc

1819 Tutu                                                  WARNER BROS 1-25490    N-

1820 JACK DeJOHNETTE  Zebra (DJ)MCA 42160   N-

1821 WILBUR DePARIS  On the Riviera          (Or/purp)ATL 1363     E+

1822 PAUL DESMOND  Take Ten *VI(Can) LPM2569   N-

1823 (& Gerry Mulligan) Two of a Mind *VI LPM2624   E+

1824 JOHNNY DODDS  Great Perfs. 1923-29  (S)BBC REB603   N-

1825 Johnny Dodds                                        (Purple)VI LPV558    N-sfc

1826 ERIC DOLPHY  Last Date               (S)LIMELIGHT LS86013    E+

1827 Out There                                             NEW JAZZ OJC-023   N-

1828 KENNY DORHAM  Quiet Kenny           NEW JAZZ 8225    E+rw

1829 JIMMY DORSEY Dorseyland Band  Muscat Ramble

                                                          SWING HOUSE 22  E+sfc

1830 HARRY EDISON  The Best of…                  PABLO 2310-403    N-

1831 TEDDY EDWARDS (& Howard McGhee) Together Again

                                                CONTEMPORARY OJC-424   N-

1832 DUKE ELLINGTON  Recollections of the Big Band Era

                                                            ATLANTIC 90043-1     N-cc

1833 The Bethlehem Years-Vol. 1 BETH BCP6013   N-cc

1834 The Far East Suite BB 7640-1-RB   N-

1835 The Best of… CAP SM1602   N-

1836 Piano in the Background CBS(Fr) 84418     N-sfc

1837 Nutcracker Suite/Peer Gynt Suites (S)CO 32160252  N-sfc

1838 Vol. 2: The Early Years (off Musicraft)    (S)EVEREST FS249   E+ 

1839    Vol. 3 (Cotton Club & Southland 1937/40)    (S)EVRST 266  N-sfc

1840 Latin American Suite                               FANTASY OJC-469    N-

1841    Great Jazz Classics  FRANKLIN MINT 21-24  N-(Box 4-set +bklt)

1842 Duke Ellington Orch. (Akron, 6/23/45)  GRAMERCY-5 7705 N-

1843 Ellington Fantasies                                   (S)HAR HS11236    N-sfc

1844 The Ellington Suites PABLO 2310-762 N-

1845 Carnegie Hall Concert Jan. 4, 1946           PREST P24074  N-(2-set)

1846     The Many Moods of….             QUINTESSSENCE QJ25101   N-

1847 At His Very Best RCA LPM1715    N-sfc

1848 And His Mother Called Him Bill RCA(Fr) NL89166   N-

1849 The Symphonic Ellington                    (S)REPRISE R9-6097   N-sfc

1850 Famous Orch. & Soloists                   dgRONDO-LETTE A7    E+

1851 Duke (1962 interview)                      VARESE INTL VS81007    N-

1852 MERCER ELLINGTON (Cond.)  Duke Ellington: Three

  Black Kings                     (S)THE FROG BOX 100/2    N-(2-set)

1853 DON ELLIOTT  Sextette                         dgABC-PARA 106  E+ct

1854 JON FADDIS  Youngblood                (DJ)PABLO 2310-765    N-ct

1855 ART FARMER To Sweden with Love     (Or/purp)ATL 1430   N-

1856 MAYNARD FERGUSON  Conquistador CO PC34457 N-

1857 Trumpet Rhapsody   (S)MPS 20662   N-sfc

1858 The Blues Roar                          (S)MAINSTREAM S/6045     E+

1859 The MF Sextet                          (S)MAINSTREAM S/6060    N-hc

1860 Boy with Lots of Brass    dgMER MG36114  E+(sm sfc tear ft cvr)

1861 Conducts Birdland Dream Band       RCA(Fr) PM43841   N-(2-set)

1862 Swingin’ my Way thru College          *ROULETTE R25058    N-cs

1863 A Message from Birdland            (S)*ROULETTE SR52027  E+ct

1864 Maynard ’61 *ROULETTE R52064   E+cs

1865    (& Chris Connor) Two’s Company (S)*ROULETTE SR52068 E+sfc

1866 Maynard ’64                                ROULETTE R52107    N-wfc/wrc

1867 GEORGE FINOLA  New Orleans After Hours 

                                                (S)MAISON BOURBON MB-4    N-

1868 ELLA FITAGERALD  Sings Gershwin             (S)MCA 215   N-wrc

1869 Ella Sings, Chick Swings                             OLYMPIC 7119   N-wrc

1870 BUD FREEMAN  The Test of Time  (Cayre)BETH BCP6033  N-cc

1871 TONY FRUSCELLA  Tony Fruscella        ATL 904633-1-Y    N-sfc

1872 HERB GELLER  Sextet 1955 TRIP TLP5539     N-hc

1873 TERRY GIBBS  Mallets-A-Plenty   *EMARCY MG36075 E(cvr fade)

1874 Swingin’ with… *EMARCY MG36103   E+

1875 DIZZY GILLESPIE  Live with Mitchell-Ruff Duo

              BOOK-OF-THE-MONTH 31-6515  N-(Box 3-set + bklt)

1876 Diz and Getz                                    VERVE VE2-2521     N-(2-set)

1877 JIMMY GIUFFRE  The JG 3         (dgBlk)ATLANTIC 124    E+sfc

1878 TYREE GLENN  At London House, Chicago  *ROUL 25138  E+cs

1879 BENNY GOODMAN  The Great Soloists      BIOG BLP-C1   N-

1880 The Complete…Vol. VIII/1936-39        BB AXM2-5568   N-(2-set)

1881 BG in Hi-Fi                                                 (Gray)CAP W565   E+

1882 Presents Fletcher Henderson Arrs.                *CO CL524   E+cs/sfc

1883 Live at Carnegie Hall                                  CO J2C40244    N-(2-set)

1884    Let’s Dance (Marriott Marquis Hotel, 1985)

                                   MUSICAL HERITAGE SOCIETY 7412X   N-

1885 Thesaurus Rhythm Makers-Vol. 2     SUNBEAM SB102    N-cs

1886 With the Hotsy Totsy Gang     SUNBEAM SB113        N-

1887 With the Whoopee Makers     SUNBEAM SB114   N-

1888 BG: The Small Groups (Purple)VI LPV521   N-

1889 BG in Moscow                                 (S)*VI LSO6008    E+rw(2-set)

1890 JOE GORDON  Lookin’ Good          (S)CONTEMP OJC-174   N-

1891 WARDELL GRAY  Memorial Album (Blue)PREST 7343 E+cs(2-set)

1892 BENNIE GREEN  Soul Stirrin’       (W63 lbl & cvr)dgBN 1599   E+

1893 Glidin’ Along                                         dgJAZZLAND JLP43    E+

1894 The Swingin’est                                 dgVEE JAY 1005   E+

1895 URBIE GREEN  Senor Blues CTI 7079   E+

1896 Twenty-one Trombones               (DJ)PROJECT-3 PR5014SD    N-

1897 BOBBY HACKETT  Jazz Band 1957   ALAMAC QSR2443   N-

1898 Gotham Jazz Scene               *CAP T857    E+cs

1899 Feat. Jack Teagarden                       (S)CAP(Ger) C054-81844   N-

1900 The Most Beautiful Horn in the World              *CO CL1729   E+

1901 Hello Louis! EPIC LN24099   E+

1902 Melody Is a Must (Roosevelt Grill)      PHONTASTIC 7571   N-

1903 BOBBY HAMMACK Quartet   Powerhouse  LIB LRP3016   E+

1904 LIONEL HAMPTON  at the Vibes      DIPLOMAT 2235   E+sfc

1905 HERBIE HANCOCK  Empyrean Isles  (U-A)BN BLP4175   E+rw

1906 Speak Like a Chile                               (S)BN BST84279   E+rw/sfc

1907 Head Hunters CO KC32731      E+rw

1908 (& Corea) An Evening with…in Concert  CO PC2-35663  E+(2-set)

1909 Fat Albert Rotunda                      (S)WARNER BROS 1834   E+rw

1910 TOM HARRELL  Sail Away    CONTEMPORARY C14054   N-

1911 COLEMAN HAWKINS  The Hawk Swing  (S)CROWN 224    E+cs

1912 & The Trumpet Kings                      EMARCY MGE26011    N-sfc

1913 The Hawk Flies                        MILESTONE M47015   N-rw(2-set)

1914 Body & Soul (DJ)RCA LPV501   N-

1915 Complete-Vol. 2 (1941-47)                            RCA(Fr) PM42046   N-

1916 All Stars feat. J. Thomas & Dickenson   SWNGVILE OJC-225   N-

1917 Thanks for the Memory XANADU 111   N-

1918 ERSKINE HAWKINS  after Hour *VI LPM2227   N-

1919 BILL HENDERSON  Sings (variously accomp. Booker Little,

  Wynton Kelly, Ramsey Lewis Trio)   VEE JAY (Jap) 2668   N-

1920 FLETCHER HENDERSON  Orch.-Vol. 2 (1924-25)

                                        COLLECTOR’S CLASSICS 28     N-sfc

1921    Originator of Swing Arrangement (his Orch., 1924-38)

                                   GIANTS OF JAZZ (It) LPJT39    N-

1922 & his Connie’s Inn Orch. JOKER SM3077   N-

1923 Swing’s the Thing 1931-34 MCA 1318   N-

1924 Rarest Fletcher 1923-24   (DJ)MCA 1346 N-sfc

1925 The Immortal… (1923-31)                     MILESTONE 2005   N-

1926 Dixie Stompers 1925-28           SWING SW8445/6  N-cc/sfc(2-set)

1927 WOODY HERMAN  The Three Herds       *CO CL592          E+cs

1928 EARL HINES  & his Orch.             (S)GRAND PRIX KS-134    E+

1929 JOHNNY HODGES  Chrono.Vol. 4 (1954) VERVE(Fr) 2304450 N-

1930 BILLIE HOLIDAY  Rare Live Recording     RIC M2001              N-

1931 LENA HORNE  Give the Lady What she Wants  *VI LPM1879  E+

1932 DICK HYMAN  Satchmo Remembered           ATL SD1671   N-sfc

1933 Jelly Roll Morton Transcriptions for Orch.    (S)CO M32587   N-cs

1934 Swings Music from “Whoop-Up” (S)MGM E3747 N-

1935 MILT JACKSON  At the Museum of Modern Art

                                                  (S)LIMELIGHT LS86024    E+cs

1936 AHMAD JAMAL  Poinciana  (DJ)PORTRAIT MSTERS 44394   N-

1937 HARRY JAMES  In Hi-Fi                             (Gray)CAP W654    E+

1938 Saturday Night Swing (Octet)       GIANTS OF JAZZ 1016   N-sfc

1939 & his Orch. 1946-66             GIANTS OF JAZZ (It) LPJT68 E+

1940 Laura                                                (S)HARMONY H11326 N-

1941 Big Band (1943-46 airchecks)           JOKER SM3872 N-

1942 JONI JAMES  Little Girl Blue   dgMGM E3347   E+ct

1943 Give Us This Day dgMGM E3528   E+ct

1944 Ti Voglio Bene dgMGM E3623 E+

1945 100 Strings and Joni dgMGM E3755 E+

1946 At Carnegie Hall dgMGM E3800 N-

1947 Let There Be Love dgMGM E3931 E+

1948 When I Fall in Love           MGM E3933         N-

1949 After Hours MGM E4008   N-1950 JOSEPH JARMAN  Song For   (S)DELMARK 9410   E+ct/rw/wrc


                                                                    VERVE V8540      Ewrc

1952 BUNK JOHNSON  & his N.O. Jazz Band   COM DL30007 E+ct/sfc

1953 JAMES P. JOHNSON  1917-21 Piano Rolls   BIOG BLP1003Q N-

1954 1917 Ragtime-Vol. 2                 (DJ)BIOGRAPH BLP1009Q   N-sfc

1955 J. J. JOHNSON  (& Kai) Trombone for Two  *CO CL742 E+sfc/wrc

1956 Dial J. J. Five *CO CL1084   N-

1957 PLAS JOHNSON  This Must Be the Plas!     (S)CAP ST1281   N-

1958 JO JONES  Vamp ‘Til Ready     (S)EVEREST SDBR1099    N-ct/sfc

1959 JONAH JONES  Swings “Unsinkable Molly Brown” CAP T1532   N-

1960 QUINCY JONES  Gula Matari (S)A&M SP3030   E+

1961 The Birth of a Band                         (S)EMARCY 818177   N-(2-set)

1962 Take Five (S)HAPPY BIRD 90115   N-

1963 THAD JONES  Thad Jones DEBUT OJC-625   N-

1964 (& Mel Lewis) The Jazz Orchestra    SOLID STATE 17003    N-sfc

1965 SCOTT JOPLIN  1916 (1 side Joplin, 1 side others)  

                                                      BIOGRAPH BLP1006Q   N-sfc

1966 STAN KENTON  West Side Story               (S)CAP ST1609       E+

1967    City of Glass/This Modern World  CR WORLD ST1006 E+rw/sfc

1968 TEDDI KING  Bidin’ My Time                VI (Spain) NL45999    N-

1969 JOHN KIRBY  1938-1941    GIANTS OF JAZZ (It) LPJT26   N-

1970 ANDY KIRK  12 Clouds of Joy March 1936   MNSTRM 399   N-sfc

1971 SCRAPPY LAMBERT  (1928-1930)          EMANON ESL-1   N-

1972 SAM LANIN  Orch. 1924-25 – Vol. 2   TOM 34 N-

1973 YUSEF LATEEF  A Flat, G Flat & C   *IMPULSE A9117    E+hc

1974 The Centaur & the Phoenix (S)RIVERSIDE 9337   E+

1975 ELLIOTT LAWRENCE  Plays Gerry Mulligan Arrangements

                        MASCOT(label)/FANTASY(cover) OJC-117   N-

1976 YANK LAWSON  That’s A Plenty       DR JAZZ FW40064   N-hc

1977 HARLAN LEONARD  & his Rockets  (Pujrple)VI LPV531  N-sfc

1978 GEORGE LEWIS  N. O. Stompers        (S)BN BST81206    E+rw

1979 Concert! (S)BN BST81208  N-ct/sfc

1980 George Lewis                                     (S)EVEREST FS240    N-cs

1981    Band with Red Allen (1 side George Lewis Quartet)

                                                              HOT SOCIETY 1002   N-

1982 JOHN LEWIS  The Golden Striker  (S)(Grn/or)ATL 1334  E+sfc

1983 MEL LEWIS  And Friends      (DJ)HORIZON SP716   N-rw/sfc

1984 TED LEWIS  Band feat. Benny Goodman  SUNBEAM 115   N-

1985 Me and My Shadow UNIQUE LP108   N-

1986 BOOKER LITTLE  Victory & Sorrow (Cayre)BETH BCP6034 N-

1987 CHARLES LLOYD  Forest Flower  (Grn/blue)(S)ATL 1473   E+

1988 Love-in                                  (Or/purp)ATLANTIC 1481   N-hc

1989 In Europe                          (Grn/or)(S)ATLANTIC 1500    E+cc

1990 EDDIE LOCKE Sextet (Roy Eldridge, Vic Dickenson)

    AFS & All that Global Jazz AFS (no #)       N-rw

1991 JULIE LONDON  Julie Is Her Name     LIBERTY 3006      N-cs

1992 Make Love to Me     LIBERTY 3060    E+ct

1993 Around Midnight                          (S)LIBERTY(Fr) 1565551    N-

1994 JIMMIE LUNCEFORD  Masterpieces

                                          GIANTS OF JAZZ (It) LPJT22     N-

1995 The Greatest Jazz Band       OLYMPIC 7123   E+

1996 HERBIE MANN (& Bobby Jaspar) Flute Flight *PREST 7124  E+

1997 WINGY MANONE  Vol. 1 RCA LPV563   N-

1998 CHARLIE MARGULIS  Marvelous Margulis

                                                      (S)dgCARLTON 12/103   N-

1999 WYNTON MARSALIS  Wynton Marsalis   CO FC37574   N-

2000 Hot House Flowers                                     CO FC39530   N-

2001 Black Codes (From the Underground)         CO FC40009   N-

2002 WARNE MARSH  Warne Marsh    (S)(Green)dgATL 1291   N-

2003 MATTY MATLOCK  Dixieland                   TOPS L1569    E+ct

2004 LES McCANN (& Eddie Harris) Swiss Movement (S)ATL 1537 E+

2005 MURRAY McEACHERN  Caress    

                      *CAP T899   E+wrc(small surface tear front cover)

2006 GARY McFARLAND  The Jazz Version of “How to Suceed in

    Business without Really Trying”     (S)VERVE V6-8443  N-sfc

2007 Soft Samba VERVE V8603        N-hc

2008 HOWARD McGHEE  Maggie’s Back in Town

                                                      (S)CONTEMPORARY S7596    N-cs

2009 JIMMY McPARTLAND  Dixieland-Vol. 1 (1 side Dixie

  Rebels) PALACE M761 E+


2011 PAT METHENY  American Garage                ECM 1-1155   N-

2012 PUNCH MILLER  Jazz Rarities 1929-30

                                                      (S)HERWIN 108     N-cc/sfc

2013 Hongo Fongo   IMPERIAL 9160    N-cs


2015 CHARLES MINGUS  Tonight at Noon

                                                       (Or/purp)ATLANTIC 1416    N-wrc

2016 Quartet Feat. Eric Dolphy                     BARNABY Z30561    N-

2017 Mingus Ah Um            (S)CO CS8171    N-sfc

2018 Nostalgia in Times Square        (DJ)(S)CO JG35717   N-sfc(2-set)

2019 BLUE MITCHELL  Smooth As the Wind 

                                (Blue BGP)dgRIVERSIDE RLP467    E+cs

2020 The Cup Bearers             (S)RIVERSIDE(Ger) RSLP439   N-wrc

2021 ROSCOE MITCHELL Sextet  Sound  (S)DELMARK 9408  E+

2022 MODERN JAZZ QUARTET (& Laurindo Almeida)

                Collaboration                (S)(Grn/blue)ATLANTIC 1429 N-

2023 Jazz Classics                                   (Blue)PRESTIGE 7425 E+

2024 MIFF MOLE  Early Years (1921-30)   JAZZ STUDIES 2 N-

2025 World Jam Session Band 1944    JAZZOLOGY 105 N-

2026 THELONIOUS MONK  Genius of…

                        (West 63 lbl & cover)dgBLUE NOTE 1510    E+cs

2027 Monk’s Dream          CO CL1965          E+cs

2028 Criss Cross                                              (S)CO CS838              E+

2029 Solo Monk                           (S)CO CS9149            N-

2030 Monk Misterioso     (S)CO CS9216 E+cc

2031 Memorial Album                      MILESTONE M47064     N-(2-set)

2032    Sonny Rollins      (W50 lbl & cvr)dgPRESTIGE 7075

                                            E+(small surface tear rear cover not in legend)

2033    The TM Orch. at Town Hall  (Blue BGP)dgRIV 12-300   E+cs/rw

2034 Misterioso                                 (S)(Orpheum)RIV RLP1133       E+

2035 Brilliant Corners RIV OJC-026     N-

2036 Monk’s Music RIV OJC-084     N-

2037 WES MONTGOMERY  Beginnings       BN LA531-H2    N-(2-set)

2038 Portrait of Wes                           RIVERSIDE(Jap) SM6202     N-

2039 The Small Group Recordings      VERVE VE2-2513    N-rw(2-set)


2041 I Thought I Heard B. Bolden Say              RCA LPV559       N-wfc

2042 GERRY MULLIGAN  Vol. 1           BN(Fr) 25.103     N-

2043 Modern Sounds (1 side Shorty Rogers)    (S)CAP DT2025          N-

2044 Quartet feat. Chet Baker    dg(Blk)PACIFIC JAZZ 1207        E+cs

2045 Reunion with Chet Baker                 (S)PAC JAZZ ST90061      N-

2046 Mulligan & Getz & Desmond        VERVE VE2-2537     N-(2-set)

2047 A Concert in Jazz       VERVE(Jap) UMV2652     N-cc/cs/rw/sfc

2048 Concert Band on Tour with Zoot Sims    VERVE V8438   N-

2049 Gerry’s Time VSP 8   N-

2050 Quartet feat. Chet Baker      dg(Blk)PACIFIC JAZZ PJ1207    N-

2051 Gerry Mulligan Quartet        dg(Blk)WORLD PAC PJ1228   E+

2052 TURK MURPHY  New Orleans Shuffle    *CO CL927     N-cs/sfc

2053 DAVID MURRAY   Octet: Home     BLACK SAINT 0056    N-

2054 Big Band Live at Sweet Basil-Vol. 1  BLACK SAINT 0085   N-


                                        CLASSIC JAZZ MASTERS 12   N-


    Pee Wee et al)   (S)dgGreen)ATLANTIC SD1331    E+sfc/wrc

2057 RED NICHOLS Real Rare Red-Vol. 2, 1925-27  BDWY 120   N-

2058 Red Nichols-Vol. 4 (1928-29)   CLASSIC JAZZ MSTRS 28   N-sfc

2059 FRANKIE ORTEGA  Trio at the Embers   JUBILEE 1112   E+

2060 TONY PARENTI  Happy Jazz  JAZTONE J1215    E+cs/sfc/wrc

2061 CHARLIE PARKER  With Strings  VERVE(Jap) UMV2562   N-

2062 Jazz Perennial                                 VERVE(Jap) UMV2617  N-cc

2063 Charlie Parker Story-Vol. 2                (S)VERVE V6-8002    E+rw

2064 Night and Day                                   dgVERVE MGV8003   N-ct

2065 JESSE POWELL  Blow Man Blow JUBILEE 1113   E+

2066 JOHNNY RAE  Herbie Mann’s African Suite  dgU-A 4042   E+sfc


                                                  (Red/gold)CO CL648    E+ct/sfc

2068 DON REDMAN  Master of the Big Band (Purple)VI LPV520 N-sfc

2069 DELLA REESE  The Story of the Blues   dgJUBILEE 1095      E+

2070 DJANGO REINHARDT  Volume 3     (S)EVEREST FS255   N-

2071 Vol. 2: Solos/Duets/Trios                      INNER CITY 1105 N-cc

2072 Djangologie 7 – 1937-38                        PATHE C054-16007    N-

2073 BUDDY RICH  The Driver           (S)dgEMARCY SRE66006    E+

2074 Keep the Customer Satisfied         (S)LIBERTY LST11006   E+rw

2075 Big Swing Face                           (S)PACIFIC JAZZ ST20117   E+

2076 Mercy, Mercy                        (S)WORLD PACIFIC ST20133   N-

2077 JOSHUA RIFKIN  Piano Rags by Joplin (S)NONESUCH 71305 N-

2078 SHORTY ROGERS  Way Up There  (Blk)dgATLANTIC 1270  E+

2079 Plays Richard Rodgers                             *VI LPM1428   E+cs/rw


    BAND  The Good Old Days                  FANTASY 3265    E+

2081 The Spirit of the 20s     (S)FANTASY 8010   E+

2082 BOB SCOBEY  College Classics *VI LPM1700   N-

2083 DOC SEVERINSEN  Fever!       (S)COMMAND RS8933SD   E+

2084    New Sound of Today’s Big Band (S)COMMAND RS917SD     E+

2085 CHARLIE SHAVERS  Girl of my Dreams dgEVEREST 5070  N-

2086 Here Comes Charlie         EVEREST 5108 N-ct

2087 Like Charlie   dgEVEREST 5127  N-ct(tiny surface tear front cvr)

2088 Charlie Digs Dixie MGM E3809   E+

2089 ARTIE SHAW  Complete-Vol. 1 BB AXM2-5517   N-(2-set)

2090 GEORGE SHEARING  A Shearing Caravan  dgMGM E3175   E+

2091 FRANK SINATRA  No One Cares CAP W1221   E+

2092 BESSIE SMITH  Empty Bed Blues         CO CG39459   N-(2-set)

2093 JIMMY SMITH  Midnight Special

                                        (NY USA lbl/W61 cvr)BN 4078   Ewrc

2094 Any Number Can Play                  (S)VERVE(Ger) V6-8552    N-

2095 Respect (SD)VERVE V6-8705   E+

2096 STEPS AHEAD (Michael Brecker, Mike Mainieri et al)

  Magnetic                                                ELEKTRA 60441    N-

2097 MAXINE SULLIVAN  Flow Gently Sweet Rhythm

    dgJAZZTONE J1229    N-

2098 ART TATUM  Piano Starts Here                     (S)CO CS9655    N-

2099 The Genius of…#5                       (DSM)VERV MGV8040   E+

2100 SAM “THE MAN” TAYLOR  More Blue Mist

                                    MGM E3783    E+hc(cover corner bend)

2101 Plays Hollywood                                      (DJ)MGM E3967   N-cs

2102 Blue Mist           MGM E3973    E+

2103 CHARLIE TEAGARDEN  Big Horn of Little T CRL 57410 N-sfc

2104 JACK TEAGARDEN  (& Tram)  TNT           AIRCHECK 9    N-

2105 This Is Teagarden *CAP T721   E+

2106     Jack & Max (1 side Max Kaminsky) HALL OF FAME JG616 N-sfc

2107 The Golden Horn of…   MCA 227          N-sfc

2108 Mis’ry and the Blues (S)VERVE V6-8416   E+

2109 CLARK TERRY  Live 1964                              EMERALD 1002    N-

2110 (& Brookmeyer) Tonight                   MAINSTREAM 56043   E+sfc

2111 Cruising                                        MILESTONE M47032   N-(2-set)

2112 What Makes Sammy Swing!                 20TH CENT-FOX 3137    E

2113 BOB THIELE  The 20s Score Again        (S)SIG BSL1-0555    E+rw

2114 CLAUDE THORNHILL  Disco Order-Vol. 1    AJAZ 202   N-

2115 The Uncollected…1947                         HINDSIGHT HSR108   N-

2116 HENRY THREADGILL Sextet   Subject to

    Change                                             ABOUT TIME 1007    N-sfc

2117 Rag, Bush and All NOVUS 3052-1-N       N-sfc

2118 MEL TORME  Swings Schubert Alley   VERVE(Jap) MV2521 N-

2119 My Kind of Music (DJ)VERVE V8440          N-

2120 LENNIE TRISTANO  Quintet Live at Birdland 1949

                                                            JAZZ RECORDS JR-1     N-

2121 WARREN VACHE  Polished Brass            CONCORD 98 N-

2122 Easy Going       CONCORD 323     N-

2123 Blues Walk                                            DREAMSTREET 101    N-

2124 SARAH VAUGHAN  Brazilian Romance     CBS 42519 N-

2125 George Gershwin Songbook              EMARCY 814187   N-(2-set)

2126 At the London House dgMER MG20383     N-

2127 Dreamy                                            (S)ROULETTE SR59051    N-

2128 HAROLD VICK  The Caribbean Suite (Blue Mitchell, Bobby

    Hutcherson et al)                                        *VI LPM3677    N-hc

2129 DON VOORHEES  Feat. Nichols & Mole   BDWY BR-121    N-ct

2130 FATS WALLER  1923-24 Piano Rolls    BIOGRAPH 102Q N-

2131 Piano Solos 1929-1941                                    BB AXM2-5518    N-

2132 Alone & with Various Groups         CBS(Fr) 63366   N-sfc

2133 Fats Waller (1934-41)       JOKER SM4022 N-

2134 Ain’t Misbehavin’ RCA LPV1246   N-

2135 Complete-Vol. 3 (1927-29)                         RCA(Fr) 741.076   N-sfc

2136 Smashing Thirds     (Purple)VI LPV550   N-

2137 Handful of Keys     *VI LPM1502   N-

2138 JACK WALRATH  Master of Suspense   BN BLJ46905   N-

2139 Neohippus BN B1-91101   N-

2140 DINAH WASHINGTON  What a Diff’rence a Day

    Makes                                         (S)(Polygram)MER ML8006   N-

2141 ETHEL WATERS  On Stage & Screen 1925-40  (S)CSP CCL2792 N-

2142 BEN WEBSTER  Atmosphere for Lovers & Thieves

                                                          (S)BLACK LION BL111    N-

2143 Ben & Sweets (Edison) CO CJ40853   N-

2144    Two Kings of Tenor Sax (1 side Don Byas)  COM XFL14938  N-sfc

2145 Complete BW on EmArcy              (S)EMARCY 824836   N-(2-set)

2146 Tribute to a Great Jazzman               JAZZ ARCHIVES JA-15    N-

2147 GEORGE WEIN  Newport Jazz Festival All-Stars (Vache, Scott

  Hamilton et al)                               CONCORD CJ260   N-(2-set)

2148 CHICK WEBB  A Legend-Vol. 1 (1929-36)  (S)DE DL79222  N-sfc

2149 PAUL WHITEMAN  Feat. Bing Crosby CO CL2830   N-

2150 Fiftieth Anniversary  GRAND AWARD 33-901  N-(Box 2 set+bklt)


    Barnyard STASH ST206   N-

2152 BOB WILBER  Music of King Oliver’s Creole Jazz

    Band       BODESWELL107   N-

2153 LEE WILEY  Sings Rodgers & Hart and Harold Arlen

                          (S)MONMOUTH-EVERGREEN MES6807    N-

2154 CLARENCE WILLIAMS  Orch. with Oliver & Moten

                                          CLASSIC JAZZ MASTERS 88510   N-

2155 Blue Five w/Armstrong & Bechet             (DJ)CBS(Fr) 63092   N-

2156 The Music Man (1927-34) MCA 1349   N-

2157 COOTIE WILLIAMS  & his Orch. (1945 bdcsts)

ALAMAC QSR2440     N-rw

2158 JOE WILLIAMS  Jump for Joy (S)VI LSP2713   E+

2159 GERALD WILSON  Moment of Truth       PAC JAZZ 10098   N-cc

2160 TEDDY WILSON  Striding after Fats   (S)BLACK LION 308   N-cc

2161 Piano Solos (1935-37) CBS(Fr) 62876   N-cc

2162 Teddy Wilson (Sextet, 1945)                     (S)EVEREST FS263    N-

2163 All Star Jazz Sextet JAZZ TRIP JT-VIII     N-

2164 KAI WINDING  The Trombone Sound *CO CL936 E

2165 PAUL WINTER  Jazz Meets the Folk Song    CO CL2155      N-sfc

2166 JIMMY WITHERSPOON  Goin’ to Kansas City Blues

(S)RCA ANL1-1049(e)  N-cs


  Ellington                                              NONESUCH 79137    N-

2168 YOUNG TUXEDO BRASS BAND  Jazz Begins  ATL 1297 N-

2169 LARRY YOUNG  Unity          (Park Ave.)BLUE NOTE 4221 N-

2170 LESTER YOUNG  Young Lester Young  CBS(Neth) 65384 N-

2171 Story-Vol. 2: A Musical Romance       CO JG34837   N-(2-set)

2172 Story-Vol. 3: Enter the Count       CO JG34840    N-(2-set)

2173 Complete Savoy Recordings                SAVOY SJL2202    N-(2-set)

2174 Giants of Jazz               TIME-LIFE STLJ-13  N-(Box 3-set + bklt)

2175 Pres At his Very Best 1965 TRIP TLP5509   N-

2176 JOE ZAWINUL  Zawinul       (S)(Grn/or)ATLANTIC 1579   N-rw

2177 SI ZENTNER  The Best of…            (S)dgLIBERTY LST7427    N-



2178 ALL STAR FESTIVAL  Louis, Bing, Ella, Chevalier, Patti Page, Doris Day, Nat Cole, Anne Shelton, Edith Piaf, Mahalia Jackson et al  (S)UNICEF 88000  E+ct

2179 BARGAIN DAY  Mulligan, Auld, Brown & Roach, Garner, Sarah, Cannonball, Terry Gibbs, Dinah Washington, Maynard.               *EMARCY MG3608   E+

2180 BILLIE (4 tracks), ELLA (2), LENA (2), SARAH.(4).                                                                                                                                   CO PC36811       N-

2181 CHICAGO: THE LIVING LEGENDS  Lil Armstrong, Franz Jackson, Hines, Al Wynn, Lovie Austin, Junie Cobb,.etc.. (Blue BGP)dgRIV 3989/90   N-(2-set)

2182 DIXIELAND & NEW ORLEANS JAZZ  ODJB, Jelly, Manone, Bechet, Oliver, Mezzrow, Berigan, Pollack, Gene Gifford. CAM CAL446     N-

2183 DIXIELAND AT CARNEGIE HALL  2/1/51 concert variously with McPartland, Wild Bill, Pee Wee, Dickenson, Bud Freeman et al (S)FORUM SF9011 E+cs

2184 THE DUKE’S MEN  Barney Bigard, Red Stewart, Johnny Hodges, Cootie Williams groups.                                                 CSP JEE22005    N-

2185 EDDIE CONDON’S WORLD OF JAZZ  Red Allen, Louis, Bix, Bunny, Bing, Hackett, McKenzie, Tea, Fats,.Lee Wiley et al. CO KG31564    N-cs/sfc(2-set)

2186 FROM SPIRITUALS TO SWING  1938/39 concerts with BG, Basie, Bechet, James P., Turner & Johnson, Ida Cox et al.  VANGUARD VSD47/48  N-(2-set)

2187 GREATEST RECORDINGS OF THE BIG BAND ERA  2 sides Les Brown, 1 side each Goldkette & Himber FRANKLIN MINT 95/96  N-(Box 2set+bklt)     

2188 HISTORY OF JAZZ VOL. 1: N’OLEANS ORIGINS  Leadbelly, Zutty, Lizzie Miles, Sharley, Manone, Lamare, Blue Lu Barker et al.     CAP T793   E+ct

2189 HISTORY OF JAZZ VOL. 2: TURBULENT 20s  Whiteman, Sonny Greer, Pete Daily, Bus Moten, Nichols, Tea, Bud Freeman et al.            CAP T794   E+ct

2190 HISTORY OF JAZZ VOL. 10  Archie Shepp, Grachan Moncur III, Sunny Murray, Dave Burrell, Alan Silva et al                                            BYG 529610   N-

2191 JAZZ ODYSSEY VOL. 1: SOUND OF NEW ORLEANS  NORK, Celestin, Sam Morgan, Bunk, Johnny Miller, Manone et al.     CSP JC3L30   N-(Box 3-set)

2192 JAZZ ODYSSEY VOL. 2: SOUND OF CHICAGO  Oliver, Morton, Brunies, Louis, Condon, Noone, Mares, Hines, et al  (DJ)CO C3L32  N-(Box 3-set+bklt)

2193 JAZZ PIANO  Morton, James P., Fats, Hines, Tatum, Duke, Stacy, Bud Powell, Tristano, Monk, Bill Evans et al. SMITHSONIAN R039  N-ct(Box 6-set + bklt)

2194 NBC’s CHAMBER MUSIC SOC. OF LOWER BASIN ST.  Dinah Shore, Lena Horne, Henry Levine, Paul Laval.         CAMDEN CAL321    N-

2195 NEWPORT IN NEW YORK ’72: JAM SESSIONS-Vols 1 & 2  Cat Anderson, Milt Buckner, Getz, Diz, Benny Green, et al COBBLESTONE 9025 N-cc(2-set)

2196 NEWPORT IN NEW YORK ’72: JAM SESSIONS-Vols 3 & 4  Art Blakey, H. Edison, Dexter, Jacquet, Flip, Zoot, et al.     COBBLESTONE 9026 N-hc(2-set)

2197 (Use this no to block bid for Items 2195-96).

2198 THE ROOTS OF DIXIELAND JAZZ  Variously, Eddie Condon groups from 1944; Buck Clayton/Vic Dickenson group from 1959.  (S)EVEREST FS274  N-

2199 SMITHSONIAN COLLECTION OF CLASSIC JAZZ  Joplin to Coltrane.                                                    SMITHSONIAN P6-11891    N-(box 6-set + bklt)

2200 THE SOUND OF JAZZ  1957 telecast with Red Allen, Basie, Billie, Pres, Rushing, Giuffre, Mal Waldron. *CO CL1098        E+

2201 SWING STREET  Condon, Stuff Smith, McKenzie, Red Allen, Fats, Tatum, Marsala, Maxine, Billie, Basie, Roy, Hawk, et al  EPIC SN6042  E+(Box 3-set+bklt)

2202 THE TERRITORIAL BANDS  Curtis Mosby, Maynard Baird, Red Perkins, Grant Moore, Hunter’s Serenaders. IAJRC 6             N-

2203 WHITE HOT JAZZ (1927-30)  Jackie Souders, Kay Kyser, Joe Venuti, Boyd Senter, Irene Beasley, Phil Napoleon, Carson Robison groups.  BDWY 117       N-

2204 WINNERS ALL! 28TH DOWN BEAT JAZZ POLL  Basie, Ella, Getz, Mulligan & Desmond, DeFranco, Milt Jackson, et al.          (S)VERVE V6-8579   N-hc